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09-27-2019 10:24 PM

We are just hours away from Day 2 of RELENTLESS and the fans are all waiting for the night's action as we will see a Dog Show before the night's action takes place. Peter Gilmour's dog Teddy will be in it and Peter hopes his little pomchi will win it all. But Peter has more on his plate at Relentless as he steps into the ring with Brian O'Haire and BORIS in a triple threat match. All parties have said their peace and seem ready to beat the shit out of each other. But who will win this slobberknocker? Will Peter Gilmour defeat two noobs and get back into the title picture? Or will Brian or Boris steal his thunder and get a big win under their belt? We shall see as RELENTLESS Day 2 comes your way tomorrow night from Miami.

The scene now shifts once again to the Hilton Hotel where Peter Gilmour is staying for the weekend. We see people coming in and out of the hotel, checking in and out as bell hops take their luggage to and from their rooms. It is about 4pm local time as it is a sunny day, about 85 degrees.

We see Peter walking through the hotel wearing a nice white suit and pants. He is styling and profiling like a legend. Why he is dressed up is anyone's guess. Maybe he's meeting a nice tall blonde who he's going to fuck later. Peter goes into the lobby of the hotel and sits down on one of the couches. He pulls out a set of sunglasses and sets them over his bright brown eyes. Ladies begin to swoon over him as they walk on by, almost cumming in their panties at the utter site of the Xtreme Icon. Settle down ladies.

Peter grabs his phone as we hear it ringing. The hard rocking sounds of Beautiful Tragedy by IN THIS MOMENT begin to blare through the speakers. Peter looks at his phone, then the number and begins to smile wickedly. He then swipes to the right and puts the phone to his ear.

Peter: Hey partner. Yes, I'm waiting for you in the hotel. Get your ass over here. Yes, I'm wearing my nice suit. Why am I doing this again? Oh right ,we're meeting those guys. Ok man see you in a bit.

Must've been Soldier on the other line. Seems like him and Peter are going out on the town to cause some damage like they always do. But we digress. While Peter is waiting for Soldier to meet him in the hotel, he looks at us and begins to talk.

Peter: Well, we're almost here aren't we? Relentless Day 2 is close at hand and I cannot wait to get this match between me, Brian O'Haire and Boris over with. I got a date with Chris Page in over a week and I need to prepare for that. But I'm not overlooking those two noobs. I know they are ready, willing and able to beat the shit out of me. But sadly they will fall victim to the GILMOUR CUTTER, the most devastating move in all of pro wrestling. Once I hit them with that, it's all over but the shouting. I will stand over their bloody, broken bodies with my hands raised in the air and both of them can SUCK.. MY.. DICK!

I mean you got Brian O'Haire thinking he's this movie star when he's not. He thinks he will beat me and get his name in lights. Big deal you got a win over the nefarious Brother McBride on Savage. Big woop. Try to beat someone who is ten times better than you ok Brian. Go try and do all that sexy shit you did in your last promo somewhere else. It really made me sick. You think you're sexier than me? HA! Keep fucking D-listers while I fuck A-listers like Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba, just to name a few. You're going to find out what a true star is and why everybody wants a piece of me. They want my name in lights, my name in movies and porn, me with the hottest ladies in the world. Not some shmuck like yourself. So come tomorrow night Brian, I'm going to write a a scene just for you. It will be a quick scene as it will be me hitting the GILMOUR CUTTER out of nowhere on you and pinning you to the mat for the count of 3 and standing over you the winner while Boris gets drunk off a bottle of Vodka. You both aren't man enough to fight me. You both won't defeat me even if you tried. You're both going to die inside that ring tomorrow night. Believe me!

Now Boris, I could care less what you have to say from here on out. All you're going to say is you respect America, I'm going to get stabbed by a Gobrki or whatever you were talking about in your last promo. Keep drinking that Vodka comrade. It's not going to help you defeat me. You may have a little bit of an advantage but you and Brian are at a disadvantage because I'm much, MUCH stronger than both of you and much sexier I might add. But I digress.

Tomorrow night, I'm going to send both of you to the hospital and I am going to be the one with my hand raised while the EMT's put you on a stretcher and wheel your sorry asses out of the arena and straight to the hospital where you will be eating food through a tube. You both are no match for me and you both will witness true evil like never before.

I will be the director of this show and I will deliver an Oscar winning performance after I pin both of you in the middle of that very ring.

So I hope you both come prepared because I'm ready to beat your sorry asses up all night long. Like I said, I will be the one coming away with the W while you both stare up at the lights and hear the crowd chant MY NAME and not yours. I'm the real star of this match. I'm the Xtreme Icon. I am the ladies pick and guys want to be me. But sadly they cannot.

Tomorrow night, we all will fight and pay the price. But in the end, I will stand over you the winner. I'll see you two noobs in the ring. Don't be late. I'm going to take you both.. TO THE XTREME! See you tomorrow night bitches!

Peter smiles wickedly as it seems he's ready for tomorrow night. Can he defeat Brian and Boris? We shall see. A few minutes go by and Peter is waiting for Soldier to come into the hotel. We then hear the sounds of a car screeching into the parking lot. It is a white Caddilac with 666 on the licence plates. It looks like Soldier has arrived.

Soldier gets out of the car, wearing a cheap pastel suit and he has black facepaint on. He looks like Tubbs from Miami Vice. People look at him and run for their lives at the site of him. He laughs wickedly as he walks into the hotel. He then meets Peter and they shake hands.

Peter: Wow, you look.. different. I guess we're really going to go along with this cosplay huh?

Soldier: Yeah, let's just hurry this up ok Peter. I got a girl waiting for me to fuck her 666 times and I got to get ready to kick Robert Main's ass inside that cell.

Peter: I hope you beat his ass 666 times and send him packing brother. I'll be watching and wishing you luck. I hope you're not mad I'm playing Crockett here. You know Don Johnson always got the ladies. So I mean.. why not me?

Soldier: Well you got the super dick. So.. shall we raise some hell?

Peter laughs wickedly 666 times as the demonic duo leave the hotel and get into Soldier's Cadillac Deville. Two women then come up to their car just as they're about to leave. They are both blonde and got a nice set of tits on them. Peter looks one of the women up and down and one can only imagine what he wants to do to her. Soldier looks at the other woman and almost pukes. They talk for a while then they get into the car with them. One of the ladies sits on Peter's lap which makes him real happy as the other sits next to Soldier playing with his hair. Soldier doesn't seem to like it and snaps the woman's neck in two. The woman slumps down next to Peter and the other woman who screams in horror. Peter can only shake his head.

Peter: You're a sick fuck man. Why couldn't you just rape her THEN kill her?

Soldier: She bored me. Now let's get out of here and raise some hell. Oh and ditch the girl. I got you someone way better looking than her.

Peter: Long as she's alive that's all I care about. You can do whatever you want with the other ladies. Now let's roll.

Soldier nods his head as the car screeches out of the parking lot going somewhere we don't yet know. The scene then begins to slowly FADE TO BLACK!


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