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Tomando lo que es mio
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07-10-2019 08:35 PM

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Vuelvo a tomar lo que es mio

.......The sounds of struggle, muffled groans and gasps came from the trunk of the car, which was now parked outside of a run down apartment complex. The three American men had been gagged, their wrists taped, and their pockets rummaged through. The car was off, locked, and parked in the furthest possible spot from the building. The trunk was literally bouncing as the men tried to kick their way out, but nobody saw. Nobody heard. Nobody came.

Inside the building, Tomás sat at the round table counting the cash. American currency, a coveted item in this part of the world. On the table next to him sat the gun he used to hold up the men, and the bag of yayo he promised to them. The bag was torn open the the white powdery substance was leaking out, making the table look as though someone had a baking accident.

He had a grin on his face as his fingers ran through the green, blue and pink colored bills.

Hanari, who was standing in the kitchen, currently had his hand around a cup of water. His ring clinking on the glass as he brought it to his mouth. His shirt was open at the top, and an off-white color now from the sweat pouring down.

The following dialogue is in Spanish, this is the translation:

"Tonight, we took what is our, Hanari! We no longer have to live with the fear of no knowing where our next meal with come from. We no longer have to borrow money from our mothers to go out with friends! Tonight, we took destiny into our own hands!"

Hanari finished the water and quickly turned on the rickety faucet, pouring another glass. The water made a whoosh noise at it filled the cup. His hands were shaking. The collar of his shirt had a little blood on it.

"Tomás, you don't think. You don't plan things out, you are reckless! Those are American men in that car! You could have robbed them and we could have disappeared into the moonlight. Now what are we supposed to do?!"

Tomás didn't seem too concerned. He continued to count the money.

"....And if we kill them, Tomás, their families will surely press the issue! They will find us! I am not going back to jail!"

Tomás shrugged.

"So what is your plan then, Mr. Business man?"

He bent down and snorted a line off the dingy table.

".......I don't know Tomás, I don't know. Give me a moment to think. Goddamnit!"

He slammed the counter hard with his fist, causing the dishes piled up in the sink to rattle and clink together.

"Hanari, look at this money. This will pay all of our bills. Even if we kill these pricks, we can disappear before anyone even knows they are gone. Stupid American's bringing this much cash with them to a vacation......"

Hanari walked out into the room and grabbed the bag of cocaine of the table. He began to walk towards the door.

"Where the hell are you going?"

"I am correcting this mess......" he slammed the door on his way out. Tomás sighed, folding up the money with a rubber band and placing it in his pocket before following Hanari outside.

Once outside, he noticed Hanari was already to the car.

"Keys, keys Tomás, GIVE ME THE KEYS".

Tomás flipped him the keys and Hanari jumped in and started the car. Tomás jumped in through the window as it backed up quickly and peeled off.

After about a 15 minute drive the car rolled to a stop at a burned out gas station down the street from a major hotel. The headlights turned off as the car rolled around the back.

"What the hell are you doing now?"

Those were the first words spoken through the duration of the ride.

"I told you, I am fixing this."

He walked around the back and popped the trunk. The three American men stared back at him with wide, fear soaked, eyes.

He removed the duct-tape gags and had big smile on his face. In perfect English he spoke to the men.

"You men just completed the Dominican Republic Experience! Congratulations! You survived a set up kidnapping, kept your composure and most importantly.....survived. I know that trunk was hot!" He still had a big shit eating grin on his face.

One of the men, panting, said "....this....this was a game? You bastards held us up and gun point, robbed up, beat us, tied us up and threw us in the trunk and you expect us to just be cool?!"

Hanari, still smiling, said calmly...."Yes."

The men looked at each other for what felt like an eternity, even though it was only a few seconds. They suddenly began laughing. Hysterically laughing, all three of them. Hanari undid their bonds and they all high fived each other.

"So, do we like, win something?"

Hanari offered the bag of coke. The men lit up.

"That hotel, with those ladies.......bring this, and all of you will get that choca along with that buzz!"

Tomás went to protest, but Hanari sushed him.

"Now.....go.......and if we see you out here again before sunrise, we really will kill you." There was a matter-of-fact nature to his tone. The men took the bag and scampered off. One of them had a bloody lip, the other a slight limp, but they were alive. When they were out of sight, Tomás turned towards Hanari.

"What......the....FUCK....was that?!"

Hanari grinned again.

"We took what was our, Tomás. The money, the power, the respect. Those men actually thought, for a long time while in that trunk, that they were going to die. We controlled their destiny. We had the power to decide. Their fate was in our hands."

"But the yayo!"

".......And? We money now, we have their money. They are going to get caught with that yayo and thrown in a Dominican prison to rot, or caught by someone else and robbed all over again, most likely being killed. It will be a major news story. They don't know our names.........we have the power, Tomás, we own them."

Tomás didn't seem to share the same view. He walked to the car and shut the door without saying a word.

"Money, power, respect......" he said as he walked back to the car. "We really did take what was ours."

The car pulled out as the sun began to peek over the horizon, lighting up the night sky in a purple and blue hue.

Hanari's 2019 Mercedes C-Class (bought with XWF's money) pulled up to the driveway. Hanari, dressed in a suit and dress shirt stepped out, locking the car with an audible beep. Walking into his house, he set his keys down on the table and smiled into the camera.

[Image: l8BJ28E.jpg]

"Hola, Sarah,

Bienvenido a la casa de Hanari.

Let Hanari begin by sayin' dat he has been entertiain by you, Sarah. He has been enjoying de promo's chu have put out to dis date, but he also say chor welcome.

¿Qué? ¿Por qué?

Chu see, chu es been made so easy for easy, sí. Hanari say chu was a gimmick, a joke, chu make people laugh mamasita, and dat es all chu es good for. Chu keep de people entertain, sí, but chu really don't know who Hanari Carnes es chica. Don' know what he capable of. Chu jus' think Hanari es some loser who punked out to Dolly, got pinned in the middle of de ring and vanish'd for 3 months while XWF 'moved on' without him.

Ohhhh no no no, chica, es much more complicate'd than that.

All dis success chu have, all dese accolades an' accomplishment.......all of them are lies.


Let Hanari explain. Chu see when he first come to the XWF he take it by storm. He was the well dress, good lookin', tough fightin son of a gun who many touted as being de nex' big thing, sí? But Hanari come to XWF in a turbluent time. Change was happenin', de locker room and front office was a mess. Dey see Hanari and they say 'les see what dis kid can do'. They give me my firs' match and I take out a Blackwater Brother with ease....I make him tap, cha......and they say, 'mierda santa, dis chico can fight!' So dey give me a title match......

De same man chu call, "gutter trash", had hold de belt for 129 days.

And Hanari no jus' win de match, sí, Hanari BREAK his damn arm.


Jus' like dat.

No matter what chu say, no matter how much confident you have when chu say it, that man defend de belt weekly--every show--that es no easy. 2nd all time on de list. Over four months, chica. He had seen it all, had taken all comers, and had been successful.

Then Hanari came......and he no jus' win de match, sí, Hanari BREAK his damn arm.


Jus' like dat.

It was all over. Mastermind had to take a hiatus, and Hanari was on his way to de top.

Everyone was talkin' about Hanari Carnes. De tabloids, de news sources, and merch sales, along with ratins, go through de roof, ya? Hanari, at his very core, es a business man before he es a wrestler. And niña, he es pretty good at both.

One title defense, easy, cake, but den Donovan beat Hanari straight up. Soy un hombre, I can admit that. Hell of a match, but Hanari lose. It happen to us all. That is where de business come in, compañera. Hanari, at his very core, es a business man before he es a wrestler. And niña, he es pretty good at both.

One title defense, easy, cake, but den Donovan beat Hanari straight up. Soy un hombre, I can admit that. Hell of a match, but Hanari lose. It happen to us all. That is where de business come in, compañera.

Chu see, dis is a momentum business, as chu may know. Hell I hope chu know, as chu es experiencing it right now
hermana. Hanari lose, on da eve of a big tournament, and de XWF brass make Hanari an offer he no could refuse. Chu see, they felt it was no the right time for Hanari, dey wanted a new face, a new attitude, a new brand. Out wit de old, in wit de new, feel me? Chu was de chosen one to take dis company into de new era, to be de one whose goofy face was on all of de promotional cups and XWF ice cream bar wrappers, mujer. Hanari sit down with XWF brass and hash out the deal.....why do chu think Hanari was given the best quality tequila dinero could buy? Hanari was given a check with more zero's than ya pants size, little girl. Hanari was to take away the pride of that perra perro Dolly Waters, to take away her glory by making her think she beat Hanari decidedly. She no do it. Chu see, chu had spunk, charisma, and childish persistence that Dolly no have. Dolly was arrogant, thought her chu no what didn't stink. So Hanari was put on de "injured list" an' flew home to de Dominican. He watch as chu become the face of XWF, as chu run through a roster that was in transition.

Do chu really think chu did it on your own? Estás loco, chica! Chu and I both know that Hanari would have won that tournament and would have crushed any hopes an dreams chu had of being anything here. But Hanari had a family crisis, and the timing wasn't right. Dinero speaks, chica.

While XWF pull you out of the shopping mall Christmas' decoration sets and threw chu into a ring, Hanari was sitting home, training, feeding his familia and counting the days. Chu said chu "single handedly" pull the XWF back from de brink of death YET AGAIN. No, chica, Hanari did that. Hanari did that by allowing chu to have ya moment.......

A lot to soak in, Hanari knows, he give you a second......."

Hanari, moving around his luxurious house on the shores of the Caribbean, pours himself a drink. Picking it up and taking a sip with his pinky out, he resumes his dissertation.

[Image: FfNfqcE.png]

"Think about it, cerda, all of those accomplishments chu try to throw in Hanari face. All of that spunk, that confidence.......all for nothing. Dis whole time Hanari was sitting at glass tables with Vinnie, laughing, sharing de finest cigars and drinking Grade A tequila while chu did all de grunt work he needed to turn his company around. Hanari es the reason chu traded in the tunic and green leggings for wresting tights and a sense of self worth, perdedora. An to be hones'......

Hanari would do it again.

Dinero speaks, chica.

But chu want to throw into mi cara all of the things Hanari did.......and den try to cut them down and claim de competition was "gutter trash". Si si niña tienes razon, chu are correct. De competition was no up to par for the talents of Hanari Carnes, which es why de business deal was made. Chu has made XWF a brand again and given children everywhere a sense of hope. Hanari appreciates dat, Hanari loves de children! Chu es so cute with the new found confidence! But answer Hanari es he suppose' be afraid of someone whose forehead only come to his hip............

That could be good for something..........

But les no get distracted.

Hanari es destine for greatness, and chu has lay the groun' work. To make claims like Hanari doesn't know that titles are pristine, that they should be defended all de time.........try to make Hanari sound estúpido.......

.............chu es absolutely correct. Hanari does feel Rober' Main should defend it more. That es why Hanari enjoy being TV champion, he had to defend every week. Hanari had to prove he was fighting campeón, and he will again. Hanari es back, and back at chor expense.

Hanari es no afraid, Hanari love to fight, and if Hanari was Universal Campeón, he would fight whenever he wanted. Call it estúpido, Hanari call it corageous. Hanari call it having balls. Why do chu think that most of your fighting recently has been on Anarchy? Chu has been put on de back burner and left to simmer like mi madre's baked was all part of de plan. All part of the big return. Chor time here is done, and chu go from being de face, being de Queen, to being what chu has been the entire joker.


Chu es a pawn, a chess piece, a place holder for Hanari's greatness and as smart as chu try to tell everyone chu is, de egg es on your face now, niñita. Chu has always been the cheap labor, but now es de time for it to be expose. Chu can say all ya wish, chu can try to embarass Hanari all chu want, but et es nothing Hanari did not already know.

So let Hanari break down to ya exactly wha' es gon' happen Saturday night. He es goin' to come to de ring, the flavor of the Caribbean setting de vibe. He es going to walk to de ring and stare you in de face--albeit he has to look down on chu, which he has been doin' dis entire time--and Hanari es going to smile and wink.

Chu will give him a battle, chu will fight with everything in ya body to try to prove to de world that chu isn't de worlds biggest punchline..........then


Hanari locks in the Viva la Republica.......

And Hanari es going to make chu tap out.

The end of Lacklanland, the end of de end of an era that Hanari allowed to happen. This is mi tiempo! My time! Hanari has de upper hand 'cus even if chu are able to win chu have to go to sleep that night wondering if it was jus' another set up. Jus' another pay off. Jus' another instance of Sarah Lacklan being the but of the biggest joke XWF has ever played.......

Can chu live with that?

Even de idea of Lacklanland es mine, and I espect some royalties out of that pay check, bebita! Hanari owns Lacklanland, an Saturday night the doors shut for good!

Hanari takes another sip before setting it on the table. He pulls a cigar out from inside his jacket pocket, only the finest.

"Oh......and Sarah.......

Now chu know what Hanari meant by taking what es mine, cha? Everything chu own, have done, and are proud of, belongs to Hanari Carnes.

Viva el dominicano!

Viva el Savage!

Viva el Hanari Carnes!

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