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**Whistles** BIIIIIIIITCHHHYYYYY *Whistles*
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09-27-2019 03:35 PM


We hear the familiar whistled tune of the classic Lassie theme song and see a German Shepherd walking down the street looking regal as fuck.


The same German Shepherd hops over a small fence with ease!


She sits and waits for the red light at the crosswalk to cross.


We then see her get aboard a subway and take a seat next to a sleeping wino.


Ok, but really where the hell is this dog going? We then see her get off the subway and climb the multitude of steps up out of the station.

Dog still looking regal as fuck though.


Now we see the dog climbing a whole bunch more steps and pass into a large arched doorway.


Finally, the dog emerges into a large gathering of people inside a church like setting. It's....

[Image: bris-circumcision-orthodox-new-york-time...085399.jpg]

….oh God it's a Bris.

Bitchy the dog makes a beeline for the mohel as he hovers over a baby prepped for circumcision. The old man doesn't stand a chance as Bitchy plows right into him, chomping down hard on his dick and pulling him to the floor by his cock, where she continues to rip and tear. The old man screams in horror and agony and the entire Bris party runs in terror (leaving the baby behind).

Madison Dyson jumps in from out of nowhere.

YEAH BITCHY GET HIM! We leave “sleeves on” in this neck of the woods, got it Dershowitz! Fuckin' pedo baby dick biters!

Madison turns to the camera.

This is my dog Bitchy! And as you can see, I've trained her to get shit done. None of the rest of ya'alls little pussy dogs stand a chance. Except maybe Shane's, that thing seems pretty hardcore unless it's already been euthanized.

An image appears on screen of Bitchy in Jeffery Epstein's prison cell, holding a noose in her jaws. Her little doggy eyes somehow scream “you know what must be done”.

Bitchy's my problem solver, and unlike most human servants, she does what I say without backtalk or even any semblance of a conscience. The perfect little solider.

Another image appears on screen of Bitchy dressed like a Nazi solider, complete with cute little jack boots, as she surveys an ICE internment camp. Little Mexican children can be seen cowering in terror underneath Bitchy's stern gaze.

And best of all? She's a fucking patriot!

We return to the original scene. The mohel appears to be dead. Bitchy is splattered in gore, and she seems very proud of herself.

Oh, Bitchy! I love you. Madison just looks at Bitchy, as the dog returns her stare expectantly. I ain't touching you right now though. Go take a fuckin' bath.

Bitchy walks off camera.

See you cucks at Relentless. Especially you vagina havers who are bringing cats. Ugh!

[Image: 36c58025d5ba4e37e5df22ee9af443f9--sherri...-girls.jpg]

[Image: 00145839.0001.gif]

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