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Paper Planes
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09-23-2019 05:26 PM

(When Centurion was at the top of the world, he was know for taking care of his family and least financially. He had all the money in the world, so he felt as if he could buy the love of those around him. For some, it worked, and for others, it didn't. Either way, those closest to Centurion didn't have to worry about things like rent or travel when he was around.

It's weird being on the other side, though.

We open up inside an airport hanger in London, England. This is not the main hub of the international airport, however - this is a smaller hanger, away from the rest of the travelers and tourists. There, we see a pilot and some flight crew hovering around, when the voices of Centurion, Allison, and Jocelyn can be heard coming into the building.)

Allison: I coordinated with Walter to get your room set up. You'll be in Miami for four days, then you'll be flying straight to The Bahamas. You're going to do some charity work in Freeport before heading to Nassau.

Centurion: That's fine.

Allison: Walter is already in Nassau - he'll be handing the booking and organization of the charity event, so I'll be handling everything for you in Miami. The hotel I booked you at has an amazing gym, so you don't have to go hunting for one.

(The three of them come into view, and Centurion's face immediately lights up. His eyes grow wide and his mouth opens. The sight he sees is one of the most beautiful sights he's ever seen...

It's a Cessa Citation X private jet. Not just any private jet, though - HIS private jet. Or at least it was until he lost most of his assets.

Centurion opens his arms wide and runs towards the plane. He places his hand and face on the side of the plane as he speaks to no one in particular.)

Centurion: My baby! Oh, I missed you so much.

(Allison and Jocelyn walk up to Centurion and the plane. Jocelyn has a huge smile on her face, while Allison continues to be matter of fact.)

Jocelyn: Told ya he'd go apeshit.

Centurion: How did you...where did you...

Allison: It came on the market shortly after you disappeared. Centurion Enterprises were selling off a lot of your old assets. Since there was a new Cessna launched in the past few years, I think they were just looking to move it. I got it for a pretty good price.

Centurion: My plane...

Allison: MY plane. Jocelyn and I use it for media appearances and business proposals across Europe. As long as I'm managing you, you get to ride in it.

Centurion: Yes, absolutely, I'll give you whatever you want.

Allison: Unfortunately, you don't have anything I want. I already have your plane.

(Allison smiles and pats Centurion on the back before walking towards the steps of the plane. Jocelyn wraps her arm around Centurion's shoulder and nods her head as she looks at the plane with him.)

Jocelyn: Your sister and I shagged in there.

(Centurion's bright eyes immediately go dim, and his face drops.)

Centurion: Thanks for ruining this for me.

(Jocelyn pats Centurion on the shoulder as she walks toward the steps of the plane. She walks up them and into the plane, as Allison is about to do the same. She stops half way up the steps and turns to Centurion.)

Allison: Santos is already on the air. I haven't gotten to watch it yet, so I figured we'd go over it together on the flight. I also have tapes of Santos' last 5 matches. You have homework.

Centurion: Why do you think I'm stalling?

(Allison smiles as she steps into the plane, leaving Centurion alone. He pats the side of the plane before walking over and stepping up the steps into the plane. As he does, he is greeted with a familiar scene

[Image: orient-management-group-citation-longitu...1400682508]
Centurion falls to his knees, praising the holiness that is the interior of the private jet. Allison and Jocelyn both take their seats as Centurion nearly weeps.)

Allison: This image should be in the dictionary right next to "capitalism."

Centurion: You don't understand. This was my first major purchase when my casion began to make a profit. This was the beginning of my "lavish lifestyle." This plane symbolizes all the good...and all the bad that has happened.

Allison: I know. I've flown on this plane many times with you. You let me fly when I desperately needed to. You allowed me know easy travel as I forged my own path. It feels good to be able to deliver that to you, as well.

(Centurion smiles as he stands up and lays down on one of the couches.)

Centurion: It feels so good to fly private again. I don't want to sound like an ungrateful rich bastard...

Jocelyn: Too late.

Centurion: ...but flying commercial after all those years was tough. Booking flights, going through security, sitting in the airport for hours - it was like putting on an old pair of shoes you forgot was in your closet, and they don't quite fit you anymore, and the laces are all messed up and tangled, but you had to give up the rest of your shoes, so it's like "well, I better try..."

Allison: What the hell are you talking about?

(Centurion notices that he has been staring into the distance, eyes glazed, rambling about absolutely nothing.)

Centurion: I don't know.

Allison: Ok, add a CT scan to the list of things we need to get you in Miami. Also, set up some training time on the beach. Mid day. Bring plenty of water.

Centurion: That sounds like hell. Why would you do that?

Allison: Because you're going to be wrestling inside a glass cage under the Miami sun. It's going to be like wrestling in a sauna. If you're not prepared for it, you might die.

Centurion: Jeez...way to sell me on this.

(Allison reaches next to her and pulls a bottle of champagne out of a refrigerator. She grabs three flute glasses and passes them out before working on the cork. She continues speaking as she does.)

Allison: I'm not going to sugar coat anything. I'm not hear to listen to any excuses. If you want to do this and be serious about this, then you're going to work like someone who is serious about this.

(The sound of a loud POP! is heard as Allison tosses the cork behind her. She begins pouring three glasses of champagne, before grabbing a fourth glass.)

Allison: Oh, and I decided to bring along a passanger.

(Allison nods towards the door as Centurion looks up. As he does, up the steps and into the cabin of the plane steps...)

Genevieve: Room for one more?

------More Records Than The KGB------

Is Tony Santos the greatest Hart Champion of all time?

This question was asked to me very recently, and to be honest, I don't know if I can accurately give you an answer. We have had some big name winners who held the belt for a decent period of time. Zach Rizza held the belt for a few months, but nothing he does I would ever consider "greatest". James Raven held the belt, but he didn't hold it very long - his career surged past that point relatively quickly.

That's the problem - the Hart Title in it's original form was meant to be a stepping stone title. It was for newer wrestlers to fight over while the veterans and the big name stars fought over the bigger belts. That means some of the longer reigns from the past belong to not particularly memorable superstars, and those who actually had talent and used the belt efficiently didn't hold the belt for long.

Now that the Hart Title is the second biggest championship in the company, it has a lot more prestige, and is no longer a belt "just for new guys". And unfortunately, I wasn't around during this time, so I didn't see the reign of someone like Robert Main in order to compare. So, is Santos the greatest Hart Champion of all time?

Maybe. I'll accept an argument for it, at least. I can tell you that, in my recollection, no Hart Champion has had the respect of their peers like Tony Santos does. Champions in the past were only know as being "really f'in good" after their reigns, when they've already moved on to something else. The moment Santos won the belt, the boys in the back were going nuts. They already think he's a superstar, and he's just waiting for his Universal Title opportunity.

I can also tell you this...there isn't a single person back there who thinks I'm going to win. It's true. Out of all the titles on the line at Relentless, the Hart Title was ranked the least likely to change hands. I mean, that's partially because Robert Main is going to kick the satanic shit out of Unknown Soldier and everyone know that, but it's also because the "experts" see this as a mismatch. This isn't Centurion vs some young punk who needs humbled, and this isn't Centurion against some veteran who just got off the couch and can barely walk anymore. This is Centurion vs one of the best in the XWF. The novelty is over, or so they claim.

Not only that, but those same people...they don't WANT me to win. It may come as a surprise to the casual fan, but while I'm loved in front of the crowd, I'm hated by many in the locker room. Some see me as taking away a spot for a younger talent. Some see me as a friend to James Raven, which is the only reason I'm here. Mostly, they see me as boring, and they want to get rid of me so they can go back to fantasizing about rape and death without being called out for it.

Sorry to say...there's going to be some disappointed faces in the locker room. And some emptier wallets, as well.

I'm not here to make people feel good. I'm glad I still have the support of the fans, but it doesn't bother me one bit if the rest of the roster wants to bury me in the back yard. I owe them nothing. Instead of giving me respect, these ungrateful pricks treat me like some kind of cancer. They cheered my demise caused by Shane Carver, only to be enraged when I won a shot at the Hart Title. They thought XX was it for the "old timers", and now that I've had my fun, I'm supposed to go away now.

XX didn't bury me. Shane Carver didn't cause my demise. It's fueled me. I don't want to be as good as I once was. I want to be better. I don't want to be referred to as "old", I want to be referred to as the fucking LEGEND that I am! A title I earned through years of hard work and sacrifice! A title I WON back when you needed to win a match to earn your spot in the Hall. I don't want to be the one you beat to earn your spot - I want to be the one you have to earn your spot to face.

That brings me back to Tony Santos. Is he the greatest Hart Champion of all time? I sure as hell hope he is. I want his reign to go down as one of the legendary title reigns in XWF history. I want Tony Santos' name to be remembered over the course of history. I want him to be a legend and an icon.

And I want everyone to remember who took that belt off him.

This match should be the main event of the evening. The Hart Title headlines almost every Warfare, but it's not being put in the main event for, what? Fuzz and Big D? Does anyone really care? Big D has been the champ for six minutes, and whoever wins is likely to lose it next week anyway. People will remember the finish to the Hart Title match. They will be so hot that the crowd will not be able to be heated up again for the main event. But, your funeral. If you want to toss Fuzz and Big D out there to a dead crowd, be my guest.

Before Tony finally gets around to talking about me, let me air a few things I'm sure he'll bring up. I'm "vanilla" - he loves that word. I'm a has-been, the old reliable for any wrestler in the modern day XWF who knows my name and not my accomplishments. He's beaten me before - we covered that one already. Besides all that, I don't know what else Tony can say, besides listing the people he has beaten on his way to being the best Hart Champion in history

What Tony Santos will need to realize is that I'm not Ned Kaye. I'm not going to sit here a slam on a man's personal life when that's the well he's expecting me to go to. Why else do you think he airs his dirty laundry? He WANTS you to be distracted by it. Recovering alcoholic? Fuzz used to freebase heroin in the locker room before stumbling down the ring. T Money would do several lines of coke off a strippers ass before fighting for the Universal Title. You think I give a shit about a dude in recovery?

I'm also not going to do the old fashioned babyface "I'm going to try my best!" speech. I talk up Tony Santos and his accomplishments because he's good, but don't get it twisted - I'm going to win. Not "I hope to win". Not "I think I might win." No, I'm GOING to win. I'm GOING to be the next Hart Champion.

There in lies the biggest obstacle Tony Santos has had to face in his title run - he's standing across the ring from someone who can actually beat him. Ned Kaye is my brother, but he came in lacking confidence, and Santos knew it. Scully, Hanari, Fuzz, Donovan Blackwater - none of them were on Santos' level. And me, well...I was a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Santos smelled blood in the water and ripped me apart.

But that doesn't fly this time around. I'm at 100%, and he knows it. I'm not the same competitor I was in April. The question is, is Santos going to prepare for that potential outcome? Or is he going to assume I'm just like all the other dime a dozen wrestlers he's barreled through to get to where he is now? We won't know until he speaks, which may or may not happen between now and Miami. If I was him? I wouldn't say anything at all. It's better to make excuses after the fact if no one hears you talk ahead of time.

Clock is ticking, Tony. You've had a hell of a run, but every reign eventually ends. Thus is the fragility of life. I wish you the best in your next endeavors, after I take that Hart Title off you and let you meet your...


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