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07-02-2019 11:58 PM

June 28th, 2019

"Hey, man. Thanks for accepting my offer to hang outside for once! Y'know, it's been a while since we have..."


Stood still in front of his office door, head hung somewhat low, is none other than Ned Kaye. He has his phone pressed in between his ear and should while he places the key into the door. He twists the it, listening for the lock to click before removing it and placing the key into the back pocket of his jeans. They're faded and worn, holes starting to form at the knees. The Notorious One is looking more solemn than usual.

"I-uh... I saw Anarchy..."

Wincing somewhat, as if a knife was only seconds plunged into his chest, he sighs, disappointment seeping from his response.


"...Ned, you know it's not the end of the world right?"

"Could've fooled me."

"Dude, it's just a loss! That's all it is. You've still got the whole world in front of you."

Ned stays silent, leaning his head against his office door.

"...I know. I'll meet you at Giovanni's, okay?"

"Sure, man. See ya there."

With a deep exhale, he looks up, grabbing his phone and tossing it into his pocket. He looks at the glass pane on the door, running his hands over the letters of his name that were hastily applied to it. Looking toward the camera, he walks forward.

The scene cuts to outside on the street, Ned walking alone, thoughts seemingly pounding in his skull. The sky above him is covered in clouds, sunlight bleeding through. A breeze floats past him,causing his hair to gently sway and press to his face. Each step seems to bring Kaye closer to some inner anguish; the expression on his face revealing an exhaustion underneath.

As he continues onward, he steps into a subway station, uneventfully getting onto a train and sitting away from the other passengers as best he can. As he stares into the window, a clip is played over the footage. The clip shows a younger Ned Kaye, appearing to be one of his promos from his days of indie work. He's standing in the middle of a ring, clean shaven, passion flowing through every syllable.

"You know what comprises a champion? The heart! The spirit! And it's not something everybody has, but it's something anyone can have! And that's why I do what I do. Because I'm not far removed from your common wrestling fan. I'm not much more than an everyday person with a keen mind and the willingness to continue, but that's why I earn respect! Because lesser men fold under the pressure! Lesser men turn away when action is necessary! I'd rather die than be a lesser man!"

The picture cuts back to Ned on the train, the audio from his old promo still playing.

"Y'know people say "diamond in the rough" without understanding truly what it entails. Diamonds start out as coal and coal is sure as hell not too rare! What makes the difference? Time and pressure. That's what turns ordinary into extraordinary and that is the principle I want to encapsulate for everyone out there who was every told they couldn't!"

The train stops, a loud chime and jingle ringing across the speakers. Moving slowly, Ned gets up and heads towards the train's exit. As he walks up the steps, he notices a few XWF fans with Ruby shirts pass him by, seemingly not even recognizing him. Shaking his head slightly, he looks up to see Ethan standing near the entrance of Giovanni's, waving at him to get to the restaurant.

"Come on, man! I've seen you move faster than that!"

The scene cuts to the inside of Giovanni's, much of the decor being cheap and plastic. Ned sits across from Ethan in a booth, a weak smile on his face.

"God, I'm really glad I could convince you to get out a bit. You look so miserable in that place sometimes."

Ned chuckles halfheartedly, shrugging.

"Honestly, it feels like that's my mood most places right now. I don't know what's come over me, but I can assure you I don't like it."

Ethan frowns, unraveling his napkin to get the fork out, grabbing a bit of bread left in a basket in front of them.

"Ned... can you please tell me what's going on? Is this about facing Mastermind? Do you not think you can beat him?"

"It's not that it's just-"

"Is it about your Dad?"

"No. I just-"

"Ned, if this is about the Ruby match, it's just a loss-"

"Not to me!"

Ned nearly slams a hand down onto the table, fuming somewhat.

"Everyone is telling me it's alright, but it's not, Ethan! It's not alright! I tried, Ethan. I really did try... And it wasn't enough. I put everything I was in front of me, every belief and conviction and I failed each and every last one. This was never about the belt to me. Never about being champion. It was about standing for my beliefs and proving they meant something. I couldn't do that. If I can't even represent my ideals correctly, how am I supposed to do anything?"

"Ned. Don't tell me you're thinking about quitting..."

The Notorious One looks to the side, not making a sound.

"After all of this you're just gonna toss it away because... because you lost a match? Ned, you're a smart guy, I know that's not an idea you would think is good. You're not like that. What the hell is going on?"

"You wanna know?"

"Of course, I do, dude!"

"I'm scared."

Ethan looks at him oddly, preparing to speak before being interrupted by their waitress. The woman steps into frame unexpectedly, laying their pizza out on the table.

"And here's your pie! I hope you enjoy and you just let me know if either of you need anything else!"

"Thank you."


They watch the waitress walk away before making eye contact again.

"Scared of what?"

"I'm afraid that when people say that I'm just some passing fad, they're right. That I'm little more than what they think of me and I'm just too damn stubborn to realize it. I'm scared that I've tried to stand on behalf of people who deserve better than somebody like me. I'm scared that my father will leave this mortal coil with me as a failure to him and everything he worked so tirelessly to be. I get to hear so much about legacy in this company, but I feel as though I'm not even going to have one. Like I'm waiting to be forgotten; just some fool hanging on to a dream that's ended. But most of all, I worry that the entire universe wants to try and push me to crack. To become some bitter, cruel, shallow version of who I am. And I can't be that, Ethan."

"Then leave it all behind. It's the environment around you that's doing this, right? So, if you leave, you'll be happy."

Ned looks down, closing his eyes.

"But we both know it's not that. Ned, if you quit now, there's no stepping back. There's no returning from it. You don't want that. This match is less about Mastermind and more about the stipulation. More about what it means to you. Ned..."

"If you lose, that's okay, but you need to lose to him, not yourself..."

Wiping his face slightly, Ned looks up.

"I know."

"At least I can take comfort in the fact that I haven't mastered my own mind, so him being able to is unlikely."

The two chuckle somewhat before grabbing a slice of pizza.

"Hey, Ethan?"


"Thank you."

Ethan smiles, taking a bite out of his slice, talking somewhat with his mouth full.

"No need, man. You did give my parents money for my college tuition, after all."

Almost dropping pizza onto his lap, Kaye's face turns surprised.

"...I didn't think you'd find out about that."

"Well, I did. You know you coulda spent that money on a personal trainer, right? Or a therapist?"

"I think I'll get by talking to you, buddy."

"I spent some of that money."

Ned nearly spits out his food.

"You did what?! How did you even get access from your parents?"

"I told them you needed some help. I wasn't wrong. Besides, you can pay me back later."

Ned shakes his head, beginning to laugh earnestly.

"You're such a pain in my ass, sometimes, I hope you know that."


The two continue to eat, talking somewhat, laughing with each other as the scene transitions.

The scene cuts to Ned and Ethan walking outside, the sky much more dim as the early beginnings of evening are settling in. They're chuckling over some innocuous statements.

"God, it feels good to be out here amongst the people again. I've felt so damn detached."

"I thought you might enjoy the change of pace."

"You know, I still don't know if I can do it."

"Do what?"

"Beat Mastermind. Hell, I feel like I couldn't pin Hootie the Owl right now."

"Real talk? I dunno either."

"Your "reassurance" is very appreciated."

Ethan responds with joking offense.

"Hey, don't blame me for your bad mood!"

They begin to get close to the block where Ned's gym is when Ned notices something peculiar over the door. Ethan smirks widely as they get closer.

"What in the..?"

Once they get in clear view, the camera turns to reveal a sign above the entrance to Ned's gym with the words "The Notorious Gym" on it. It's bright, lined with neon, catching the eye atop an otherwise unremarkable building. Ned stands in awe, almost coming to tears.

"Y'know... you never asked what I spent that money on."

"Ethan... I can't believe you'd... Th-thank you so much... but what about your future?"

Ethan exhales somewhat, still smiling warmly.

"What about yours?"

Ned begins to tear up, overwhelmed by the surprise.

"Ned, I know how tough this has all been for you. I know you don't believe in yourself. But I do. Even then, I don't you to go out there desperate to win. I just want you to fight, Ned. That's all I ask, man."

Kaye nods, embracing his friend closely, patting him on the back as the camera pans to the sign, shining as the picture fades.

"You can't run from yourself."

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