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Why why why why why why - 1st and only Promo
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11-27-2019 07:39 PM


Misfits Manager Antony The Jerk walks into the promo room followed by his Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs.

"But why Mr The Jerk. Why do I have to represent the Anarchy brand when I've never been on Anarchy?"

Antony can be seen rolling his eyes.

"As I've already told you three times now, I called the XWF Management and told them that I have a third misfit who will be debuting in early 2020 specifically represent the Anarchy brand. You've only been placed in one match to make up the numbers."

Melanie shakes her head "Fine. Would you mind if I just did this promo solo. After all I have a thousand words only."

"Sure I understand."

Antony walks to the other side of the room.

Melanie walks to the front of the camera, but she pulls a desk from the side of the room and places it in front of her.

She walks over to the wall, and grabs a tray and walks back and places the tray on the table. She then looks at the camera man and nods her head.

The camera man goes live to the XWF Universe, and signals for Melanie to go.

For a minute Melanie stands there without saying a word. She goes to speak but stops. She does this twice more. Before finally she speaks.

"I am in the Lethal Lottery PPV but instead of representing my brand Saturday Savage for some stupid fucking reason I'm representing the Anarchy brand. The show that I've never been on..."

"Okay so I have to do what I have to do, I'm stuck with a match so here's me making the best of the situation that I find myself in."

"There are groups within the XWF who say there are two forms of crazy. But I beg to differ. There is three forms of crazy. Me. I'm that third form. But I like to call it Crayzee."

"There's a group who reckons I am nuts but I'm just crayzee."

Melanie takes a bowl of nuts from the table and shows the camera.

[Image: bowl%20of%20nuts.ashx]

"I have to admit these are big nuts..... mmmmm, nuts."

"Anyway where was I? Oh yeah. There's another group who reckons I'm bananas but again I'm just crayzee."

Melanie picks up a banana and shows it to the camera.

[Image: 209bb8a0-30ab-46be-b38d-58c2feb93e4a_1.1...nBg=ffffff]

"Now, do I look bananas? I think not. Anyway moving on."

"One last group reckons I'm cuckoo. Cuckoo, cuckoo, I think not. I'm just crayzee."

Melanie shows the camera the cuckoo clock.

[Image: 74-14qm.jpg]

"As you can plainly see I am not cuckoo."

"Everyone must be wondering what this has to do with my match at Lethal Lottery. I'm getting there, hold on."

Melanie picks up a photograph of her opponent.

[Image: CtzCqyF_d.jpg]

"Ladies and gentlemen this is my opponent for Lethal Lottery, Geri Miller. Sounds like a Spice Girl name Geri Halliwell."

And then Melanie picks up a bar of soap from the table and shows it to the camera.

[Image: Soap1_PG_b2f39f47-f5eb-4bd4-9a3f-4922138...1558823739]

"And this ladies and gentlemen is a bar of soap. Do you guys know what the difference is between the soap and Geri? Ever heard of the saying: 'I don't know someone from a bar of soap?' Well I fucking don't know anything about Geri Miller from a bar of soap. And I don't want to fucking know."

"All I know is that come Lethal Lottery, Geri, that you'll be bananas to take on me, and I have bigger nuts than you do girl, and by the time I'm finished with you, you'll be singing like a cuckoo bird.."

"Heck Centurion's sister Allison is hotter than you, and Vita Valenteen my idol is better than you. Hey she's now a super hero. Go Vita."

"Anyway Geri, it's just going to be too much for you, and it'll be too little, too late by the time you stop singing like a cuckoo. I'm winning this match, mark my words."

And just like that, Melanie, giggles for a second, before turning around and skipping out of the room. Antony could be seen rolling his eyes as he steps into the view of the camera and walking out of the room after Melanie. The camera cuts out.


'How crazy can someone be?
When crazy is just
Another form of emotion.'


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