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Betrayal of the mind- Part 3 (Final Part)
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11-29-2019 04:26 PM (part 1) (part 2)

Scully will be competing at the Lethal Lottery pay-per-view this coming Sunday in a fatal four way match to determine a number one contender for the Television Championship. Three other men stand in his way; Thunder Knuckles, Donovan Blackwater and Kieran Overton. 

On the 2nd of November, Scully was on Savage teaming with Boris against Big D and Fuzz In the first round of Lethal Lottery. Just four days later (the 6th of November for all you thickos out there) on Warfare, Scully would challenge Unknown Soldier for the XWF Universal Championship. Scully suffered defeat in both of those matches. But before he even competed on those shows, Skull had a mess to get out of. He was involved in a sticky situation. Not the sort where you wake up with sticky boxer shorts. Not that a grown man should still have wet dreams, unless your name is Drezdin of course but the sort of sticky situations where you feel helpless, ya know? Helpless like Thunder Knuckles will be when Scully is kicking his teeth down his throat! Where it looked as though you might not have even made the events you were scheduled to be at. Something that Maverick used to do, willingly; NO show. Something Scully has NEVER done. Because by hook or crook, Scully will ALWAYS show up if he says he's going to be there! Scully had nowhere to go in the lead up to both those cards but he did make it. He did show up. He did compete and make his opponents work hard for their victories, after all he is no slouch. 

So the question is; How did Scully escape the situation he was in? I mean we don't know do we? Cuz we never found out! Now you get to see what happened!

Monday 27th October 2019
Somewhere in…..
Miami, Florida
8pm and onwards…

Scully was in dire straits. He was a helpless victim who was stuck in some dim, cellar against his will. He had been drugged, hit with a baseball bat and now? Now, he had nowhere to go! He was tied up in a chair and at the mercy of a well respected, politician by the name of Jeffrey Campbell. Jeffrey is the father of a young man named Jack. Jack is the guy who smashed his pick up truck into the cab that was escorting Scully home in July 2018. Scully didn't make it home that night, he ended up in hospital, in intensive care, which would put him on the shelf for a number of months. The cab driver, whose name was Kyle, unfortunately lost his life. 

It may have happened well over a year ago but something about that night didn't sit right with Scully. His willingness to find out the truth, echoed in his mind and would subsequently put him in a difficult position. He attended the scene of the accident and took it upon himself to ring the doorbell of the closest house of the incident. This is where he met Jeffrey. And now Jeffrey has held Scully hostage for over 24 hours. 

Skull sat with his eyes wide open, roaming around the cellar walls and ceiling, which he had now become all so familiar with. Staring at the vintage wine, that was nicely placed on the wine rack. He could probably memorize them all now. His mouth still taped. Of course he had tried to escape but to no avail. Jeffrey wasn't stupid enough to put Scully in the middle of the room, with the chance he could break free. Not only was Scully tied up, so was the chair itself. It had actually been tied around a large wine barrel, which was full. Thick rope around the back of the chair and the legs of the chair. No chance of flinging the chair back or moving it in any direction. 

The creaking of the cellar door opens as more than one set of footsteps can be heard coming down the stairs. Skull looked up to see Jeffrey suited and booted, smirking, he was followed by two hench looking men, who also wore suits. They were your normal, muscular bone heads, whose facial expressions never changed. Always serious and just there to obviously to do business. Jeffrey stood in front of Scully, the two men stood either side. 

Jeffrey:"Nice to see you haven't escaped!"Jeffrey said sarcastically.

Jeffrey:"You should've left well alone. But you couldn't could you? You should be grateful you were alive and able to go back to wrestling in your underpants. But instead you came to my front door, with questions in your mind. Questions, you wouldn't like the answers too.

I knew you wouldn't go away.

You know the truth now and well… I can't risk you living to tell the tale. Not that anyone would believe you anyway. But just so you know, the evidence I showed you this morning.. 

Has been destroyed!

No more CCTV footage! No more proof!

Jeffrey grabbed a chair and placed it in front of Scully. He then places a clean cushion on the chair before sitting his butt down on it.

Jeffrey:"Yep. Gone. Deleted. Removed. But still….

I can't have you jeopardising my reputation or ruining my son's future. In fact, I'm sick of seeing the sight of you! 

It's a shame that your boy will now grow up without a dad! Your fiancée will never get to marry you! No more wrestling! You will NEVER do what you love the most… Again! Not that you'll win anything, anytime soon. I'm saving you the embarrassment. No University title opportunity…"

Jeffrey leans in and rips the tape away from Scully's mouth.

"Firstly, it's the Universal title! 

Secondly, you're right, if you don't get rid off me now when you get the chance.. Then I'm afraid you won't get another opportunity! 

I won't pretend that this never happened!"

Jeffrey chuckles before standing up from the chair and slapping Scully hard around the cheek. 

Jeffrey:"Anyway, I have an important meeting I have to attend. I won't be back for a couple of days or so.

It was nice meeting you!"

"Have a nice life… You Cunt!"

Scully grinned as Jeffrey frowned. Jeffrey looks at the two henchmen and nods before making his way back up the cellar stairs, exiting the scene…

Jeffrey had left Scully to the two henchmen. Needless to say it was going to be curtains for Scully. The two henchmen simultaneously pull out a pair black gloves from their pockets before putting them on their hands. Skull looked at them as they approached the chair he was trapped in. 

[Image: oAW1ots.png]

The henchman on the left, who can be described as caucasian with a bald shiny head and a goatee, had hit Scully with a big right hook into the side of his face. Scully's head turned on the impact and blood dripped from his mouth. Skull felt it alright but he simply smirked,

"Wow… Just wow. Your hard ain't ya?!" Scully said sarcastically.

This time it's the henchman who stood to Scully's right, who had dark skin with dreads in a ponytail and a beard, had hit Skull on the other side of Scully's head, leaving him with blood dripping from his ear. Once again, Skull felt the pain but he had to poke the bears, so to speak. 

"I guess you feel tough right? Hitting a man when his hands are tied behind his back?! Legs are tied. Not to mention stuck in a chair…"

Dreads: "I guess you're more stupid than you look!"

Dreads pulls out a pen knife from his pocket and flicks the blade out, he hacks at the strong, ropes from Scully's hands which were at the back of the chair. Skull smirks as he grabs dreads by his dreads, pulling them hard before getting sliced on the arm with the knife. Skull has a gash in his arm now and baldy gives Scully an elbow to the jaw. Skull is seeing stars now and the rest of the ropes are cut away from his body, legs and released from the wine barrel. Dreads kicks the back of the chair and Skull flops to the floor. Baldy then gives Skull a boot to the ribs,

Baldy:"You see Scully, we know you. We know wrestling. Me and Dreads here, are fans. We know that somewhere in there you could've been good. You could have been the man of the XWF! But NO!..."

Baldy stomps on Scully's ankle as Skull yells in pain.

Baldy:"That's for making a mockery of the XWF Universal Championship…

Losing to that piece of shit, Peter Gilmour!"

Dreads:"Yeah and this is for not only losing the XWF Xtreme Championship to Ghost Tank but for wasting potential…"

Dreads stands on Scully's fingers…

Dreads:"I like you, Scully and this what pisses me off more! 

We lay waste to those who waste their lives away!"

Baldy places the cushion that was on Jeffrey's chair on Skulls head and holds it down. Dreads pulls out a 9mm pistol and points it towards Scully's head…

[Image: yooeZJf.jpg]

SCULLY ISN'T DEAD! That wasn't the gun, that was the sound of the wall breaking down. Smoke filled the air as both Dreads and Baldy look up…. A shadowy figure walked through the thick fog, stepping over the bricks…

Here he was, not one but two uzi's in his hands and a big, pink dildo hanging from his mouth like he was smoking a Cuban cigar…

Shane Carver!

Shane Carver fires the uzi guns at the henchmen before they can even react, firing…. POTATOES at them. Spuds nailing the henchmen bodies, head, even knocking the pistol to the other side of the cellar at a fast, rapid pace. Carver picks up Scully from the ground and chucks him over his shoulder. Carver walks towards the large hole he created. The henchmen struggle to their feet, pointing their pistols at Carver before the cellar ceiling falls on them. Leaving them under a mass of rubble…..

Carver saved Scully!

"It's me… It's me… It's 

S-C-U-DOUBLE L-Y… Scully. 


I know I'm not everyone's cuppa tea, people despise me around the world, hate on me. But haters only hate because you are jealous. Jealous off me! Some of you dislike me cuz I am British, an English rose, born and bred in Birmingham. Don't like a Brummie, a man who isn't American? That is fine, by order of the Peaky Blinders, I say go fuck yourself! If it's war you want, it's war you shall get!

Still annoyed that The Union is the greatest stable in XWF history… Ever! Fuck the likes of The Shitty Cocksucking Kings! Apex and their same-sex, well… Sex! Those two fat Brotherfuckers.. The Incest Brother Blackwater… Fuck em' all. No one made a bigger impact than The Union in such a short space of time. The Union will always be the best and rest assured I was apart of it. We ran the shows, we made The Union Jack fly high!

Still bitching that I dethroned 'Bummer Boy' Vinnie Lane, for the XWF Universal  Championship after holding the title for so long.. The horror! I beat your favourite glam guy! Get over it! How old is he now? And he still wears those leather pants like a transvestite! 

Angry that I allowed Peter Gilmour to become the Universal Champion, when he couldn't win it, in one hundred attempts prior. Annoyed I let Ghost Wank pin me for the XWF Xtreme Champion, all because I wouldn't play the childish game of not letting him.. EVER win it.

Still hating on me and now my Flock of Tards. Some people can't stand the fact that I… Scully, am doing a good thing and keeping the Tards off the streets! You want my poor Lenny to walk in a local store, look at the top shelf and start wanking over the tits on the cover?! You only have to look at Daniel aka Sloth and he will think you have an issue with him, he'll pick you up by your scrawny throat and throw you through a window. You don't want none of that either! I have plenty of love too, believe it or not! Fans, people appreciate what I am doing. Mother's and father's, whose children have down syndrome, being looked at in a peculiar way because they look different to others… Appreciate me!

My face is on quite a few 'Special buses' roaming around Miami and soon the whole entire state of Florida. And then the whole of America! Parts of England, have my face on billboards everywhere. I have CBeebies contacting me daily, asking me to replace that nimrod Justin Fletcher on their program, 'Something Special!' Because I am the GIFT to them!

Adults or children who have Down syndrome are the most loving people in the world! Yeah sure they may be annoying at times but some of you out there, wish you had half the hearts as my Lenny or Tom! Some of you wish you had an ounce of the brain that Ruby has! Yeah sure she's stuck in a wheelchair but that girl is intelligent! She'd out class you on a game of scrabble! Just because Sloth has deformed face, which isn't his fault, his isn't beautiful on the inside! Charlotte may have cerebral palsy, but I'd trust her to bring me over a freshly brewed cuppa tea than a lot of you morons!

Some people think I am doing this as a mockery. Well shame on you! I am gonna make you haters, hate me even more come Lethal Lottery when I win the fatal four way match to become the number one contender for the XWF Television Championship. 

Good ol' noodle head, Thunder 'Sells his mum's infected vagina for 10 Bux' Knuckles… 

I may have considered you as the possible favourite but don't get it twisted, it means jack shit! Plenty of times the favourite loses out, plenty of times the horse with the best odds fails to finish first! And that is no different in this situation. You may feel all confident and believe you have the victory in the bag but you're about to have the shock of your life, when in reality, come Lethal Lottery, your just gonna be the loser! Guess what? I heard XWF don't pay bux to losers… Ol' shit! Better get selling them 'Small Willy Porn' DVD's that you're the main attraction in, down the local market! 

Just to clarify, I wasn't actually going to buy your shitty, 2019 October Star of the Month, either! It's nothing to do with the fact that I didn't have enough bux, honestly. It's more to do with the fact that I already have July 2016 Star of the Month and you'll NEVER get that! Hahaha so why would I want yours? When I have that! Mine is one of a kind, bitch! So is yours but regardless, they'll NEVER be a 2016 July one again! 

Not only that but that shitty customized belt you made? The one you had to pause on it, zoom in on it, to see the damn thing? Well yeah, that's exactly what it is.. Shitty. Shitty 50 cent machine crap! It's nothing in comparison to the XWF Retarded Championship, held by the 'Tarded Monster' known as Sloth….

See? Absolutely stunning isn't it? So take your cheap, piece of shite and shove it up your noodle pubic haired, ass!


Did I really sit through that pathetic excuse of a promo by Donovan Blackwater? All this time I wait in anticipation, hoping to see some recognition of desire to win the number one contenders match and he basically said that he hopes Thunder Knuckles wins? What the fuck is that about?! So why bother cutting a promo in the first place? Huh? Why bother showing up at all? I got a better idea…

Stay in the back you useless fuckwit! Try and find that Peter Gilmour fat version lookalike, Kieran whatever and play a game called 'Find the other guys testicles!' You two can play that whilst me and Thunder Knuckles compete for a shot at the T.V Championship, how's that?!

I pity the fools! Thunder Knuckles, it will be one of us and that one will be….


Da End, Scully Has Spoken!"

OOC: Thanks to Shane for letting me use his character!

[Image: CjTzndD.jpg]

"Da End, Scully Has Spoken"
Former XWF Universal Champion
Former XWF Xtreme Champion
Former 3 x XWF Tag-Team Champion ~
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July 2016 Superstar of the Month

Everyone in the list below has lost to Scully or just been Scullanated and never returned to the XWF!☠

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