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Saturday Night Savage 6/29/2019
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06-29-2019 11:53 PM

[Image: V3i33MC.png]


[Image: 1920px-2009-0518-Fargodome.jpg]


We open on an aerial shot of the Fargodome in North Dakota, a handful of stragglers rushing from the parking lot to the arena doors and trying not to miss the opening bell. "SATURDAY NIGHT SAVAGE!" shines from the arenas digital marquee, and the roar of the crowd can be heard as we transition inside! Cameras pan the electric fans, leaping in their seats and waving handmade signs in hopes of being noticed.





We cut from the crowd to the ringside commentators where Heather Halliwell-Lasiewicz sit side by side, wide smiles on their faces as they kick off XWF's Saturday night brand. Fans scream in the background as the commentators begin to speak.

HHL: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Savage!

PC: We've got a hell of a show booked for you tonight as we rocket towards Leap of Faith! Who will take the leap in the iconic rafter match, and put their bodies on the line for a 24/7 case?

HHL: When will the Apex Prophecy find a way to put up some resistance to Chris Page and his team? The invaders have laid waste to everyone they've come across since losing at War Games, and Page seems to have positioned himself as the next challenger for Robert Main!

PC: Tony Santos is holding down the Hart title on Warfare, but the legendary Fuzz is looking to snatch it away before the pay per view.

HHL: While here on Savage it's all about the Television title, which Lux seems to have a stranglehold on! Tonight she takes on an XWF staple in Mastermind! Will her reign finally end, or will she clear the remaining challengers from her plate and finally elevate to the Universal title?!

Pip and Heather look at each other, mindblown by the amount of things happening in the XWF right now.

PC: That's not even getting to the incredible talent on Anarchy! Ned Kaye?! Lacklan?! Ruby?! Noah?! We're stacked like a whoooore!

HHL: Excuse me?

PC: A high class one, Heather. No offense.

HHL: Why would I be off- nevermind, back to the show! Not only are Lux and Mastermind in action, but we've got Donovan Blackwater and Big D in action for the first time since coming up short against Universal Champion Robert Main! Both men are hoping to get back on track and climb back up the ranks!

PC: Blackwater is up first against XWF staple Barney Green.

HHL: Stomach staple.



PC: ... I'll allow it! Let's get to the ring, we're ready to get this show underway!

The camera rotates to the ring just in time for the competitors entrances.

Barney Green
- vs -
Donovan Blackwater
Xtreme Rules

All three brothers emerge, with Donovan in the lead. Pausing briefly, the brothers look around at the exuberant crowd, with immense entertainment. Sharing an amused glance to one another as the fans scream. From there they walk in unison to the ring, occasionally separating to approach a random fan that's losing their mind. Clearly, enjoying the effect they have on the crowd, the Brothers Blackwater continue onward. Once they reach the ring, two of the brothers hold up the bottom rope, as Donovan slides into the ring. He then takes his place in the squared circle and awaits his opponent, while basking in the cheers from the audience.

"Like A Prayer" by Madonna starts to play through out the arena as fans start to cheer slightly. A black Jeep, driven by John Lauriniaits, appears at the top of the ramp slowly driving forward as we see Barney Green standing in the back waving the Irish Flag. The jeep stops and Green leaps out of it. He waves the flag one last time and places it back into the Jeep. He walks down the ramp and high fives a couple fans. He enters the ring and waits in the corner as the music fades. 

HHL: First match of the evening and we have hardcore legend Barney Green versus the enigmatic Donovan Blackwater!

PC: Barney's been in a bit of a slump since his return, maybe he can turn it around tonight!

The bell rings and we're off! Green starts out aggressive, locking up with Donovan and grappling him up and over into a beal toss. Donovan recovers quickly and gets to his feet, meeting Barney with a dropkick to the face which he then follows up with a precision knee drop to his face! Donovan forces Barney up and nails him with a swinging neckbreaker back down to the mat before dropping for a quick cover!




PC: Gonna take a bit more than that I'm afraid.

HHL: Hey, is it just me or is Barney looking a bit more svelte lately?

PC: You mentioned that already. Perhaps he's on the Gilmour diet? I think you've got a crush...

HHL: Isn't the Gilmour Liposuction? And gross...

By this point both men are vertical once more. Donovan goes for a forearm shot which Green blocks and returns fire with a big haymaker that jars Donovan. Green then muscles Donovan into the corner and nails him with some stuff shoulder thrusts before suplexing him back into the middle of the ring. Green then stays on the attack, splashing Donovan and pinning!




Green goes to force to Donovans shoulder back down when Donovan head butts Green!

PC: Right in the good eye!

Green rolls off of Donovan and clambers up, but Donovan attacks him again, irish whipping Green into the ropes and nailing him with a big time spinning heel kick on the rebound! Donovan then waits for Green to get back up, measuring him for a spear! Donovan lunges for the Spear but Green counters with a knee to Donovans face! OUCH! He covers!




NO! Blackwater saves himself!

PC: Close call there!

Green lifts Donovan up and dumps him back down with a power slam, before heaving him up on his shoulder once more for another slam, but Donovan reaches out and grabs the top rope, halting it! Donovan then slides down Green's back into a sunset flip style pin!




Green tosses Donovan ff of him and uses the ropes to get to his feet. Donovan gets behind Green and goes to german suplex him, getting him up and over and dumping him on the back of his head! Staying on him, Blackwater forces Green up and tosses him back into the corner and rocks him with a stiff arm clothesline before casually dragging him out and tagging him with the MAKING FRIENDS! But Donovan's not done yet! He picks Green's legs up and signals for the Shattered Mirror of Ilusions! But Green sees it coming, kicks Donovan off, gets up, wraps his arms around Donovan and belly to belly suplexes him across the ring! Now it's Green's turn to measure Donovan! Green seems to be gesturing for his own spear! He rushes Donovan, but Donovan ducks out of the way and Green crashes into the turnbuckle! He bounces out, stunned, and wide open for Donovan to hit the MAKING FRIENDS (again)! HE NAILS IT AND COVERS!




Winner via Pinfall - Donovan Blackwater!

Blackwater wins it! Donovan Blackwater rebounds successfully from his loss to Main, and he's back to taking names on Savage! Green rolls slowly from the ring, tumbling underneath the bottom rope to the floor with an impact that quakes all of North Dakota.

HHL: Tough break, Barn. Although I suppose he can always turn to shilling Atkins.

Donovan celebrates as the camera fades out to a commercial break.

We open up backstage, famed XWF reporter and interviewer Steve Sayors standing behind he black curtain that the talent passes through to reach the ring. Sayors turns his head from side to side, searching high and low for a single superstar worth interviewing. He turns towards the camera sheepishly.

STEVE SAYORS: Hey there XWF Universe… Uh… this is awkward,I was told Thaddeus Duke was going to be here tonight to announce his return to the roster, and explain why he’s been acting so lame lately… but, uh…

Suddenly Steve’s focus is stolen as a shadow passes by and he quickly realizes its one of the hottest up and coming talents in the XWF, Big D! He waves his arms furiously in the air until the star turns to look at him, a puzzled expression on his face.

STEVE SAYORS: Big D! Would you mind giving a quick interview?

Big D shrugs his shoulders and glances up at the clock on the wall.

BIG D: As long as it’s quick… my match is starting soon…

Sayors nods his head and smiles, rushing over to Big D’s side and motioning for the camera man to follow him. The camera operator chases after Steve as instructed and finally framed him up in the shot next to the Savage superstar. Steve takes a beat to collect himself, then launches in.

STEVE SAYORS: It’s good to see you back on Savage, buddy. In the past month or two we’ve seen you captain a War Games team and challenge Robert Main for the Universal title. Now you’re back on the show that your entire run began on, how does it feel and what do you think you’ve learned from those experiences?

Big D shrugs his shoulders casually.

BIG D: Well, Steve, it feels good. I've worked my ass off since I arrived here, competing on two different shows just to get management to take notice of me. With the new format, I'm gonna get more rest between matches AND additional time to train, which can only help me. My match with Main pushed me to the absolute limit and I don't want to stop now. I may not have won, but that doesn't mean I didn't get a victory in other ways. I can feel the respect building with both fans and peers backstage, and I don't want to do anything to lose that. I'm gonna keep on trucking and run through each opponent Atticus wants to throw at me.

Steve nods his head in approval.

STEVE SAYORS: What an admirable attitude to adopt, Big D. I’ve got to admit you seem to be carrying yourself differently than you were two months ago... there’s a new swagger about you, and a twinkle in your eye that frankly makes my heart flutter... errrr... forget about that part.

Steve looks awkwardly at Big D but continues before the XWF star is able to respond.

STEVE SAYORS: What I guess I’m saying is that it’s great for your peers to respect you, and for management to notice, but how do you think this new found confidence may affect you between the ropes?

BIG D: Confidence is key, Steve. If you don't believe in yourself, you might as well not bother in the first place. I've always believed in myself, but knowing that other people are starting to as well makes for a whole new ball game. Nobody likes getting booed, and when I start hearing less of them, it just means I'm doing something right. It's been a while since I've felt that way and it's a good feeling.

Steve smiles widely from ear to ear.

STEVE SAYORS: Excellent! So now that you’re feeling comfortable and confident, what’s next for you? Where do you see yourself taking this wave of momentum? Perhaps a rematch with Robert Main, or another go ‘round with Lux? Maybe it’s Tommy Wish or Tony Santos that has your eye? Come on, Big D! The tension is killing me! Tell me what’s on the horizon?!

Steve looks at Big D eagerly, awaiting an answer.

BIG D: I want my shot at Robert Main again. Donovan Blackwater was the one who took the fall and, as far as I'm concerned, he didn't beat ME. And that's why I'm officially announcing myself in the Leap of Faith match! I want my automatic shot at Main, on my time, my terms. Who knows? Maybe I'll pull the same bullshit he pulled on the Engineer. Teach him to be a little more humble. Now if you’ll excuse me, my match is about to start.

Big D extends his hand to Steve Sayors, who shakes it slowly with a slack jaw. Big D turns to make his way to the famed black curtain and take on El Principe. Steve Sayors turns directly to the camera, clearly excited by what he's just leared.

STEVE SAYORS: You heard it here first, folks! Big D seems to be a new man after the incredible matches he's been a part of the past few months, and he's declared himself the first entrant into the Leap of Faith rafter match! Big D will be looking for a 24/7 case to get himself another shot at Robert Main... but on his own terms! Who else will throw their name in the hat for this iconic match?! We'll find out soon I'm sure, but for now we need to get back to ringside... Big D's match is about to begin!

Steve continues to grin like an idiot until we slowly fade out, and transition back to the ring.

The arena is quiet for a long moment, a tension as thick as Peter Gilmours superdick in the air as the fans settle back into their seats after quick trips to the bathroom or concession stand and await the arrival of their next competitors.

Big D
- vs -
El Principe

"Falling Apart" by Trust Company hits over the PA system. Big D walks out onto the ramp and looks into the crowd for a moment before making his way down the aisle. He gets to the ring and slides in before getting to his feet and waiting for his opponent.

The opening riffs of Deafheaven's Dream House begins to play, and all in the arena go silent as the arena begins to darken, and all spotlights shine on one man walking from the back and kneeling, looking down calmly. As the drums begin to kick in, the man - El Príncipe himself - bolts up as the arena blasts in white and gold as El Príncipe looks out to the crowd. The two forces in the arena stare at each other as the crowd cheers or boos for him. Finally, wasting no more time as his manager, Klaus Alfssen walks out behind him and tapping him on the back, El Príncipe sets forth walking calmly as the guitar riffs and screamed vocals rock the arena. El Príncipe steps into the ring slowly, analyzing the situation before him as he takes a deep breath, bounces on his toes and gets ready for the match. With both wrestlers ready, the ref calls for the bell.


Big D goes to lock up with his opponent, who ducks under D's arms and delivers several kicks to his legs. El Príncipe then runs to the ropes and back at his opponent who lifts him up in Spinebuster position, but instead charges at a corner and drives Príncipe's back into the turnbuckles. D shoulders El Príncipe in the gut multiple times before whipping him to the opposite side. He quickly follows his opponent who uses the ropes to leapfrog over D and land on his feet behind him. Big D turns around and is met with a Hurricanrana. D then rolls to the outside with his hands on his hips, shaking his head.

PC: Big D looking a little off here to start.

HHL: He's looking off and El Príncipe may be looking to fly!

With his opponent on the outside, El Príncipe grabs the top rope and springboards onto it, before attempting a Dragonrana. Seeing him at the last second, Big D catches Príncipe and Powerbombs him against the apron.

PC: What a brutal counter!

HHL: There's the Big D we love to hate.

Big D wastes no time rolling his opponent back in the ring, sliding in after. He stands up and grabs El Príncipe by the mask, forcing him to stand. D then hits a Scoop Slam, followed by an elbow drop, staying on for a cover.




PC: I don't think anyone would've blamed him had he not kicked out.

HHL: He's showing the former Number 1 Contender he's not backing down.

Big D gets up and drags El Príncipe with him. D gets behind him and attempts a German Suplex, but Príncipe uses his leg to block it. Then he elbows Big D three times, causing him to let go. El Príncipe attempts a Butterfly Kick to reposition himself, but D steps back, wraps his arms around Príncipe's waist and hits with a German Suplex, keeping it bridged for a pin.




HHL: El Príncipe's heart must be bigger than D!

PC: How the hell is that possible, Heather?

Big D signals for his finisher before bringing the limp luchadore to his feet. D then lifts him up from behind, but El Príncipe does a flip behind his opponent. Big D turns around and gets met with an Enzuigiri that drops him to a knee. El Príncipe then runs to the ropes and hits a Dropkick to Big D off the rebound. With D on the mat, Príncipe hurries up and stands next to his opponent, back towards him. He then uses his amazing athletic ability to hit a Standing Corkscrew Moonsault to the delight of the crowd.

PC: That is incredible! You don't see Big D doing flashy moves like that!

HHL: I'd actually like to see that.

PC: You might as well watch a train wreck.

With his opponent down, El Príncipe walks over to the corner, climbs out on the apron, and makes his way to the top rope. Once ascended, El Príncipe puts his arms in the air before jumping off and hitting Big D with a Top Rope Elbow Drop.

HHL: Fifteen Seconds of Fame! El Príncipe may be setting up to put Big D away.

PC: His opponent looks like he doesn't know what hit him!

Big D tries making his way to his feet, with El Príncipe using his foot to help him. With D up, El Príncipe attempts his Beauty and Misery kick, but Big D takes a step back. After another complete 360 by El Príncipe, Big D wraps his arms around and attempts a Belly to Belly Suplex, but his opponent jumps up and wraps his legs around D to block it. He then grabs Big D's arm and begins attempting a Kimura Lock.

PC: What a counter!

HHL: It looks like Big D's strength might save him here, though.

D fights letting Príncipe extend his arm fully, before running to a corner and once again ramming his opponent's back against the turnbuckles, causing him to let go. Big D then goes to whip El Príncipe to the opposite corner, but doesn't let go and instead hurls him back first into the same corner. He then drags him away before covering.





Big D squats down by his opponent and goes to lock in the Big D Face Cruncher, but El Príncipe fights out of it by rolling forward and yanking his arm away. He then grabs Big D's arms and pulls his face towards him, delivering a vicious knee strike that sends Big D falling to the mat.

PC: He calls that Fiebre Dorada!

HHL: El Príncipe has covered Big D, who could be out!




HHL: Big D's foot is on the rope!

PC: The veteran using his instincts to stay in this match!

El Príncipe gets to his feet then drags Big D away from the rope slightly, before climbing out on the apron. He makes his way up the ropes, climbing all the way up top.

PC: He's going for the Wings of Icarus! This could finish Big D off!

El Príncipe jumps off the top rope, doing a full rotation. Big D rolls out of the way at the last second, causing Príncipe to land on his knees. D gets up and behind his opponent, lifting him up and bringing him down for the Dan Slam.

HHL: What a dodge by Big D!

PC: He's got the cover, El Príncipe might be finished




Winner via Pinfall - BigD!

HHL: What a win by Big D.

PC: This is just the bounce back he needed after his loss to Robert Main last Warfare.

A tired Big D paces around the ring for a moment, his hands on his hips. El Príncipe slowly begins to stir and D walks over to him.

PC: Big D could have some bad intentions in mind.

HHL: El Príncipe is completely defenseless.

El Príncipe begins to come to as he gets to his knees. He looks up at D, nervous about him being so close. All of a sudden, Big D extends a hand to his opponent.

HHL: Is Big D showing a sign of respect to his opponent?

PC: It could be a trick.

El Príncipe seems hesitant at first, but eventually greets Big D's hand with his own. They shake hands for a moment and D helps Príncipe to his feet. Big D then pulls his hand away and claps for El Príncipe before going to exit the ring.

PC: Big D knows that was a hell of match and wanted to give Príncipe props.

HHL: A different side to Big D, he normally isn't the best sport.

PC: The fans are eating this up, it's been a long time since they've cheered for this man.

HHL: After his showing against the Champion and now this, it's easy to see why they're cheering.

The fans continue to cheer and we slowly fade backstage.

James Raven sits backstage in a small office, hunched over a cheap wooden desk with his head in his hands. The office door opens suddenly and Roxy Nova makes her way inside, shutting it behind her. She makes her way over to the desk and collapses in the seat across from James.

RAVEN: Any sign of him?

ROXY NOVA: Nope. Nobody has seen him or any of the goons. I checked with every arena entrance, security... He's not here.

Raven sighs and leans back in his chair, equal parts relief and frustration on his face. Chris Page and his invaders have decimated the Apex Prophecy over the past few months, and while Raven has been eager to get a shot to even the score he's not sure his team can handle another battle this quickly.

ROXY NOVA: So what are we going to do?

RAVEN: I'm figuring it out.

ROXY NOVA: Well we need to come up with a plan. We can't keep running headlong into ambushes, we don't have the manpower. Centurion could barely walk for a month, Drew can't even turn the light on in his hospital room because of the concussion, Bigg Rigg nearly broke my ribs!

RAVEN: I know! I know! We need some help, someone to bolster the ranks and help us get the drop on Page next time he tries to set us up.

ROXY NOVA: Who might have a grudge against him, and might be willing to take the risk?

James quietly ponders, then furrows his brow and stares at Roxy.

RAVEN: I might have an idea, let me make a call.

Roxy nods her head slowly and watches James as he reaches for the phone, and we slowly fade out.

It's time for the main event! The fans are on their feet, cheering wildly as the lights dim for the arrival of two of the XWF's biggest names!

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

[Image: 8K9Z08s.png]

Lux ©
- vs -
Submission Match

"Monster" by Eminem and Rihanna blasts over the sound system as the hulking makes his way out to the top of the ramp, the New Zealand monster making his way down to the ring with much fanfare. He stomps up the ring steps, clearly focused on tonights opportunity to become a champion once more as he climbs through the ropes and awaits the arrival of the champion.

The lights dim and all the screens in the arena become a wall of green code. As the opening scream of “We Appreciate Power” is heard, the code starts to slowly twist and bend into the outline of a woman's face, interspersed with shots of Lux in action ruining people's shit with brutal kicks and strikes. Lux appears at the top of the ramp, looking determined and ignoring the crowd. She runs into the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and rolling to her feet like a little goddamn ninja. The lights all turn back on and she's mean mugging Mastermind until the opening bell.





Lux rushes Mastermind like a bat out of hell as soon as the bell rings, cracking the former Xtreme champion with two stiff knife edged chops before hitting a spinning back elbow that sends Mastermind stumbling back into the corner. Lux rushes forward looking for a helluva kick but Mastermind sidesteps and gets her leg caught up on the top rope! Mastermind slips behind her and hooks her around the waist, hurling the Television champion with a German suplex!

PC: Mastermind has a huge strength advantage tonight, he needs to use it!

Mastermind tries to scramble atop Lux for a cover but she's already rolling to her feet! Mastermind is on all fours and eats a knee to the face! Lux runs off the ropes and builds up momentum before launching herself for a flying knee! Mastermind is able to catch Lux! He gets to his feet just in time to take the knee in his body and absorb most of the impact, slamming Lux hard to the canvas! The champion looks shaken up, but she hasn't stopped moving!


Lux is trying to wrap her legs around Mastermind for a triangle choke! Mastermind is going to be in trouble if he's not careful, but he powers himself up and lifts Lux up off the mat! He's got Lux in the air!

HHL: OH GOD! What a powerbomb by Mastermind! Lux looks out of it and lets go of the choke!

Mastermind presses his weight down on Lux, flattening her to the canvas as the referee slides into position to make the count!



Lux is able to roll a shoulder up off of the mat and squirm out from underneath Mastermind, getting shakily to her feet in the corner and using the top rope for support! Mastermind doesn't want to give her any time to recover and sprints across the ring, but Lux drops to the mat at the last second and pulls the top rope with her! Mastermind tumbles over the top and lands hard on the apron! He climbs to his feet quickly and sees Lux waiting for him! Lux hits a dropkick that sends Mastermind to the floor! She bounces off the far ropes, looking for a suicide dive!


PC: Mastermind rocks Lux with a right hand as soon as she tried to leap through the ropes! Lux crumples inside the ring and Mastermind poses triumphantly for the shocked fans in the front row!


Mastermind climbs up the apron and through the ropes, grabbing Lux and dragging her up to her feet. Lux is clearly stunned from that last shot and puts up little resistance as she's hurled across the ring and into the ropes, bouncing back to Mastermind who plants her with a big boot. He lifts her back to her feet once again and throws her violently to the corner. Lux slams hard into the turnbuckle and staggers out where Mastermind puts her down with a scoop side slam and hooks the leg for another cover!



Kickout by Lux!

HHL: She's the TV champion for a reason, it's going to take more than that to pry the belt off of her!

Masterming glances at the referee with an arched eyebrow, but doesn't question the count any further than that as he lifts Lux to her feet and hurls her into the ropes again, but this time Lux bounces back at him with ferocity and punches him directly in the throat! Mastermind is staggered, clutching his windpipe and gasping as Lux hits a russian legsweep to topple the Kiwi! She hits a standing elbow drop, then grabs Mastermind by the hair and drags him to the center of the ring! Lux makes the cover!



Kickout by Mastermind!


Mastermind isn't done yet! He shoves Lux off of him and both superstars climb to their feet. Lux blitzes Mastermind again with several sharp punches and chops, backing him into the corner where Mastermind covers up for a moment and tries to collect himself! It's just the opening Lux needs and she fires a brutal knee into the unprotected midsection! Mastermind doubles over, and Lux bounces off the nearest ropes before snapping a powerful scissor kick to the back of Masterminds neck... sucka! Mastermind goes down on all fours and Lux has him lined up. Dropkick to the side of the skull! Mastermind is knocked senseless and rolls over in the corner, tangling himself up in the ropes!

PC: What a veteran move! Lux can't pin him now!

Lux sighs and pounces on Mastermind, working to pry his arm and leg free of the lower rope he's hooked them on. She eventually gives up and backs away, allowing Mastermind to climb back to his feet at his own pace and the fans to catch their breath.


Mastermind and Lux circle slowly, both respecting the other after the breakneck pace they've tested each other with thus far. Mastermind extends his hand for a tie up but Lux roundhouse kicks his arm away, then nails his thigh with a muay thai style leg kick. Mastermind takes a step forward to close the distance but Lux backpedals and slams another kick into his thigh. Mastermind stumbles as he continues to advance, and Lux stings him with several more leg kicks!

HHL: She's chopping down the tree!

Mastermind stops, those kicks have taken a toll and it seems to be painful for him to walk right now! Lux backs up knowing she's got Mastermind hurt! She takes a running start and looks for a flying elbow smash... BUT SHE GETS SPEARED OUT OF THE AIR! Lux gets smashed by a Mastermind spear, he looks like he put everything he had into that! On instinct alone Lux rolls away and underneath the bottom rope, collapsing to the floor outside the ring! Mastermind watches in horror as she excapes and tries to crawl after her, but it looks like his leg has gone dead on him! Lux punished that thigh, and loading up for that spear took everything he had left!


The crowd is on their feet as Mastermind lays helplessly in the middle of the ring, and Lux lays motionless on the floor outside. This Television title battle has been back and forth from the jump, and both stars look absolutely demolished after just six minutes!

HHL: There's no way they go the full 15 minutes.

PC: Wanna bet?

HHL: Let's not pretend you'd ever pay up on a lost bet.

The referee has no choice but to begin to count Lux out of the ring, and Mastermind realizes he can lose his chance at the title if he doesn't get the champion back into the ring. The Kiwi army crawls across the mat and begins to pull himself under the bottom rope! He hangs himself over the edge... UPKICK! Lux throws a sharp kick from the floor and Mastermind goes momentarily limp and dangles over the apron towards the floor. Every time Mastermind looks like he may have an advantage Lux finds a way to swing momentum back! Lux stands slowly and rolls back into the ring.

PC: Good for Lux. Nobody wants to keep the title on a count out loss.


Lux tries once more to drag the massive Mastermind to the center of the ring, but once more his dead weight and the ropes prove too much. She's exhausted, having faced more of an onslaught from Mastermind in half a match than she's faced from many others in a full 15 minute bout. She collapses a few feet away from Mastermind to take a breath, waiting as he eventually stirs and rolls himself back into the ring proper. Lux gets to her feet, ready to make another stand. Mastermind staggers slowly to a vertical base, clutching the top rope desperately.

Lux stares at Mastermind!

Mastermind stares at Lux!

Lux smiles, and Mastermind sprints across the ring at he- NO! He tries to rush the Television champion but his leg gives out and he collapses to his knees in the center of the ring! He looks up at Lux who bows her head to him ever so subtly, and applauds his efforts, then unleashes a brutal buzzsaw kick! "DIE"!


PC: He's out! He's out cold!

Lux makes the cover!




Winner and STILL XWF Television Champion - Lux!

HHL: It's over! Lux has done it!

PC: That match was insane, it can't be the last we see of these two against each other, I feel like I just did a line I'm so fired up!

HHL: There's kids watching, Pip.

PC: Well they probably shouldn't be.

Following the contest as LUX has gathered herself the crowd erupts with loud boos when the voice of CHRIS PAGE is heard over the loud speakers.

CHRIS PAGE: Hey you!

LUX spins around expecting to see CHRIS PAGE standing on the ramp but that’s not to be; instead we see CHRIS on the X-Tron as he continues.

CHRIS PAGE: I’m sorry I couldn’t be there in person tonight… but uh, I couldn’t force myself to travel to a secondary market like FARGO, NORTH DEKOTA.

The crowd erupts with louder boos as LUX looks on.

CHRIS PAGE: And while FARGO isn’t good enough for a CHRIS PAGE it’s apparently good enough for someone such as yourself.

There’s a momentary pause before CHRIS continues.

CHRIS PAGE: I was thrilled to see you show up on Warfare and accept the challenger of THE TRISTAN SLATER because in doing so you’ve just marked the end of your career.

There’s a massive “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” chant directed towards the X-Tron as CHRIS smirks before continuing.

CHRIS PAGE: But before we get to that let us first discuss OUR business. You see, somewhere in that pea sized head of yours you seriously seem to think and or have convinced yourself that I, “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE, am… and I can’t believe these words are coming out of my mouth… I’m ducking you?

Chris simply shakes his head in disgust before spouting out.

CHRIS PAGE: Bitch I don’t even know you let alone am ducking you. Let me tell you what this is; this is a younger talent that see’s a new hot, fresh act on the scene and want to latch your name on to it. In order to step in the ring with someone such as myself you have EARN it! My time is valuable and I’m not going to waste it on the bottom of the barrel just yet… but in your case I think I’m going to make an exception.

The crowd pops HUGE!

CHRIS PAGE: While my eyes are firmly focused on getting my hands around the XWF Universal Championship there’s no need for you to worry about putting that secondary title on the line because I have zero interest in it… the one thing I want you to understand more than anything else is be careful with what you wish for because now you’re going to get it.

The camera takes a wide shot at ringside to reveal THE TRISTAN SLATER is in the ring behind LUX! SLATER spins LUX around before quickly driving her into the mat with a Arm Bar DDT which he transitions into a the GLORIOUS CROSSFACE! The crowd roars with massive boos as SLATER has the Crossface locked in deep as he cranks back on the head and neck of LUX! SLATER is heard screaming into the ear of LUX.


SLATER continues cranking back on the head and neck of LUX when the boos grow even louder when we see CHRIS PAGE saunter out to the top of the ramp LIVE!

HHL: So he is here!

PC: The mind games continue to be played by CHRIS PAGE and whom he calls his Brothers.

CHRIS starts to make the walk towards the ring as the fight in LUX is fading at the hands of the GLORIOUS CROSSFACE as CHRIS reaches ringside. PAGE climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and into the ring as THE TRISTAN SLATER breaks his submission hold before getting back to his feet where he lands a direct stomp on the back of the head of LUX. SLATER snatches LUX up, her body limp from the effects of the GLORIOUS CROSSFACE as Slater forces LUX to her knees holding her in place for CHRIS who makes his way over before squatting down so he is head level with her before he places the microphone to his lips.

CHRIS PAGE: Have you met Table Scraps?

CHRIS sarcastically spouts out before winking at SLATER who is still seething. CHRIS quickly diverts his attention to LUX’s face as SLATER holds it in place.

CHRIS PAGE: Little girl, you’re going to get what you want… You’re going to get CHRIS PAGE!

The roof explodes as CHRIS continues.

CHRIS PAGE: You’re going to get CHRIS PAGE in TWO WEEKS!

The crowd roars even louder.

CHRIS PAGE: No titles, no brothers… just me and you… No excuses.

CHRIS hasn’t even touched LUX as he gets a little closer to her face.

CHRIS PAGE: Who’s dodging who?

The crowd goes ballistic when we see LUX manage to spit directly into the face of CHRIS PAGE! CHRIS stands up as he wipes the spit off his face with a smug expression before simply looking at SLATER and with a simple head nod TRISTAN yanks LUX up to her feet before hurling her towards PAGE who delivers a boot to the midsection doubling over LUX and positioning her for the PAGE PLANT when he suddenly stops and glances back towards SLATER and hurls her back towards him as he delivers a SUPERKICK that nearly kicks the head of LUX while making BIG SHANK cringe where ever he may be watching from. LUX crumbles to the mat as we see THE TRISTAN SLATER reach down picking up the XWF Television Championship. He hurls it over his shoulder before both he and CHRIS PAGE exit the ring leaving LUX laid out.




Thank you to those who helped on this show

Chris Page
Atticus Black

And thank you to all that RPed this week.

The People’s G.O.A.T.

3x Universal Champion, 3x World Champion, 9x Xtreme Champion, 1x Hart Champion, 2x Phoenix Champion, 1x Women’s Champion (lol), 1x Federweight Champion, 1x Heavymetalweight Champion, 5x Tag Team Champion
(w/ Aidan Collins, Roxy Nova, Mia Sanchez, Big Shank, Drew Archyle)

XWF Hall of Legends
#4 on XWFs “Top 50” List
2009 Rookie of the Year
2009 Face of the Year
2010 Heel of the Year
7x Star of the Month
2x Star of the Year (2009/‘10)
2x Feud of the Year (2010/‘11 w/ Big Shank)
2017 High Stakes Winner
Lots of other random shit
Former XWF Owner
... and current XWF co-Owner
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