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Wishing On A Star
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06-13-2019 10:22 PM

We open the scene on a gorgeous day on the isle of FIJI where the superstars of the XWF will do battle this Wednesday night as WARFARE invades the island with what anticipates to be a great night of action. We will see some great action but the main event is what people are all talking about. It will be the Xtreme Icon Peter Gilmour doing battle with the Xtreme Champion, Tommy Wish in a Xtreme Rules match. This is Peter's title shot he wanted and earned and could be Peter's crowning glory should he win the belt. But can he win the belt from a very game Tommy Wish? Can he win the belt for the 14th time? Or will Tommy end Peter's dream of holding the belt once again. We shall see this Wednesday night on WARFARE!

The scene now shifts to a local TV facility where Steven Sayors is standing by sitting in a black chair. He is wearing his traditional brown suit and pants with a red tie. His brown hair flows down the sides of his face and his beard is perfectly trimmed. The camera crew is setting up various shots as Steve is going over his notes and talking to the floor director. We then see Peter Gilmour coming into the scene wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. His brown hair flows down the sides of his face as well.

Peter strolls into the scene looking very confident going into his match with Tommy Wish. He came out swinging in his first promo so we'll see what he has to say in this one. Peter greets Steve with a firm handshake and a pat on the back which is rare because Steve has been hounded by Peter in previous interviews. Maybe Peter feels sorry for those times, who knows. They sit down in their chairs and get lapel microphones put on them. They both do a sound test and get the right volume for their mics. They seem ready and await the cue from the floor director. After a few minutes, we're ready to go as Steve gets the cue from the floor director.

Steve: Hello wrestling fans, I'm as always, Steve Sayors. Warfare comes your way this Wednesday night and my guest at this time seems ready to fight as he will be going after his 14th Xtreme Title as he faces Tommy Wish. He is none other than the Xtreme Icon, the King of Xtreme, the man himself, Peter F'n Gilmour!! Peter welcome to the show.

Peter: Steve, as always, the pleasure is all mine. But thanks for having me.

Peter folds his hands together as Steve readies his first question.
Steve: Peter, before we begin, I want to congratulate you on winning the NXT World Title a few weeks ago. That must've been a great accomplishment adding to your already Hall of Fame worthy resume. Tell me about the win. And where is the title now?

Peter: The title is back home in my mansion being guarded by my ace security devices. They make sure NOBODY touches my titles I've won over my entire career. But pretty soon I will add back the Xtreme Title to my trophy room after I dismantle that clown Tommy Wish. As for the match, it was long and grueling. That boy Johnny put me through hell and I had doubts I would win. But I exploited his weaknesses and in the end came away with his title. My 5th World Title I might add. Oh you thought the Universal Title was a world title? Well, it is. But this title means more than the Universal Title and all the others I've held. It shows you why I am the measuring stick in this industry. I am the fuckin' man Steve. That title shows the world I'm not the bumbling idiot I was when I first started off in wrestling all those years ago.

I've been around this block a long time and I am not slowing down even though I'm past my prime and old as fuck. I got a long way to go. These young bones and young blood still keep me going Steve. I will not rest until I win more and more gold and cement my legacy as the most decorated champion in this companies history. And that starts with winning back the title that made me. Well, besides the Hart Title, which I'll win back eventually along with the Universal. I'll hold all the gold once more bet on that Steve.

But getting back to the question, I'm glad I got back some gold because I felt naked without it. My super dick needed something to rest on, besides my hot as fuck wife's pussy. So when the referee gave me the belt, I let it rest on my sexy lap and it felt good Steve. It really did. It felt like fucking my wife for the first time. I'm not letting that belt go and this Wednesday night, I am going to beat Tommy Wish unmercifully to the point he will be unrecognizable. I will beat him all over FIJI and I will show him why I am the Xtreme Icon and the KING of hardcore wrestling. He's mine Steve. MINE!

Peter looks determined to win at all costs as he looks at Steve intently. Steve nods his head as he can see Peter wants that Xtreme belt once more. Steve then asks another question.

Steve: Let's talk about Tommy shall we? He seems determined as well to beat me and retain the title. You two have not met inside that ring. How do you prepare for a match against an opponent you know nothing about?

Peter: Good question Steve. When I go into a match with an opponent I haven't faced. I try to feel him out. Not like that Steve. Get that mind out of the gutter. I go in the same way I go into a match with a man I've fought dozens of times. Say like Mastermind or Vinnie Lane. I go in focused and ready to dominate them. But with rookies, or men I haven't faced, I try a different approach. I try to feel them out like I said, and try to find their weaknesses. Play mind games if you will. And we all know, I'm the master of mind games. But I digress.

Going into this match with Tommy, I have one goal. WIN! I will not accept defeat Steve. I cannot lose this match. I've worked too hard to even get the title shot and too damn hard to squander it. I know my track record with title shots is not that great. But I intend on making this one count. Like I said, I will take Tommy to his limits. I will expose his weaknesses and in the end I will come out the 14 time Xtreme Champion and go onto Leap of Faith as the champion. I will not let this opportunity go away again. And when I win, I will not let this title go to some scrub who won't defend the title with honor.

Steve, Tommy is a good champion. But he's not great. I'm great. I'm the best Xtreme Champion of all time here in the XWF. Like I said, I am the measuring stick here in the XWF. Fuck Robert Main! Yeah, I said it FUCK ROBERT MAIN!

But Steve, I won't take anything away from Tommy. I know he will bring his best to the match and I will be ready for him. He's around the same age as me and he started off in the indies like I did. So we got some things in common. We both know the horros of the indies. Working for peanuts, not knowing where our next meal could come from. Trying to pay for food, rent, gas, plane and hotel, the usual for indy wrestlers. But you see I was a star on the indies. I won my first world title in the indies Steve. A little fed called TTM/KRB (ooc: a old radio/wrestling fed me and my friend Greg came up with back in the 90s which was somewhat successful.) back in 1997. I won that title against my best friend in the company and I felt on top of the world that night. My mom was very proud of me. All my family and friends were proud. This was the start of the Xtreme Icon's career. From there I went on to other indy feds where I didn't do that well. I then went to a little fed called the BWF and won the world title the first night I debuted. Then I went to Japan and we all know what happened there. Buy the DVD if you don't believe me.

Anyways, my career has seen its ups and downs Steve. And just like Tommy, we've had long careers. But this Wednesday night, it all comes to a head. Like Tommy said, we have yet to fight and I don't know why management waited so long to make this match. But our paths finally cross this Wednesday night.

Peter turns towards the camera and gives a determined look into the camera. He's ready ladies and gentlemen.

Peter: Tommy, you can mock my reigns as Xtreme Champion all you want. You can say I'm going to replace you in Fiji. What kind of talk is that? That shows me you're scared to face me. That's not how a champion should talk Tommy. A champion should act and talk with confidence. That's very important in this sport. And yes Steve, wrestling is a SPORT. Not like how those idiots up north do. You got to be confident as a champion because if you're not, you will lose very quickly and I think Tommy, you will lose with that attitude. And what's with the mask? You know Steve, I used to wear a mask back in the day. Wanna see it?

Steve nods as Peter reaches into his back pocket and pulls out.. a luchadore mask! It looks like La Parka's mask!

[Image: $_35.JPG]

Peter: I wore this back in a little fed called the S v O. To be honest, I didn't like it and I still hate it to this day. I mean look at this face. Does it look like it needs to be covered up by a mask? Come on now. But I guess with Tommy and his Borderlands mask it means something to him, I don't know. Maybe it's to disguise his ugly face. But I digress.

Tommy, if you want a vacation so bad, I'll be more than happy to give it to you. But I'll give you a permanent vacation. Where will you go? TO THE HOSPITAL! You'll have a lifetime stay in the hospital where the doctors and nurses will be feeding you through a IV tube. You'll enjoy sponge baths and nobody to see you. I hope you enjoy your vacation Tommy. And yes, my "SUCK MY DICK" thing is LEGEND.. wait for it.. DARY! LEGENDARY! Sorry you don't have a catchy catchphrase like mine. It'll suck anyways but I digress.

You say the mask will play a part in the end of the match. It might as well be but I don't give a shit. Bring your mask, I'll bring weapons of my choice and I will make you bleed and I will take you down and take that title you hold so dear. Bring your best, it won't help you against a GOD like myself. I'll see you in the ring Tommy. Get ready to be taken... TO THE XTREME!

Peter winks sadistically as he grins in the same manner. He's ready to become the 14 time Xtreme Champion. Can he do it? We'll see this Wednesday night on WARFARE. We begin to fade out with a shot of Peter and Steve shaking hands as they then begin to leave the TV facility. We now FADE TO BLACK!!

[Image: adam-cole-1200x675.jpg]


[Image: uUIaYG6.png]


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