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07-12-2019 06:35 PM

We see the interior of The Engineer's hospital room. Bright multi-colored balloons hang high, a cheery counterpoint to the cold hard reality of the situation.

The former Universal Champion is going to die.

Engy is sitting up in his bed, his facial features noticeably more sunken than they were a month ago. His skin tone more pallid. His body mass certainly not where it used to be either, as evidenced by the My Little Pony pajamas that hang off his thin frame. And yeah, they make those in grown man sizes. Who knew?!

However, despite this grim countenance, Engy is wearing a cheeky smile as he holds a cell phone up to his face.

Hello yes, I would like to talk to Chronic Chris Page.


Chronic Chris Page. He there?

The former champ is initially met with silence. Perhaps the unfortunate on the other end of the line is checking with a coworker. Finally, they return. Sir, I have no idea who that is. Did you say “Chronic”?

Ayyyup. **Cough**

I....uhhhh.....yeah, I don't know....

Is this the Summer's Eve Corporation?


Makers of the world's finest douches and douche accessories?


Then how the hell is Chris Page not there?


Engy brings the phone back from his face, looking annoyed. Those rude fuckers! He reels back his arm to throw the phone when his son Joachim enters the room, holding a grocery bag.

No, no, no,no!

Engy chucks the phone at the wall, and it shatters spectacularly. Jo groans. Come on, Daaaaaad!

Oh! Engy looks at Jo, and then collapses into a mini-coughing fit. Joachim puts the grocery bag down, goes to the sink, fills him up a cup of water, and brings it over to him. Engy starts greedily chugging the water.

You're supposed to be resting. What are you doing up?

Engy polishes off the cup, clears his throat, and addresses his son with a smile. Startin' some shit. Did you bring my titty magazines?

I brought you fruits and vegetables. Jo rolls his eyes. And ONE titty magazine. You owe me by the way. There was a really cute guy at the check out. I wanted to ask for his number but that copy of XXX JUGGS kinda sent the wrong message. He takes a seat on the edge of the bed. But really, what were you doing?

Did you see that shit Chris Page said about Lux?!

Yes, I did. But I don't want you getting all worked up about that.

WHAT A FUCKIN' FUCK! Engy belts out. A passing nurse looks in the room and shoots him a disapproving glower as she puts a finger to her lips. Engy waves at her sheepishly, before repeating himself in a lower octave. What a fuckin' fuck! Thinkin' he's king shit just 'cuz he and Captain Reach Around got the jump on Lux.

Joachim looks up at the light, decidedly exasperated, before returning his glance to his father. Is there any way I can convince you not to cut a promo right now?


Please don't die.

Okay. He speaks the words, but they're a little less than convincing. Engy looks right at the camera.

What a fuckin' BITCH. I oughta drag my cancer havin' ass down to Leap of Faith and slap you with my cancer havin' dick right across that weed stained cum dumpster you call a mouth. What kind of dumb retarded bitch talks shit to somebody he jumped two on one, tryin' to make 'em seem like they're nothin' after you FAILED to get the job done on Robert Main.

What kinda dumb retarded bitch pisses and moans about getting a TV title shot he didn't want after agreeing to the match? Answer, a dumb retarded bitch who's settin' up the most obvious beat down in history, that's what! Dude, even before my brain was half tumors it was hit or miss if I could spell my own name. So I'm even dumber now and I could still spot that bullshit a light year away! But this motherfucker thinks he's some kind of master straty-gist. “HURR-DURR I DONE DIDN'T WANT 'DIS AND SIGNED THE CONTRACT BY ACCIDENT....DURRRRR!” Holy SHIT! How much did your mom drink while she was pregnant?
Engy clears his throat, his body giving a slight shudder. Joachim looks on, concerned, but Engy waves him off.

Yeah bro, big threat you are. Got your asses handed to you a couple months back and you still actin' like you bringin' some big ass Terminator 2: Judgment Day apocalypse scene shit to the XWF. Oh, I'll hand it to ya, you guys are REAL good at jumpin' people. Real fuckin' good! Not so good at winnin' matches though. Probably kinda hard wrestlin' when you gotta piss real bad the whole time. All a you old fucks with prostate's the size of grapefruits. Should probably get that checked. Take it from me, could be the BIG C!

Yeah man, Lux and your boy Tristan?
Engy whistles. Tristan gonna get murked. Like, it ain't even gonna be close. Do you fuckbois realize Lux came from the actual fuckin' apocalypse? We're talkin' actual end of days, cities on fire, oceans dryin' up, complete collapse of law and order MOTHERFUCKIN' REVELATIONS SHIT! And do you know what happened to her in the future? SHE DIED AND RODE THE BODY OF A TEENAGER TO OUR TIME SO SHE COULD KILL ALL THE FUCKS WHO KILLED HER IN THE FUTURE!

Joachim gestures for Engy to keep it down before Nurse Frowny Face comes back. Engy takes the hint and gives a thumbs up.

But really though. This bitch has seen some shit! And you think you guys are gonna be the ones to slow her roll? Jo, show these gentlemen an LOL gif please!

A...what? Oh. Uh...sure. Jo taps a few keystrokes into his phone before holding it up to the camera.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Yeah Vlad-dawg. Good choice. But yeah...LOL. You turd burglars are goin' down harder than a 14 year old Russian “model” on that Epstein dickhead.


Too much? Look man, I may be kinda 'tarded but I still watch CNN. And speakin' of boring shit... Engy yawns. I'm feelin' kinda sleepy.

Yeah. Because you overtaxed yourself.

Engy curls up on his bed, suddenly looking very peaceful. Yeah...yeah...maybe. Hey uh....can you get my dolly?

I'm not touching that thing.

But I'm DYING! Engy whines plaintively.

Joachim sighs. It's really low, you throwing that in my face.


Joachim curls a lip, but inevitably complies. He reaches for something next to Engy's bed. He brings it up within full view of the camera. It's a douche with Chronic Chris Page's face taped to it. But it's one of those old style douche's with the big red bag. Joachim hands it to Engy, who pulls it in close to his chest. As he pulls it in, the douche bag gets compressed which causes it to sputter out a fart sound. Engy sighs contentedly. Well, at least I'll outlive you Chris. 'Night, 'night.

'Night Dad. Sweet dreams.

But Engy's already asleep. Joachim tip toes out of the room, shutting off the light and closing the door behind him.

--------------------------WHERE DARKNESS FEARS TO TREAD----------------------------------

The bar at the Hilton is a showcase of debauchery. In one corner both, a cardinal has a trio of young boys tethered to his arm with leashes. They look emaciated, and a dangles a turkey leg above their heads, setting them to squabbling amongst each other for a bite. At the bar itself, an ancient man barely clinging to life with an oxygen tank who looks like a corpse propped up in a wheelchair is accompanied by two 18 year old girls in kinky cheerleader outfits. Not far from that, a quartet of Republican Congress critters smoke fine cigars and laugh as they harass a poor waitress.

Taye watches all of this in an uneasy silence. A silence that is soon broken by Madison Dyson snapping her fingers in his face. You still with me? Come on, I'm waiting with baited breath here.

He returns his attention to Madison. Yeah...I'm with you. He takes a drink of the water set before him to clear his throat and calm his nerves. He was feeling so confident before, but now that he was in the thick of it all....

Good. So let's hear it.

The plan?

Eventually. But first I want to know why.

He screws his face up. “Why?”

Yeah. Madison leers at him a bit. You seem to have forgotten we've met before. She utters it with more than a touch of distaste. You don't strike me as the type.

First off, how could I forget. Taye shudders as he remembers his last little adventure with Engy that technically got him killed. And you're right, I'm not “the type”. You. THIS. It disgusts me. But Jo needs help. His eyes draw down towards the floor. And you're going to win anyway.

Madison laughs, a sound like a shattering of glass. I'm sorry, I'm gonna need to get that on the record.

Don't push it. Taye glowers at her. But it's true. Hell, you people are already winning aren't you. Watch the news for a week and it's all over. Kids in cages. Fascism and hate on the rise. Growing wealth disparity and a planet that's fixing to burn itself alive. Taye says all this as his eyes settle on the cavalcade of psychopaths and sycophants dotting the room. He retrains his sights back on Madison. Lux is gonna lose, isn't she?

Madison smirks and drains the rest of the wine glass before her. How very astute of you. Yeah, of course the bitch is gonna lose. She shrugs demurely. But what's your angle here. Why do you want her to fail?

I don't. But I think it's inevitable. It's.... He pauses, choosing his next words carefully. In truth, none of this is about you OR Lux. It's about Joachim. It's about freeing him from the all the insane, ludicrous bullshit that his life has become. And Lux is a big part of that now.

Plus, she's fucking him, right?

Taye winces. Yes.

Uh huh. A cat like smile. So you want the bitch out of the way? I get it. You want to free him from all of this apocalyptic war for the fate of the planet shit so he's free to paint a white picket fence with you and adopt some African orphans and get a dog and...

Not just that! He barks the words so loud it starts to draw attention. He withdraws a bit, lowering the tenor of his voice. Look, you people are going to do whatever fucked up shit it is that you do regardless. All I'm asking is that when the shit finally does hit the fan...I want safety and security for me and Joachim. Whatever you wanna call it, protection, amnesty...whatever! I want it. We've both suffered too much as it is....

Madison's eyes narrow. I might be able to arrange something like that. But before I rubber stamp anything, what exactly do YOU bring to the table?

The young man's countenance changes as he returns to his zone of comfort. You've been going about this thing with Lux and Corey all wrong.

Come again?

It's all wrong. All of it.

Well what the fuck are you, the black Sun-tzu?

Just listen to me! Taye leans in towards Madison. You're attacking Lux, but she's not the weak link. Corey is! He's the one you have to break and I can tell you how!

Madison leans in in kind. I'm listening.

Corey's an addict, right? Well, so was I. I was killing myself until Joachim saved me. I had to be pulled up out of that abyss by somebody better and stronger than me. Sound like anybody else we know? I get this kid and I know how to break him.

We already know he's an addict....

But you don't KNOW. Taye smacks his chest for emphasis. You don't know it like I do! The desperation, the disgust with yourself...with your own WEAKNESS. And then once you get clean your entire life you're hanging on by a thread wondering what new pain or stress or trauma is lurking around the corner waiting to throw you off that wagon again! Two nights ago I started circling my old haunts looking for a score and the only thing that saved me was a cop out on patrol scaring all the dealers off! Taye grits his teeth together, his face awash in anger and self reproach. I'm so weak, Madison. And so is Corey.

So what do we do?

We tear up every foundation he has. Break them down. Leave him with nothing but the drugs.

But he'll always have Lux.

Trust me. It won't matter. Once the poison gets all up in you again, it wont matter. The people you love, their pain, their fear, their sorrow....none of it matters in the face of getting your next score. And Corey has said in the past, he doesn't LOVE Lux. He may be at peace with her. He may have an arrangement with her. But in the end she'll still always be an interloper. She won't be enough to save him.

Madison leans back in her seat, a wry smile on her face. You've thought about this a lot.

I have. Believe me when I tell you, I CAN BREAK COREY SMITH. He stabs his finger tip on the table for emphasis with each word.

One problem though. What if Jo finds out? I don't think he'd be very happy with you.

I know. Taye sighs. And that's why he can never know.

So you'll be like my secret advisor? My own personal Wormtongue? She snickers.

Yeah....I guess.

Madison looks like she's mulling it over. Finally, she leans back in towards Taye. We can give it a shot. But I will warn you once and only once....this is a conscience free zone, Taye. You're a good person. Sort of. Deep down. That's a liability. But I think you might be earnest about your love for Jo. Which I can use. Taye starts to register a look of dismay at her brazenness, and Madison holds a halting finger up. Oh, please. You know what this is. And I'm willing to entertain your stipulations if you can get me the goods. But if you fuck me over on this.... Madison's eyes dart towards the bar, where Razors raises a drink at Taye. He will systematically remove your organs over a period of HOURS and you will be alive the whole time. Trust me, I've seen him do it! It's remarkable! She extends a hand out for him to shake. That being said, we gonna kick this pig or what?

Taye looks at it, and then back at Madison. A lump forms in his throat, but he accepts her hand in his his rather quickly.

Welcome aboard the winning team.

[Image: 4lwPC93.png]
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