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DQ Haunted - Part 3: Spiritual Cleansing and the Hereafter
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10-08-2019 10:58 PM

Imagine losing someone you love.

Someone that you love; so deeply and so thoroughly, that the very thought of a life without them in it, with you, is unbearable. Gut wrenching, spirit crushing, world shattering, fall to your knees and cry to the heavens... devastating. It doesn't make sense, this individual is nothing like you, the precise polar opposite actually and yet, they are exactly what you need. Everything you could have ever hoped or dreamed for in another. The last sight you want to see before you fall asleep and the first thing that you want to witness when you wake up the next morning. The one that always gets you and understands, who will stand by your side and have your back, no matter what's at stake. No cost is too great or feat too much to withstand and you can fully say, with absolute certainty, that you feel the same way about them. Essentially this is your soul mate. Despite all the cynicism you've managed to build up and that thick outer shell that developed over time, created from a past that taught you the only way you could live and survive is by never allowing anyone to get through it... not completely anyway, yet they were able to break through that barrier and utterly alter your perspective about everything. They made you believe that story book, fairy tale kind of romance exists. That is what she did for me...

[Image: U9VmFY5.jpg]
Abigail Monroe-Blackwater

My one, true love.

My wife.

Mother of my child.

And I did lose her... or rather, she was taken from me. Stolen as swiftly as a thief in the night might steal something of unimaginable value. Except there's no way to summon anyone to retrieve what was lost or even attempt to look for it. I simply have to accept the loss and move on. Hah! Right. Like that's possible. How am I supposed to do that when everyday I feel that I am just as guilty as the thief? Because even with the extraordinary abilities that I have, I was powerless to stop it. In spite of the fact that I was right fucking there! It happened right in front of me and I couldn't prevent it from happening. I couldn't save her life. There is no greater failure than that realization. Now, I suffer the fate of living a life without her. The pain is everything I described and more.

To make matters worse, there's an entity using her face and my memories of her for its own personal gain.

You better god damn believe I want that thing out of my home.

I watch as Alister Dante, slowly but steadily, navigated his way around my apartment, looking about in almost the same manner that Dillinger had done before. Eyes scanning and searching every inch, studying each room and progressing onward like there was an intense hunt happening. All the while, I followed in tow, right behind Alister. Staying quiet as he carried himself forth. Much like Dillinger, he too stopped in the bedroom. Focus fixated upon the same corner, standing at the end of my bed, I heard him laugh softly before he spoke.

"I bet you think you're really clever. Well, I have news for you, you're nothing of the sort."

Instantly, Alister turned around and blew a powder in my face, right before he gave me a hard shove. Hard enough to knock me back on my ass. I looked up and seen a black shadow, looming directly above me. Hovering in place and seemingly stuck. For a second, I couldn't move, all I could do was stare towards this massive, dark shape. Perhaps it was shock caused by the sheer disbelief in what I was seeing that overtook me but I couldn't move or do much of anything at all. Till the thing looked at me and the sight was enough to make me gasp as I scooted backwards. Desperately trying to get up, while I continued to push myself away from the thing in my panic fueled state, to no avail. Not my finest hour but cut me some slack, I was staring at an evil entity that was literally ripped out of my body.

Its eyes were like two coals, smoldering but they remained black. There was no bright, burning fire, just an endless, obsidian smoke seethed forth as a gaping mouth formed beneath and it shrieked a banshee's screech. The scream was enough to not only blow my hair back but it also flung me against the wall, as well. I hit the wall with a thud and felt the cracks form as debris and dust showered down onto me. Coughing, I shook my head and watched in horror, as the dark specter flew towards me, with aggressive intent, this thing definitely wanted to reclaim its position within me.

It failed.

Although, I must admit, when it was nearly on top of me, I shut my eyes and was bracing for impact, so I didn't actually witness it being stopped in its tracks. However, when I didn't feel anything hit me, I opened my eyes and seen it getting pulled back. Not only that but it was also shrinking. Slowly I rose to my feet and I noticed that Alister was holding out his hand as he whispered some sort of incantation. Unknown words that I had never heard before. Whatever language he was speaking was lost on my ears. Yet it seemed to be doing the trick.

He was in complete control and all the dark, foreboding entity could do was scream and wail. Until it was only a matter of a couple of inches from Alister and then, with his other hand, he took out a small, round, silver case that he immediately popped open. Extending it outward, the pitch black, shadowy shape, appeared to be drawn into it. Sucked in against its will, the cries only became louder as it fought with all its might but it was of no use, the fight was over. The thing was swiftly swallowed up whole, within the small, round, silver case, after which, Alister quickly snapped the case shut. From there, he brought out a tiny, brown bottle of what looked to be some type of oil, from his trousers' pocket and anointed it upon the silver case. Returning the bottle to his trousers' pocket, he turned his attention to me and smiled.

"Well the hard part is over now. All that's left to do is for me to bury this on hallowed ground and say a prayer."

"So that's it?"

"That's it."

"It's all done?"

"Basically, yes. It's all done."

"I don't have to worry about ghosts or spirits trying to haunt me."

"As long as you don't actively participate in rituals that will open yourself up to those types of things, you should be all good, my friend."

"Thank you!"

That's when an uncontrollable instinct kicked in and I surged forward and hugged Alister. I couldn't help it. It felt like a huge weight was lifted off my chest. Thankfully he returned the gesture, so it wasn't totally awkward. Still when I stepped away I couldn't help but notice him softly chuckling.

"You are very welcome."

[Image: FwEUBzP.png]

"Well after witnessing Thunder Knuckles last promo, it has become extremely evident that he's mentally handicapped. Like short bus riding, mittens pinned on his jacket, safety scissors, only allowed to use circles of paper cause the square kind is too dangerous - mentally challenged. He's not stupid... he's advanced. He's so fucking beyond the spectrum, the doctors are creating a new one just based on him. This man is also a medical marvel because even though what he does seems like low on the totem pole type stuff, the fact that he's doing anything at all is amazing. Due to the fact that he was born without a brain. Yeah, that's right, you heard me correctly. Thunder Knuckles was born without a brain. There isn't a single trace of one inside his bulbous, melon shaped head, which is weird cause it's so damn big, you'd think something existed within his thick skull but no, it's hollow. Pretty sure if you knock on it, it would sound the same as rapping your knuckles on an empty wooden barrel."

"Newsflash T.K, I might be half alien but I was born on Earth. Lived here my whole life. So you just called your own homeworld... 'planet WHO GIVES A FUCK'... that's hilarious."

"Although, not nearly as hilarious as your poor, pathetic attempts to do anything but take a loss to me will be, when we face each other on Warfare."

"Take your pill, it won't matter. You're nothing more than a punchline to a joke at best. The kind of joke where everyone is laughing and you think they're all laughing with you cause you just said something funny but in reality, everyone is laughing at you. Yeah, the walking joke. Where your life is the punchline. Look at him go. Getting up there and trying like that, even though he continues to fail at life. It's like watching Peter Gilmour attempting to put on a hoodie. He never gets it on the right way the first time... or the second, third, fourth or fifth and then, he just gets angry, gives the sweater the Gilmour Cutter and stumbles away. Your entire existence is similar to that."

"See you at your loss Thunder Knuckles."

[Image: iNVRm0X.jpg]

Donovan Blackwater
Former 1x...

[Image: jtHw5j1.png]

[Image: OZdvB4F.png]

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