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07-12-2019 07:45 PM

The nerves were getting to me, I could feel it in the pit of my stomach. Metaphorical butterflies fluttering around, bouncing off the walls making me want to vomit. This wasn't a feeling caused by my upcoming match with Centurion, that I was at peace with. I'd been in plenty of matches against top level opponents throughout my career, THAT you get used to.

After my failed venture into the acting world, I was about to take a leap into another form of entertainment: music. Though I had a brother who played guitar, I had never been much of a musician. While he was busy strumming away on his Fender, I was killing time playing video games and pretending to be a wrestler online. But this was my chance, here at a local bar, and I was gonna take advantage of it.

My moment to transition from just a professional wrestler to other mediums had arrived and was just minutes away. As I waited behind the curtain, the owner of the bar was thanking everyone for being there and preparing to introduce me. Just like my career beating people up for a living, it was just as important to come up with a great name that'd draw the people in. I contemplated things like Vitamin D and D-Town, but I figured people would be too young to get those references. D'Sync didn't have a great ring, nor did AC/BigD. No, after running down an endless list of potential artist names, there was only one that had the zing I was looking for...........

"Ladies and gentlemen," the owner spoke to the eager crowd. "Please put your hands together for the one, and only, D-PAIN!!!!"

[Image: hr3uogK.jpg]

As one of my hot beats began to play, I pushed my way through the curtain like I would entering an XWF arena. This may have been unfamiliar territory, but the music was in my blood and I wasn't gonna back down. The fans were screaming for me and I was gonna give them exactly what they came to see. I looked at DJ Double S, giving him the nod to play my first track. He was very reluctant to be there, but always willing to make a little cash on the side. Though people normally think of Steve Sayors as a little bitch, including me at one point, truth is he's a hardcore mother fucker.

[Image: 4kaogSW.jpg]

As the music started bumping, the audience began to move with the groove. I was feeling it, too, and began to spit a nasty rhyme even Eminem would be jealous of.

"My name is Dan, Dan the Man
I pick 'em up, bring 'em down, Dan Slam!
I smack 'em once, hit 'em twice
Fuck with me and pay the price.
I'm the one that everyone hears
Gonna be the one that everyone fears.
Between the ropes I got infinite skill
When you face me I go for the kill.
I'll chop off your head, leave you for dead
Go cryin' to yo momma & sleep in her bed.
No-one can handle the truth that I speak
But when it comes to the best I'm top of the peak
I fucked your girl not once, but twice.
She screamed all night because it felt so nice.
I'll fight anyone, even a cop
Just like yo mom, I'll make ya pop.
Weapons? I don't need nones
All I need are my flexin' guns!"

As my opening rap came to a close, I flexed my muscles for the crowd. A few members of the crowd gave half hearted claps, while the rest just stared at me. Their silence was a little discouraging, but considering it was just my first song, I wasn't gonna let them get to me.

"How y'all doing tonight?" I asked, doing my best to come off as thuggy as I could. Wouldn't want any of them to think I was a poser of anything. Even though they weren't too keen on my opener, the crowd gave an enthusiastic response to me question, keeping me hyped. "That's good, glad to hear it. As most of you may already know, I wrestle for a promotion known as XWF. Well tomorrow night I got a match against a man named Centurion and this next song I wrote especially for him, hit it, Steve!"

DJ Double S pressed a button(all he was doing the whole time, since Steve Sayors can't ACTUALLY disc jockey) and my prerecorded music began to play. I let the opening play for a moment, before diving in spitting hot fire like I was Dylan.

"You may be a Legend, but you're no Robert Main
Ask the boys in the back and they'd tell ya the same.
I won War Games with help from Vinnie Lane
But he replaced Bearded War Pig, not that bitch, Rain!
You might be insane or just gettin' old
Either way, check your facts, before ya get told.
I'm gonna feel bad beating someone so senial,
But if you think you stand a chance, you're just in denial.
The clock's ticking, your time is almost up
Gonna find out I'm a dog and you're the pup.
I'm gonna best you, by tap out or pin.
Either way, don't matter, 'cause I'm gonna win.
And one more thing before I drop this mic
I think it's pretty hot that your daughter's a dyke!"

And just like that my diss track for Centurion was done. As I finished my last line, I arrogantly held the microphone in front of me and let it drop to the floor. Everyone covered their ears as the feedback filled the bar, but unfortunately some of them already had their hands up before that. A good chunk of people had already walked out in the middle of my rap, and now the rest of them were following suit. Various mumbles could be heard as they filed out the door, whether it was "Stupid cracker" or "He ain't no Em", nobody was impressed by my newest venture.

I looked over to Steve Sayors, who damn near was having a panic attack. Not being able to handle the humiliation, he ran from his post and behind the curtain. This was a problem, as I had quite a few more songs to perform from my hit about how much Noah Jackson loves cunts to my love ballad about Rain and his sister. But without a DJ, I was dead in the water and left no choice but to follow Steve to the back.

Upon arriving behind the curtain, I found a shaky Steve Sayors. He was sitting in a chair(technically MY chair, but whatever), in full on panic mode.

"What the hell was that?" I asked him, irritated my DJ had bailed on me.

"I did NOT sign up for that!" he barked, rather bold for a man who I beat up just a few months back. "When you told me you had a job for me, I figured you wanted an interview or something!"

"Well, when you got here, you still agreed to do it," I pointed out, annoyed about my blown chance at stardom.

"Because you told me all I had to do was wear this bandana and press a button every so often," he cried, yanking the bandana off his head.

"And that's exactly what you were doing until you decided to dashed off like a father abandoning his kids!" I exclaimed.

"I'm sorry," Steve apologized, looking down at the floor in shame. It wasn't his fault, it's not like my rap debut was going well, anyway. I was just frustrated, and none of it had to do with how the night had gone.

"It's okay, Steve," I said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "At least you showed up, I appreciate that."

He gave me a faint smile, as the XWF cameraman that had been recording the fiasco entered the area. I looked from him to Steve and decided maybe it was time to switch gears and get back to focusing on my wrestling career.

"Well, we got an XWF camera," I pointed out. "Maybe it's time we both do what we're best at. An interview couldn't hurt."

"Really?" Sayors questioned, his eyes beaming like a kid in a candy shop. "I have some questions prepared from when I thought you wanted an interview in the first place......."

Steve reached into his pocket and pulled out a note card. He scanned over it, searching for the right question to start with.

"Big D," he began, acting like the professional broadcast journalist he was. "What do you make of Centurion's comments about him being right about your War Games team, despite the fact you guys won?"

"Well, Steve, I can't say he's wrong in them," I stated. "But I also can't say he's 100% correct, either. He, just like every other opponent I've had, can't seem to grasp the concept of WHY I tapped out when I did. Centurion is supposedly a smart guy, yet he makes it sound like the smarter thing to do would've been to let Mastermind break a bone."

"Can't say you're wrong there," Steve agreed with a nod.

"Because I'm not," I continued. "For some reason, this guy thinks staying in the match at the cost of being 100% for my Title bout was the right thing to do...... it wasn't. Cent' admitted the whole reason we won was because of Lacklan and Vinnie, and he's right in that statement. They were undoubtedly the stars of my team, which is exactly WHY I tapped out. I knew the team was in capable hands, so I called it an early night. It's called using your brain, maybe Centurion should try it sometime."

"Well, your team DID win and you went on to fall short in your Universal Championship match," Steve transitioned. "But the effort you put forth in that match, along with a win over El Príncipe, earned you the honor of Star of the Month. Your opponent doesn't believe you deserve that award, what do you say to that?"

I kept quiet for a moment. This was a very interesting subject and it was one I had planned on addressing whether Sayors mentioned it or not.

"Well, had he actually been here the last month or so, he'd know the only reason I 'lost' was because Donovan Blackwater couldn't kick out," I pointed out, only stating the truth. "I think the fact I got voted Star of the Month shows that people actually believed I could pull it off, and they want to see a fair one on one where, if I lose, it's on me without a doubt. I know it's hard for a guy who can't win Star of the Month despite voting for himself constantly, but I actually EARNED my honor and he ain't gonna take that from me."

"What do you make of his comments about your talent level?" Steve asked. "He acknowledged that you work hard, but the most he could ever see if you as TV Champion."

I began to chuckle, finding much irony in that statement, especially when compared to another one he made in the same promo.

"That's where I began to think Cent' needed some hospice care for his deteriorating brain," I responded, feeling sympathy for the old man. "He made that statement after saying he thought Main, Santos, and Lux were the best three Champions he's seen in a long time. If he thinks the current TV Champion is such an amazing talent, what makes him believe shitty old me would take the belt from him? That would contradict his statement by either proving I AM better than he thinks because I beat a top tier competitor to win it, OR that Lux isn't as great as Centurion believes. We both know the truth, Lux AND me are top level, Centurion just doesn't want to admit it."

"Why do you believe that is?"

"Because he doesn't WANT me to be the guy to take his spot," I replied with a snap of the finger. "I'm arrogant and walked in here expecting to pick up where I left off in NWF, most people didn't like that. But the truth is, I've proven to most of them WHY I came in with that attitude, and I'm gonna do the same to Centurion when I beat his ass tomorrow night at Savage."

"He doesn't seem to think you have the skill for that," Steve interjected.

"Then I guess he won't ever think any differently," I responded with a sigh. "He talks about excuses, I don't make excuses. I tell truths, even if people don't want to hear them. Whether it's why I tapped out or how Kid Kool won the Heavymetalweight Championship off of me, it's all facts. If Centurion somehow beats me tomorrow, there will be NO excuses. But that isn't gonna happen, do you know what is?"

Steve shook his head, very curious as to what I was gonna say.

"I'm gonna put an XWF Legend down!" I boasted, getting a bit more intense. "And then HE'S gonna be the one making bullshit excuses. The same guy who feels no shame in losing to Tony Santos wants to harp on ME for losing to THE Universal Champion, and only because of a third wheel in the match?! He seriously needs a lesson in logic, and he's gonna get one tomorrow night. I agree that Big D isn't the future, Big D is the PRESENT!!!! Other people can see that, and so will Centurion when I'm standing over his battered body, as a man who conquered a former World Champion. And you know what? I won't even give a damn what he thinks or feels after that, let alone the excuse he'll make. I'd rather have the praise of five Legends than worry about what a selfish jackass like Centurion thinks."

Ever since I arrived, I felt the need to get noticed by my fellow wrestlers. I knew many weren't impressed by me upon my arrival, but over time more and more of them began to see me for the talent I was. Centurion was never one of them, but I always wanted him to. I might have sounded like a high school girl hoping the Quarterback would notice me, but every single person wants recognition by those of importance. At first I viewed Centurion that way, like he was the Hulk Hogan of XWF. But the more I received compliments from the various superstars of the past and present, the more I realized Centurion wasn't gonna be one of them. But that wasn't all I noticed.

As time went on, ever since Centurion got on my bad side with his comment about my War Games team, I understood that no-one respected him either. Sure, he was an accomplished wrestler and I could only dream to win as much as him or even hold HALF the amount of titles he had, but there was something else to him. He didn't seem to have many friends, something that made sense seeing how he reacted to a simple knock on his door, and that even seemed to translate to his peers. In all my time hanging out backstage, conversing with various wrestlers, no-one ever had much to say about this man who was presented to me as THE man.

I had worked my ass off all of my life and nearly died in the ring on several occasions. Despite what he may have thought, I wasn't some guy who didn't pay his dues or just sat around jackin' it until my match was on, I put in the work. When it's all said and done, nothing will impress Centurion but himself, and I sensed everybody else knew that too, and that's why they just leave him alone.

The owner of the bar came backstage, interrupting my train of thought. He held out two hundred dollar bills for me, which I took.

"There's the money for your performance," he explained in a dull tone, before reaching into his pocket and pulling out another one. "And here's an extra hundred to never come here again......."

He slapped the other bill in my hand and exited the area. I shook my head, disappointed my music career didn't pan out.

"Here's your cut," I said, handing Steve Sayors the extra hundred. "I appreciate the fact you did your best and dealt with the hate as long as you could."

Without another word, I left that bar and went for a walk. It was time to prepare myself for the task at hand. I may not be able to make it as a rapper, but there's no doubt about my future in XWF. Guys like Centurion were always gonna be around this business, just like Big Evil was that guy in WWF and NFM in XWF. There will always be people who don't see you for what you are, you just gotta keep on truckin' and shove them out of your way. There's a much bigger picture than what one man says, and considering the general consensus doesn't match with how Centurion feels, I feel pretty good about my chances come Savage. And that ain't no shitty rap song, it's the Cold Big D Truth!

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