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LiLy's fitness
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09-26-2019 08:56 PM

[Image: w9DQKT9.jpg]

Hi, I'm Lily you probably can't tell but I helped bRiaN loose fifty pounds since he joined the Lily fitness program. Would you believe that some silly humans actually think they only need to take their dogs out twice a day! ROTFL seriously what are those mind control boxes doing to them? No chance, that's what I explained to bRiaN on the first day we met. I said listen here buddy, your gonna need to be around to help me for at least a decade. After he signed my contrct I made sure the only time it was acceptable to go out twice a day was when it was thirty degrees below zero outside. See we agreed that I would know best when I have to go as you humans say " to the bathroom ". Plus he had no idea when we started, when it was the best time to go out to chase rabbits, yell at possems and raccoons, or even tell local coyote to back off, this is our neighborhood but now thanks to the Lily fitness program he has learned all of those things and more. Like when you'll run into which neighbors or how to sneak up on a woodpecker. You'll learn so much by joining my program, and be extending your life in the process! So if you wanna look as good as my bRiaN, don't waste anymore time, join today. Honestly the only loser here is that awful mind control box because it loses his attention more and more each day. So get yourself out there and take your dog out for a nice long park walk, and leave the mini mind control device off. You might be surprised how this simple program can extend, enhance, and may even save your life today. So get off those brain leashes and put your dog's leash on RIGHT NOW.

[Image: eSXKFMS.png]
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