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She lives again. She gets the scoop on Shane's most CHRONIC thoughts!
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11-30-2019 02:03 PM

Setting the scene:

The hotel.

Light blue curtains flowing.

The breeze coming through the open windows.

The familiar blue eyes of a blonde woman gazing far into the distance of the Johannesburg landscape.

A sipping of her cup of tea, just out of range of the flailing curtains that seem so desperately to reach for her.

But it was the goddess-like voice breaking the silence that truly began to paint the picture we were most curious about...

The time draws near for the Lethal Lottery extravaganza, and many people are still wondering what condition Shane Carver is in as he heads into his non-sanctioned match with "Chronic" Chris Page. While Shane has, in fact, uploaded a "promo" of sorts... many people have noted that the promo didn't feel like Shane was really "there" in a way. There was no visual or scene for that last promo at all, which isn't the norm for the man who has been known to put on very elaborate displays in the past, and his words felt forced, almost as if he were reading from a script he or someone wrote for him ahead of time.

I'm Liz Weinberg

You may remember me as being recently resurrected in an Unknown Soldier promo several weeks ago. You may even remember me from my time as the head journalist for Barely Legal Wrestling, which was run by Shane Carver under the moniker of "The BLW Boss". You may also remember me as being the top XWF journalist for several years, all the way until December 2nd, 2013.

December 2nd... A general date which some of you remember as a very significant date for a number of reasons:

1) It was the day Shane Carver's exclusive Black Circle was formed in 2000.
2) It was the day, several years later, that The Black Circle merged with The Order to become The Black Order.
3) It's Shane Carver's actual birthday.
4) It's the anniversary of Liz Weinberg—that's me— being murdered in cold blood by Shane Carver as I served as a sacrifice to "The Father" during Shane's 2013 birthday bash.

So, by my calculations, that sets December 2nd as a double birthday, a rebirth day, and a death day... all of which directly connect to Shane Carver in one way or another.

It also happens to be the day after Lethal Lottery, but Lethal Lottery happens in an entirely different time zone than the aforementioned events, and it's for that very reason I have to believe there is room for some bleeding through the barrier that sets December 1st apart from the energies and influences of December 2nd. If I knew more about how the universe really works, I'm sure I could go into more detail but as of now I can only describe this as a hunch from a woman who shouldn't be alive — something's going down this year on December 2nd... it's just a matter of which eye(s) is it (in)visible to? For we only have three.

And so continues my own convoluted journey as I pick right up where I left off in 2013, seeking out the very man who sacrificed me six years ago. In fact, that's the reason I'm already here in Johannesburg a week ahead of time. He consumes every drop of who I am, dead or alive, all of my timeline.

Now while I can't divulge certain details regarding the past 24 hours, I can confirm I was able to meet with Shane Carver under conditions I am not permitted to disclose. I've been given the green light to relay only the most pertinent details of our conversation – a conversation I was not permitted to record on camera or audio, unfortunately... so it is with my mere words that I paint this picture of the Shane Carver interview.

"It's good of you to come," Shane said to me as I walked into a dimly lit office where Shane had been waiting behind a large steel desk. I could only make out the silhouette of the former XWF owner as I sat down in the empty seat across from him and responded with, "I couldn't let you suffer the same fate as Chris Page and have to deal with being interviewed by Steve Sayors"—to which Shane actually does chuckle very slightly but quickly forces himself to stop, possibly due to an internal pain?

It definitely seemed like pain as he remained hunched forward for a few seconds and I could swear I heard him mumble something about needing one more fix before Sunday... whatever that meant. Shane hurries me along and I get right down to business, presenting him with the first of several Chris Page quotes, comments and accusations that many people believe Shane has been avoiding answering...

CCP Said:”This goes back to when Shane acquired the XWF and he was trying to relaunch, failing miserably with a top billing of Jose Chavez leading the charge while I was sitting behind the desk of the WGWF in a lower point of my decade plus run of calling the shots. We saw an opportunity for feds to help feds with talent exchanges, example, he had THE Tristan Slater appear on WGWF television while I myself wrestled a match or two for him to the point we even did a successful Interpromotional World Title Match on Pay-Per-View that drew money with Paul Frost and Slater.”

When confronted with that quote, Shane simply said...

...nothing at all.

"Is there anything you wish to say?" seemed like such a futile question at this point but that didn't stop me from pressing onward to get my story from the very man who once bloodied the streets with my innards and sent my soul on a journey across the stars. Shane owed me this much. Hell, it wasn't even him who resurrected me. The least he can do is answer some- "Slater!" blurted out of Shane's mouth at the most unexpected time. "Slater," he continues with a sigh. "Did you notice how when he talks about the past, it's the guy that was on my payroll we all know and remember? THE Tristan Slater is still going strong today, and who even KNOWS who the hell Paul Frost is?!? HA!

"THAT's what stands out to ME in that statement, Liz. I'm just hearing yet another reminder of how nobody remembers anything Page does but everyone still sees my handiwork going strong today. Slater may be a worthless piece of shit right now due to his allegiance with Page and other dipshits, but you can't take away his accomplishments over the years in this industry and YOU CANNOT deny that he's a Shane Carver XWF Original!

Maybe that's why THE Tristan Slater's just so much better than Chris Page? Hmmmmm? Ever think of that?

Because let's face it when it comes to Page...

Who even KNOWS where he started?

Who ever kept tabs on his career?

Who even remembers what promoter was the one to give him his first big break in the business?

Who even GIVES A FLYING FUCK?!?!?"

That moment right there was when Shane said something very shocking.

"I do! I give a flying fuck!" - climbing up on top of his desk.

"As in, I'm going to leap off the nearest turnbuckle and catch CCP with the flying face fuck!" - leaping off of his desk and proceeding to kamikaze his airborne crotch right into my face! I fall under the weight of this flying lunatic and hit my head – hard. It doesn't look good............ Now I'm seeing doubles and triples of Shane Carver dancing around and inserting their full, turgid members into very large potatoes that have holes cut in them.

So while I'm unconscious... something happens to my lifeless body involving several potatoes, a bottle of basil infused olive oil, a shoehorn, and a roll of quarters.

Shane insists that we move on and demands to be afflicted with the next CCP comment I had waiting for him, so here we have...

CCP Said:”I really don’t give a fuck to even try and rationalize with someone like Carver. He can pretend that this is some sort of “master plan” that he’s drawn up and I’ve played into his hand but in reality he’s played right into mine. Do you or anyone else seriously think I’m the only guy that feels this way about Shane and Soldier? Do you think I’m the only person that thinks they’re fucking stupid and played out more than Peter Gilmour’s vigina?”

"What did he just say about my friend Peter Gilmour's vagina?!?" Shane cries out in horror before calling out, "next!"

CCP Said:”I know Shane has a plan up his sleeve just like he knows I’ve got a plan up mine so what this is going to boil down to is who’s plan is the better plan and I’ll put this up against anything else on the card as the one takeaway that everyone will be talking about afterwards and I can guarantee you and the rest of the world some shock value that you didn’t see coming.”

Laughing, Shane asks if CCP really said that and after I confirm it he lets out a sarcastic, grumbly, "How about some shock value on an electrified toilet?" and the visual I get in my head is not a pretty one as Shane is quick to skip ahead to an entirely different subject with a request of "Let's hear one more great CCP quote before we wrap this all up and send it off like a fecal sample... shall we?"

Of course I oblige with this:

CCP Said:”Or maybe I am cleared to compete and this has been a minor ploy to bait Carver right into this situation? Did you or anyone else think about that? It’s been five weeks since that happened and if I had the trauma I wanted you to believe I had there’s no fucking way I would have gotten on a fucking plane to get here. New Flash, not only have I been cleared to compete I was cleared to compete when I step inside that ring and asked for this battle to be non-sanctioned. Jokes on you and whoever else bought what I was selling. So the cats out of the bag on that, Shane walked right into this and now not only are his back against the wall but those very walls are starting to close in around him. He’s now an island upon himself and he will stand across that ring from a great white shark that smells blood in the water that’s just itching to take a bite. I am going to use everything that isn’t nailed down as instruments, as tools of devastation and I will make sure that Shane Carver knows exactly whose bitch he really is because when I’m done with him he’s not going to refer to me as Chris Page…

he’s going to be referring to me as daddy.”

"Daddy?!" gasps Shane, eyes as big as golf balls! "Well, shit! Then I guess we're all going to have to REALLY use our imaginations and pretend that in this day and age A WOMAN can be someone's daddy! Seems to me like if the questions are:

1. Who keeps letting Shane chop their hair off and keep/smoke it?
2. Who keeps doing nothing about it, but keeps ending up with long flowing blonde locks yet again?
3. Who is Shane's #1 bitch?

It's real, REAL clear that 'a man' is not the answer to that set of questions! HA! Need I say more?

Now as for him 'baiting me in' like he claims... I mean, come on CCP, you're talking to a guy who has been in the ring less times than there have been viewers of your recent promos. All I do is run shit, boss people around, manipulate people to do my bidding, and steal things from you and fuck up your life when I get bored. I don't wrestle. I don't compete because everyone's ALREADY below me, ya know? That's basically Shane Carver in a nutshell. My LIFETIME record isn't even in the double digits yet for wins OR losses, but good job luring me in, big boy! You suckered me right into a situation where I'm allowed to do whatever I want to you off of US soil without consequence and I have the added incentive of being able to be shown on camera with my foot over your bloody chest after I topple you with the help of who and what ever I damn well please because if I've never given another human a fair 1 on 1 with me, why in the hell would I start with you in this unsanctioned match? Bait me. Bait me hard. Keep your eyes open, Mr. Master Baiter... The bite's bigger than your whole piece of shit boat!

Because it worked."
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