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Every Dog Has it's Day
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09-17-2019 03:09 PM

The XWF Dog Show is coming up and everyone is getting their pups ready for the extravagant event. Rare breeds will be seen as well as some old favorites vying to be top dog in the XWF. One of the dogs in the contest is none other than the pup of our hero Peter F'n Gilmour. Peter has a pet Pomeranian named Teddy who is very small like all pommies are and is very friendly around strangers. But to other dogs, he is their worst nightmare. Even pitbulls are scared of him. Peter and Teddy are the best of friends and one can only hope that they win best in show.

Peter: This is my dog Teddy. He's one of a kind. He may be small but he can kick your dogs ass. He's got a super dick just like me but his spews fire. YES.. FIRE! He's like no other dog you've seen. He may be friendly but watch out! His bite is bigger than his bark. One time I took him to the park to play around with the other dogs and at first he was friendly then he super dick kicked one dog clear across the dog park. I was shocked. I mean me dick punching Doc D'Ville pales in comparison to Teddy's dick kick. We are legends in our own fields.

We're going into this dog show to win it all. All the other dogs got nothing on Teddy. Teddy is my best friend and I play with him a lot in my mansion. Not like that you idiots! Teddy is a pomchi which are the cutest dogs you ever seen. Teddy gets all the other lady dogs. He's a stud. He even fucked another pommy so hard she couldn't walk for 2 weeks. I'm not kidding on this. I saw it with my own two eyes. Teddy is the fuckin' man just like his owner. I love him.

At Relentless Day 2, me and Teddy will walk out winners and there is nobody that can stop us. So to all the dogs out there, you better step your game up because if you don't Teddy will pounce on you. Oh and Teddy does tricks too like any other dog. He can do a 630 and catch a ball just like that.

So get ready for a dog like you've never seen before. Teddy.. the dog with the super dick!

[Image: 9cbea48d3f7bf0f49d5792055aa7191a.jpg]


[Image: uUIaYG6.png]


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