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Runaway Blackwater!
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11-27-2019 04:00 PM


Those were the words that I screamed, at the top of my lungs as I crashed through the door of King's Tavern. On quite possibly the worst day I could have used my friend's pub as a short cut to flee from a zombie. First off, there was a live band playing, that everyone and their fucking mother seemed to adore, so half of New York appeared to be in the bar that night, primarily for the band. Second all drinks were half off, prompting another large chunk of the city's population to show up. Third it was apparently "Ladies Night", which allotted for a whole entire other demographic, women wanting to drink for free and the men that were seeking female companionship. Seriously, I was met with a safety violation amount of people, when I threw open that door and careened like a missile into the establishment. On the plus side though, at least the crowd gave me cover.

"Excuse me. Pardon me. Coming through."

Oh fuck this. Who was I kidding? Now was not the time to waste minutes on being polite.

"Outta my way fucker! Move it!"

That's more like it and I exclaimed these statements as I made my way through the place. Colliding with the herd the whole way, I literally smashed into people and tossed them aside. Sometimes even using my force powers to move them and make a path. Of course, I heard protests, swear words and even some threats but those were the least of my concerns at that moment in time.

"Get the fuck outta the way man!"

Ha! Whoa! That guy that I flung up and over my head had to be pushing 500 lbs! (It pays to have powers) The results of his landing were pretty intense too, despite the fact that I wasted zero time to look back in order to witness it, I heard the screams and knew that it made a rather large impact. I hope I didn't kill anyone, there were a ton of tiny ladies roaming about and I doubt they could take the brunt of a big, burly man, landing on top of them. Meh. No time to worry about that when you're running for your own life. And that's exactly what I was doing!

Yeah, I have a healing factor, courtesy of the gene of E (That's what we call having genes passed down from Azrael Erebus) but I was part human and it took longer for my wounds to repair themselves. I get my throat torn open or receive some other kind of severe, life threatening injury and chances are I'd bleed out and die, long before they kicked in, thus allowing me to live and see another day. I don't know if I could cheat death like my father because... surprise, surprise... unlike Azrael, I don't make it a point to give the grim reaper the finger and purposefully do things to kill myself. He might take life threatening risks - jump off mountains and tall buildings, provoke Nazis to shoot him in the head and travel the stars, picking fights with giant beasts but... uh, that's not me. That's not my way of life or idea of having some fun. Sure, there are times when I patrol the streets and keep them safe, I am a member of The Elite and that's what the team does. Serve and protect, sort of like the police, with the exception that these are usually situations that are vastly out of their league.

Which basically means far too dangerous and unpredictable for a bunch of humans to handle. Still, I don't step out of my front door and say... "Hmmm... what am I going to do today? Oh, I know! I'm going to pick a fight with that cyclops over there. Sure he's minding his own business, pushing around that huge boulder for entertainment (or whatever cyclopes do for amusement, fill in the blank folks, seriously) but he holds the map or key for some type of treasure or artifact that I'm looking for, so I'm going to encourage a battle anyway cause what the fuck, why not, right? Might as well make this more exciting. I could politely ask him for the information but where's the fun in that?!?! I'm gonna fuck with him instead." yeah, that's not me.

It might be part of my old man's routine but it is not mine. Cause he's crazy and impulsive like that but I don't do stuff of that nature. I could give two shits about finding Pandora's box, The Crystal Skull or an all powerful, enchanted jewel that makes it rain meatballs or some other weird, outlandish, out of this world thing. I don't seek the unknown and taunt massive monsters for my enjoyment. I'm not Azrael Erebus... I am Donovan Blackwater, I grew up on Earth and aside from having powers and occasionally protecting Earth from harm, my days are fairly normal and ordinary.

Anyway, the point is that when an enraged undead abomination, comes after me with a strong intent to fuck me up... bad, I run. Like the wind. Which is precisely what I did when Zane Norrison, confronted me about sleeping with his girlfriend. I ran. Mostly due to the fact that he went into "zombie rage" mode, when I apologized and suggested that we "talk" about it. Yeah, it's already been established that I don't always make the smartest of choices and this was clearly, another prime example. He was obviously only looking for confirmation and I gave it to him. Cause I'm an idiot. Hail Donovan Blackwater! The King of Fools! Sleeps with a zombie's girlfriend and willfully admits it. Whatever. We all knew this day was coming, right? Right. The day when my shenanigans got the best of me, my antics caught up to my ass and shit hit the fan. Huh? Maybe I'm no different than my dad after all.

Breathless, I burst out of the back exit of King's Tavern, confident that I must have lost Zane and the hoard of patrons thwarted his deadly pursuit. Haha! No such luck! For when I stepped out into the snow and ice covered alleyway, guess who was standing there, waiting to greet me? Eyes narrowed, arms crossed and an expression of hate on his face. Zane Norrison. The very sight of him instantly provoking the thought "Oh good I'm gonna die tonight! Yay!" to flash through my mind. I half considered turning back around but unfortunately the door I passed through, didn't open from the outside. I had no choice in this scenario, I had to stand my ground and face my fate. No matter how bleak and hazardous it seemed.

"Took you long enough. You didn't really think that you'd lose me that easily, did you?"

"Figured it was worth a shot."

"You know I'm not an idiot, right? Just cause I'm a zombie doesn't mean that I mindlessly amble around like the ones in the movies and follow directly where you lead. I can actually use my brain. A trait that you obviously don't possess. I seen you enter the bar and I know there's a front and back door. I can also read signs and hear, I was aware the place was packed, without even entering. All I had to do was casually walk around the building and wait. I knew that you would appear eventually... and look! Here you are! Imagine that!"

"Yeah. That course of action clearly wasn't the smartest one on my part."

"No shit. Moriarty, you are not."

"This is very true."


Zane sighed and looked off to the side.

"While I waited, I had time to think. So perhaps, your plan, accomplished something after all."

Brief pause.

"Everything inside me is screaming that I should murder you. Rip you to shreds, right here and now, in this alley. But what would that accomplish. It won't change anything or erase what you did. All it would do is send Azrael after me and I don't want that. Not cause I'm afraid of him or what he would do to me, I know what he would do, it's fairly obvious what he would do. He would seek me out and end my afterlife. Of that there is no question. And I simply don't believe ending your life is worth putting an end to my own existence. Not when there are other, far more creative ways to go about obtaining my revenge. To pay you back for stabbing me in the back and deliver unto you, what you are owed and I owe you... big time, for what you did."

"What exactly do you plan on doing to me?"

Laughter rippled forth from Zane, like I said the most absurd thing in the world and he turned his gaze back toward me.

"Moron, I'm not going to tell you! Rest assured payback is coming though. Oh yes, it's a'coming and when it does and you're on the opposite side of it, I will be able to reap the reward of the aftermath and it'll be sweet. So very sweet. Yes, I will be able to cherish that moment, far longer than a quick death in a snowy alleyway."

"It doesn't have to be this way. Come on. We're friends."

"Oh it does have to be this way and we are most assuredly not friends, you made that abundantly clear with your actions."

"I'll stop seeing Frankie. I swear. I won't even ever speak to her again."

Another outburst of laughter, bittersweet, cold and cruel. Zane's expression quickly hardened as he affixed his eyes directly on mine.

"Do you think I actually give a shit about her anymore. Frankie Styles, can go to hell, for all I care. This goes way beyond her, you can fucking have her. Fuck it! You can make her wife, number two! No, Donovan... this is about the blatant and repeated betrayal, from someone I foolishly trusted. There's no coming back from that, there's only progressing forward and things will progress forward. You need to see there are consequences for your actions. There's no erasing, this isn't some short story written in pencil, this is life and when you fuck up, you need to suffer those consequences. What kind of man would I be if I allowed you to get away with what you did? I'd be a chump, a spineless imp and you would go on, thinking and believing that you can do whatever you want. Where's the lesson there? No, you have to answer for your crimes and learn that your deeds come with a price and if by some chance, I achieve satisfaction; in the process, well that merely makes my efforts all the more worthwhile, now doesn't it? For me anyway. Not so much for you but I don't honestly give a crap about that."

With that, Zane shoved me and I slammed against the door behind me, hard. So hard, I dropped down to the ground because of it and landed on my ass. Then he began walking down the alley, away from me and straight on, towards the street.

"Wait! Zane! It doesn't have to be this way! I know I fucked up and there are consequences for my actions, I realize that I did you wrong!"

He stopped; momentarily, and looked over his shoulder.

"Then that only makes what you did worse."

"I'm sorry."

"No you're not but you will be."

"Please. I can make this right, I can fix this. I promise. I'll do whatever it takes to make it up to you."

My words only provoked Zane to shake his head and snicker. He said nothing more and continued walking away as I watched, fearful for what was to come and knowing; full well, there was nothing I could do to stop it. Nothing would ever be the same between us. An abomination was unleashed, only this one didn't crave brains... it hungered for vengeance. They say revenge is a dish best served cold and what's colder than a corpse serving it up. What did I have to look forward to and what would come next... alas, only time would tell.

"Lethal Lottery. Kieran Overton. Thunder Knuckles. Scully. And of course moi... Donovan Blackwater or Force-Wave, whichever you prefer. Facing off in battle for a chance at contendership for the TV Title. It should be quite a night. An evening to remember. Ah... but who shall walk away victorious, well that... my dears, remains to be seen... or does it? Personally, my money is on Thunder Knuckles. Gasp! Surprised that I'd say such a thing? Oh well, I am full of surprises and this is one of them. You see, I've decided to view this match as a lark, based on the competition and where it's taking place. No disrespect to management, I simply need a good laugh. I think Thunder Knuckles walking away with the contendership will provide that with great success. The anticipation of who he'll sell it off to after earning it, will be the best part. Because he will sell it off as quickly as a cheap hooker drops her panties for a fifty dollar bill. Of this... there is no question. Oh no, there is no question there because not only is that his entire MO but I will also do everything in my power, to make it happen. To make damn sure, he wins and then it's only a matter of time, before the bidding begins. So this is some set in stone, solid truth that I'm speaking."

"No, the real question will be, who gets the contendership, when he auctions it off. Who will buy their way into the future fight for the TV Title? There are so many delightfully awful choices out there. It's bound to be an amusing show. I hope it's Drezdin or The Crimson Dong returns and buys it. Can you imagine The Crimson Dong going up to bat for the Television Title? Hilarious stuff, really. I want to see that and the only person with zero morals or standards, that's pathetic enough to make that happen is Thunder Knuckles. He is such a whore for X-Bux I bet someone could get him to shit himself for the right sum. On live television, no less. Maybe even during a match. I'm actually a little disappointed no one has done this already. Seen how low he will go, all for the X-Bux payoff. I know that he would most assuredly accept the offer to humiliate and degrade himself for the right price, I'm just curious how far he would go and if there is a line that he wouldn't cross? Perhaps, I will never know the answer to that question but at least, I'll get to giggle at him selling off his contendership to some unworthy, totally unlikely candidate. Thus making the entire event, one big joke and as I said before, I am in need of a laugh."

"However, for shits and grins, lets take a look at the other participants, shall we?"

"Leaping right into this I have to ask, what the fuck is a Kieran Overton? I've seen him walking down the halls of the main XWF headquarters and yet, I have absolutely no idea who he is. I draw a blank cause clearly, he hasn't made an impact. Or it's possible the blame merely falls upon the fact that I didn't care enough to bother researching him. It's one of the two. Either way, I have nothing to say about him. Good or bad. When I think of Kieran Overton, nothing comes to mind. I suppose he serves some sort of purpose, since he has a place in the ring with me but other than that, I got nothing. It's like asking me what I think of a wall or the floor. He's there, seems structurally intact and appears sturdy but that's about it. Otherwise I have no opinion."

"Next there's Scully. My former teammate at War Games. Both Scully and Robbie Bourbon just about got on my last nerve with their bickering and complaining. They were like a pair of old wash women. Every single time I heard them whine about each other, I wanted to scream... SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DEAL WITH IT! YOU'RE PARTNERS! SUCK IT UP ASSHOLES! Instead I kept calm and quiet and maintained my cool. I remained fully composed and said nothing. Did a lot of deep breathing exercises and smoked my weight in pot but I managed hold it together. Why? Because that's what real men do! They know how to handle situations that come their way, even if they're unfavorable or make them upset. Oh no! I have to work with a rival! I'm gonna pout and cry about it! Fuck off with that bullshit and grow a pair. That kinda noise is fucking tiring, for everyone to hear."

"Anyway, War Games is all over and done with, my team won and now I have Lethal Lottery to look forward to in my very near future. Where Scully takes on the role of my opponent and I get to backhand him across the jaw like I wanted to do, each and every time, I heard him bitch and moan. That's gonna be fun. Maybe I can slap him back into being a retard again. Now wouldn't that be special? No punches though cause he doesn't deserve to be hit like a man. Sarah Lachlan, Vita Valenteen and Rebel Star, all have bigger balls than he does and they're women. So yeah, thanks for helping out the team at War Games Scully, remember the taste of that victory because you won't be savoring that flavor at Lethal Lottery. TK will but you won't."

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