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The devil's advocate is satan's puppet
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The Post-Mortem Punk

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07-10-2019 03:10 AM

With zero satisfaction delivered, in regards to my burning desire of interrogating Frankie as to why... oh why, she seemed immune to the zombie virus. My mood and stress levels, were far from good. Lucky for me, it was a rather busy day at the morgue. Lots of corpses that needed tending to. I could direct my entire focus on that and in a way, it helped. Until I realized that hunger was rapidly rising within me, like a frickin' tidal wave ready to crush a peninsula.

No worries, I was already in midst of taking care of a body, I'd simply help myself to a portion of its brain. Warm up some ramen, toss in a few brain chunks and voilà! There was my meal. Once I finished eating though, I could tell there was something a bit off. For one thing, shortly after consumption, I started to feel a tad hazy. Disorientated. Not altogether "there" if you catch my drift. And another, I wasn't upset or feeling betrayed anymore. No. I felt good. Real good.

Naturally, this drove me to the chart belonging to the cadaver I had been working on and that's when I seen it.


Cause of death... overdose. Junkie brain. No sooner did that realization wash over me, did I hear a sound. The noise of a tiny thump and what sounded like little feet, scurrying across the linoleum tiles. Turning my head, I found the source and immediately busted out laughing. I was high after all.

[Image: u8i4qDW.gif]

The worst part was that it spoke. A distinct David Spade sounding voice.

"Hey. What's up guy, I heard you've been having some troubles."

In this scenario... you either freak out or you go with it. Being that I was an avid drug user before death, I went with the latter.

"Did you now?"

"Yeah. Women issues. Trust problems. Sounds awful."

"The worst."

"So what seems to be the problem, do you think she's been cheating on you?"

"No. Nothing like that. She just keeps on... living."

"And that's a problem because..."

"I'm a zombie. We fuck all the time and she's still alive."

"Did you ask her about it?"

"No. My friend Axle brought the subject up though."


"She got weird and uncomfortable. Changed the subject."

"Oh yeah. She's definitely hiding something from you."


"Hells yeah, my man. Women are the devil incarnate, in general and what does the prince of darkness do, he lies like a motherfucker. Thankfully there's a solution."

"What's that?"

"You kill her!"

[Image: sQd6C7v.gif]

"What!?!?! No ways! I'm not going to kill her! She's my world. My everything. I love her."

"Even after lying to you and keeping secrets?"



"Obviously, she must have had a good reason for that. I doubt she would simply lie for the sake of lying. You've got a very misguided perception of women, if you think that's the case. No, what I need to do is talk to her and don't jump to conclusions based on irrational thinking, paranoia and the advice of a fucking puppet."

"Wow. Dude. Hurtful."

"How is that hurtful? You're a puppet."

"Am I?"


"Am I, really? Or could it be that I am a part of you and your subconsciousness?"

"Fair point. I suppose that makes sense."

"None of this makes sense, Zane but that's your afterlife for ya."

"I hear that."

"You know what does make sense?"

"What's that?"

"Your match with Mastermind."

"How does that make sense? I beat him twice already. When I destroy him on Anarchy, it'll be for the tri-fecta. I will have claimed victory over him, on every single show that exists in the XWF. If this was baseball, he'd be struck out and then get told to take a seat on the bench. I honestly don't know why this is a thing? Unless, I've been secretly tasked with taking the man outta the equation of life, I don't get it. It's like the powers that be are silently hoping and praying that I successfully end this man's life. Although, maybe after what occurred on the last edition of Anarchy, that makes sense. Maybe Vinnie, wants me to kill Mastermind?"

"Is that really a question? Why else did he bring you onto Anarchy? He needs his dirty work done and that's where you come in Zane."

"I do?"

"That's right, you do. You are now the deliverer of death in the XWF."

"I am?"

"Oh yeah. I'm fairly certain this is the XWF giving you a free pass on an open buffet."

"That's why this match makes sense. It's like an invitation, the open door, I simply have to pass through it."

"Now you're cookin' with fire. So tell me, what are you going to do to Mastermind on Anarchy?"

"Well, the show is called Anarchy and what better signifies the term, than a full on zombie attack. He might be immune to the disease but that does not stop me, from utterly tearing him apart. From teeth ripping out jugulars and nails shredding flesh. There's only so much destruction a living human form can endure. Only so much torture it can be put through before the light fades and it goes limp and that human, dies. When I plunge my hand through Mastermind's chest and grasp his still beating heart, I wonder how much pressure it will take before I see that light fade? I guess we'll have to wait till Thursday Night to find out."

"Chills. I have chills."

"Yeah, well... you sorta brought this out of me."

"Then my job here is done. Good day, Zane Norrison. Till we meet again."

[Image: 43PieSB.gif]

"Till we meet again? I thought you were simply a figment of my imagination brought on by the tainted brain that I ate? How are we going to meet again?"

There was no reply, the puppet merely vanished and I sat up in bed. I was never at work at all. It was all just a dream.

[Image: zGSq9K8.png]

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