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PlaceMarker Fishing fun!
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Hootie H. Hootie Offline
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06-12-2019 10:44 PM

Sitting on calm waters, Hootie floats inside of a boat. A tiny, plastic, brightly colored tug boat. In her fluffy wing, she holds a small fishing rod. There's a bit of string cast from it with a hook attached, dangling over the edge of the boat. It is such a peaceful and tranquil setting. Not a cloud in the sky, nor turbulent wave to be seen. A gentle breeze fluctuates through the air. Then the camera slowly pans outward and it can be seen that Hootie's colorful vessel is adrift in the middle of a birdbath. Which explains why there aren't any fish biting today.

Still Hootie seems content, in spite of the lack of fish, it is a beautiful day after all. Also she isn't exactly the brightest bird in "the nest", so there's also a decent chance that she doesn't really understand how pointless this activity truly is. Nonetheless, she is absolutely adorable, so why ruin her fun? Pointing out the obvious like that. Really who is the fool in that scenario? The silly little owl or the human trying to educate a stuffed animal on where satisfactory fishing ventures could take place? Yeah. Think about it.

Oddly enough, high above there's a seagull, soaring through the clouds. Held fast in its claws, there appears to be a small catfish. Spying a nice telephone pole to perch on, the seagull sets its course. Before the seagull can manage to safely land, Hootie looks up to the sky and then reaches inside her tugboat. Revealing a miniature crossbow. What the heck??? Not so cute anymore, Hootie takes aim and fires.

The arrow soars and hits the fish, point blank. This causes the fish to fall from the seagull's grasp as it flutters around in shock. Not knowing what just happened, the poor thing forgets all about its fish and flies off. With an epic splash, the fish lands directly into the birdbath, nearly capsizing Hootie's boat. Nearly doesn't mean that it happened though. No, Hootie's vessel doesn't suffer the misfortune of it tipping over and she rejoices about her free meal. Maybe she isn't so dumb after all.

"Hello John Black. You seem aggressively unhappy. What's wrong? Who shit in your oatmeal? A positive attitude can go a long way. Look at me. I'm always positive and now I'm a wrestler in a federation full of humans. How many stuffed owls can say that? On top of that, I've got a pretty good record. Things are certainly looking up for Hootie, all thanks to positivity. When you start pointing fingers and blaming others for your failures or bad luck, that's paranoia. It makes you sound crazy. It also makes others not want to be around you. Which in turn only spawns negativity cause then you're all alone and nobody wants to spend their life in total isolation. Not even large, scary black men."

"You might want to see if the XWF will cover your cost for therapy. It seems like you have a lot of issues to work through. Wrestling obviously isn't helping matters. After I beat you and win the strap. You probably should look into seeking help, talking definitely helps and then you can be positive like me. Hootie! And who wouldn't want that?"
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