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All Eyes On Me
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11-30-2019 12:00 AM

This is it, the time has finally come. Weeks of anticipation have all led to this walk. The difference between Steve Jason and my walk are quite obvious. He was walking away, but I’m walking down the hallway. The barren walls have nothing hanging on them, no memories of the past, just plain white walls passing by slowly. I’m taking my time getting to the ramp. Who knows this might be the last time walk through the curtain as a champion. It’s an emotion that I haven’t felt in such a long time. Nervousness. Usually I’m in control of my emotions, but tonight things are different.

The trajectory of my current run here can all change in one night. I can go from champion, to just as quickly champion, briefcase holder, and someone with enough power to shift the of the XWF for the next year. Also, I could just as easily leave here tonight empty handed. Most of the time I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, this time it seems different. There are some out there that think that I have ducked my responsibilites as X-Treme champion, when I haven’t missed a show one time since I’ve won it, so tell me what do I have to actually be afraid of?

It’s him. The grown man child walking next to me bobbing is head to music on his headphones. He is the one that all the hard work has been for, since the opportunity arrived to get us what we deserve. I’ve been overlooked, he’s been overlooked, and since we’ve been on the same page nothing has stopped us… Well with the exception for a certain few people who have shown us nothing but disrespect and ignorance. Noah slides his headphones off of his head and pats me on the back. I pull out my AirPods and we stopped in the middle of the hallway.

“What’s up Noah.”

Noah pulls out a needle and places it in my hand.

“I wasn’t sure if you wanted these…”

Noah looks slightly ashamed.

“Listen Noah, I appreciate the thought. Really I do, but I told you this is the one thing that I need to do on my own.”

“Yeah, but Dad, you’re turning your back on what got you this far…”

“Am I Noah? Did I use it in the first round? What about the second? Noah, I’m a god damned legend. Look at who is in the ring with me. Socio? Mastermind? Vita? Ruby? Shank? Seriously do you think that I really need this to take anyone of them out?”

“Well there is Vit….”

“I understand that you have to say that, but it’s me you’re talking to. You handing me that is literally putting her in danger. I don’t want you to get mixed up in any of this. You don’t need to go down the same path as me. Trust me it only leads to nowhere, and you’ll have no friends. I need to prove to you that this isn’t necessary… I need to be better for you.”

Noah tries to grab the needle from me, but I quickly pulled my hand back away from him.

“That doesn’t mean that we can’t use it in other ways.”

I point down the hallway towards a locker room. I watch as large man exits the room and head towards the gorilla position. Then shortly after a Doctor comes walking out behind him, pushing a cart and puts it right by the door.

“Noah, I’m going to need a quick distraction from you for this.”


“He’s still doing the same shit before every match.”

“Cunt, what are you on about?”

“Look, you see that Doctor? Well that’s the same guy that Shank has come before and after every match.”


“Shank likes his Vitamin B shots.”

“Well he already took it, so what good is it going to do now ...Oh shit.”

“Exactly, I only need him for the first match. He’ll come right back to the Doc, and get round 2 of his Vitamin B, so just go distract him for thirty seconds.”

Noah nods, and runs up to the Doctor, and then slips on the floor. Screaming grabbing his ankle.

“Owwww, Ohhh no…. How will I ever be able to beat that Cunt Big D tonight? I think it’s broken… Ah just when I was about to get pushed to the moon…. Woe is me…”

Noah begins to roll on the ground, all over the place. The Doctor rushes over to check on him. Everytime the Doctor touches his ankle Noah bellows in pain. I slide behind them as Noah is keeping an eye on me. I check the top of the cart, and see the used needle left on top.

“How unsanitary.”

I open the drawer on the cart, and pocket all the Vitamin B shots, and place the loaded needle in there. I slowly close the drawer and turn back to Noah and give him the thumbs up as I walk down the hall towards the curtain. The Doctor grabs Noah’s ankle, and Noah pushes him away.

“You must be the best Doctor in the world Cunt… I think you have the healing power in you like all those late night preachers. Wow, I feel better than 100%... Good on ya, ya cunt.”

Noah pops up and runs to catch up to me, leaving the Doctor sitting there more confused than he’s obviously been in his life. I look over my shoulder to make sure he doesn’t check anything, and thankfully he doesn’t.

‘Well that takes care of the finals ...”

“Now you’ve just got to get there…”

I nod. That’s where everything could easily go to hell. I need to win. Everything that I’ve worked for cannot be for not. I’ve fought for everything that I’ve got, and I’m not about to let five assholes ruin it for me. This was the plan the whole time, and the train is on the tracks. There is no slowing it down now, all they can do is make sure that they aren’t collateral damage.

I started this quest in March, and the world is at my fingertips. I can see the end now, everything is playing out exactly how I wanted it. None of this was done by fate, this was pure destiny. All of them were LUCKY in their draws, my were predetermined weeks ago when I planned everything out. So while they think it was fate, it was Inevitable.

I’m slowly approaching the curtain, I turn to Noah. Nothing needs to be said. We both nod, we do our super secret handshake. I turn around as Noah pats me on the back and I watch as he walks back down the hall. Now it’s time. Now is when I need to suppress the nerves. I take a deep breath and look to my right. Standing there is Shank. Hood covering his head. He looks over to me. A decade needs to be suppressed for one match, I stick my fist out. I don’t expect anything, but we need to win. He wants what he wants, and I need him to get what I want. Then it happened.


OH Shit… Y'all done be fucked now.

The Afterthought:

All Eyes On Me.

That’s what it seems like with each and every one of you. You can’t help but talk about me more than anyone else, and that should be your focus. It must be really upsetting for the rest of you to know that YOU CAN’T MEASURE UP TO ME. I know, I’ve been there… Oh wait, no I haven’t. Well maybe two decades ago, but fuck two of you weren’t even born yet the last time I wasn’t the center of attention. Fuck, even when I wasn’t the top dog, I was still on the tounges of everyone in the back. They all knew what I was capable of and just up and shut up about me. Just look at what’s going on right now. In front of all of you. Your current Universal Champion is eerily silent, now why would that be? Well I’m six seconds away from having a briefcase in my possession. So why would he want to be the next one in my sights? If he is smart enough to be quiet, why can’t any of you learn?

Seriously all of you can’t stop talking about me, starting with Mastermind. First of all… Are you a Make-a-Wish kid? Are you sure you’re not supposed to be in the special olympics? You calling Santos a shell of himself is like me calling Socio out for drug abuse, it’s mornic. You’ll never be on his level and to think that you are is laughable, and maybe you’ll get that gold medal soon enough. You can take all your percentages and throw them all out of the window. You don’t stand a single chance in all of this, you’re here for one reason and one reason alone… Remember how I said I had everything planned out? You’re the scapegoat. Your the one that is going to keep this title around my waist. No one in this match is pinning me, but everyone is looking at you like a fat kid looks at cake. So in all of your incoherent rambling, you said one thing that made sense… You’ve never beaten me, and it’s going to stay that way. Calling me idiotic is well, simply idioict. So when it comes down to caring in all of this? Why does anyone care about you? In all of your ramblings, even you said that you couldn’t pin me. That you would have to take me out to pin Shank, you know he’s a legend as well. Of everyone in this match, you were the one that was carried the most to get here. Tony carried you like a backpack. Ruby carried you like the freshman 15. So Mastermind, please figure out your own mind, before you decide to master mine.

So then there’s Socio. The man can barely hold his thoughts long enough to form a coherent thought. He thinks that I care about what he did in the safehouse? Nope after Sunday, one way or another that building is getting burned to the ground. I’m going to collect a fat insurance payout, and that’s the end of that. Seriously I’m glad you enjoyed your time at my home. It was to say the least…


I still can’t read you completely. You sit there feigning that you are stupid, but you’re not are you? I saw it in your eyes. You want this just as much as I do. You’re dive is similar to mine, but there is a major difference between us. I’m not a fucking joke. Well not anymore at least. You see people would talk all sorts of shit when I wasn’t around, and they thought it wouldn’t come back to me. Newsflash I heard everything. There’s a reason why I’m on the streak I’m on right now. Since I lost to Cam, I haven’t lost. He was my wake up call, and now I know that I’m just better than everyone here. Whoever is put in the ring across from me, they know that once that bell rings it’s over. Socio you are no different. I know that you were disappointed that you were matched with Mastermind, and who wouldn't no one could carry that much luggage in a match with so much on the line. It doesn’t matter how much you squat, or bench, you can’t carry the blackhole known as Mastermind. Sorry about your luck.

Hello Ruby. Our Current Anarchy champion. Yes Ruby you are currently the champion because Vinny won’t allow me to hold two titles at once… Well singles titles. Which I understand, he can’t possibly have one man run around with all the titles at once. It’s understandable right? Sure. So yes I am glad that you wanted this match so you can prove something to me, but that’s not going to be enough. You can’t prove anything to me Ruby. I know what you are. I’ve seen you in action. I know that you are Sarah’s kryptonite. I know that you are very capable in the ring. I get it, but just know that by getting into the ring with me, you’ll realize that you’re only champion because I ALLOW IT. So yes Ruby, right now you’re the champion, but when the time is right… For you it’ll be a Dark (k)Night.

And then there was you Vita. So I’m the Cocky one right? I get in my own way? I’m going to be worried about Lane? I’ll be looking over my shoulder all match? Deary, you are wrong on so many levels. First off don’t mistake my cockyness as arrogance. I know that I’m better than everyone I stand across from, and no present competition isn’t excluded. If you’ve learned nothing from me, learn this ...Arrogance is something you don’t want, but believing in yourself is something that you can take you from being Ruby’s luggage, to a Legend. Also my age has nothing to do with me not thinking you are as good as me, it's a fact, and I know this because I actually a champion, what about you? So yeah new group of wrestlers, same results. As for Mr. Lane. He’s not a threat. Sure he Makes The Matches, but I was fucking born ready, and he can’t and won’t throw me off of my game.

And Finally there is Shank. The words will be repeated once again. All Eyes on me.

You can’t get out of your own way can you. You are more concerned with me and how I burnt you. Well get fucking used to it. What I did so long ago, wasn’t because I couldn’t hang with you in the ring, it had everything to do with wanting this place to burn. Yet what happened you had to jump in and play hero. This place was destined to burn then, and now it’s a shell of itself. So yes Shank, while I stand here clean, sober, and willing to fight FOR you, you can’t help but bring up the past. I’m not the one living in 2009, it’s you that is stuck. So yes I understand what you mean, but you were just wrong. And I think when it’s all said and done, you’ll finally start to get the picture.

You know what While you’re talking about the past and how great you were, fine name one part of my career that matched up to yours?


1999- Two months in and won my first title.

2002-2009- One Universal title run, 4 World Title runs, 3 X-Treme runs, 2 runs with the US title, not to mention taking a year and a half off running Anarchy as the GM, Beating Christian Connelly and Smitty in a General Manager showdown, Winning the Helldome and retaining my title.

So what were you saying about not measuring up… If you wanted a dick measuring contest, you should’ve gone at someone who you could’ve matched with, not the so called biggest Dick in the XWF. So you want to put my head on a pike? Just like you asshole I’m immortal, or did you forget that I’m a Legend as well? That’s right you were too busy holding Raven’s purse and begging him to get let in rather than actually deserve it. So yeah Shank FUCK YOU.

You really think I give a flying fuck about what you’re mad at me about? Get in fucking line. I’ve heard it all before, but the fact that you blame me for everything… Man that’s just going to make all of this that much sweeter. I can’t wait for you to realize that all of your pent up anger was for nothing. Everything that you “worked” for wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Everything you’ve done, I’ve done. Anything you can claim, so can I. So really Shank did I take everything from you, or just do it better than you? Is that what you’re really angry about? Are you afraid that people will finally know what I’ve known for a long time about you? That unlike you, I can live with my failures…

You keep bringing up the past as is it was so great. What was so great about it other than the fact that you were on top, and feel as if you deserve to be there now? Is it that you aren’t getting as much attention as I am? I know jealousy can be a cruel mistress, just know Shank, I don’t hold any ill will towards you. As a matter of fact, I want us to win, that way you’ll finally be able to get rid of all you pent up frustrations. Sure, when you fail, it won’t come as a surprise to me.

I’ve seen this look before. I know that glint in your eyes. I’ve had it. I’ve seen it tear lesser men to their bones and break them before they knew what hit them. Just know Shank, together in tag match we are unbeatable….

The finals will be completely different. While you will be a benevolent King…

I’ll be an even more gracious GOD. I’ll give Vita a shot at Sarah. I’ll give Mastermind a Shot at Centurion, same goes with Socio. I’ll give Ruby a night off for once. I’ll give Noah and I a tag team title match ...So tell me Shank what do you want? Do you want the Universal Title again? Done. You want Soldier? Done. Unlike you, I don’t want your head on a pike, I actually want you to stick around

And Like a kind and just GOD….

You’ll have it….

All you have to do is believe.
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