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Snakes and Ladders - Is it a game or real?
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07-10-2019 03:24 AM


4 P.M.

After going from Dublin, Ireland to the disappointment of the Efed Cross over event in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he lost in the first round of the Woodstock Open, he then carried on to Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he has his next committments on Anarchy against Zane Norrison.

After that his next focus would be the triple threat match between himself, Robbie Bourbon and the X-treme champion Tommy Wish and it was for his belt. That match was on Saturday Night Savage two days after Anarchy. But that was then and this is now.

All of that travelling, has finally caught up with him, including drinking which was most unlike him. His body shut down and because he had a few days free in Tuscaloosa, his staff decided to let him sleep as long as he could.

When he awoke late Sunday afternoon, the first person he saw was Maria, his wife, sitting in a chair close to the bed. His staff had called her because they were worried about his drinking. She too had been worried and while expressing that to her husband a few days earlier, he had brushed her off, so together with his staff decided to do something about it.

"Maria, is that you? Am I back in Wellington? Jeepers, hasn't time flown? I can't even remember getting back home?"

"Yes 'M' it is me," started Maria "But calm down, you are still in Alabama. I was worried about you so I flew all the way here,"

"Why? I'm fine,"

"Bullshit you are," stated Maria "Look at you, you haven't shaved since you left home, you have a beard now, and although I don't mind that, you do stink. Stink of alcohol."

"But I gave that up a few days ago!" pleaded Mastermind

"Did you really?" scowled Maria "It doesn't smell like it. Your staff called me. They also are worried about you. So I thought you might need a little help and persuasion. I brought the boys."

Mastermind sat straight up at the mere mention of his three year twin boys, Vinnie and Jacob.

"Where are they?

"I'm not letting them see you like this, they have gone to the zoo with their nanny but they should be back soon. Your job now is to get up, have a shit, shower and a shave and only then can you see them. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?"

"Loud and clear," said Mastermibd getting out of bed quickly

"Oh by the way, I understand you have a triple threat title match for that precious x-treme title belt of yours next Saturday?"

Mastermind got to the bathroom door "I do,"

"Good, I've got you something that you could use for a promo,"

"Nice," said Mastermind "Look forward to seeing what it is,"

A little while later a clean shaven, and a fresh smelling Mastermind walked out of the bathroom to see his twin boys; Vinnie, and Jacob smiling back at him.

"Daddy," they both squealed together

"Boys," smiled Mastermind kneeling and opening up his arms, and the boys ran to him, and he gave them a massive hug

"How was the zoo?"

"Different to the one at home," said Vinnie

"How so?"

"This one has a lot of snakes, baboons, and lizards that change colours" said Jacob

"They are called Chameleons," said Maria to the boys

"Really?" said Mastermind "That's weird, hey boys I need to get up."

His right knee was still giving him some trouble after his 'I quit' match with Notorious Ned Kaye last Wednesday Warfare.

Mastermind got up and he and the boys walked over to where Maria was. They shared a quick kiss.

"Here's your little present, to share with the boys,"

"Yay, a pressie," said both boys together

Mastermind took the wrapped present from Maria, and unwrapped it, he looked at it, then looked back at Maria, and smirked his infamous smirk.

"I knew you'd like that," smiled Maria

"What is it Daddy?" asked Jacob

Mastermind opened the box and took out the board and turned to show the kids.

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

"It's called Snakes and Ladders," said Mastermind placing the board on the table.

"Ooh that looks like fun," said Vinnie

The boys gathered around the table, while Mastermind sat down, and Maria put her hands on his shoulders to look over his head.

"This is how you play," started Mastermind "Each player puts their counter on the space that says 'start here'." Mastermind put all the counters on the 'start here' square.

"Then we take it in turns to roll the dice,"

Vinnie rolls first and rolls a 4. He goes to a square with a bottom rung of a ladder on it.

"Well done, Vin, so If your counter lands at the bottom of a ladder, which it has done, you can move up to the top of the ladder. Go to square 14,"

"Cooooooollllllll," said Vinnie

"What happens if you get to a square with a snake in it, daddy?" asked Jacob

"So if your counter lands on the head of a snake, it must be the head, you have to slide back down to the bottom of the snake,"

"Oh that suxs," replied Jacob

"It does indeed," laughs Maria "It's your turn Jacob,"

Jacob rolls a 5 and moves to a free space.

"Do you consider Tommy Wish and Robbie Bourbon to be snakes, 'M'?" asks Maria

Mastermind looks up at her "Tonmy Wish, I don't consider as a snake but when he's not focused like I said the other day, he tends to come and go a lot, a bit like a Chameleon...."

"What's a Camelion daddy?" asked Jacob

Mastermind smiles "A chameleon is a lizard like creature like you saw today at the zoo, which use's it's ability to change colour. Most people they used to think it cameflouge themselves to their surroundings but it's a fact that it's to show their mood, so that's basically Tommy and Tony for you. They are both great wrestlers when they want to be but when their focus and mood changes they run for the hills and hide under rocks,"

[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif]

"Do people really hide under rocks, Daddy?" asks Vinnie

"It's a figure of speech, son, it's just a saying,"

"What about this Robbie Bourbon character?" asked Maria

"I consider him to be half baboon, half snake. He's half baboon because he goes around beating himself on his chest and roaring 'look at me, I'm Robbie, I'm strong so you should always keep me in focus,"

"Roar," said both Vinnie and Jacob together and then they started giggling

Mastermind continued "And he is half snake because he spits out so much sh....." Maria looks down at him with a don't say that bad word, look " much crap that he thinks he can let rip with and sound so much tougher. So yes his verbal insults can sting like a snake's venom. But he can be beaten and I will show everyone how.....

"Shall we get back to the game? I believe it's my turn..."


The camera fades in to the unnamed gym, which Mastermind had hired out entirely so he could solely focus on his upcoming matches. Firstly against Zane Norrison then two days later yhe triple threat ladder match sgsinst Tommy Wish and Robbie Bourbon.

The camera shows a whole lot of ladders around the area where Mastermind is using his men to help train in match scenarios. He also has fake belts hanging up all over the place.

We see Mastermind run from ladder to ladder, grabbing his peoe and pushing them off of the ladders or throwing them off. Finally he is told the camera is going live to the XWF Universe and he decides to take a break and climbs the nearest ladder where he sits at the top looking down at the camera.

"It seems to me Tommy that between weird dreams, drinking, and trying to train for our upcoming match, that since the start of your title reign 48 days ago, you look very scared. Is it because you are about to lose that title of yours that you have done so very well to keep until now, or us it because Robbie Bourbon is in the match and we both know he'll use his mouth to spray absolute bullshit. Or is it because Robbie hasn't shown up yet, and you're dealing with me?

"We both know it's because of the latter even though last week you said and I quote 'that Robbie and Mastermind are way over and better than me," unquote. That right there Tommy is called doubt, and as champion you have no right to have doubt because you are after all defending champion.

"You even said that you have no idea whether you could defend your title on a major PPV. Again more doubt Tommy. You are really rattled this week aren't you Tommy, well let me tell you, I'm not and I'll certainly take that belt from you and become...."
Mastermind held up four fingers "The four time XWF X-treme Champion and I won't have any doubts defending it on a major PPV.

"Tommy once Saturday night is done and dusted, and Robbie had either participated or left in a heap on the outside of the ring thanks courtesey to our great short lived teamwork because we would be crazy if we didn't then the race will be on to climb the ladder and retrieve the belt.

"You have doubts that it'll be you but I don't have any so I'LL BE THE ONE TO CLIMB THE LADDER AND I'LL BE THE ONE TO REACH OUT AND UNCLIP THE BELT TO BECOME 4 TIME CHAMPION and whatever Robbie says between now and then is void because we both, you and I, put in the hard work, and it will go to show that the real life game of snakes and ladders will be over. The chameleon will return to his rock, and the snake will be curled up to try and disect why he never turned up earlier to help with this fine conversation that we have going, and not tell hiss any lies that he has.

"And then the true champion will be the one standing tall on top of the ladder, holding the prize that we are all after and that ladies and gentlemen, Tommy and Robbie, that champion will be.... ME,"

Mastermind stands delicately on top of the ladder, holding the fake version of the X-treme belt, and showing his confidence as the camera fades out.

OVERALL - 42 Wins 65 Losses 8 Technicals 1 Draw
COMEBACK RECORD 2018/2019 - 17 Wins 22 Losses 1 Draw
4TH YEAR RECORD 2019 - 11 Wins 1 Draw 20 Losses
3RD YEAR RECORD 2018 - 6 Wins 2 Losses
2ND YEAR RECORD 2015 - 1 Wins 9 Losses 2 Technicals
1ST YEAR RECORD 2014 - 24 Wins 34 Losses 6 Technicals

November 2014 Star Of The Month

Former Three Time X-Treme Champion
Former Television Champion - 129 Days (Just the 4th TV Champion to break 100 days, and now 2nd on the all time list)
Former Two Time Ark of the Covenant Champion
Lost in the 1st Round of the Woodstock Open - Wrestlestock 2019


Check out back page for victories and losses

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