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It happened one night at the gym... (pt1)
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06-12-2019 09:28 PM

It was a fairly busy evening at the gym and Raphael Blackwater is currently finishing up his shift. Putting away weights, checking machines and work out equipment, general tidying up and cleaning, tallying sales - stuff that usually needs to be done, at the end of each employee's scheduled work period. There was no special treatment, everyone was responsible for these tasks. Unless there were two people working the same shift and then the duties were divided up. On this night Raph, is on his own. Which didn't bother him, he worked solo shifts in the past and would continue to do so in the future, this just merely gave him full control of the radio. A factor that he uses to his full advantage. Wu-Tang Clan is cranking!

Raphael is also in the zone. Flying through his chores, not paying too much mind to the surrounding patrons, fairly lost in thought. Luckily, there didn't seem to be any issues or problems arising, folks were basically set. Not really in need of anything. So Raphael had the luxury of getting a bit lost in thought as he went through his routine.

Unfortunately, things didn't stay that way. In midst of returning some wayward weights to their proper place, Raph hears some unnatural sounding grunts. It's not too uncommon to hear someone making noises, when they're working out. This wasn't Planet Fitness, there wasn't any noise control. Still, there's a matter of some discretion and the sounds that Raphael is currently hearing, verges on more animal or wild beast, than they do human. Remember he had the music playing pretty loud, the fact that fierce, beastly grunts could overpower it, is slightly alarming.

There's another aspect that alerts Raphael and raises some immediate concern. While he could hear the troubling noises, he couldn't tell where they were coming from. There wasn't a single soul within the near vicinity, that could have been producing those animalistic sounds. Beyond bewildered, Raphael spins in a literal circle, looking about with wide eyes. Releasing a sigh in exasperation, he finally decides to raise his focus to the ceiling. Cause why the hell not? Only to discover a very large hole.

Except this was unlike any sort of ordinary opening. It wasn't like something caused the ceiling to cave in. No, this odd, gaping tunnel, appears to be organic in nature. Like it's comprised of flesh, despite its bizarre, bright purple coloring and rows of sharp looking barbs or teeth. Each sticking out about four inches in length, several rows line the inside of the passage, in a spiral pattern. The thing also seems to traverse farther than the restrictions of the ceiling and those horrible noises, well they are clearly coming directly from it, all the while as it rhythmically throbs and pulsates. Almost as if it's breathing.

Fully grossed out and perplexed on how it took him... this long to notice the grotesque, living passage in the ceiling, Raphael does the only thing that seems appropriate in this situation. He phones his father. Azrael answers after the second ring.

"Hey Dad, there's a weird alien tunnel, in the ceiling of the gym. Looks like it could be kinda dangerous..."

That's when two huge, clawed hands come crashing through the ceiling. Grasping tightly onto a gentleman, obliviously running on a treadmill. Somehow. The thing lifts him; screaming, and proceeds to shove him up inside the tunnel. A tunnel that is clearly a mouth and not a tunnel at all. Loud crunching, soon replaces the man's agonizing bellows as blood and bits of human remains, fall to the floor with squishy plops.

Now the entire gym is aware of the monster in the ceiling. In an instant, panic ensues. The gym fills with shouts and shrieks as frantic gym patrons run for the exit. Not before the creature nabs a fleeing female, promptly devouring her whole. It's a process that takes only a matter of seconds. With similar disgusting results. Fragments of her remains and whatever the creature doesn't ingest, splatter against the hardwood floor. A gruesome sight to behold and definitely not a fate fit for anyone. Eyes never leaving the creature, Raphael gives a disgruntled groan.

"Correction, it is dangerous."


"This next edition of Anarchy, I'll be taking on Ned Kaye."

"A guy that has had a bit of a downward spiral as of late. Shit happens though and I really think this dude shows a lot of heart. It takes a lot of courage to get back up after a fall. I can appreciate his dedication and effort. Lesser men woulda turned tail and quit. Left the profession for good but not Ned, in my book that shows strength of character. I'm glad I'm facing a man of integrity and not taking on some fat piece of shit again. Boston Bruiser got exactly what he deserved. Some might say it was cowardly to attack him, three against one but lets not forget, he's the guy preaching about purging the XWF of folks that are different. Unique. Strange. For spreading that kind of hate, I think he received an adequate treatment. Maybe after getting knocked on his ass a few times and he's taken down a peg or two, he'll learn. Messages of prosecution, segregation and hate. They don't belong in the world, they aren't welcome in the federation and they won't be tolerated by my brothers and I."

"That being said, I wanna focus on my next opponent. Ned. This is not going to be an easy fight. Despite your recent failures, I do not intend to go lightly into combat. This is a matter of respect for a fellow wrestler and I anticipate, you wouldn't want me to hold back. So I'm going to give this fight, everything I've got. I suggest you do the same. The outcome of this battle is set to shape careers. The path we take will be defined by the results. May the best man win."

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Donovan Blackwater
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