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Soft Deadline Miami Heat
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09-20-2019 11:04 PM

We open the scene to a shot of Miami Beach on a sultry, sunny day in Miami, Florida.. the home of RELENTLESS which is going on next weekend. 3 days of hard hitting action will be brought to the masses and it is expected to be one fun weekend.

One of the matches we'll see on night 2 of the event will be a triple threat match pitting rookies Boris and Box Office Brian O'Haire against the legend, the Xtreme Icon Peter F'n Gilmour. This should be a fun match to be seen. Can the rookies best Peter or will the seasoned veteran pull out the win? We'll all see what happens at Relentless Day 2 from Miami.

The camera continues with a shot of Miami Beach as we see a ton of people frolicking in the ocean and getting a nice tan and also playing some volleyball. A great day to be in the sunshine state of Florida.

We then cut to a shot of the man himself Peter F'n Gilmour as he is walking along the beach with his shirt off and blue shorts. His sexy muscles glisten in the sun. All the hot ladies look on in awe of Peter and almost get wet in the bathing suits and not from the water. The man does it again. But we digress.

Peter looks out into the ocean and seems pleased. He walks for about a few minutes then stops to admire the ocean. He sees the camera crew is near him and he lets out a big sigh. He then turns to face the camera and begins to talk to us.

Peter: Ah, Miami. My home away from home. Well, I have many home away from homes to be honest with you. England, Italy, Japan, Brooklyn, and my real home of LA. LA is much better than Miami but its a close second. The girls here are so fine, it gets my super dick all pumped up. I feel like fucking a hot Latina tonight. But I got a match to worry about plus I'm a married man so no sexy time for the Xtreme Icon.

But Miami is going to be the home for our next mega event entitled RELENTLESS. It's a three day event that has a ton of action and other things going on. We got a fishing contest, a dog show which my dog Teddy is in and will win. I mean really, I'm up against Shane Carver's dog since the others in this contest haven't praised their animals as of yet. Shame.. real shame. But I know Teddy will win because he has the super dick just like me and Shane's dog is no match for him. I can't wait for that.

What I also can't wait for is my match coming up on Day 2. I will go into a three way dance with 2 rookies. Now, we all know my record against rookies and it's not good. I mean I lost my return match to a bunch of no name rookies that JON BROWN picked. How embarrassing is that? I can't let that happen again. I must win to get back on track after suffering a very hard loss to Big D and Mastermind which saw me get royally screwed over by James Raven and Robert Main and my chance to become a 14 time champion went away just like that. I'm very, VERY PISSED OFF and so is my friend Soldier. I can't wait for him to bury Robert Main inside that cell on Day 3. And to James Raven, heh Jimbo, you got me good huh brother? Well, guess what. PAYBACK IS A MOTHER! I'm going to get my hands on you and when I do, I am going to beat the shit out of you and put you on the shelf for good. They'll have to cart your ass off in a ambulance after I'm done with you. But that's for another time and another place.

Peter begins to think a bit as we see the waves begin to hit his feet. Peter sees it but doesn't budge. He then moves his sunglasses up a bit then continues to speak to us.

Peter: So, on day 2 of RELENTLESS, like I said, I face 2 rookies. One of them is the man for Slavikia or Slovakia, whatever dumb country he comes from.. the man named BORIS. This guy seems to have a following doesn't he? But there's one problem. He's a stupid idiot! I mean look at the way he talks. "ME BORIS, ME BEAT PUNY AMERICANS UP." I mean come on man, learn the fucking language. We're in AMERICA damnit! I wish my good friend Donald Trump built a wall for the Slavs too. Too many of them here. Oh wait, that's the Russians, my mistake. But BORIS is just like them, unintelligible fucktards. They don't understand the basic language of English and think they're better than us.

I mean this Boris guy thinks he's going to come into the XWF and beat a legend in myself? HA! I beg to differ. I'm going to break that little Slav to a bloody pulp and show him why America is the best country in the world and what a real American is all about. I will show him the ways of Xtreme and after I'm done, I will send his lame ass back on a plane to Slavakia or wherever he comes from in a bodybag. I refuse to let a foreigner like him beat me. I can't allow it and the people of Miami and all of America cannot have it. I must protect America at all costs. So Boris, bring your best because I will bring mine. But like I said, I am going to beat you like Rocky beat Ivan Drago in Rocky 4. You will come to respect me and bow down at my feet. If not you can SUCK MY AMERICAN DICK! See you in the ring, you Slav bastard.

Then I come to the so called "Box Office Smash" Brian O'Haire. Now this guy thinks he's all that and a bag of chips. He thinks he's the main attraction, the big star here in the XWF. Well Brian, I hate to tell you this but the only star around here is ME! I am the face of this damn company whether people like Shane Carver or Vinnie Lane want to believe it. I bring the ratings. I am what the fans want to see. I make the girls cum in the panties. I am the sex symbol and by God I'm a fuckin' winner to. What have you done that's so impressive? Hmm? Care to tell the class Brian? You haven't done nothing here in the XWF that is to be talked about.

You come out here running your mouth saying you're the best. You aren't the best. You think you're a big time movie star. Well so am I pal. I'm so sexy they want me to do pornos with the hottest porno stars in the business. Asa Akira, Kimmy Granger, Michelle Maylene. You name them, I'll probably fuck their brains out and make them not walk for weeks. But I digress. I'm the Rated R superstar around here. Not that Edge guy. He tried to have sex on a live show and failed. I'd upstage him with my wife Maria but I'd rather do that in the comfort of my mansion and not in front of immature perverts and kids. And besides, I don't usually film my sexual encounters with my wife or anybody else. Not that anybody would want to see a porno of the King of Xtreme and the man with the SUPER DICK, but I digress again. But you never know. If the money is right, I'd consider doing a porno with my wife or anybody else.

I'm gonna make you a star Brian. This weekend, you will be on the marquee. Your name in lights in a movie I'm making. It'll be called Brian O'Haire gets taken.. TO THE XTREME! See Brian, you and Boris are stepping into the ring with a GOD. A man who shows no remorse. They Hollywood Bad Boy. The dream of any woman on Earth. The most decorated champion in wrestling history. A living legend. You're just a D-lister at best pal. I'm going to have fun playing with you and Boris, and not in that way you idiot.

I'm going to enjoy beating you two noobs around my ring. Like I said, I'm not going to let two noobs steal my spotlight and steal my thunder. I am going to win and get back on the winning track and get back into the title picture. The Xtreme Title was taken from me by two assholes. I'm not going to let two more assholes steal my win from me.

So boys, I hope you come prepared. I hope you bring your best because I am coming at you like a fuckin' tank. I'm going to blow you both away and you both will get GILMOUR CUTTERS. But you won't know when or where it will come. So be ready gentlemen.

So I bid you adieu, for now.. I'll see you boys in the ring. The real star of this match will shine and his name is Peter FUCKIN' Gilmour!!!

See ya'... LOSERS!

Peter smiles wickedly as he turns around and begins to walk down the beach with more women staring at him. He smiles and flexes his mighty muscles as they swoon at him. The scene then begins to slowly FADE TO BLACK.


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