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07-10-2019 01:43 PM

OOC- So I kinda fucked up and forgot that I had this show to Roleplay for while I was traveling the last two weeks and while it’s 2,000 words per roleplay I’m going to throw this up and simply say sorry for dropping the ball behind the scenes and completely forgetting this was a two roleplay show.

The scene immediate opens as the following clip from Savage is shown playing on the screen:

SLATER spins LUX around before quickly driving her into the mat with an Arm Bar DDT which he transitions into a the GLORIOUS CROSSFACE! The crowd roars with massive boos as SLATER has the Crossface locked in deep as he cranks back on the head and neck of LUX! SLATER is heard screaming into the ear of LUX.

The screen is paused as the scene pans back as we see none other than “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE kicked back on a black leather sofa with this feet kicked up on an oval glass coffee table that’s trimmed in Chrome. He has a smoke on his face as he shifts his attention towards the camera and begins to speak.

CHRIS PAGE- “You didn’t even see it coming despite all the warning signs.”

Chris simply shakes his head from side to side before spouting out.

CHRIS PAGE- “This is my favorite part!”

Chris reaches out with the remote hitting play.


Chris pauses once again as he sarcastically states.

CHRIS PAGE- “Bet ya didn’t think you’re little nickname for Slater would stick, did ya!”

Chris hits play once again.

SLATER continues cranking back on the head and neck of LUX when the boos grow even louder when we see CHRIS PAGE saunter out to the top of the ramp LIVE!

HHL: So he is here!

PC: The mind games continue to be played by CHRIS PAGE and whom he calls his Brothers.

CHRIS starts to make the walk towards the ring as the fight in LUX is fading at the hands of the GLORIOUS CROSSFACE as CHRIS reaches ringside. PAGE climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and into the ring as THE TRISTAN SLATER breaks his submission hold before getting back to his feet where he lands a direct stomp on the back of the head of LUX. SLATER snatches LUX up, her body limp from the effects of the GLORIOUS CROSSFACE as Slater forces LUX to her knees holding her in place for CHRIS who makes his way over before squatting down so he is head level with her before he places the microphone to his lips.

CHRIS PAGE: Have you met Table Scraps?

CHRIS sarcastically spouts out before winking at SLATER who is still seething. CHRIS quickly diverts his attention to LUX’s face as SLATER holds it in place.

CHRIS PAGE: Little girl, you’re going to get what you want… You’re going to get CHRIS PAGE!

The roof explodes as CHRIS continues.

CHRIS PAGE: You’re going to get CHRIS PAGE in TWO WEEKS!

The crowd roars even louder.

CHRIS PAGE: No titles, no brothers… just me and you… No excuses.

CHRIS hasn’t even touched LUX as he gets a little closer to her face.

CHRIS PAGE: Who’s dodging who?

The crowd goes ballistic when we see LUX manage to spit directly into the face of CHRIS PAGE! CHRIS stands up as he wipes the spit off his face with a smug expression before simply looking at SLATER and with a simple head nod TRISTAN yanks LUX up to her feet before hurling her towards PAGE who delivers a boot to the midsection doubling over LUX and positioning her for the PAGE PLANT when he suddenly stops and glances back towards SLATER and hurls her back towards him as he delivers a SUPERKICK that nearly kicks the head of LUX while making BIG SHANK cringe where ever he may be watching from. LUX crumbles to the mat as we see THE TRISTAN SLATER reach down picking up the XWF Television Championship. He hurls it over his shoulder before both he and CHRIS PAGE exit the ring leaving LUX laid out.

Chris hits stop as the camera directs its attention firmly on to CHRIS PAGE who removes his feet from the coffee table before leaning in closer to the camera as he immediately begins to speak with a soft, yet serious tone.

CHRIS PAGE- “When you relive that little beating each and every time you close your eyes, what do you see?”

CHRIS backs the tape up to on specific moment before hitting play.

TRISTAN yanks LUX up to her feet before hurling her towards PAGE who delivers a boot to the midsection doubling over LUX and positioning her for the PAGE PLANT when he suddenly stops and glances back towards SLATER and hurls her back towards him…

Chris pauses the tape as the camera once again goes full on him while he states.

CHRIS PAGE- “If you held any real importance to me I would have dropped you right then and there on the spot… but I didn’t… I didn’t drop you like a bad habit because there’s nothing about you that is worth ANY bit of my time or energy. You literally have nothing I want, you bring nothing tangible to the table other than being one of the few outspoken XWF rejects that’s bothered to meet this real threat against all of your well beings head on; for that I’ll commend you, you’re stupid… but I’ll commend you nonetheless.”

Chris reaches for a square silver tin that rests on the coffee table. He flips it open while in his left hand and takes out a pre-rolled joint with his right hand before closing the tin and sliding it towards the center of the table. From there Chris lights the joint before taking several deep pulls and inhales it back, holding for a few seconds and then blowing out several smoke rings before he continues.

CHRIS PAGE- “You and everyone else for that matter on Saturday Night’s are about to be in for a very rude awakening when it comes to what I’m going to do when I kick the doors down on Savage. I’ve already ran rough shot over the Wednesday Night program and now me and my Brothers are about to do the same thing all over again with a different program, and much like everything else where do I start? At the top of the food chain.”

Chris takes in another deep toke before blowing the smoke out.

CHRIS PAGE- “Don’t worry, don’t worry… I’m not interested in your title that defines you, that’s reserved for my man THE Tristan Slater who can go ahead and start calling himself the new XWF Television Champion when you consider the processions is nine/tenth the law, and from where I’m sitting he’s already got the belt to prove it. But you want to know something? Where was any of that backup? How come nobody bothered to come to your aid? I mean, after all you are the face of Saturday Night’s so one might think that at least some the retards would have at least attempted to save you from that little introduction you were given.”

Chris thumps the ashes from the joint before taking another draw. He holds it in as he states.

CHRIS PAGE- “Then again maybe not.”

Chris releases the smoke out into the world before leaning back into the couch as he continues.

CHRIS PAGE- “This is the part where you tell me how you’re going to end my campaign at crumbling this train wreck of a company before it can even start; or perhaps deflate the size of my ego, or maybe even expose me for nothing more than overblown hype. Trust me when I say my sizzle isn’t anything compared to my pop.”

Chris lets out a small sigh as he takes another toke off the joint before standing up and stretching.

CHRIS PAGE- “Whatever you need to tell yourself I’m totally cool with because right now I’m in a no-lose situation because regardless of how this plays, I’m still going to get what I want; the XWF Universal Championship. So, I get it, you NEED to win because you already see the writing on the wall and what better way to jockey for position once I secure that title than by being able to say that you’ve defeated me.”

Chris exhales the smoke as he walks around the coffee table to a set of oak doors. He opens the door where he joins THE TRISTAN SLATER and RAGE as they begin to walk down a upscale hotel hallway. Tristan is flanked with the XWF TV Title resting comfortably on his right shoulder. They reach the end of the hallway where RAGE hits a small oval button while the camera shifts into a front view position with Chris standing in the middle with Rage to his left and THE Tristan Slater to his right.

CHRIS PAGE- “I mean that’s a cool story to tell yourself and all of your fans but those are ramblings of an idiot that only someone like you might actually believe.”

There’s an audible ding as the doors slide back we see Chris get on the elevator followed by Rage and Slater with the doors closing behind them. We fade inside the elevator as Chris picks right back up where he left off as he directs himself at the camera.

CHRIS PAGE- “I mean, I already got what you covet the most.”

Chris reaches over patting the TV title over the shoulder of THE Tristan Slater.

CHRIS PAGE- “I’ve already beaten you down without so much as laying a finger on you; and yes, I’m aware of a boot to the midsection, that’s different.”

There’s a brief pause from Page.

CHRIS PAGE- “Saturday Night I’m going to be all over you like stank on shit and in the process I’m going to once again prove what I already know… I’m just simply better than you.”

The elevator dings once again as the doors slide open to reveal that we are on an isolated beach as the sun is setting.

CHRIS PAGE- “Fuck! Wrong floor.”

The doors shut and as they do the scene draws to a close.

Words from the Stoned One:

With everything currently going on within my life I’d be a complete prick if I didn’t cut some sort of promo regarding this up and coming Saturday Night in a secondary market far, far away I’m going to be challenging for a Championship that I can honestly give two fucks about; the XWF Television Championship. The first thing I want to touch on and make perfectly clear to all the crybabies, to all the pussies on this roster complaining about not getting any opportunities that I didn’t want titles on the line; yeah, that’s right, I said it clear as day and yet the XWF and there booking senses thought it’d be funny to have me billed as a challenger for a Title that means about as much to me as what I ate for fucking dinner last night. Let’s take it a step further and preface everything that you’re about to endure with another fact that I didn’t pick this fight… but I will be the guy that ends it. This all came about because your reigning, defending XWF World Television Champion is smart enough to latch on to some legitimate star power because she knows that everything I’ve stated about this roster is nothing short of an unadulterated fact; she has grown tired of being fed bottom of the barrel nobodies and for the first time in a long time there’s a guy that’s walked through the front doors and completely taken over, there’s one guy that everyone can’t help but to talk about, there’s one guy that has more star power in his left nut than most of you have coursing throughout their entire body and there’s one guy who has become the focal point of an entire company without so much as batting an eye lash… and she was smart enough to latch on to my back to make herself mean more in this one moment in time than she’s meant throughout her entire XWF career.

… yet she was foolish enough to think that I wasn’t listening.

It’s rare that I waste my precious free time on something as trivial and meaningless as this little challenge thrown down by someone who just wants to use my reputation as springboard into the limelight; but alas at times exceptions will be made when it ultimately benefits my greater good; and in this instance the greater good isn’t carrying a title that nobody of importance cares about, my greater good doesn’t even have anything to do with the person that I’m even facing… my greater good has everything to do with sending a very loud yet very clear message for the entire world to see on full display as we mark our final stop on my quest to stake claim as the XWF Universal Championship come Leap of Faith and using the body of the defending Television Champion to do so. Spoiler alert; I’m not coming for your title, I’m coming for your blood and I’m coming to use you as an example for what happens when little pups play with the big dogs and they find themselves licking their wounds on the porch because it’s a little too late for you to fully comprehend exactly what you’re going to be walk into.

The best laid plans.

A statement shall be made at your expense, and might I add I’ve already taken the liberty in reserving you a hospital bed right next to one half of the XWF Tag Team Champions; the fall guy.

Don’t ever say I didn’t do anything for you.

Now; we’ve already established why you want a piece of me so bad; and while it would be so easy for me to do what SO MANY OTHERS have done before me and downgrade you based of your sexual orientation or make the same lame sexist jokes you’ve probably heard throughout your entire career and can retort too without breaking a sweat, I’m going to go a completely different route and explain to you why picking a fight with me was the LAST thing you should have done. Anyone that knows me, that REALLY knows me knows that I talk an incredibly big game but I am also one of the very few people on the face of the planet that can back it up when it comes to getting inside that ring and doing what I do best. When you see the concern on JAMES RAVEN’S face as he officially made DICK versus PAGE for Leap of Faith for the Universal Title that look is there because JAMES knows good and goddamn well that I’m not nothing nice to play with; but more importantly, he knows exactly what lengths I will go, how low I will stoop, no matter how many people I have to step on or bones I’ve got to break… I’m that guy.

I’m that guy that is cold and calculating.

I’m that guy when playing a human game of chess thinks five moves ahead and lures you directly where I want you before BOOM, check mate.

His concern is fully warranted because he knows how deep my pockets are, he knows how many resources I have at my disposal and he knows that I have a goal to end this federation once and for all.

If I didn’t know what I was doing and if I didn’t back my play I would have been scoffed at by upper management after falling short inside War Games, but yet here I sit poised to challenge for the biggest prize this company has to offer why you are wrestling in the equivalent of high school gyms in my eyes against absolute nobodies with zero direction other than title defenses on Saturday nights but you’ve even grown bored with that; I don’t blame you because I would rather watch paint dry than listen to some of the guys you’ve had the pleasure of defending that paper weight against. What I’m trying to say to you is that there’s a reason I’m in the position I am in and there’s a reason that you’re in the position that you are in; and while you might think that you’re in a position of power and while you might think that this is something that you want to play with but you’ve already bitten off way more than you can chew. I know you’re training, I know you’re consumed by what is going to happen when that bell tolls on Saturday Night because you’re walking into the single biggest match of your entire career while this doesn’t even crack my Top One Hundred.

Don’t be foolish enough to think that just because I’ve got my crack at the top prize that I’m going to look past you… but, uh, you can’t look past someone that isn’t even on your radar.

I’m coming Saturday Night to pop a rating, sling some merchandise, kick a little ass and take a few names while running circles around someone that’s so far beneath me I’ve not even bothered to utter her name let alone give you one; that’s how much you mean to me and that’s how much your challenge means to me. I’ve got a plan for you, it’s a dousy. I’m going to make you regret the moment you utter my name from the tip on your tongue while the sounds of your screams surpass the screams we all heard at the hands of THE Tristan Slater not even two weeks ago. That’s right. You can’t say that I have given you ample notice and that I haven’t forewarned you so in the event you show up you’re showing up on your own accord knowing that there’s a solid chance that you’re leaving on a stretcher.

… that’s not a prediction.

That’s a spoiler.

Oh shit… before I forget there’s another piece of business that’s firmly on my agenda that involves another second-rate piece of trash who made a bold claim at being introduced into the Main Event of Leap of Faith; trying to infringe on MY opportunity as he cited “YOU DIDN’T BEAT ME!” while involved in the world’s most boring Triple Threat Match in the history of Professional Wrestling. Let me explain something to you, little guy, your logic for remotely thinking that you belong sniffing the limelight of the Main Event spotlight could never be more deluded for much like your reality is did exactly what you were supposed to do, you made the Champion look good; well, kind of…

Could you have not at least TRIED to be original?

Could you have at least TRIED to think outside the box for a legitimate reason that you should be placed in MY match that’s been built over the course of the last eight weeks other than “you didn’t beat me.”.

Well allow me to take the tack and pop your balloon because you’re not going to wales into a match that’s got jack shit to do with you or your lack of talent because you couldn’t get it done the first time around. You see when you sign a contract for a Triple Threat Match you take a risk in the odds that you’re going to walk out the winner have decreased. Now, I get it… you don’t get attention cast upon you as frequently mainly because you suck. When you have an opportunity for a major Championship you either win and take the reigns or you lose and head to the back of the line. Regardless if you choose to admit it or not, you failed. Regardless if you choose to admit it or not; you didn’t get the job done, and while you might not have been pinned or forced into submission… ya damn sure wasn’t around to STOP a pin or submission! I hate to further burst your bubble but there’s a reason that Triple Threat didn’t headline Leap of Faith and PAGE versus DICK is.

… and that’s because the people that run this show know there’s money in PAGE versus DICK and there’s nothing in that Triple Threat.

Your work was lazy and pathetic; I've seen better promo's from rookies.

… and you seriously think I’m going to let you walk into my opportunity? Get the fuck outta here you jacked up Ernest P. Worrell wannabe! I mean; did you see the minimal effort you put up while challenging for the Universal Title? Or are you seriously that fucking stupid to think you’ve done anything that merits such an opportunity? I’m guessing the latter, and yet I can all but guarantee when that Pay-Per-View card goes up one of our names isn’t going to be associated with the Main Event… my magic eight ball says it’s going to be yours, call it a hunch. Do yourself a favor and bury your head in the fucking sand and accept the fact that you just aren’t good enough to stand in the spotlight or else you would have gotten the job done right the first time; but hey, I’m sure if you want to continue down this road of being a worthy challenger somewhere, someone will believe you… but here in the real world; you know, the world the rest of us live in, you’re exactly where you belong… slapped in the mid/lower card.

Save the real work for guys like me.

We know what we’re doing.

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- Former XWF World Heavyweight Champion
- The most hated man in XWF History
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