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Tommy appears on The Chris Van Vliet Show.
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06-13-2019 02:30 PM

[Somewhere in Florida, Tommy is inside a hotel near the airport. As he looks at his tickets to Fiji, he hears a knock on the door. He opens to see Chris Van Vliet in his sharpest suit and tie, they give one another some dap, and Tommy sets up some chairs in the room. Chris sets up the camera, and some mics attached to the guys. They start to speak to one another.]

Vliet: Hey guys, I am here with X-Treme Wrestling Federation’s X-Treme champion, Tommy Wish!

Tommy: Hey man, thanks for showing up here on such a short notice. I had a layover and all that stuff, so I thought… hey why not invite you in this shanty hotel.

Vliet: Yeah man, I had an issue getting here. It was a maze to find this exact location.

Tommy: Pretty much… but uh...

[Tommy scratches his head, as Vliet brings out some curated cards with questions on them. As he shuffles them around, start to randomly swipe on Tinder. Vliet then taps him on the shoulders, so the conversation can begin.]

Vliet: Where do you come from?

Tommy: Bumbule Buck Balitmore, but my origins came from like Texas or so.

Vliet: When you grew older in the 1980s, did you ever watch wrestling at all?

Tommy: I mean, every Saturday morning I get some sugary cereal, and fight over the remote from my elder sister to watch some wrestling shows.

Vliet: Are you much of a fan, then from the time you saw the peak of wrestling?

Tommy: Let me say this, I’m old enough to be your uncle, hell I’m so old I don’t even remember the last episode of RAW! Didn’t Bliss like had a hard time wrestling, in her black socks at one point?

[Chris then gave him an odd glare, and nods his head in an agreement.]

Vliet: I’m surprised you actually remember that match, it was pretty much forgettable. How do you remember that match in the first place?

Tommy: First her being half naked, to dealing with Chuck Taylors laces being lose? It was mostly my--- never mind, I won’t bother to go further than that.

Vliet: Fair enough, but did you ever see yourself as a wrestler before the age of 40? What was your life before wrestling?

Tommy: For a really brief time, I was trying to break into the music scene as a rapper. I was huge hip hop nerd, even though I grew up in a suburban America. I also had a job in the shoes department stores to support myself, but about few years later I said forget all that junk, I need a new route.

Vliet: What got you into the wrestling business?

[Tommy then smiles, and grabs a bottle of water to gulp down on. He was halfway down the middle of the bottle, and places it down on a table somewhere.]

Tommy: Pure boredom, and a sense of wanting to try something new. I trained for about six months to a year, quit, came back, quit again, and stuck with the regime until I joined some local fed in Texas.

Vliet: Do you remember your first match?

Tommy: Uhh…. Yeah it was hot as hell, crowd of five people showed up to the fairgrounds fight. It was the summer of 2003, and I fought against this midget to a no contest.

Vliet: How much you got paid for it…

[Tommy laughs at that moronic question.]

Tommy: Jack shit, only got paid with a handshake and tank on E in my old hoopty.

Vliet: Ouch man, that’s the life of wrestler huh?

Tommy: You fucki—can I cuss on here?

Vliet: Sure.

Tommy: You fucking know it, and it made me realize that it’s just a work. From that point on, my career got worse and worse overtime, until I came to XWF.

Vliet: How much of that transition from working on tiny indies to XWF, changed your perception of wrestling?

Tommy: Not by much, I still feel like I have no business in a ring period. It’s a blessing to see Tommy Wish on a markee in place like Fiji.

Vliet: That pretty fair to claim, also, how do you feel about defending the title against guy like Peter Glimour?

[Tommy hands him the title, and he has hard time to hold it. Tommy places it on his semi muscular left shoulder. Chris then poses towards the camera, with a mean ugly mug. Tommy then smiles.]

Tommy: You see, i'm surprised that I never had an opportunity to fight him in the company. Eventually, we had to cross paths somehow. I’m not afraid of him.

Vliet: Ooh tough words huh, last time I checked he’s held the belt longer then you. How do you feel about that?

Tommy: Good for him, to me, reigns don’t count as much with this title. Hell, you can pin me for the title, and replace me in Fiji. I rather have whole vacation on the beaches, then fight a guy like him. I know I’m going to lose this strap to him anyways, because he has more pull then I do. Hell, his “Suck My Dick” routine is more over then he is anyways!

[Tommy pulls out a borderland’s psycho mask in his bag, and places it on the lap. He pulls out another custom made mask and hands to Chris Vliet, with a “211” on the forehead. Vliet wears it, and quickly takes it off.]

Vliet: Man that smells, are you a fan of the borderland series?

Tommy: Hell yeah, played all of them. Minus the new one coming out.

Vliet: Will your mask play in part of the match next Wednesday?

Tommy: I don’t know, maybe it will by the end of the night.

Vliet: Before we close the show, you have anything to say in your upcoming bout in Fiji?

[Tommy nods his head no, and wears the mask on his face. Then he pulls a picture of Glimour, and sets on it fire on the camera. Then he does the two finger gun salute towards his temple, and laughs manically and the scene itself cuts too static before it can even finish.]

Tommy's Accomplishments:
XWF SOTM of January 2019
2x X-Treme Champion
2x Heavymetalweight Champion
1x Federweight Champion
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