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07-12-2019 06:20 PM

------June 20, 2019------

Centurion: Wait…what happened with Brandi?

(Isolation. When you’ve done some terrible things to some great people, it sounds like a wonderful idea; however, the down side is that you miss so much. The world doesn’t stop turning just because you decide to step away from life.

Centurion is dealing with that reality right now, as he stands face to face with Erin Morgan, the woman who just introduced herself as his future daughter-in-law. It had been a few years since Centurion spoke with Nellie – she moved to Wildwood and started her own life. She was elected to the local school board, and had dedicated herself to bettering her community, and she wanted to do it on her own, without her controversial father hovering in the background.

Erin is sitting on the edge of the ring at the old C&C Inc training facility that has since been converted into Centurion’s personal gym and living room. Centurion is rooting around in the fridge for something to drink as he asks the previous question to Erin.)

Erin: I wasn’t around at the time, but according to Nells, Brandi wanted to see the world. She hated being cramped up in one place. So, she moved to Tacoma with Anthony…and the two ended up getting married six months later.

(Centurion turns from the refrigerator with two beers in hand. His eyebrows are arched and he has a shocked look on his face.)

Centurion: Anthony Riddle? I thought he was gay.

Erin: Nells thought the same about Brandi. Apparently, all that legal weed in Washington cures homosexuality. Who would have known?

Centurion: Rick Santorum will be pleased to learn this new development.

(Centurion limps over to Erin and hands one of the beers to her. They both crack open their beers and take a sip before Centurion scans the room. He finds a folding chair and pulls it up to Erin and the ring.)

Centurion: So where did you meet Nellie?

Erin: Diego’s. Gay nightclub in Wildwood. They were having a big Pride party there last year, and we were both there. We just kind of hit it off. She’s so smart, but she’s not a showoff. She’s witty. Put her in a crowd with anyone, and she can keep up with pretty much every conversation. That’s such a rare trait in people, ya know.

Centurion: That’s Nellie. She didn’t have much of a choice, given the way she was brought up. If she didn’t learn to punch back, she would have been eaten alive.

Erin: That’s the other thing. We have such similar backgrounds…well, in a sense. My real parents were pieces of shit, and she barely knew her real parents. We both had to learn how to survive. I guess we have similar traumas.

(Centurion says nothing – he just silently takes a sip of his beer. He’s clearly nervous. Erin might be, as well, but she’s doing a better job at hiding it.)

Centurion: What do you do for a living?

Erin: I work at a grocery store. Stocking shelves, check outs…it’s not much, but unless you have a college degree, there really isn’t a lot of money to go around in that town.

(Erin shifts the way she’s sitting. For the first time, she does look outwardly nervous at the topic of her job. Centurion, however, shrugs it off.)

Centurion: No judgement here. After all the problems I’ve encountered in recent years, the last thing I’m going to do is judge anyone Do what you have to do. The world sucks. So…

(Centurion takes another sip of his beer before leaning forward in his chair and looking straight at Erin.)

Centurion: Why exactly are you here? I doubt it’s to ask for my blessing.

Erin: HA!

Centurion: That’s what I thought. So why show up?

(Erin takes a deep sigh and a long sip of her beer before setting it down on the ring apron next to her. She looks down on the floor, and finally lifts her head up when she has the courage to speak.)

Erin: I know you’ve made some mistakes in your life, but you were a good father. You had to be, because Nellie is a great person, and that doesn’t happen if she doesn’t have people around her to guide her. I didn’t have a relationship with my father. I stopped speaking with him when I was 18. I don’t want both of us going through life despising our parents. I know she doesn’t either, but she’s too fucking stubborn to reach out to you.

(Centurion slightly laughs and cracks a smile.)

Centurion: Sounds about right.

Erin: We can survive on our own, but the more I think about it, the more I’m like…why? Why do that to ourselves when we don’t have to? Nellie didn’t want me to come, but she wasn’t in any hurry to stop me, either. She wants you in her life. She wants to see you. But she’s afraid of coming off like she’s some helpless little girl who needs her daddy. She doesn’t need rescuing…she just wants to see her father.

Centurion: I’m not opposed to it, but I’m also not going to do all the work just because she’s “stubborn”. That’s a bullshit excuse – Nellie has always done whatever she’s wanted to, regardless of what my opinion was. So if she wants to talk to me, fine. I’ll talk to her. I WANT to talk to her. But I’m not going to reach out only for her to snap back at me and tell me all my flaws. I know them. I don’t need to be reminded.

Erin: God, you two are so alike.

(Erin exhales, coming to the realization of the situation.)

Erin: I don’t really have a leg to stand on here. I know I’m getting in the middle of some inter family drama, but I know what it’s like to look back on things and wish they were better. I don’t have the opportunity to ever repair things with my folks. But you and Nellie…you still have that ability.

Centurion: Yes, but that’s not my choice to make. I understand what you’re doing, Erin, and you seem like a good person…but I’ve been in and out of Nellie’s life enough times to know that it’s no longer my choice. I’m not holding out because I’m stubborn, though you can be forgiven if you thought that. I’m holding out because I want to make sure this is something she truly wants. Nellie has done fantastic things without me…the last thing I want to do is to show up and ruin it all for her.

(Erin says nothing – she just takes the final sips of her beer. She hands the can over to Centurion, who tosses it behind him – clearly, cleanliness and tidiness is not the aesthetic Centurion is going for in this place. Erin doesn’t know what to say, so Centurion decides to break the silence.)

Centurion: How is she, anyway?

Erin: She’s good. Well respected within her community. She’s done a lot to transform Radio Disney into a streaming service. Some people are asking her to run for mayor, but I don’t think she wants to quit her job yet. She’s getting paid too well to do that.

Centurion: What do you think?

Erin: I think she should do whatever makes her happy. I’ve lived enough of my life getting shit on for a few bucks, only to continue to find myself back in the same situation. I’m ok with living on the street and being happy, but I do not want to live in a mansion and be miserable.

(Centurion can’t say anything – he just lifts up his beer and finishes it off while looking around at his gym – the last of his empire. The words Erin say hit directly in his heart, because he’s been there. He was a miserable rich man in a mansion. Now he’s a miserable poor man with nothing.)

Centurion: Hold on to that feeling. Never forget it. I’m the perfect example of what can happen when greed consumes you. It can be taken from you so quickly, but love…

(Centurion looks off into the distance.)

Centurion: …man, there’s something about love. It’s what will keep you coming home at night. It’s what stops you from ending it all. A poor man can sustain himself on love. It’s the only money he needs. Trust me when I say that. I’ve lost a lot of money. I’ve lost a business, my house…everything. But nothing hurt worse than when I lost those I love…

------A thousand times I’ve seen this road------

It feels like just yesterday I was telling people not to let pride consume them and take them down a bad road. And yet, here I am, but a few days later, having to respond to comments made by my opponent this week. Comments he clearly made in an effort to restore some pride that he felt I savagely hurt.

Big D…come on. You should be better than this. Seriously, you were, for some reason, named the Star Of The Fucking Month by the XWF fans and personnel, and yet you’re still butthurt over some comments I correctly made about a team you selected over a month ago? Give me a break!

This is the ticky tack bullshit that keeps wrestlers from becoming superstars. You can put in all the hours in the gym that you want. You can wrestle 20 jobbers a night, and tour every city in the world, but wrestlers never become great superstars if they allow dumb comments to haunt them for a long period of time.

You know how many times someone has called me a joke? Lots. You know how many times I’ve been called washed up? Hell, I’ve been “washed up” since 2008. You should have heard some of the things Aidan Collins used to say about me, and yet somehow we go to the bar together…and yeah, I do secretly think about poisoning him or getting him so drunk that I lead him outside and let him get hit by a bus, but that’s not the point! The point is I evolved. I moved on.

You, Big D? You’re allowing this to get to you, and I don’t really know why. You want to make some big speech like I “hurt your feelings”, but like I said last week…is anything I said untrue? I called you a joke for the team you selected, which you ADMITTED TO. Then, you wanted to turn it around, and be like “no, I’m not mad that you called me a bad captain, I’m mad that you lumped me in with the rest of that team.”

Reminder…it was your team. YOU chose them. I wasn’t the one who lumped you in with them, YOU did it voluntarily. You could have easily selected others. There was a host of others still on the board, but because you refused to do any research outside of “who is Twitter talking about this week”, you decided to go with Sarah Lacklan and the Goof Troop.

In hindsight, you were the second best wrestler on the team that you drafted. I put the emphasis on DRAFTED, because you never selected Vinny Lane to be on your team. But yes, you were better than Gilmore, you were better than Rain, and you were better than Bearded War Pig. Whoopie. Allow me to present you the medal for “things that you shouldn’t be patted on the back for.” OF COURSE YOU WERE BETTER THAN THEM! John McCain TODAY is better than them. A half eaten sandwich is better than them. You did the bare minimum. You get a D-. Technically you passed, but I wouldn’t be applying to any Ivy League schools anytime quick.

This is what bugs me the most about people giving Big D so much credit for “working his ass off.” Ok, great. He works his ass off. So does almost everyone in that locker room. If you don’t work your ass off, you need to find another place to go. I hear those shitty MMA companies are hiring – Union GB or some shit like that? You could always go there if you wanted to skate by without having to put the work in, but here? The XWF? Nah, you can’t coast around here.

Yes, Big D is better now than when he first showed up. Yes, Big D is a competent wrestler who can get into the ring without tripping on his own feet. He knows moves.. He’s won matches. He’s done stuff. If that excites you, than great.

Me? I still see an unproven rookie, and I will continue to see that until Big D actually PROVES something. I’m really tired of these participation trophies we’re handing out. Wrestlers getting title shots after one or two matches, wrestlers being nominated for “Star Of The Month” despite doing nothing note worthy – I guess it would hurt too many people’s feelings if we just made Tony Santos and Lux the Star Of The Month every month, but that’s what SHOULD happen. You talk about working your ass off? Those two defend their titles every show, week in and week out, and they do it without complaints. They have cruised though every superstar on the roster, to the point where it’s becoming boring to see them lose every week, so the fans and the boys in the back try desperately to elevate someone else to challenge.

This has happened a lot since I’ve come back. I’ve heard the names Vita Valenteen, Mastermind, Gamer Girl, Sully – all supposedly great talents who were set to steal the top spot from Robert Main and the other title holders, and all of whom are nowhere to be seen. I could say the same for Dolly Waters, as well, but I’m afraid she may be in a shallow grave somewhere. It’s ok, Dolly – I made sure to toss Michael, and his sister Destiny in a grave, too, just for good measure.

And now it’s Big D. Maybe this one sticks. Maybe he becomes like Ned Kaye – someone elevated too quickly, but who got their legs underneath them and have settled into a nice rhythm. That’s the best case scenario right now, because the dream of Big D becoming the next Universal Champion? Not going to happen.

Professional wrestlers don’t become great until they suffer a few setbacks. For Big D, he’s well on his way to becoming a great superstar. He suffered a few set backs when he first debuted for the company. He suffered a set back when he drafted a literal dumpster fire and a sister fucker for two of his War Games selections. And he will suffer another set back this Saturday Night, when I pin him. How he handles that disappointment, however, will say a lot about him. He will either shrug if off, shake my hand, say he was bested on that particular night, and move on…

…ORRR he will let it eat at him, and he will spend the next several months trying to “get his win back”. He will obsess over it, to the point where it drives him mad. And I will beat him again, sending him out of the XWF for good. I’ve seen it so often in this business. So many young, good talents run out of wrestling because they didn’t know how to accept failure.

How will you accept failure, Big D? Graciously, or disruptively? We will know Sunday night, when you meet your…


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