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The Heat Is On
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09-26-2019 07:55 PM

We open the scene to a hot, humid day in the city of Miami, Florida. It is about 94 degrees with the sun beating down on the city making everyone who is walking or getting a nice tan on the beach sweat it out. It's better to be at the beach than outside because it is so damn hot. The camera shows people of all ages and sizes frolicking on the beach and stepping into the cool, or somewhat cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Birds are seen soaring into the clear, blue skies and everyone seems happy.
We also see cars and buses roar down the streets of the city at a slow to moderate pace. Seems like a great day to be in Miami.

We now cut to a shot of the Hilton Hotel right in the heart of the city. People are seen coming into and out of the hotel and also frolicking in the pool area. One of those people frolicking in the pool is none other than our hero Peter "Oh SUCK HIS MIGHTY DICK" Gilmour. Peter is taking a few laps as we see him wearing black swim trunks. He swims underwater for a while then comes up slowly for air. He then begins to go back to his lawn chair and dry off his sexy body. A few ladies look at him and almost burst in their thong bikinis. Peter smiles and waves at them. They giggle and wave back. Peter then lays down on the chair drinking a nice cold glass of iced tea. He then pulls out his phone and begins looking at it. We can see he's on the XWF website and he looks to see if Brian O'Haire and BORIS have said anything new regarding their match coming up this weekend. Peter lifts his eyebrow like a guy named Dwayne as he reads one of the promos. He then looks at us, smiles wickedly, takes another swig of his drink, and begins to speak to us at home.

Peter: Well now, glad you're here. I missed you all. Well, most of you. But I digress. I've been pretty busy lately with all of the nightlife here in the city and being around my good friend Soldier. His parties are well.. weird but the girls are just as fine. I don't think I've fucked as many girls as I did the last 3 days. My super dick is taking a beating, but that's a good thing. I'm sure I'll get more action as Relentless comes our way this weekend.

And what a weekend it will be as I take on BORIS and Brian O'Haire. Two rookies who seem to be ready for a fight. I like that. I like how ready these two noobs are. Both want to win badly but both are forgetting that I'm in the match as well and I want the win just as badly as they do. I need the win to gain momentum going into the next Warfare show as I take on my arch nemesis Chris Page in a Xtreme Weapons Match. But I'll talk more on that prick at a later date. I need to focus hard on this match. I can't be distracted with Soldier's parties and fucking all these hot Latinas here. Sexy time can wait a few days. Plus I got Valerie Sky coming in to be by my side during my match this weekend. She's been away for a while doing whatever she is doing. I wonder about her sometimes. Yeah, I do care for her but not like that. We all know I'm a married man. But I get my rocks off when I need to.

So let's talk a bit more about my opponents shall we? Let's begin with that Russian loser BORIS. Hey comrade, how you doin? I must say Boris, that you seem ready to go for this match. Like I said, you and Brian aren't taking this match lightly. I am not taking you guys lightly either and it's going to be a long night for all of us. But in the end, I will come away with the W while you look up at my super dick and the lights. There is no way I'm letting you two noobs steal my thunder and my win. I will do whatever I have to do to get that win. Even if I have to cheat, I will do it. It's not my style but I have always been a man to break the rules. So I hope you and Brian bring your best because I am not holding back. I will beat both of you to a bloody pulp and stand over your broken bodies with the win. Trust me on that!

So Boris, seems like I upset you huh comrade? Well, TOO BAD! You come out here flapping your Russian gums, saying that I wear women's clothes. Uh wrong guy there buddy. That's Shane Carver. But I digress.

But why are you mad dude? Are you mad because I am everyone's hero? Are you mad because I'm a sexy Italian man? You mad I get all the ladies and you can't even get one? Poor, poor Boris. Not my fault all the Russian ladies want me. It's not my fault I stick my Super Dick up their Putin. You're just jealous of me dude. Hell, I would be jealous of me too. But I digress.

You say you respect America. Well, most Americans don't respect you dude. Everyone loves Peter Gilmour. Even your leader Vladimir Putin loves me. I bought him a case of the finest Vodka in the land and he thanked me by giving me a giant case of Russian Vodka. I drank every bottle of that stuff. It's pretty good I must say. He even let me fuck one of his interns. I gave that girl the time of her life and she still can't walk. She was blowing up my phone after I fucked her. But I had to tell her to leave-ski because I had other women to fuck better looking than her. But I digress.

Point is this. No matter where I go, people love me. I know the fans in Miami will be cheering me on and booing the ever loving crap out of you. This is America damnit. They hate the Russians. Why do you think that? It's because they have a very bad attitude. They think they run shit. They don't respect Americans. That's why every time I go into a retail shop, they're always fighting with the cashier or the manager because they want things their way. Well you can't get things your way here in the USA Boris. You have to earn it. And that's what you're going to have to do in order to beat me and Brian. You're going to have to earn our respect and earn the win against us. But I will not allow you to get the win over me or Brian. I will do whatever I have to do to stop you. I will be the American tank that's going to smash your Russian tank to bits. I'll show you why America is the greatest country in all of the world. I'll show you why they call me the KING of Xtreme and I will show you why the ladies call me GOD in bed.

You say I confused you with a caveman because of the way you talk. Uhh no sir I didn't confuse you. That's how all Russians talk. "Me want vodka. Me want to be the best." Oh shut the fuck up! Learn to speak English already. My god Boris, you're giving me a migraine just by speaking.

You say that I'm going to get stabbed by some Gobki. What the fuck is a Gobki? Is that like a goblin? Oh I get it. It's some thug right? Yeah, I'm sure I'm gonna get stabbed by some Gobki. I'll just break his neck in two and leave him laying a dead corpse just like I'll do to you.

So drink all the vodka you want Boris. I hope you get real drunk there lad. It's not going to do you any good because I am going to beat you just like Rocky beat Drago and I'll have all the Russians in the crowd screaming and chanting my name. I will send you back to the Slavs a broken, bloody mess.

You ain't winning this match comrade. You're going to have to earn it and beat me to a pulp. But I welcome the challenge Boris. I'll see you out there dumbkoff.

Peter gives the finger to the camera before finishing up his glass of iced tea. He then gets up and begins to stretch and flex his sexy muscles. More women are seen looking at Peter and start screaming his name. Peter once again waves to them as he goes to take another lap in the pool. The camera goes into slow motion as he dives into the pool then slowly comes out on the other side. He then slowly whips his head around shaking off the water from his hair. He then is seen slowly drying off his chest as we see a few girls faint at the site of this. One almost faints right into the pool. Careful ladies, we don't need Peter to play lifeguard here. But we digress. Peter puts the towel around his sexy waist then begins to walk over to the bar.

We see a tall man behind the bar wearing a white uniform and black pants. Peter greets the man.

Peter: Another cold glass of iced tea my good man.

The bartender nods his head as he pours out some iced tea and puts some ice in the tall glass. He gives it to Peter and Peter takes a big swig of it. He then wipes his mouth and then begins to speak to us once more.

Peter: Man these are good. Glad I get them for free. Oh, you think I have to pay for this? Please, I'm Peter FUCKIN Gilmour. I don't have to pay for shit. I'm rich as fuck! But I digress again.

Now, let's get to you Brian O'Haire, the Box Office Smash. Well Brian, I see you are ready as well for our match coming up this weekend. I got to say, I got my work cut out for me against you and Boris. Going to be a good fight. But like I told Boris, you're going to have to EARN your way to victory and I am not holding back one inch my friend.

You start by quoting Charlie's Angels. Clever.. Let me quote something if I may..

"Roads.. where we're going we don't need.. roads" Back to the Future 1985 (might be off on the date sorry)

Nice of you to channel some guy who dressed in gold there buddy. You couldn't lace his boots. You still think you're this movie star huh? Keep thinking that because like I said in my last promo, I'm going to make you a star in my next movie. You'll be playing the guy that gets his ass kicked by the hero. That's me for your information.

Brian, Brian, Brian.. why do you think so low of yourself? I mean I already know I'm a star. I'm the biggest star of this damn federation. I am the face of the company. I bring the ratings. I bring all the money in. My merch sells more than yours ever will. The ladies are lined up at my door not yours. I'm the one directors want in their movies. I had to tell Steven Spielberg no to be in his next masterpiece. Steven F'n Speilberg dude. But like I said, I could do better in porn because all the ladies want to fuck me and all the porn directors want me. Vivid wants me. Howard Stern wants to interview me again. I got Cameron Diaz blowing up my Twitter wanting to fuck me. I mean I'm just a fuckin' GOD dude. I mean just look at me.

Peter flexes his muscles and does a few pec thrusts. The man has the body of a Italian GOD. But we digress.

Peter: I got to ask you a question if I may Brian. Why in the blue hell are you so fascinated with my dick? I mean you kept talking about it in your last promo. Do you want my super dick or something? Well. I don't swing that way and even if I was gay, I wouldn't fuck you. I don't do D-listers. But I digress.

You ask if through all the ladies I fuck, all the times I flex my muscles and my super dick, throughout all of that, you ask me if I'm still a man. Well of course I'm still a man you moron. I'm not all about fucking women and showing my super dick. I'm a fighter. I'm a lover. I'm the most decorated champion in XWF history and a sure fire Hall of Famer. I'm in the top 50 of the XWF. Where are you? Oh right, not even on the list. But you so want the spotlight to be on you and you want people to think you're going to win this match. Not on my watch buddy.

I know you're new here just like Boris is and want to make a statement. Well you both get your chance this weekend. Try to grab that brass ring and make yourself something. Try to beat the legend that is Peter Gilmour. Maybe people will be talking about you after Relentless. Maybe you'll get some big time matches for yourself. But sadly your dream will come to an end just like that because I am the dream killer. I will smash your dreams just like that and all you'll be doing is picking up your teeth after I knock them out of your stupid mouth. Keep thinking you're all that and then some dude. I'm going to enjoy whipping your ass all over that ring in Miami.

Just like I told Boris, the fans will be on my side and will be chanting for the real star of this show. ME! Not you and certainly not some Russian pig named Boris.

You say you're humble being here in the XWF. Well I'm glad you are because this weekend I am going to humble you once again by beating you and Boris in the middle of that ring. I'm going to be the star of this match and when all is said and done, after I hit you both with the most devastating move in all of wrestling, the GILMOUR CUTTER, I will have all the fans cheering for me and wanting to see more of me. I'll have all the ladies begging to fuck them and all the guys wishing they could be like me. But nobody can be like me Brian. You WISH you could be like me. But you can't. You'll never have the body I do, you'll never be the champion of champions like I am and you'll never.. EVER have the women that I get to fuck all night long. You'll just be another D-lister just wishing he made it to the top. But you'll never be a star dude. Never..

So this weekend, gentlemen, get ready for a long night. I'm going to enjoy running circles around you both. But don't think I'm overlooking you both. I know what you both want and I know you'll be bringing your best to this fight. But like I said before, you're going to have to EARN the win against me.

So get ready for a fight. Get ready for the big time and get ready to be taken.. TO THE XTREEEEEEEEEME! See you boys later..

Peter takes another giant swig of his iced tea as he takes his towel off and leaves the scene to talk to some of the hot ladies by the pool. We then begin to slowly.. FADE TO BLACK!!

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