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Operation: Party And Bullshit
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09-17-2019 05:37 AM

Afternoon 3:45PM.

[The scene opens up to Southern Miami town, and we see Black dressed in his black jeans, Vita’s T-shirt, with his mask on; while Tommy in a tank top, jean shorts walk down the beach area. As they walk down towards the pier area, they get bombarded by group of bikini clad, drunken, eighteen year olds, all trying to gain their attention.]

Black: Whoa whoa, don’t touch the mask.

A Drunk Teen: Wh—whyyy! You’re mask is cooool!...

Black: I like that you fuck with it, but don’t touch it.

[Tommy shoves the girl away from him, and she spits at his face. Tommy wipes the spit off his eye, and they both walk away before the security came. As they are on the pier, they encounter the same group of girls, but this time, they brought along some dudes. One blond, tall, jacked, blue eyed white boy taps Black on the shoulders to get his attention.]

Frat Bro: Hey bruh, were you hitting on my girlfriend?

Black: I don’t believe so, and if I did, I don’t do frail young bitches.

Frat Bro: Hey, she told me that you did… and you even tried to make out with her!

Black: Hold the fuck up, I repeat, I don’t do frail young bitches like her. I don’t want to catch a case this lovely afternoon on the pier, so I’d suggest you leave me and my boy alone.

[Frat Bro then shoves Black, and he wasn’t fazed by the light
shove. The Bro does it again, and Black puts his hands up. Then Tommy intervenes before anything happens.]

T: Hey kid, you should bounce out of here. My boy didn’t do anything to your girl, but I’d totally would love to fuck your girl. She has some nice ass pedicure, and unlike you, I’d suck on her size six until I bust a nut on them.

[Then the girl signals a “eww” among her crew, and they all started to murmur amongst themselves, and the boys start to gang up on them. The Frat Bro get offended at Tommy’s plea, and punches him in the jaw. Tommy holds his jaw, and spears the shit out of the Bro. As they go at it, security immediately comes into the scene and breaks it up. Then one of them come in between them with a Billy club in hand.]

Security #1: I don’t care who started it, but if this continues I will have to use excessive force. So gentleman, please get off the pier before I have to use the billy club this afternoon.

[Black and Tommy end up leaving the pier, and they catch a taxi to head back to the motel.]


[About few hours removed from the incident, the THUGS
ended up getting dressed in their freshest gear, and head out of the motel. As they take a walk, they have a brief conversation about earlier.]

T: Hey man, did you really hit on that girl?

Black: No, I didn’t… I have a wife at home, even though we are on the rocks.

T: I mean, I know how it feels to be on the rocks with a girl, hell my girl didn’t let me see my own kid get birthed into the world years ago.

Black: Shit man, that’s rough as shit though. Well, I have a question to ask you.

T: What’s Gucci?

Black: During that confrontation, you said you do what? Suck on her toes and bust a…

[Tommy cuts him off before he can finish.]

T: Yes I meant that shit, she had cute ass feet. Before you ask, yes I have a thing for female feet.

[Black looks at him sideways with his kink.]

Black: My borhta what? I didn’t even need to know that, but it’s no worse than my shit I’m into.

T: Let me guess, it’s eating a girl out on her period or not… eating ass… sucking on her titties… am I getting warmer or should I shut up?

[Black starts acting coy to him knowing his kinks, he pretty much nods his head to his questions, and Tommy silently aggress with him. They stumble upon an open nightclub, and entered into the venue. Before they can get into the vibe, they encounter twin sisters, who had a similar build to Roxy Cotton.]

Maxine & Trixie: Hello… boys!

[Tommy and Black eyes on the girls, and Tommy takes the one in the red dress wearing flats, while Black takes the one in a low cut v neck, booty shorts, and nude heels out to the dancefloor. As “Turn Me On” by Kevin Lyttle blast on the speakers, Maxine & Trixie go to work on the dudes. About couple of Jamaican mixes from the DJ later, they both head to the front door to exit the club, all sweaty and shit.]

Tommy: Damn, you both are so lit on the dance floor, where you get it from?

Maxine: We get it from our mama, we’re used to listing to music like this in our household.

Black: So, you both are full twins right? I don’t want to have any confusion on who’s who ya feel me?

[Then the twins laugh, each of them snuggles up on Black and Tommy’s shoulders, as the walk across the street. Then they enter the motel entrance way, and the girls looked spooked at the hideous décor of the building.]

Tommy: What’s wrong? Is the motel not accommodating enough for you both or something?

Trixie: I assumed you were staying in the Hilton hotel down the street.

[The duo laugh at her blanket statement.]

Tommy: You broads think for a second we checking into that hotel? I have a feeling you both are some rich snobs in the valley, and sorry to tell you guys this but…

Black: We anit fucking rich for no goddamn Hilton hotel in south Florida, we don’t have that Bill Gates or Theo Pryce type of dough to afford it. So if you broads just want to bounce, then bounce outta hurr!

[Black and Tommy head inside the entrance, leaving the twins out in the cold. The girls then have a brief convo about what Black told them, but got over it pretty quickly, and followed the boys inside the motel. From there, it fades into something more relevant.]

Random Bash Street

[We see Black and Tommy in army like gear, standing in front of the X-ed out logo of XWF. The guys are “plotting” the next move in their Anti-XWF agenda, but the camera picks up on their motives.]

Black:You see man; we have a huge opponent to receive a title shot for the Tag Team straps. This is a HUGE pinch we need to kill off any doubt that we are THUGS.

Tommy: See man, the more we think positively about this, the more likely we are willing strike against any opps in our view, I mean we are taking on Mark Brooks and Miss Michelle, the two most “cutest” couple in XWF for our contention for the Tag Title. You know what I am afraid of?

Black: What will that be, T?

[Tommy and Black notices the camera in front, and he mugs for the camera, as Black speaks.]

Black: On second thought, hold that thought T, I have a message for Mark Brooks and Miss Michelle, I don’t know if you guys know me, but you will soon come to find out who I am. I hope you both are enjoying your honeymoon phase, because those lights you will both be seeing, is the shooting stars in the sky. Aren’t we goin to be in the beach, T?

Tommy: We are Black, and we are going to bury them in the sand once we are through with them, leave no evidence; well actually, ill you bury Mark in the sand, I’ll take Michelle and lock her in my basement. I need someone to play with, and it’s kinda lonely when you don’t have anyone to play with.

[Black looks at Tommy like “Da Faq You Said, nigga?” and focuses on the camera. He pulls out picture of the couple while pulling out a lighter, and burns the picture. He pulls out another picture of the Arm Collectors with the tag titles, and burns that picture also. As they both burn in the small bin, the flames entice Tommy to the point of hypnosis.]

Black: This upcoming PPV, this match will not be no simple ass beat em up, one two three affairs, oh hell nah it’s going to be a massacre in that beach, we are brawling to the death. We are going to war, and we will make sure that you Brooks, and your bitch will not come out alive. Who knows? I might fuck you both up so badly, that even the people from Baywatch will not save you. So make sure you both have your will written, because it will be the first and last time you both will show your faces in the company, I promise.

[Black smacks Tommy over the head to break the trance, and they both leaves the area, as the camera pans on the lit garbage bin with the flames rising as the scene slowly fades out.]
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