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The Newest Member of the XWF Hall of Legends........
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09-27-2019 10:31 PM

Everybody's life is filled with ups and downs, but throughout most of MY lifetime, there'd been alot more low points than high. That wasn't to say I didn't have my moments, though. Meeting Krystal will always be the greatest thing to ever happen to me, the equivalent of winning a thousand World Titles. Even though I never held THAT many, my one World Title reign in NWF remains another bright spot in my life that I will never forget. The third and final moment was very special, something not very many people in this business get to experience..................... being inducted into the XWF Hall of Legends.

It wasn't the first Hall of Fame to include myself, as the aforementioned NWF inducted me in 2009. As wonderful as that was, the XWF induction meant so much more to me. All of the countless, career defining moments I'd experienced, the top level talent I'd faced and defeated; it only further proved that I was about to be enshrined forever as a Legend of the most prestigious company of all-time. And damn did it feel good!

My wife and I arrived at the arena for the ceremony looking like a million bucks. She was wearing a nice pair of flats and a knee length midnight blue dress, as sparkly as the night sky. I may not have been on her level, but I didn't look too bad in my James Bond-esque tuxedo. If I had a martini, you would've easily mistaken me for 007 himself. The valet took our car as we made our way up the steps and into the building.

Once inside, Krystal was shown her seat and I headed for the backstage area. Ever since my WWF days, people had always tried to tell me I was nothing more than a lower/midcarder and didn't even deserve a SHOT at the top. No matter what I did, anything I accomplished, was met with scrutiny. Whether it was the WWF scoffing at me becoming a TRIPLE fucking Champion or Fuzz attempting(unsuccessfully) to disrespect my winning the Federweight AND Heavymetalweight Championships; nobody wanted to give credit where it was due. All of this ran through my head as I walked down the hallway, knowing I had finally shut all of the haters up.

As had been the case for most of my career, Steve Sayors greeted me behind the curtain. The two of us had been through alot together, from me getting him arrested for a joint I smoked to him beating me at the board games I created. We had almost become the Mean Gene and Hulk Hogan of XWF, he'd interview me and I'd tell it like it is. He may not have always agreed with what I had to say, but he was always there to report on it. Despite all the shit I had given him throughout the years, we developed a mutual respect for each other. This was why he was to be my inductor for the ceremony.............. that, and my longtime rival, Ned Kaye, wanted no part in my charade.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Steve questioned. "It's kind of disrespectful to......"

"YOU'RE being disrespectful, Steve," I shot back at him. "This is MY night and you're not going to ruin it, asshole!" Like I said, a mutual respect.

"Alright," Steve sighed, looking at the ground like a puppy who'd been scolded. "Then I suppose it's about time, huh?"

"I believe all of the guests have been seated," I said with a nod. Steve reached into his jacket and pulled out some notecards. "What are those?"

"It's my speech," Sayors responded. "I was up all night writing it."

"Ohhhhhhh no!" I burst out, snatching the cards from him and tearing them up. "You're gonna read the speech I prepared for you........" I reached into my pocket and pulled out a different set of cards for him to read off of.

"I should've figured as much," he spoke, halfheartedly, before taking the notecards from me. Steve took one last deep breath before walking through the curtain, being met with the clapping audio I paid the sound guy to play.

As Sayors made his way to the podium, I peeked my head through the curtain. In the front row sat my wife and next to her was my Xtreme Championship, decked out in a nice little bowtie. The rest of the crowd was made up of cardboard cutouts of the various celebrities I expected to be at my actual Hall of Legends induction. Of course Patrick Stewart was there, as was the entire cast of 'The Avengers.' Even the president, Donald Trump, showed up for this important occasion. He wasn't invited, but he has a way of sorta forcing things on you. I was just lucky I didn't have a pussy.

"...........when he arrived in XWF, everybody wrote him off as a jobber," Steve read off my notes, exactly as I'd written them. "No-one could've imagined him winning a Championship, let alone a match. But he didn't let the noise get to him, he used it as motivation and climbed his way to the top. It didn't matter that nobody else believed in him, because he believed in HIMSELF. After years of proving himself, I think it's safe to say you all believe in him now, huh?"

Steve was delivering the speech so superbly, you would've thought he wrote it himself. With the timing and delivery, he made it seem like he ACTUALLY meant the words he spoke.

"What hasn't Big D done?" Sayors continued with genuine enthusiasm. "He's held every single 24/7 Championship, Captained a winning War Games team, and.........." Steve paused for a second at what I'd written, before continuing on as if it were true. "Even been Universal Champion."

You could hear the hesitation in his voice. Up to that point there had been zero hiccups, but when it came to calling me a Universal Champion, the cat got his tongue. It was as though he, like everybody else, didn't believe I could win the ultimate prize by the time my career was over. Nevertheless, he managed to make it to my introduction with no problem.

"Big D came here on a mission, and not only did he accomplish that mission, he went above and beyond," Steve went on. "Nobody expected Big D to become Universal Champion, let alone, be inducted into the XWF Hall of Legends......... But that day has arrived; so please put your hands together for the newest member of the Hall of Legends.......... BIG D!!!!!!!"

As "Falling Apart" by Trust Company began to play, I walked through the curtain and met Steve Sayors at the podium. My wife stood up and clapped for me, being joined by more fake applause over the PA system. Steve put his hand out for me, which I firmly grasped and shook. Before he could walk away, I flung Sayors around, picked him up, and hit a Dan Slam onto the stage. I couldn't resist one last shenanigan on Steve before my swan song, it was only fitting with everything we'd been through. I'm sure he understood.

"I'd like to start by thanking my wife, Krystal," I began with a smile. "I've done things throughout my XWF career that she didn't approve of, but at the end of the day she always knew I was an asshole at the office and a lover at home."

I stopped for a moment to blow her a kiss. She rolled her eyes(probably from realizing this wasn't actually a REAL ceremony), but managed to smile and wave at me, regardless. There was that support she always gave, even if I was doing something she viewed as dumb.

"What a long and crazy journey it's been," I spoke with a head shake. "I can still remember when I first arrived and didn't know who anybody was. I didn't understand what Lux's deal was and thought Kid Kool was a noob. One of my future rivals was the Xtreme Champion and the other was getting a Universal Title shot, despite being greener than a dime bag. Despite all the turmoil we've all put each other through(I'll STILL never forgive Mastermind for costing me the TV Title), it was all worth it in the end. Had it not been for such historic rivalries with those two, I may not be here tonight. I could stand up here all night and talk about my battles with Ned and MM, but I think that would be best saved for future documentaries. As important as the feuds and matches with them were, there's one particular moment that I look back on as the beginning of my Hall of Fame run.............. when I defeated Fuzz for my first Xtreme Title defense."

Audio played over the PA system of people chattering, indistinctly. I waited a moment for it to die down, before elaborating.

"While some people may point to me WINNING the belt as the start of my meteoric rise to the top, I would respectfully disagree," I continued. "Winning a Championship is 10 times easier than defending one, especially when it's a 24/7 belt and you've got the entire company constantly gunning for you!........"

As if I had some form of tourettes, I all of a sudden jumped back and looked behind me. I turned back to face the crowd with a smile on my face, as the sound of laughter filled the auditorium.

"Force of habit," I joked with a grin before taking a more serious tone. "To this day, people still question the circumstances around my Xtreme Title victory. Despite defeating two of XWF's greatest upper mid-carders in Gilly and Mastermind, even Unknown Soldier in a way, I wouldn't have been able to do it without Robert Main's assistance. I say I wouldn't have NEEDED his help had we just had a REAL referee in the first place. But you all know that story, right? Everything Big D ever accomplished in his career was because he had someone there to hold his hand.................. until I beat Fuzz."

"Everybody expected a Legend to prove himself that day, they just didn't realize it wasn't the Legend they thought it would be. Fuzz and I battled up and down that beach like it was personal and, to an extent, it was. He discredited my Heavymetalweight AND Federweight Title wins, said it was a fluke that I became Xtreme Champion, and even went so far as to call me a generic wrestler. Much like everyone else, he also enjoyed pointing out the result of War Games and the fact I didn't get pinned OR submit, but still lost my match against Robert Main..........."

I stopped for a second and reached into my tux, pulling out a pair of earplugs. I showed them to the audience before setting them on the podium.

"But I couldn't hear the noise. Fuzz could repeat the same old shit everyone else had up to that point, but I drowned him out like HE was a toddler throwing a tantrum. Much like a child who doesn't fully comprehend the things they say, Fuzz wanted to throw me under the bus as a loser. Do losers win Championships? Do they end up in the Hall of Legends? I guess maybe in Fuzz's case, but much like how he lost and was still handed a Title shot, Fuzz was an EXCEPTIONAL loser. He proved it that fateful day when I left him lifeless in the sand and walked away with the Xtreme Championship STILL wrapped around my waist. That day Fuzz learned that the only fluke was him being placed into the Main Event of a pay-per-view to begin with! As we all know, I went on to headline countless shows and receive dozens of Title shots, while HE was never considered for either ever again. That night one Legend's career ended, while another's was only beginning. Like that car accident to Magnum T.A., I wrecked the legacy of Fuzz forever with a Dan Slam in the sand. I crippled him so bad, Noah didn't stop blubbering like a cunt for weeks!......."

"So thank you, Fuzz, for everything you did. For doubting me, for disrespecting me, for igniting the spark that lit the biggest fire the wrestling world had ever seen! Had it not been for you getting your ass beat like a redheaded stepchild, my rise to glory may have never began. I would've been nothing more than the same old walking dick joke who couldn't even successfully defend his belt once. But thanks to you, I achieved everything I set out to and then some! And that ain't no story, it's the Cold Big D Truth!"

As I said my catchphrase, audio of a crowd saying it with me played over the speakers before being followed by one final round of applause. Even my wife stood up, possibly a tear in her eye, clapping for the man she loved with all of her heart. She could only dream for this day to come, as she knew it would finally mean I did what I set out to do and could come home to her for good. No more worrying about me being in scaffold matches or being a lowlife piece of shit who lays his fingers on a helpless woman just to get what he wants. I could go back to being the man she fell in love with, the man who doesn't stoop to all-time lows just to prove a point. I wished that day WAS today, nothing would make me happier. But it would have to wait just a little bit longer.

My eyes went from her to my handsome looking Xtreme Title. When I won the WWF TV Title, it was in a Battle Royal much like Relentless Day 1's. It was the moment I became a Triple Champion. I wanted it to last forever, but alas, it wasn't in the cards. I ended up losing it just a week later in my FIRST Title defense and it started a treacherous downfall that ended with me losing ALL of my other Championships.

As I looked at my Xtreme Title, I knew I couldn't go down that path again. All eyes are on me and it's make or break time. If I'm to ever be considered for a Universal Title shot again, I have to run the mid-card and prove that I'm as big as D comes! Because even if I do and they STILL refuse to give me my big break, 5 Xtreme Title defenses and I'm as good as money. They CAN'T deny me the briefcase and once I have that, I'm as good as Champion. Maybe I cash in on Ned and begin our headlining Hall of Fame feud; or I could get the ultimate revenge on Mastermind and steal the belt out from under his nose, before putting him to rest like I intend to do to Fuzz.

I turned and walked away from the podium, confident that we had just witnessed a glimpse into the future. Although my Hall of Legends induction wouldn't be for several more years, the decimation of Fuzz was merely a day away. It won't be long now until I begin to lay the stones along my path of greatness.

Fuzz thinks I'm just a generic wrestler, but what he doesn't realize is I'm THE generic wrestler. If there's a million other me's out there, then it's because THEY copied ME, not the other way around. I AM the template, Generic Wrestler #1. There's no reason for me to be fancy, just go out and let my skills do the talking. They'll definitely shut Fuzz up, possibly for good, come tomorrow night. Because he's gonna learn that bland is beautiful and that's not my ego talking, but rather FACT. And that ain't no story, it's the Cold Big D Truth!

[Image: 9kFRm9E.png]
June 2019 XWF Superstar of the Month
2019 Relentless Fishing Contest Winner
1x NWF World Heavyweight Champion
1x XWF Xtreme Champion
2x XWF TV Champion
1x NWF World Tag Team Champion (w/Slim)
1x NWF Xtreme Champion
1x NLCW Slamfest Champion
1x LCW Hardcore Champion
3x WWF X-Division Champion
1x WWF World Tag Team Champion (w/Seth Flash)
1x WWF Dark Champion
1x WWF TV Champion
1x EGW Fury Champion
3x XWF Federweight Champion
4x XWF Heavymetalweight Champion
1x 420* Cruiserweight Champion
2x CMW Hardcore Champion
1x XHW T.V. Champion
1x WXC Hardcore Champion
1x XPW U.S. Champion
1x WLFC Tag Team Champion w/Chance
1x WWC T.V. Champion
1x WWC European Champion
1x WWF 24/7Hardcore Champion
2x WLFC 24/7 Hardcore Champion

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