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I Fucking Hate Miami
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09-20-2019 09:57 PM

September 26th 2019

“I fucking hate Miami.”

It’s was about midday, hot as fucking balls outside. How people actually choose to live here is beyond me. The humidity alone is enough for me to make sure this isn’t a permanent thing. When I retire, I’m not heading south. Up to the great country of Canada. I mean the guy running that place isn’t anywhere near as incompetent as the fools running around Washington. Needless to say, it was hot. Yet here I am walking up a ducking beach. Two bags under my arms, and carrying an umbrella over my shoulder.

The beach was like any other, crowded. The mass of humanity at its worst. It’s not as bad as a water park, but close. Kids are running and screaming, playing in the sand while their parents ignore them under their umbrellas reading their e-books. This has to be one of the few places on planet earth where you don’t actually have to watch their kids. I’m not going to lie, there was some talent out and about as well. While enjoying the scenery I’m knocked out of my trance.

“Oi, cunt wait up.”

Yes I brought Noah to the beach. I said I needed to do some prep work for the show and he just couldn’t help himself. He decided that it was only fair that he tags along and helps me train.

“This is going to be awesome.”

Noah is dragging a child’s wagon behind him. It’s covered by a blanket so I’m not sure what’s under there. The wheels aren’t working that well in the sand, and the wagon is shaking from side to side.

“I can’t even think of a time where I was taken to the beach…”

“Shut it Noah.”

Noah bobs his head and continues to drag the wagon behind him. Then he lets out a gasp, and runs ahead of me, blanket in hand.

“Perfect. This is the perfect fucking spot.”

Noah throws down the blanket, and quickly plops down onto the ground. Laying down on the ground much like a starfish. I walk up and kick one of his legs to the side.


I shake my head and pull out the umbrella. I jam it into the ground, as Noah sits up and begins to rummage through the wagon. He quickly pulls out a few cans of White Claws. He tosses one to me with a small smile on his face.

“I’m not in the mood for this Noah.”

“Come on DAD, it’s basically a law that when you’re on the beach you have to have a claw. Look I got you cherry. I know it’s your favorite.”

Noah cracks open his can and begins to chug it down. Reluctantly I open mine and begin to drink it. I sit down next to Noah and look out over the vast ocean.

“Whatcha thinking about?”

“Nothing really.”

Noah rolls his eyes, and once again begins to rummage through the wagon. He pulls out a few buckets and a child’s shovel. I snap my head over to him and just shake my head.

“Fuck off cunt. I said I’d never been, so now I’ll finally see if it’s as easy as all those cunts in the movies make it seem. I’m going to built the world's sickest sand castle. I’m going to call it “Cunts Castle” and only the sickest of the sick can get in ... wanna help?”

“No Noah I don’t. Don’t let me stop you from enjoying yourself.”

Noah shrugs and grabs a bucket. Before you could blink he was bolting for the ocean. He scoops up a pair of water and runs back to our spot. He quickly dumps the water onto the sand and begins to furiously build. He holds a thumb up to check and then right back at it, only stopping to grab a drink. Before long his sand castle was growing. For someone who hasn’t ever really done it, it was admirable.

“Looks good Noah.”

I genuinely meant that.

“Eh, it’s adequate at best cunt.”

Noah once again runs to get more water, and is back quickly. I sit there continuing to look over the beach. Noah once again caught me in thought.

“Ok now I know you’re thinking of something. What’s up?”

“Noah, do you know why I chose to come to the beach today?”

Noah puts down his shovel.

“It’s all the Sheila’s running around here in their togs isn’t it? You horn dog!”

“No. I told you it was for preparation.”

“Yeah, so we gonna do some sprints or some shit out here? Honestly you don’t strike me as the kind of guy who does some Rocky montage shit on a beach.”

I sat there nodding my head. I toss one of my bags over to Noah. He quickly opens it up and pulls out a few bats, and a collapsible shovel.

“I don’t get it?”

I drop my head. “Noah… this is where my match against Medium D is. Right here on this very beach.”

Noah nods his head, and slowly stands up. He takes a few swings with the bat and then tosses the shovel over his shoulder.

“I get it. I’ll hide on the beach, and when you need these I’ll toss them to you. Great plan. Castle Cunt is going to have to get bigger, hence the big shovel. Man you thought of everything.”

“No Noah.” I point out to the beach. “That’s where we are going to put everything and we’re going to mark them with these.”

I toss Noah a bundle of Red flags out of my bag. I also pull out a staple gun, some barbed wire , and a few needles as well.

“Woah…. what do you have in those?”

“Not quite sure. I mean it’s either an upper, a downer, or pure adrenaline. That’s what makes it fun.”

“So you can’t tell the difference?”

“Nope, only once they are injected will we know for sure.”

Noah and I begin to make our way out towards the masses of people. Noah begins to dig a large hole and tosses a bat with some of my barbed wire inside of it and quickly covers it up. I place the flags around it and we move on towards the next spot.

“What if all of these cunts decide to mess with these and dig everything up?” The

“Calculated risks Noah. That’s how you get ahead. If I put enough of this stuff down, people can’t find everything. If there are six spots and people dig up four of them. I still have two spots left that Mediocre D doesn’t know about. Sure some people may get hurt, but that’s only if the disregard the red flags and markers. Hopefully most children will stay away from them even without their parents watching intently.”

We stop at our next spot and Noah begins to dig again. I toss another bat along with a few needles in this hole. He quickly covers and I mark the spot. We continue this for a little bit until there are eight spots dig and marked. We watch over a few of the spots for a few minutes to make sure no one messes with them. A few kids walk up towards them, but quickly turn away after seeing the red flags.

“See Noah. I’ve got nothing to worry about. People these days are trained to stop when they see red. All of the markers haven’t been touched of messed with. Let’s get back to our spot.”

Noah nods as we begin our walk towards our spot when Noah sees someone by our stuff. He bolts off and I slowly make my way up there. When I finally get there Noah is furious, he almost in tears.

“Wha...How…. Who…”

I slowly walk up next to Noah and place a hand on his shoulder. Castle Cunt was destroyed. By whom? We still don’t know. I grab the shovel from Noah, and toss him a bucket.

“It’s not going to rebuild itself now is it?”

With that Noah rushes off to the ocean with a smile on his face. I feel a warmth come over me. I wonder if this is what it’s like caring for someone when they are down you do everything to can to help them get back up. When they are happy you celebrate their accomplishments. This must be what being a father feels like, too bad I’m not actually his Dad otherwise this could be a great family moment.

Noah runs back up tosses the bucket into the sand and we feverishly begin to build the Sickest of all Sand Castles. Sand is being flung all over the place, neither one of us has had the smile left our face.

Finally we are done and we stand back looking over our glorious creation. Noah hands me another White Claw,m. We quickly toast and plop down on the blanket.


“Yes Noah, it most certainly is.”

The Afterthought:

I can’t say I’m not disappointed. I also can’t say that I’m shocked. The match was basically a glorified three on one. Three people looking to make their marks here in the XWF and one that actually did. Cam, congrats on the win, but next time there won’t be two other assholes taking up my precious time. When we eventually face off again, there will be no other distractions. You better win that title otherwise I’m going to be severely disappointed, and it’ll just further prove my point of your win being nothing more than a fluke.

Speaking of Flukes…

Hello Daniel. How are you doing? It’s weird how no one ever asks is that. You could respond that your doing fine or just ignore it, but the fact that someone asks is all it takes sometimes to turn someone’s day around. I understand how you feel. This can’t possibly be fair.

‘But Fuzz lost’

‘He shouldn’t get a title shot!’

Like a toddler throwing a tantrum. Wait that isn’t you. You’re a take on all comers type of guy aren’t you? You’ll probably talk about how I lost recently. And you’d be right. Yet what does that say about you as a champion that you’re facing a quote unquote loser? Even worse, what happens when you lose to the loser? Does that make you like a super loser?

Wait you are already did that. I remember when you had Sarah carry your team to a victory at War Games. You essentially failed your way to a Universal title shot, when in reality it should’ve gone to Sarah. You were the Captain and congratulations you chose a team. Yet you still only won because of Sarah. You literally got saved by the Boss there as well. Your eye for talent is flawed at best.

You fucking chose RAIN for your team. And said and I quote… “Rain will surprise you, and will help this team win.” We all know how that turned out. Then there is the Universal title match itself. Robert Main On one of his few title defenses, against two people who didn’t deserve to be there. Yet you were walking around like you were hot shit and couldn’t be touched. And just like everything you’ve done here since then, you failed. Then you lucked yourself into a title match that to quote everyone about me.

“You Didn’t Deserve.”

The only reason you’re holding the title right now is because Peter Gilmour is a shitty friend and couldn’t even handle one simple request. Yet now to to the reason why I am here in this match with you.


Management knows that they can’t have a PPV without me. They knew and still know that Centurion couldn’t main event an Anarchy show without James holding his hand. They needed someone for day two, and they saw their opportunity. Put me in the Main Event of day two and watch the rating rise. Unfortunately for them, I lost. Much like you, a fluke, but it happened. Just like you. Hmmm.

So they needed something. I wouldn’t show up unless something was on the line. Soldier has a challenger, Tag has the tournament , that Noah and I were wrongfully evicted from, TV has Cam, etc. There was one where the champion didn’t have a challenger. You. This match is nothing more than the powers that be, placating my requests.

I didn’t ask for this.

I don’t need this,

I now want this.

This isn’t about my ego anymore. This is now so much more. I’ve talked to Noah, and even when I was down there he was holding me up. Telling me what I needed to hear. I am going back to the old me. The old me that would forget about losses and move on. The old me that do everything in his power to win, and nothing would stop him. I’m going back to the way I know how to win.

Some of you may find it disgusting, disturbing, deplorable or cowardly. Yet none of that means anything to me, I’m going to do what I need to get back to the top. I’ve already forgotten about Saturday. Now I’m focused on you D. This isn’t a warning, this isn’t a promise. What this is…

It’s me removing ego from the equation. It’s me taking all the shit I’ve been through since I’ve come back and focusing all that energy into one direction. This isn’t some cry for attention. Remember when you were bragging about holding titles no one cares about? That’s what it’s going to be like after I drown your ass in the ocean. I can’t wait to watch the color drain from your face, your body turning blue. Then finally watching as that glint in your eye slowly flickering away. *POOF* And just like that I have rid the XWF of Generic Wrestler Template number 3.

I don’t want people to mourn for you.

I want them to celebrate you.

Not for your accomplishments.

No, for what you unleashed on the XWF. The old me is back. The old me doesn’t run. He doesn’t hide. He isn’t afraid of anyone or anything. Daniel, you are no exception to this. You won’t be the first, but you will be the latest to get in my way when a title is on the line. You’re going to want to dig up the old relics of this company to find a man that can say they beat the old me.

I just don’t think James is going to answer his phone for you. Sorry. I’m pretty sure he has other things to take care of rather than tell you what I’ve been saying this entire fucking time. Big D, you are the most generic piece of shit to come here. You rose to fast and became overhyped. You are not going to like what is going to happen to you next.

James would tell you, but just like me.

He’s too busy being better than you to pick up the phone.

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