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PlaceMarker Uncovering the Impossible is a Whole Lot Easier Than One Might Expect
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09-27-2019 11:59 PM

[Image: ZlNX4Sg.jpg]

Ah... Urquhart Castle, sitting beside Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland, this location has been made quite famous over the years; however, not all the attention can be attributed to the rich, lavish history and ancient architectural relic, that exists as a memento from days, long since past. A great deal of the tourists and the silent buzz of excitement that they bring along with them, comes from the intense curiosity that they carry for something that dwells deep within the very depths of the lake itself. For this is where a creature of legend and lore is rumored to reside. The majestic monster of Loch Ness has been spoken and gossiped about for ages, and flocks of interested sightseers have flooded the shores of this very location, hoping to get a peek at the fabled beast that exists beneath the waves. Tides that serve as a watery doorway through to a time when massive creatures were a commonplace.

When dinosaurs roamed the earth, navigating this green, brown and blue ball freely and lived as kings. Enjoying the opulence and splendor that the land provided and the laws of nature ruled, where survival of the fittest dictated your fate and the outcome of your existence went by the day to day basis. Still, accompanying all the hubbub and hullabaloo, were the naysayers. Those that were widely known for their opposing point of view and well documented disbelief.

No matter the topic, there's always someone out there, hell bent to ruin another's good time with their doubt, ridicule and an overwhelming need to share their opinion. It's rather annoying but that's life for you, one man's happiness is nothing more than a mere bug, for someone's foot to squash. Pick a subject, any subject and you will find this to be true. Nothing is sacred or off limits either. So why wouldn't there be those types out there, determined to tear down and destroy the legacy of Nessie?

Hah! As they say in the biz though, any publicity is good publicity! Let them come and try to sully the name, dismantle the tale and debunk the mystery. The nonbelievers only make the desire to come and witness Loch Ness and its monster increase and the urge to uncover a legendary beast from below rise. Who's really to say; one way or another, how this story will be told or what will be discovered at the end, assuming there's an end to this epic adventure that could ever be reached at all. All that can be ascertained is that the journey is worth the travels and the enigma will live on...

...till the day that the spaceman arrived to the proverbial party.

Stepping out of nowhere and everywhere all at once, Azrael Erebus strolled forward, toward the place where the edge of the land met the lake, passing by several travelers as he continued forth, paying them little to no mind, whatsoever. The fellow visitors did precisely the same in return, until the seven foot tall man, that hailed from a planet afar, ventured into their path of sight and then, quite the commotion began to stir. Although, one look at Azrael and it would be easy to explain why that happened. This man from the stars wasn't someone that you encountered everyday. Given his tall stature and unusual appearance, he was a rather unique sight to see, in itself and before long, everyone's eyes were glued upon him.

Especially, when he pulled out a very large bundle of rope, seemingly from within his long red cape. Far too immense and bulky to ever fit comfortably under it, let alone reside discretely beneath it, it was removed from inside the confines of his cape, just the same. First affixing one end of the rope to a nearby tree (Truck yeah! He used the Trucker's Hitch!), Azrael firmly wrapped the other end, several times around his own waist, before securing it tightly with several knots. Each sturdier than the last. Then he took off running and dove headfirst, straight into Loch Ness, swiftly surging underneath its steadily flowing currents.

Onlookers that observed Azrael's previous actions began to flock and gather at the lake's edge, while the spaceman progressively swam downward. Traveling, deeper and deeper still, till he wasn't visible from the surface at all. Only the darkness of the deep, gazed back at the curious lot of lookie-loos now. Gradually murmurs and whispers were heard as people started to speculate upon what might have happened to the peculiar gentleman. Until the multitude of hushed tones deriving from various directions unified and combined into one, singular, low sounding roar but it didn't end there.

No, this group of speculating spectators, needed answers and somehow in that moment of desire, it had been unilaterally decided that the only way to achieve them was to raise their voices and offer up random suggestions. Surely, this would help everyone achieve what they desperately wanted and acquire the relief of their proverbial itch, thus solving the conundrum they all faced! After all they needed to make sense of the madness that they witnessed. A man working swiftly and silently as he tied a rope to a tree and then to himself, right before he dove into Loch Ness and continued onward into its depths. How preposterous! What was he trying to do? Swim to the bottom and have himself a stroll along the lake's very floor? Why the fella must be out of his gourd! Only a nutcase or some kind of simpleton, would perform such actions!

"Maybe it's some type of stunt? Perhaps it's all an act? Like what happened on that show 'Punk'd'. This could all be a prank. To see how people react to this sort of strangeness. Did anyone see any cameras?"

"No. I don't see any cameras or weird unmarked vans parked anywhere. Therefore, it can't be that."

"That chap has got to be plum out of his mind. Jumping into the lake and swimming down into it like he did. He must be miles deep by now. He may even be drowning. And here we all are, looking on and watching, like a mindless pack of spectators, viewing a sports game. We should be ashamed of ourselves. A man's life could be in danger and we're all standing around with our thumbs stuck up our arses! Monkeys! The whole lot of you! Oh for fuck's sake, someone go grab the rope and pull him up! Come on! Off with you! While there's still time! We may actually be able to save the poor fellow! He might be sick in the head but that's no reason for him to lose his life! Not on my watch anyway! We'll get him up and then, someone can phone the police, so he can be taken to a facility that deals with issues of the mind and he'll get the help that he sorely needs."

These words from a random old man with a top hat, monocle and cane, sent a few guys running to the tree where Azrael had fastened the rope. Their objective practically set in stone. They were going to grab hold of it and yank the lunatic up to the surface and save his life. After which, they would send him off to the local booby hatch, where he could be locked away and treated for his broken brain. However, before anyone could make it to the rope or the tree and start performing the task of pulling Azrael up, a voice was heard. Strong and confident, it carried the sturdy sound of assurance, while also bearing a melody that could only be perceived when an angel's voice was summoned forth.

"Halt. You will do nothing of the sort. Leave that rope be. My brother knows precisely what he's doing. He's fetching a monster."

This voice beckoned everyone's attention and the entire assembly of busy bodies and rubberneckers, turned toward the source. Immediately transforming them into the witnesses of immaculate beauty and wonder. The woman that stood before them was incredible. Marvelous and exquisite. A true Adonis to behold. Her name was...

[Image: FvKQLRo.jpg]

Collectively the crowd released a quiet gasp in awe. No one had seen this fine female specimen approach, nor was she heard arriving, she was simply there. Although, unbeknownst to the awe struck posse, that was merely the way of Alara. Similar to the fashion that Azrael, could appear from thin air, so too could Alara. However, unlike her brother, who would seem to step from nowhere and everywhere, all at once. Alara was just suddenly there. As if her essence simply came to be and she existed. What once was an empty space, now held her presence and she stood beside you. Bringing an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility with her.

Oddly enough, this only made the sight of her more alarming, for the sensation washed over you like a tidal wave and often gave individuals, the feeling that they were somehow drugged. The only thing that made up for that was the fact that she was gorgeous. Had she been some kind of hideous freak of nature, panic would most definitely ensue. So being pretty, paid off in this scenario, whereas personality alone, wouldn't cut it. Still her dominant, yet gentle mannerisms, were also great assets for her to have and they did not go wasted. No, they worked exceptionally well, especially in circumstances like this one, when a hoard of people trying to "help" matters would wind up mucking things up and ruining everything.

"You said your brother is catching a monster? You don't mean ol' Nessie, do you?

The human equivalent of Mr. Peanut inquired.

"Yes, that's exactly, what I mean."

Alara said in a very matter of fact like tone.

"Why on Earth would he do that?"

"Because I dared him to do it."

Voice unchanging, she blinked and then turned her focus towards the water.

"He took up the task willingly and quite freely and I'll not have you nosy humans, fucking this up. He told me he uncovered the Loch Ness monster once already. Back when the Earthlings referred to him as Mr. Satellite. Apparently there was something called Pandora's Box hidden away inside its stomach and he set out to retrieve it. Wanted to add it to his treasure trove of oddities. So I dared him to find the beast of the deep again and he accepted the challenge. I really just wanted to see the monster close up. Hearing about such a creature, really isn't the same as seeing it, you know? So if you all stay quiet and quit your belly aching and whining, spreading rumors and talking smack about his mental faculties. If you all cease saying that he needs to be tossed in a loony bin, where he'd surely be locked away and the key would be lost, post haste. You may stay and see 'old Nessie' too."

"But Nessie isn't real, that's a myth. Your brother could die down there."

"Oh please don't be tremendously boring and dense, my brother won't die. That's ludicrous to even suggest."

"How could he ever survive such an expedition without any sort of breathing equipment or diver's suit?"

"I told you, he did this before. Meaning he already accomplished the goal and survived. I know because he told me all about it and he's alive. Actually among the living, alive too. Not some type of ghoul or undead abomination. Warm blooded and breathing alive."

"Certainly not for long."

"By the sanctioned gods! You humans and your endless disbelief. No wonder you're not the dominant species on this planet. Look. He's special, alright? He surpasses your capabilities and abilities, in every way possible. His mere existence, obviously can't even be properly perceived by your small earth mind. So hush up, remain calm and you'll see my words are true, when your proven wrong and he returns with the underwater behemoth in tow."

"But ma'am..."

"I said not another word. And don't call me ma'am! I'm no schoolmarm!"

Right after Alara spoke her last sentence, the surface of the water was breached and a great beast emerged, from deep within the waters. Rising upward, it lifted its impressively long neck up and bellowed to the heavens. A proclamation so loud, the very earth shook from the outcry. Unfortunately the exclamation couldn't be rightly deciphered or understood. Had it been perceived properly though, the people might have heard something along the lines of... "Hey all you gawking idiots down there, what's up? I'm Nessie! It's nice to make your acquaintances. Perchance, do any of you happen to have any cheese?" Yes, it's a well known fact, that the Loch Ness Monster is a great lover of cheese, of all varieties. Well, everything except Blue and Limburger but only maniacs and people born without the ability to taste things, enjoy those types of cheese.

This was a sight few could believe they were witnessing in real life. Mouths dropped. People fainted and some screamed, while others ran around in no particular direction, doing their best impressions of chickens missing their heads. Meanwhile, Alara merely walked closer, as the mighty creature lowered its head and gazed upon her. Dropping its face close to Alara, Nessie tilted its head, from side to side and let out what sounded like an inquisitive purr. To which was regarded with a soft pat, on its huge but adorable head. As this occurred, Azrael took the liberty to leap from atop it and pull off the perfect, superhero landing. No joke! Superman couldn't have pulled it off better! Azrael walked over to his sister and grinned. It was a clever grin. One that declared with extreme cockiness and swagger... "Told you so!"


Azrael asked as he gave Nessie's head a rub, bringing forth another purr from the precious monster. The giant creature was as gentle as it was cute.

"Absolutely. Thank you for this brother."

"Anytime my sister, anytime."

[Image: 6D2tFAu.jpg]

"The time draws near. Soon. Dolly Waters and I will embark on a path towards the squared circle. An alien and a little girl. The very young and inept, verses a well seasoned, warrior. This is not my first time witnessing a battlefield, I've won countless wars and taken on adversaries, few would survive fighting. I have won and lost, triumphed and failed and in the end, one thing remains the same, to this very day. I survive. In the end, the spaceman always survives and lives on to fight another day. Nothing can stop me, not even death. Oh sure, I can be put down and even killed... should you find yourself lucky enough to accomplish the feat of murdering me, remember this. I always get back up eventually. Death does not put an end to my existence and there will most assuredly be repercussions for your actions."

"Not that I believe that Dolly Waters, will come anywhere, even remotely close to pulling off such an act. No, she'll be lucky to be able to toddle to the ring, without losing her balance. She should consider herself fortunate, if she arrives to the fight without taking herself out on the way and fall flat on her face in the process. Such is the price one pays, when they smoke an exceedingly large sum of crack, and then chug down their own weight in malt liquor, before attempting to navigate themselves in the direction of anything. The fact that it happens to be a wrestling ring, only makes it more depressing. Especially when it's an event set to take place at a pay-per-view. Think of it as a train smashing to bits and blowing up, live and showcased on a screen that's large enough for the entire galaxy to observe. You can't erase that. Ever."

"Oh and fyi... I aided Vinnie, in setting it up so that the whole universe could watch Relentless."

"Every planet that has beings with the ability to view a television screen, shall be watching. Basically, every eye in the universe will witness her epic failure, when she tanks at Relentless. And she will tank, of that there is no question. She's young but there's no coming back from that one. Not that it matters cause I'm pretty sure, she's circling the drain again. Only this time, rather than a sewer catching her fall, she will plummet into the icy, cold embrace of death. Just not by my hand and not at Relentless."

"I mentioned before, I won't be responsible for a child's murder and I meant it. No, when death takes her away, (if she's lucky) she'll more than likely be passed out on the floor of some dirty, deteriorated motel. Covered in the crust of her own vomit. Her eyes vacantly staring at an unidentifiable stain on the wall. Could be puke, piss, semen, shit or all four combined. It won't be certain. Then again, who really would want to play that game?"

"Besides Shane Carver."

"It's almost as unappealing as trying to decipher Dolly's precise cause of death. Yeesh. At least the coroner gets paid for that task. One thing I will take a stab at predicting, is the fact that Zane Norrison wouldn't touch her brain with a ten foot pole, much less consume it. That's right, the XWF's resident zombie, would pass up his daily brain intake, if Dolly's was the only source of sustenance available."

"Now that's saying something!"

"Nothing good, but it's definitely saying something."

"Anyway, after what happens next... after what occurs in the corresponding chapter, within the pathetic story that is Dolly Water's 'career' here in the XWF, I hope the man that booked this specific fight, gets canned. He shouldn't have the right to book fights and should be seen as the sick minded scumbag that he is and will always be. Please. Vincent. I implore you to fire this man, before it's too late and the result of his debauchery and deranged desires, puts you in a place that you can never find an exit from. You got lucky this time. I plan to put Dolly Waters down swiftly and with as little sustainable injury to her as possible. Next time? You might not be as fortunate. Can you really afford the cost of a child's murder, dwelling on your conscience?"

[Image: ybmVXWb.jpg]

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