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South Africa bound - Semi Finals - Mr Socio
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11-30-2019 01:17 PM

What a bloody week it's been since I made the stupid decision to bring my Lethal Lottery Semi Final Partner, Amjetkun Socio, to New Zealand so we can train before heading to South Africa to take on the stupid so called super heros/villains Vita Valenteen and Ruby, and Fuzz and The Big Shanks. The winners take on each other in the final.

Like I said it's been one hell of a week with Mr Socio staying with my family and I.

For 5 straight days I get up and find my victory t-shirts sprawl across the house. Stupid me keeps on ordering new ones every day. And I replace them every day. And stupid me keeps finding them stretched out and left on the floor right throughthe mansion.

Then there are the kids, especially the boys. Vinnie and Jaco seemed to have taking a liking to 'Uncle' Socio. Heavens knows why. Because each time they approach him he runs the other way. They think its funny because they think he's playing a game.

My wife Maria hates Mr Socio. She thinks he's worse than when Gator was here last, a few years ago, for our War Games team, and he made a Go-Kart teack out the back when there was already one on the South Side of the house.

"Gator's way better than that Socio dude. He even makes the twin girls cry just by standing in silence."

He even used my chair for a weight even after I told him not to. He just forgets.

Even training with him in the gym is so different. We don't take it lightly like we should be doing. He's so forceful.

So that's been my week from hell.


Bro it's been fuckin' sweet livin' with my boy Mastermind for the last couple days or weeks or whateverthefuck it's been. I feel like I might try to move in and stay here for good!

Best thing about this place is, like, there are little kids' clothes scattered ALL THE FUCK OVER bro. Anywhere I go I'm grabbin' another t-shirt and when I try it on I end up ripping it to shreds or stretching it to 9999999 times its original size n' shit bro.

Speaking of kids, I hate them all. I never met a kid I liked. It's bullshit that people expect people not to swear and be themselves when kids are around. Fuck! I mean where the hell else are the kids gonna learn to do that shit bro?

Then we've got Maria who I think has eyes for me but she's trying to play it off like it's nothing. All I can say bruh is I ain't about to be swooping in on my partner's woman so she needs to keep her eyes in her pants.

One thing I will do however is lift the fuck out of any heavy furniture I find in this house and get a wicked pump. Mastermind has this awesome fuckin' chair he lets me use for all kinds of advanced training techniques bro. That chair is like a home gym and surprisingly never breaks no matter how many times you drop or throw it, apparently! Ha ha.

Fuck bro it's time to eat gottdammit! Time for meal #7 of the day! Two triple burgers wrapped in lettuce and a shake with a shit ton of the rawest, strongest, most natural drugs and supplements money can buuuyyyy! Yeah boyyy!

Left Brain — Right Muscle
<—Mastermind | Amjetkun Socio—>

Man I tried getting Mr Socio to eat healthy but all he did during his stay was order out and had it delivered. I even suggested he could use my chef to cook anything he wanted, but he took one look at the chef and laughed his head off. He still won't let me in on his little joke. Bro I keep trying to get Mastermind on my 100% all natural all real food meal plan but he keeps trying to convince my ass to just let his gay ass chef cook me random shit that I wouldn't touch with a fuckin' 10 foot needle bro. I'm about to rage on his ass next time he tries feeding me fake food!

Also Maria said to me "I catch him every so often trying to make eye contact with me, I told him to stop it, as it was very unsettling. He was also flirting." At least the chef doesn't keep giving me that bedroom stare like The Mind's wife keeps doing up in this bitch. I keep creeping around corners trying to avoid her but she keeps trying to look at my bulges bruh!

So imagine my relief that the day finally came to head to South Africa. I waited for him to get up but he slept the entire morning away after a very rigorous and rough work out the night before.

I yelled at him to get up but I also slipped something into his brunch. That's a meal which includes breakfast and lunch.

Anyway I didn't want an incident on my private jet like hin being responsible by making us crash... So I sedated him.
Bro's and bro'ettes, I cannot tell you all how good it felt to finally get on the fuckin' road and head our asses off to muthafuckin' South Africaaa! The day we left I slept in a little bit because I was up all night until about 4AM working forehead and back. I finally woke up and brah I was happy as FUCK to see Mister Mind had made me breakfast with some funny imaginary name he called it instead of breakfast! Fuuuuuck yeah! Call it what you will, bro, I gobbled that shit down like an Etheopian chucking fried chicken down its throat after catching the guy with the bucket of it strapped to his back on a motor scooter! Oh yeah Jim Cornette rules bitch!

When he came to we had just landed in Johannesburg, South Africa, and I assume he thought he must have hit his head on a dumb bell, as he was talking about dumb bells dropping on his head from a big height the night before. Hopefully he can explain that. But I was just glad that we were finally in South Africa. Bro I still can't stop thinking about how good that workout was last night. I'm telling you right the fuck now if you're not killing forehead at least once a week, why the fuck are you even training bruh? You may as well just lay yourself out back and let the gottdamn shit hogs eat your ass up. But don't let me digress the fuck outta the fact that it's gooooooood to be in muthafuckin' South Africaaaa, bitch!

La Orchard Hotel
South Africa

The camera fades in to the hotel room of Mastermind, and he looks relieved for some reason. Possibly the last week of havimg his tag partner, Mr Socio, as he calls him, around, was stressful enough. We see Mastermind staring out the window into the streets of Joburg, as the locals like to call it.

"I dare start talking about how South Africa has a special part of history for us Kiwis, but you yankees won't understand......

"But I'll say it anyway. South Africa and New Zealand have a rich sporting history when it comes to rugby. In the 1950s until about the 1980's South Africa was our biggest threat. They use to be so hard to beat.

"But then came aparthied politics, and from the 1980's they were banned from playing test match rugby until the late 80's when they came back into the fold. We now had wood on them so to speak. I don't think you yankees will know that term.

"So let's talk about the Lethal Lottery Semi Finals. I know that deep in my heart that my tag partner, Mr Socio, and I, have wood over the girls team of Ruby and Vita Valenteen, and the boys, that of Fuzz and the Big Shanks."

Mastermind smiles and looks at the camera.

"Take Ruby and Vita for example. The look rather foolish dressing up and playing super heroes. But I'm sure their fans love that side of them but mostly the fans that are children who also like to dress up and play make believe.

"What's happened to you Ruby. A few days around Vita who has gone completely crazy that she's niw sucked you into her world of non reality?

"Come on now Ruby. You are the Anarchy champion. At least behave and at least live in the real world. All hope seems to have gone, been exhausted when it comes to Vita, but you are are different or so I thought.

"You guys arent taking serious enough and that's why Mr Socio and I will be serious to go all the way to the Lethal Lottery Tournament. I use to think we had a 33.33 chance of winning but with you girls mentally checkes out, it's now 50-50. Let the boys sirt it out. You girls continue to play make believe and put the so called rise of the women's diverson back at least a year. Shame on you two. Shame on you."

Mastermind starts smirking his infamous smirk.

"Now as for Fuzz and The Big Shanks. I'd like to call you guys 'The Blowhards' because you both sprout enough verbal diarrhea like a babys bottom. It's like when whales blow out water through their blow holes, I link you to whales.

"Big and strong in one sense but stupid and done in the other. At least you two live in the same reality as Mr Socio and I, but you two just continue to talk a whole bunch of crap and it's become so boring it's predictable now. Imagine that.... Fuzz being boring and predictable. Shock horror hold the pressers..... alert tabloids, fire up the online trolls. Fuzz is more worried about his x-treme title than anything while The Big Lanky Shanks wants to be in the now and play 'here I am, I'll stay for now but then oh shit I'm awfully sorry I have to go now.'

"You're irrelevant Shanks. You may be a former champ but that was back then and this is now. So wht don't you just join the girls and live in the past, where you don't have to face reality.

You see, Ruby-Vita, and Fuzz-Shanks. This is my time. Mr Socio and I will be the ones to get through to the final, and then Mr Socio, you listen up pretty good, I'm winning this whole damn thing and there isn't anything you guys can do about it and I don't MasterMIND that at all....."

"I will be joining Mr Socio for his promo to sum everything else up. But know this now you are looking at the 2019 Lethal Lottery Champion."

And with that Mastermind signals and the camera fades out.

OVERALL - 49 Wins 69 Losses 8 Technicals 1 Draw
COMEBACK RECORD 2018/2019/2020 - 24 Wins 26 Losses 1 Draw
5TH YEAR RECORD 2020 - 6 Wins 3 Losses
4TH YEAR RECORD 2019 - 12 Wins 1 Draw 22 Losses
3RD YEAR RECORD 2018 - 6 Wins 2 Losses
2ND YEAR RECORD 2015 - 1 Wins 9 Losses 2 Technicals
1ST YEAR RECORD 2014 - 24 Wins 34 Losses 6 Technicals

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November 2014 Star Of The Month

Former Three Time X-Treme Champion
Former Television Champion - 129 Days (Just the 4th TV Champion to break 100 days, and now 2nd on the all time list)
Former Two Time Ark of the Covenant Champion
Lost in the 1st Round of the Woodstock Open - Wrestlestock 2019
Semi Finalist in the XWF King of the Ring 2020


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