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06-12-2019 06:47 PM

When you’re the biggest fish in the pond you acquire a lot of attention; hey it happens, I tend to over shadow 99.9% of anyone on any roster I associate myself with. I always go about things the same way and I always end up getting what I want when it’s all said it done. In order to fully comprehend how you successfully enter a federation and proceed to strip it down to utter nothingness your first obligation is to sit back for a bit and watch what’s going on, you watch and see how the booking is done and you see who is positioned as the strong links to the federation… and then you break them down piece by piece, person by person until there’s nothing left. Once that’s complete you’ve removed the minor threats and knocking the rest of you out is as simple as knocking over a domino because they all tend to fall one after the other after the other until that last domino falls… it’s then that the game is over.

For weeks I’ve tried to warn you all.

For weeks I’ve tried to get you all to fully understand the complexity of the situation in which you’ve found yourselves in.

It’s crazy to me that some of you still seem to think that this is a war against Apex-Prophecy and capturing the Universal Championship; you couldn’t be anymore foolish because this war that I’m waging has zero to do with Apex-Prophecy; they just happen to be the big fish in the incredibly small pond, the war is with the XWF as a whole and is with each and every one of you that call this place your home; this is a war that will see the good brothers that I’ve brought with me succeed in slitting the throat of this federation and watch it bleed out, all the while collecting over sized paydays for no other reason than because we can and because none of you are talented enough to do it yourselves.

Next Wednesday Night on Warfare you’re all going to witness a happening.

For the first time in nearly eight long years “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE is going to show up on XWF television and compete on YOUR syndicated programming, not just competing on your programming… but competing on a program that will also see your beloved Universal Champion defending his title; and man, don’t you look bored having to jaw jack with this Big D fruitcake and whoever the fuck the third wheel is. DICK, you can’t tell me you’re having fun when you have legitimate competition staring you directly in the face; competition that exceeds even me because ANY of my boys are more than capable of stepping to you at any time and exposing you for the skirt you truly are… I just happen the be the first in the pecking order.

Hell, this entire roster should be worshipping the ground that I walk on with the influx of talent I’ve brought your way because now you have talent willing to lower their standards to slap any of you around at any given time and any given place that actually has name value and not a bunch of renegades that are the bottom of the barrel of this goddamn profession! This company is protecting all the little investments they have or else they would have already booked CHRIS PAGE versus DICK MAIN because it has dollar signs attached to it unlike anything else it’s been able to produce in the last four years. I don’t blame you, DICK, because I know if you had it your way you would have put up as opposed to shutting up because you don’t strike me as the kind of guy that likes to be looked at as a paper champion. What is your fault is not manning the fuck up and addressing this situation head on, what is your fault is ALLOWING the powers that be keep us separated without so much as the slimmest of fight, what is your fault is being the glorified yes man that you’ve become.

Don’t you worry thought, don’t you fret.

I assure you and everyone else that resides under the XWF umbrella that this war is just getting started and with each layer that’s being laid is going to lead to your downfall as a company. With each major show, Pay-Per-View or syndication, I’ve had another good brother join the mix… and Warfare isn’t going to be any different. The hate this federation produces over the years has provided a deep pool of talent that are itching to get their hands on being able to stake claim at being apart of killing what’s left of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation once and for all. Spoiler alert be prepared because Warfare is going to be a can’t miss event! I guarantee you all that come the close of Warfare it’s not going to be a matter of “if” this confrontation is going to happen… it’s going to be a matter of when is it going to happen. Sometimes actions do speak louder than words. Sometimes when you deal with people that are hard headed you must SHOW them that you mean business… regardless of who gets hurt. What I want everyone to fully understand here and now that this could have all been prevented, it could have all been avoided… but now it’s too little to late. This falls on your shoulders and the shoulders of this company… It’s only going to get worse from here.

The dissection of the Xtreme Federation is going to be a GLORIOUS thing to sit back and watch as well as take part in.

The first REAL shot is coming your way on Warfare… but you’re all to stupid to see it coming.

Now that the light work is out of the way let’s focus on the LIGHTER note; Ned Stark? Paging Ned Stark? Are you anywhere to be found or is your head still on a swivel, figuratively? Listen when I was slamming your name and mocking you, I didn’t mean to frighten you away. I didn’t mean to lay a level of intimidation down so hard that you didn’t feel motivated enough to open your goddamn cock sucker and speak a spoken word to promote this little attraction that we’ve found ourselves in on Warfare… or maybe you’ve already learned that your best option is to stand in that corner and keep your mouth shut because regardless of what you have to say isn’t going to change the fact that I’m going to own you inside that squared circle. I’m going to toy with you while using your body to send a very loud and clear message to JIMMY as well as anyone else on the roster that is stupid enough to think that I don’t deserve to be forgoing all the formalities that occupy this roster and have skyrocketed to the tippy top by simply standing in front of a camera and telling you all the hard truth that you don’t wish to hear but you can’t dispute. In your case you’re just a mere speedbump along a path that’s going to end in a lot of pain, suffering and sheer devastation; a path that will see me take the first step to securing the FIRST piece of this puzzle to end the Xtreme Wrestling Federation… The XWF Universal Championship.

Wait a minute.

I thought you said it’s not about the Universal Title.

I did.

So, allow me to elaborate because the Universal Title isn’t my endgame. It’s not the biggest piece to the game plan; don’t get me wrong, it has its part but within any logical plan there are several moving pieces and this full proof plan isn’t any exception. I have plans for that title as it’s the cornerstone of this federation… just like I have plans for the Tag Titles… just like I have plans for the TV Title… just like I have plans for the Hart Title… do you see where this is going? Take away the titles kill the will of the flunkies on this fucking roster. Now I’ve already shown you all what I’m capable of when I entered that War Games battle and dominated Apex-Prophecy like they haven’t been dominated before; and even though the company changed the rules, even through the company protected their poster boy and even though I had every right to walk out and not participate I still showed the world that at forty eight years old none of you are in my league; sure I took a loss, but I think my wins supersede that very tainted victory under sketchy circumstances; politically.


I say this and I mean this in the nicest possible way.

We both know how this ends for you and it isn’t a positive outcome. From where I’m sitting you got two options. One, you can show up in Australia on your own accord… and leave on a stretcher… or two, walk away while you still can. If you show up in Australia all bets are going to be off. JIMMY I know you’re listening, do your boy a favor and get him out while you still can because if you don’t he will become just another casualty who’s blood is going to be on your hands.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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