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Washington DC's Ginger Ninja!
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06-14-2019 06:12 PM

Post Match; War Games

The scene opens in the medical room with Scully being attended to by a medic. Skull was having stitches put in his forehead after being busted open by a curb stomp by surprise replacement for Luca Arzegotti on Team Deacon, Madison Dyson. Tony Santos had held Scully deliberately so Dyson could inflict the vicious stomp, thus eliminating Scully from the match. Scully was a little frustrated as he stared at the floor. Skulls best mate, Curtista stood nearby and wanted to conduct an interview as he normally would. Skull had so far refused to take part.

Curtista approached Scully, this time without warning and Alfie had the camera recording. Skull shook his head in disbelief but he couldn't hide from the camera forever. The stitches were put in place and finished. The medic left the room leaving Scully alone with Curtista.

Curtista: "So Scully I see you're a little disappointed with being eliminated from Team Blackwater. But you did your part, you contributed to the team, don't forget that Scully. Team Blackwater was victorious tonight so were you. What did you make of the match itself?"

"The Elimination doesn't matter. I am still a winner, regardless. The team I was on, are the winners. We worked as a team and we win as a team. Team Deacon weren't as difficult as first thought, they didn't work as well as we did. We all know about my rivalry with Robbie Bourbon but I put that aside tonight so our team could win. If I wanted to I could have smashed Robbers face in and caused him to be eliminated but I didn't because at the end of the day I wanted to be on the winning team. More members is better than less, obviously. We did what we needed to do and we are victorious!"

Curtista: "You're damn right you are Scully. I can imagine it was hard not to just turn around and smack Robbie in the face, hit him with a SCULLANATOR?"

"It was very hard indeed. But as you know I just pretended he wasn't there whilst the match went on. I could see his fat body in the corner of my eye but I ignored him because at the end of the day I wanted to be the winner, like I already stated! He will get his just deserts alright don't you worry about that, Curtista!"

Curtista: "Judging by the stitches on your head we can see that you were in a war, tonight. The way your head stomped into the turnbuckle was hard to watch. Dyson put real force into that Curb Stomp. Santos played a big part in that and also scored the most eliminations not only for his team, but for the whole match. What did you think of his performance?"

"Do you want me to kiss his ass? Praise the weirdo? Well let me tell you now…. "

Just as Scully was answering the question, in walked Donovan Blackwater. Curtista looked a little annoyed at Donovan, "We're trying to record Curtista T.V here, man…."

Donovan Blackwater: "It'll only take a minute…."

Donovan then turns his attention to Scully as Curtista takes a back seat.

Donovan Blackwater: "So Scully .. I've been to the others and now I come to you. Great work out there tonight. I just came to thank you for your contribution in our victory."

"Don't patronize me… Coming in here, acting all grateful. What's up with that?"

Donovan Blackwater: "I'm not being patronising at all, Scully. I just came to thank you for your effort, just like I did our other teammates."

"My effort? My effort? Look at my fuckin' head!"

Scully was getting pissed off and the tension was rising quickly in the room. Skull pointed at the wounds. Skull had an attitude problem and Donovan wasn't going to just allow it.

Donovan Blackwater: "Yes, I seen but that wasn't my fault. You should be angry with Madison Dyson and Tony Santos for that!"

"So it had nothing with you not having your partner's back? I'm a man, I can handle being busted open but what I can't and I won't just take, is my team captain, not being much of a captain at all!"

Donovan Blackwater: "Oh so you're questioning my leadership skills now? All because you got beaten!"

"Lux is the reason Team Blackwater was victorious. NOT DONOVAN! Maybe we should change it to Team Lux, considering YOU SUCK!"

Donovan had heard enough and hits Scully with a sweet right hand. Skull stumbles back and then attacks. The two men begin brawling in the small medic room, throwing each other into walls and other surrounding equipment. Paperwork and shit falls on the floor… Curtista just watches and says..

Curtista: "Here we have two men, both trying to be the Alpha Male. This is interesting to watch…"

Suddenly XWF officials step in to break up the two men who were still swinging at each other. Scully's stitches had been reopened and Donovan had blood coming from his nose. Donovan is escorted away as the scene fades…..

Wednesday 12th June 2019
Scully's Home
Miami, Florida

Scully, Natalie had just returned from taking little Aston to Planet Kids Indoor Playground and Cafe. On the way home little Aston was dropped off at Natalie's mums for a bit. Skull inserted the key to their home and pushed opened the front door, Scully noticed a clutter of mess leading from the hallway to the stairs. Skull quickly ran in, in panic, as the house was normally tidy and that part certainly was before they left. Skull runs into the kitchen as a few smashed mugs led on the floor. The back door was wide open which explained that someone may have entered. Natalie had followed Skull and oddly three mugs sat on the table. To be fair it didn't seem too messy but it appeared like whoever had been there, did it on purpose.

Natalie: "Ring the cops…"

"I'm not going to call the pigs to tell them Goldilocks has been in my house! I know who to call ..."


Scully pulls out his mobile phone and browses his contacts. He clicks the call button on "Lux" and the phone begins to ring. Where did he get her number from?   

He waits.... And waits.... No answer. The call goes to the voicemail service of "Lux". Skull doesn't leave a message, he ends the call.

Skull shrugs and tries once more. The phone rings and this time there is an answer....

Lux: "Yes Scully."

"Hey Lux, I couldn't borrow that robot thingy of yours could I?"

Lux: "Robot thingy?

"You know the little orbit guy?"

Lux: "Oh you mean Helper?"

"Yeah.. Yeah… Please? ASAP."

Lux: "Sure!"

Lux hangs up the phone. Natalie then looks at Scully, Natalie: "So what can this Helper do? We're gonna have to wait ages for them to turn up… You should've rang the cops like a normal person would!"

"Well we could go upstairs whilst we wait?"

Scully caressed Natalie's tits over her top and they begin to kiss passionately. Natalie was in a grumpy mood right now and rightfully so but  this always helped ease her stress levels. Skull takes Natalie's hand to lead her upstairs but the doorbell suddenly rings. Skull and Natalie look at each other and Scully walks to the front door to open it. Scully is really surprised to see the XWF TV Champion Lux and HELPER.

"How did you get here so quick?"

Lux: "Are you going to invite us in?"

"Yeah of course. Sorry. Come in."

Natalie then approaches, Natalie: "So you're Lux and this is HELPER?"

Lux: "That would be correct."

HELPER:"I am HELPER, at your service."

"Wow… What a cool robot!"

Natalie:"Can we have him?"

"How much Lux? I'll pay you now!"

Lux looks at Scully and Natalie, then back at HELPER.

Lux: "I'm sorry. HELPER not for sale."

"Come on… Please? Why not?"

Lux: With HELPER, comes much responsibility. I cannot sell him at any price."

"Why does that sound familiar? Like out of a film or something?

Are you sure you don't want 50/50? Phone a friend?"

Lux:"I'm sure. Nice try though, Scully."

Natalie: "Why don't me and Lux have a glass of Rose and you two can do your thing."

"Okay sure…"

Lux and Natalie go off into the kitchen and HELPER immediately begins looking around. Firstly, the floating orb guy enters the living room. The lounge area had been ransacked a little bit but wasn't too bad. Nothing appeared to grab HELPERS attention in that room. HELPER exits the lounge area and enters a similar looking room. Only this room is trashed. Scully can't believe that all his Wrestling memorabilia is everywhere, all over the floor. From Scullys trophies to his title belts and plaques.

HELPER: "I NEVER realised you was a wrestler?"

"Yes, you cheeky robot, you!"

HELPER: "You learn something new every day!"

Skull is shocked but also amused. HELPER checks the trophies etc for evidence like fingerprints. HELPER and Scully leave that area. HELPER is quick enough to go upstairs to investigate. HELPER goes in to bathroom but doesn't find anything interesting. He then heads straight for Scully and Natalie's room. The bedroom itself didn't really seem like it had been touched. He searches the bedroom and opens the bedside drawers.. Inside the drawers on Natalie's side are some fluffy handcuffs.

HELPER: "Wow… Handcuffs to catch criminals who enter your property uninvited. Brilliant idea ..."

HELPER immediately spots something else…

HELPER: "Oohhh what a marvellous weapon!"

HELPER pulls the weapon out and starts swinging it around. It starts to vibrate uncontrollably. Scully laughs his ass off at HELPER and his innocents.

HELPER: "A vibrate function.. Who would've thought!"

"Erm.. That's one of Natalie's sex toys… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

HELPER immediately freaks and drops it on the bed. He decides he's seen enough in that room as he exits. Skull follows behind chuckling.

HELPER: "I believe I have enough information stored in my database. Fingerprints etc… I can show you what I have so far and then we can continue?"

"Yeah sure, that sounds great. So how about we go downstairs and we can have a beer? My treat."

HELPER suddenly goes all PTSD. At the time  being exposed to this intensely fearful situation, the poor robot ‘suspends’ normal operations and it copes as well as it can in order to survive. HELPER ‘freezes to the spot’ and falls to the floor. Lux and Natalie hear the bang on the landing and stand at the bottom of the stairs. Skull in a panic quickly picks up HELPER and runs down the stairs to be greeted by his partner and Lux.

Lux: " You offered him beer didn't you?!"

Scully is speechless..

Lux: "I warned you. With HELPER comes much responsibility. But you didn't listen.

And you see what happens."

"But… I didn't know…"

Lux: "Engy made him chug beers once, now if you mention it, he shuts down in terror!"

Natalie looks at Scully, shaking her head in disappointment.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it…"

Lux: "You do with HELPER what your society... has done with all of nature's gifts. You do not understand."

Scully is speechless with guilt

Lux: "You are not ready!"

Lux takes HELPER away from Scully. Carrying him to the front door and seeing her way out.. HOW will Scully know now who's been in his house? He should've called the cops….

"Normally I say hello to you all and let you know how much you stink. But I'm not going to waste my time, this is ALL you get from me, XWF Galaxy.

It's time to settle a score, after months of trolling me and hiding away like the fanny he is, Robbie 'Mother- Fuckin Fanny' Bourbon finally gets his comeuppance for his misbehavior. For everything he said about me and my 'wife', oh yeah I'm not married, maybe one day. But she is my fiancée. I get to slap Robbie's face in front of the world. Am I angry at the things he said? Am I upset? Has it bothered me? No, to be honest, not really. I enjoy the banter, it brings me great pleasure to return an insult to someone who has tried to insult me. I love it. One thing though, it was a bit annoying my phone going off every twenty minutes to receive a notification that Robbie has posted a tweet about me… Again! I really need to stop wearing this aftershave, this Calvin Klein Obsession for men.

I have to beat him up for my mrs to be though, she wasn't exactly thrilled with his Tweets although I did explain to her he googled all the jokes/insults, he didn't think of them himself, obviously. So I'll do it for her and I'll do it simply because you deserve it, Robbie Bourbon. You deserve a backhander or two or three.

It all started when I briefly joined another company… I know, I know, boo me… Booooooo. Mister Hypocrite, Bourbon questioned me? The guy who likes it easy in Millennium Fed, judges me? Bitch please, like it's okay for one but not for another right? I NEVER left the Xtreme Wrestling Federation anyway, I NEVER handed in my notice, I NEVER quit the company, regardless… Noooo..

But what I want to know is what the fuck does my business have to do with you? Yes, I once tried to help you as Arby Beef but you were and are beyond help, it might as well have been a handicap match for me against Soldier and the Doctor. No wonder the only reason you had Tag-Team titles in the first place was because you found them in the trash. You didn't win them, you didn't earn them and carrying someone as heavy as you, is hard fucking work, especially against opponents of that calibre. Yes, I got pinned. Why? Because you were too busy getting battered like a fish. Fuck you Bourbon, fuck you and I don't mean literally. By the way, you need to stop begging for sex on Twitter, it's embarrassing!

A few months we've been trading back and fourths. Like I said, Robbie would normally start it, a lot of the times he'd even tweet myself, mention Scully more than once, just to get a response. He even sent me dick pics in my DM's. I know right, no class. Robbie accused me of avoiding him for years in the Xtreme Wrestling Federation. Yes, I'm the guy who challenged him months ago, only for him to make every excuse in the book not too. The only reason this match is happening now is because I requested it at the last minute so he had nowhere to run. He'll probably still no show anyway but at least you can see it with your own fucking bozzy eyes.

He was scared, he was petrified, he IS pathetic. Coward of the county. Shakin' Robbie. You were too scared to come back and fight me, you begged the XWF management not to put me in a match against you, hell you were clicking your little Ruby slippers together hoping, praying that I would be on the same team as you at Wargames. Once you were chosen by Donovan Blackwater, you were messaging the other team captains, begging them not to choose me so I'd have to be on your side. You offered to auck their dicks in exchange for this favour. Smart move even if you are a pussssaaaaaayyyyyy!

You got your wish and did my part, I stayed true to my word and tolerated your fat ass leading up to the pay-per-view. Well.. No more. You Bourbon was too afraid to step inside any arena associated with the XWF! You only started competing again, when you realised I wasn't going to be competing. Fannnnnnyyyyyyyy!

You're basically a fat Kid Kool with less talent and less charisma. I seen your match last Savage. If you weren't aware I've beaten Barney Green one on one with ease, you couldn't even pin him, you had to take advantage of that other reject in your Triple Threat match. Bravo, bravo.

The definition of a Ginger: The genetics of red hair, discovered in 1997, appear to be associated with the melanocortin-1 receptor (MC1R), which is found on chromosome 16. Red hair is associated with fair skin color because low concentrations of eumelanin throughout the body of those with red hair caused by a MC1R mutation can cause both.

Robbie has ginger hair as well as a ginger beard, does he have a soul though? That is the question. Well do ya Robbie? Do you have a soul? You got kicked out of the jazz band because you have no soul! Shit bass player, just like you're a shit wrestler!

I have a ginger mate, Niall is his name. Well he shaves his hair now, so he's a baldy but when the sun is shining, he still has to use factor 500. In fact, did you know redheads are more prone to having melanoma even if they don’t get a sunburn? It’s true. So, the gingers must take extra precautions to stay safe and make sure to get checked regularly by a dermatologist.You start to burn within five minutes of going outside, like the vampire you are!

The definition of a Ninja: Japanese fighter, especially in the past, who moves and acts without being seen and usually carries a short sword.

I wouldn't say Robbie was a Japanese fighter though he did have a dojo which burnt to smithereens but he does say things and hide a lot. I mean it must make you feel really tough, to wake up in the morning and tweet Scully. Yet, when I seen you leading up to and at WarGames, I don't recall you saying ANYTHING to my face?
Of course, I must be the guy you think about before you go to sleep and the first person you think of when you wake up, alone. Hiding behind a mobile device or a laptop of some sort is just what keyboard warriors do. So if you're wondering what a keyboard warrior is... Theres your answer... Robbie "Fanny" Bourbon!

Coming soon to a cinema near you. Robbie Bourbon makes his acting debut....

Robbie Bourbon is Washington DC's Ginger Ninja."


Hope you enjoyed the video I made at the end :)

[Image: CjTzndD.jpg]

"Da End, Scully Has Spoken"
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Everyone in the list below has lost to Scully or just been Scullanated and never returned to the XWF!☠

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