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09-20-2019 10:28 PM

I've already lost......... at least that's what most people are probably thinking. Here I am getting ready to defend my Xtreme Championship against an XWF Hall of Legends member and they don't think I have a prayer of a chance. Even though nobody's come out and SAID it, their actions have been heard loud and clear.

Nobody wants Big D to be the secondary Champion; it's an embarrassment for the walking dick joke to hold such a high honor. It doesn't matter that I hold every belt I win in the highest regard, or that I've been defending it like a REAL Champion, they just want the belt off of me. You can tell with how hard everyone's been coming at me; I kick out of one pin and there's two more waiting for me. But despite their best efforts, no-one has been able to dethrone me yet!

And then there's Shane Carver, a man who would rather see someone win the belt by disqualification or due to interference, than have me hold it for another second. He couldn't care less that I made Zane Norrison tap out BEFORE snapping his brittle neck, it doesn't matter to him that the referee went back on the decision he'd already made, and he can't see that I HAD my TV Title match won BEFORE Mastermind stuck his nose where it didn't belong. I don't know if Shane is blind, stupid, or a combination of both, but I sure can see why he's the FORMER owner.

My recent plight is NOT a reflection of my overall talent, but rather a few small missteps. It's no different than a football team losing because of a bad play or two(like Vinnie's Giants), that doesn't mean the team is bad, they just made a few mistakes. The only difference is there was no error on MY part, just others. Like the referee who decided to reverse the decision(probably had money on Zane), or Mastermind knocking me off the ladder when the belt was within arm's reach. You absolutely CANNOT blame me for these instances, as they were both unfortunate circumstances beyond my control. And while they will go down as losses in the record books, nobody will remember either match by the time my career is over with.

The XWF Xtreme Championship is the stepping stone I've needed to reach my endgame of the Universal Title. My whole career has always been about winning Championships, regardless of their prestige, but that game has changed. I've had over 25 different Title reigns, but only one of them has been a World Championship. The whole reason I came out of retirement was for one last run at the top and that goal hasn't changed, it's just been put on hold for the time being. But that doesn't mean I've forgotten about it, on the contrary, it's on my mind now more than it ever was!

Everybody knows being the secondary Champion can be a way to fine tune your abilities and work your way up to the next level, but the Xtreme Championship is so much more than that. If I can defend the belt in 5 officially booked matches, I can get a 24/7 briefcase and be a moment's notice away from becoming Universal Champion. No rafters to climb, no hoops to jump through, win 5 matches and it's mine. As long as there isn't more outside interference or referees playing decision maker, I WILL earn that briefcase and become the top guy. But I can't do it without winning those five matches, and looking too far ahead is a sure fire way to watch that opportunity go up in smoke.

My first defense is an odd match type in a Miami Beach Massacre. I've been in just about every kind of match imaginable, but this was definitely the first of this sort. It wasn't much different from a Hardcore Match, with the exception of there being no ring. I couldn't recall a time I didn't, at the very least, START a match in a ring, but it wasn't gonna be an issue. Though my surroundings will be different, the goal remains the same: beat my opponent until they can't get a shoulder up for a 3 count. Whether it's in a ring, on the beach, or at the top of the Empire State Building; I will do whatever it takes to retain my Title.

Being in the Main Event of Day 2 is a huge opportunity that I won't let go to waste. While I plan to Main Event many more times in the future, I won't get those opportunities if I blow it at Relentless. I don't just want to prove I'm a credible Xtreme Champion, I want everyone to see that I deserve to be at the top of the food chain.

As much as I want to be at that point now, I have to put my blinders on and stay on the path in front of me. My first official Title defense is against a man I've never faced before, nor someone I've ever watched wrestle. Despite this, him being in the Hall of Legends automatically makes him the favorite to topple me. That man is none other than Fuzz.

Fuzz and I have a history, as brief as it may be. It all started when I won the XWF Federweight Championship back in August. I was proud(as I've said before, I hold EVERY belt I win in the highest regard) and decided to announce my victory on Twitter. Rather than receive any praise or congratulations, I was met with a response from a man I had never interacted with in my life:

"That’s great no one cares..... Good job!"
It was followed up with a GIF of Stephen Colbert clapping in a blatantly obvious manner.

The person who sent that Tweet out was none other than my Relentless opponent, Fuzz himself. And while his reply pissed me off, I quickly pushed it aside because he was a nobody to me. I'd never seen him in any high profile matches, nor had he held a belt the entire time I'd been around. To me he was just someone trying to get his fifteen minutes of fame by insulting the man who'd just won the shit talk Title. I ignored him and went about business as usual.

About a week later, I managed to become XWF Heavymetalweight Champion for a third time, making me a Double Champion for the first time since WWF. It was a historic moment in my career and I once again took to Twitter to announce the accomplishment. Lo and behold, though, Fuzz wasn't gonna let me have my day in the sun. Just as he had before, Fuzz trashed my achievement by replying with:

"Too bad nobody cares about those titles. They aren’t defended on TV. Change how they are viewed and people still won’t care."

He had finally gotten my attention. I reminded him that it's not the Title that makes the man, but the man who makes the Title; and he still didn't give a shit. To him the belts were nothing more than a prop, no different than something Carrot Top would pull out of his suitcase. It just didn't make sense to me, at the time at least. Why was Fuzz trying SO hard to throw me and what I'd done under the bus? He stated they were never defended on TV, but his claim was absolutely false. I'd seen Kuda win a Battle Royal on the pre-show of March Madness for the Federweight Title. On that very same show, I witnessed EDWARD pound a guy's face to mush to defend his shiny Heavymetalweight Championship. Hell, Madison Dyson is gonna defend her Federweight belt in a match at Battle for the Bahamas! So why on earth was Fuzz telling blatant lies, as well as trying to discredit my reigns as Champion? The answer to that question was simple: he was jealous.

I've looked up and down the Title history pages of and saw that Fuzz's name was nowhere to be found. From the Universal Championship, all the way down to the TV Title; none of the current belts had EVER been held by Eminem's twin brother. I thought there HAD to be a mistake, so I clicked my way over to Fuzz's roster page to see if there was something missing. Despite examining his profile like I was a TSA agent, I couldn't find anything that mentioned him holding a Championship EVER.

It all made sense. Fuzz couldn't handle seeing me hold two belts at the same time, because he wasn't even capable of holding ONE! He had to diminish my accomplishment because the thought of Big D being better than him tears him up on the inside. And now that I'm holding a belt more prestigious than both those Titles combined, he's gotta be at an all-time low.

It's completely possible I could be wrong about Fuzz. XWF isn't too kind on its past, hence why I'd never heard of Migraine before Sebastian Duke nearly murdered him at XX. For all I know, Fuzz could be a 1x Universal Champion, 3x World Champion, 3x Xtreme Champion, 2x US Champion and a 1x Hart Champion. I would have no way of knowing because XWF doesn't proudly display it's ENTIRE history. And who could blame them? With guys like Barney Green being former World Champions, I probably would keep my dark past hidden from the world, as well! With how low the company was at one point, anything Fuzz MAY have done would've been without merit and I wouldn't be one bit envious.

BUT let me tell you something, Fuzz, I AM jealous of one thing you HAVE achieved. You're a member of the XWF Hall of Legends, joining names like Steve Jason, James Raven, Centurion, and so on. That's quite impressive company to be associated with, especially for someone who, to my knowledge, never held gold. I wanted to give you credit for being a bonafide Legend, but then I remembered WWE has the likes of Donald Trump and Drew Carey in THEIR Hall of Fame, and figured you must be the joke induction of XWF's. When someone refers to you as a "Legend", they don't mean it in a Bret Hart or Hulk Hogan sort of way but rather Doink the Clown or Barry Horowitz. But deep down, you already know that don't you? If you didn't, you would've chosen someone better than Noah Jokeson to team with for the Tag Tournament. Though, I get the feeling you didn't have much choice when it came to a partner. I know I wouldn't team with you, hence why I sat out the whole thing. That and I had bigger and better things to worry about.

Fuzz, you're old fuckin' news. While I'm out here winning Championships, you're just collecting paychecks as the wrestling world forgets about you. Whatever legitimacy you may have once had is long gone. That's why you're my opponent for Relentless, Fuzz, it's because this is your last chance to prove to the higher ups you still got something left in the tank. They want to see how I do against a veteran, but not someone TOO good, so that I'm basically guaranteed to keep my belt. Essentially, they're feeding you to me and I'm gonna eat ya up like Thanksgiving dinner! What I did to the arena the Savage before last will look like nothing after I'm through with you.

If you think you're the only one of us with something to prove, you need to get a grip with reality before it bites you in the ass! I'm dying to get a major win, but for now, you'll have to do. The way everyone in XWF treats me and looks at me, they act like I'm the special kid who stumbled his way into a Title reign thanks to Robert Main. It could have just as easily been Mastermind in my position, I just so happened to be there. And I'm sick and fucking tired of it! If beating the shit out of a washed up has-been is what I have to do to earn a little respect around here, you bet your ass I'm gonna do it! I've had a pinecone shoved down my throat, had a whale penis fall on me, went to trial with Fuzz's dad, AND was attacked whilst trying to enjoy a vacation! And yet I kicked out of every single pin attempt. I'm not gonna go through all of that punishment just to let this belt slip off of me in my first defense.

We're both going into this match with so much at stake. Fuzz, the old veteran trying to stay relevant in a young man's game. Me, the Xtreme Champion out to show the world he's not a one and down Title holder. There's only room for one man to walk away on top, and that man is gonna be me. After our match is over, I'm gonna be holding the Championship high above my head in victory, while the legacy of Fuzz fades into obscurity. By the time I'm down with him, they're gonna give ME his spot in the Hall of Legends and Fuzz will be nothing more than an afterthought. And that ain't no story, it's the Cold Big D Truth!

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