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DQ Shove It Into The Bahamas
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10-04-2019 11:00 PM

"What the fuck happened in here?"

Ivan Vaust exclaimed, immediately after entering Ezra's apartment, his eyes opening up wide as his brows lifted in absolute shock and with good cause too. The apartment was trashed. It was like a tornado hit it. Came in right through the window and scattered everything around. Furniture was either moved or knocked over. Books were tossed all over the floor, along with papers and various other small objects. There was a garbage can tipped over and its contents were spilled out. The television set was laying flat on its face. Both the fridge and freezer doors, stood wide open. Broken glass was literally everywhere. Oh and there was water spraying up out of the kitchen sink, due to the fact that the faucet and knobs were completely broken off. It was a virtual war zone and not at all what Ivan was prepared to witness as soon as he strolled through the front door. Not that anyone actually sat there and prepared themselves for such a sight. No one normal anyway.

"Ezra! Are you here?!?!"

His voice was frantic now as he dropped down to his knees, opened the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink and turned the water off with the shut off valves. Then he popped back up to his feet and spun around, only to be startled half to death when he saw Ezra, suddenly standing there.

"Fuck! You are seriously going to give me a heart attack one of these days!"

Deep breath. Ivan briefly closed his eyes and desperately attempted to gather his bearings. He only succeeded somewhat in that endeavor.

"I'm sorry. I heard you losing your shit, so I zapped in here as fast as I could. Didn't mean to give you a fright."

"It's fine."

Sighing and feeling utterly exasperated, Ivan opened his eyes.

"What happened? Did someone break in? Were you robbed? What's going on?"

These sincere questions were laden with deep concern.

"No, I wasn't robbed but someone definitely broke into my place... or rather, something broke in. Several somethings, in fact. They're still here, lurking about and hiding. Sneaky bastards."

Another sigh. Ivan suddenly felt incredibly tired.

"Did you stop taking your medications?"


"Does possibly really mean yes?"

"Yes but this has nothing to do with that."

"Really? Because I think this..."

Arms waved about to emphasize the disaster area that was Ezra's apartment.

"Screams that you're off your meds. Your apartment is totally destroyed and you're talking about things that broke in. What are these things? Creatures? Monsters? Demons? What?"



"Camera imps."

"Camera imps?"

"The XWF saves a bundle by using them. They're awful abnormalities that the company created for the sole purpose of filming wrestlers. Rumor has it they used to be human but over time, after being kept in poorly lit, badly ventilated, unsanitary conditions, where they were forced to eat, sleep and defecate in the same spot, they became something else. You heard of evolution, right? Well these things devolved and gradually transformed into mangled, deformed atrocities. Crimes against nature. With poor hygiene and minds made of mush. They serve as slaves until they drop. From starvation or disease. Or when they get brutally slaughtered due to the stronger ones, killing and consuming the weaker ones for food."

"And you have actually seen these things?"

"Yes. They were messing with me and running amok. Probably because I meddled with their recording equipment. I was working and didn't feel like being bothered by them, just because they have their orders. They need to film the wrestlers in the XWF. They're commanded and ordered to do this, it's their main objective and sole purpose in life. All they know is that they must film us or feel the wrath brought on by their failure."

"Do you realize how crazy that sounds?"

"Yes. I'm aware of how it sounds but it's true."

"Right. Ummm... can you see them now?"

"No, I told you, they're hiding."

"Uh-huh. Well, I'm going to call Centurion and tell him that you won't be wrestling and then, I'm going to phone Donovan and Raphael and let them know that we'll be taking a trip to the hospital."

"Why would you do any of that?"

"Because you're off your meds. You have obviously suffered some kind of mental break and require a doctor. Maybe the stress of work coupled with signing up for a match, pushed you over the edge. I don't know. I'm not a doctor. What I do know is that you were prescribed pills in order to help you deal with situations, when they become overwhelming. When you stop taking the medications, the chances of insane scenarios like this increase. Where nothing makes sense and can only be explained by erratic thinking. Look around you Ezra, that's clearly what has happened here. You're talking irrational and making zero sense, your place is a total mess, evidently your train has been derailed and you need help to get it back on track. I am going to help you do that because I care. Screw the XWF and your fight, I know it's for a good cause but your health and well-being is far more important."

Through everything that Ivan said, Ezra remained quiet and when he was finished, Ezra released a soft huff in annoyance.

"I'm not unhinged or speaking foolishly. I didn't go into some frenzied fit. The XWF camera imps are real and I can prove it to you."

"How are you going to do that? Hmmm? How are you going to produce proof of a bizarre hallucination? Something that your mind concocted and only you can see?"

"Your faith in me is staggering."

"Hey, I just want to know how your going to show me a creature, that isn't real. How do you plan on bringing a delusion to life?"

"Like this."

Speaking in a low tone, Ezra then held his finger to his lips, in a gesture that indicated that Ivan should be quiet.

"Wow. This is getting ridiculous."

Ivan could say no more, Ezra's hand was clamped tightly over Ivan's mouth. Following this act, he brought his face close to Ivan's ear and hissed.


A nod was given by Ivan, indicating he would say no more. Even if he truly believed that his lover lost his marbles, he would comply with Ezra's request. Releasing his hold, Ezra silently crept across the room. Slowly, he made his way through the kitchen, passing the open refrigerator, he moved with the stealth of a ninja. Till he reached the small, vacant space between the back of the fridge and the wall. Without a second of hesitation, Ezra stuck his hand in there and appeared to grasp onto something. This was accompanied by a pierce cry, one of anguish combined with extreme anger. Ezra struggled a little but eventually yanked something out into view. Maintaining a tight grip around the thing's neck, Ezra held it outward for Ivan to observe. This was no hallucination. No. It was very real and looked something like this...

[Image: rlxc9MI.png]

At first Ivan was speechless as he stepped closer. The mangy mutation, writhing and wriggling about the whole time. It's attempts to find release and scamper to freedom, were pathetic at best. Still it squirmed and shrieked nonetheless. At one point, even lashing its feeble arms out, as it tried to slash at Ivan with its sharp nails. Snapping its teeth wildly. The XWF camera imp was not a happy camper. No sir, it was not.

"Holy shit! They're real!"

After finding his voice, all Ivan could do was laugh as he shook his head.

"Told you so. I seen it scurry behind the fridge when you were accusing me of losing my marbles. Must've thought I was distracted. Imma bring it with me to the Bahamas and set it loose in Thunder Knuckles dressing room."

[Image: R2JfjxZ.jpg]

"It feels good to be able to help those in need. To aid individuals trapped in a dire situation and raise awareness to their tragic circumstances. While also generating the funds that they require, attention is drawn and with that comes the focus of others that are also willing to do the same. Seeing those that have been struck by tragedy and are really crying out for someone... anyone, to save them and lend a helping hand, that is a sight that truly weighs heavy on my heart. That's why I signed up for Centurion's Shove-It."

"It's why I joined The Elite and patrol the streets at night, in the hopes of keeping them safe. Regardless if it's someone or several someones, caught in a position where they can't protect themselves or a population hit by some type of disaster, it makes no difference. It's all bad in my book and should never take place. If you require rescuing and I am equipped with the ability that allows me to do something to alter the scenario, I'll do it. No task is too great, if I can perform the service, I shall. This is about being a good person, what it means to care about more than yourself and do what's right."

"Centurion did precisely that when he came up with this event and I applaud his efforts. It is a shame that there are folks out there that don't understand or comprehend that type of logic. They let greed and other petty wants and desires, cloud their judgement. Putting a price tag on something that should be done freely and out of the common decency of your own heart is just wrong and those that commit such an atrocity, should be ashamed of themselves."

"Thunder Knunkles is a prime example of that. All he cares about is getting paid. That's pathetic and shallow. It proves that he's nothing but a cold, heartless monster. An asshole, monopolizing upon an act of charity. Holding his hand out and demanding to be paid for charity work. That shows a tremendous flaw in character. It proves how weak he is in the end. A deplorable man, he makes me sick and doesn't deserve to wrestle for this company. Electrocuting T.K will be one of the most satisfying acts of my wrestling career. Maybe after he gets a few thousand volts of electricity sent into him, his cold dead heart will be shocked into beating once again. Perhaps then he won't be such a selfish prick."

"As for Madison Dyson, her reasons for doing this are unclear. She's a terrible person that thrives on the misery of others. She wasn't born and brought into this world by any normal means. Created by the dark lord himself, this foul, hate filled creature was made to deliver misfortune to man. She must have been summoned forth by some type of ritual or sacrifice. Raised up from the darkest depths of hell, she was more than likely the blight that burned a hole in the Engineer's soul. A void that she filled with her cancerous presence, she poisoned him, plain and simple. Quite literally too. Dyson infected him with her virus and eventually her disease took his life. Cause that's what she is... pestilence. Famine. Ruin. The very embodiment of cancer or really... any malady or plague that comes with a torturous death. Her name is the true term for torment and torture. She's probably going to the Bahamas to watch the suffering and sadness up close. It's how she gets her rocks off. Revolting bitch."

"Lastly there is Isabella Ravenswolf. The obvious weak link. She shouldn't be wrestling at all, based on her performance within the squared circle but at least, she's trying to do something kind. Kindness should never be viewed as weakness. I wish her the best and promise to put her down as quickly as possible."

[Image: iNVRm0X.jpg]

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