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The Afterthought
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06-11-2019 09:01 PM

This show is brought to you by Shawn Warstein and his thoughts are his and do not reflect those of the XWF, or their partners. Actually now that we think about it this might be just like the Magic Johnson show. One and done. We here at the XWF obviously can’t trust him. On second thought we might run this on XWF Classic, at like 3am. I mean that’s the only time people watching that channel would remember him. Hell that's his demo right there. If the ratings are up, he still probably only gets one shot at this.

Thank you. Please just try and enjoy this talk show that we were coerced into airing.

The Afterthought: Brought to you in front of a live studio audience.

Red curtains cover a wall with spotlights focusing all over the place. Then a pleasant melody is heard, and a light above the stage lights up the word “APPLAUSE”. All the spotlights focus on one point as the curtains open up. Out walks Fuzz to a cheering crowd. He’s dressed in what appears to be a clearly cheap suit, and an ill fitting tie. He waves to the audience and pulls a microphone out of his pocket.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Fuzz and would you believe that the suits at headquarters gave me a talk show? I know right, I don’t even know what I’m going to say and they just said make it up as you go.”

Fuzz takes a moment and looks over the audience.

“Lovely crowd we’ve got tonight. I know that these shows usually start with a funny monologue but I do t so funny so much as I do hurtful. So I’m just going to start this little adventure with a small recap of what I’ve been doing since that fateful night a few weeks ago.”

Fuzz reaches over to a glass of water and takes a sip, and sets the glass down. He clears his throat.

“Ahem, It’s really simple. I sat there fresh off of a loss. Usually I would take that loss and come back the very next week and raise havoc. I’m older now. I don’t have the anger anymore. I needed a week off to just sit back and relax. I flew back home, took a week off and now I’m back. I didn’t even watch the show last week, I did however watch the replay on my DVR. No commercials for me. I watched as the Apex Prophecy was jumped by Page and his lackeys. Where was I? As I said I wasn’t there, I was asked to be there, but I wasn’t.”

Fuzz pauses for dramatic effect.

“So much for being a follower. I made it readily apparent that I didn’t trust anyone in that match. From the guys standing across from me. To the guys standing next to me. I felt like I was a one man team out there. When I got pinned was anyone there to stop it? Nope. It was at that moment that things had to be done my way. I knew all along I wasn’t a follower. I’m not a leader. I’m just one man. I’m just one man who has set his eyes on his target. Who is that? You’ll all see shortly but for now let’s just say I’m Sweden.”

The dramatic effect didn’t land. Unfazed Fuzz continues.

“They drew their line in the sand, but I realize when it’s time to move on and wait for a better opportunity. See, Page is an egotist. All he cares about is himself. He recruited a few more bodies to the fight, but he failed to realize that, unlike them, I would’ve stayed. He wanted pawns for his camp, and that isn’t what I am. He and I both have the same aspirations but I’m going to go about it the correct way. I’m not going to run in there bitching and moaning about what I deserve. I’m going to go out there and earn it.”

The audience claps, it only after the sign is illuminated once again.

“So to quickly summarize, I’m not with Page, I’m not with Apex Prophecy. I’m going to forge ahead alone, and beat them all one by one.”

Fuzz waits for the applause again but nothing. He shoots a look over to the board and the applause sign lights up again, and the audience like the sheeple they are clap.

“That all leads me to my next opponent, nay opportunity. The man that calls himself, Mastermind. I can honestly say that this man doesn’t intimidate me one bit. Seriously I was just in the War Games main event and this is what they throw my way? A guy who couldn’t be bothered to come up with his own moniker, instead relying on rehashing an old board game. Not even a good bird game, a shitty one from the 70’s that nobody remembers. I get it, you were probably too worried about what kind of sick catchphrases to come up with….”

Fuzz glances down at a set of cards in his hands.

“Wait Seriously it’s always the same shit?”

Fuzz again looks at the cards in a puzzled manner. Holding them right up to his face.

“And people buy it?”

Fuzz just shakes his head and tosses the cards to the ground.

“Ok…. I’ll never understand millennials. It’s a weird world we live in these days. Not too long ago people would be lining up to watch the old wrasslin’ show, now it’s all streamed to your phone, and tablets. It used to be must watch TV, and much like I do now, I watch it at my leisure. You must feel really proud of yourself Mastermind. This match against me is going to be the first match in a long time that people won’t fast forward through. You better impress everyone, it’ll probably be the last opportunity you get like this for a long time. I know it must hurt knowing deep down that you’ll never touch the heights that I have reached. It took me all of two years to reach the top of the mountain, and to be honest that’s where I was when I left. So honestly right here right now is the lowest I’ve been in a long time. Usually people are saying this about me, but for once it get to say it… you are just a stepping stone on my march to the top. Wow… so that’s what that feels like.”

Fuzz smiles and shoots a quick wink off to the camera.

“Just don’t get too down on yourself. Remember the world needs ditch diggers as well Mate. I have taken the time and looked upon your past work here, and I noticed on thing. There was one small thing that stuck out like a sore fucking thumb…”

Fuzz smiles and then gets a very serious look across his face.

“You really aren’t good at this wrestling thing huh? It didn’t really take Sherlock Fucking Holmes to figure that out. How the hell you going to be here this long and still don’t have more wins than losses? It doesn’t make any sense. Eventually you’d have to run into Gilmour more than that over the course of a few years. Somethings not quite right. Either you aren’t trying, or you honestly have no fucking clue what is going on. You are too busy inside mastering your own head to realize that you are muddling around doing nothing of note.”

Fuzz shakes his head in disbelief, and then takes another sip from his water.

“Sure you’ve won a few minor titles, and sure you even held them for a decent amount of time as well, but don’t you want more? Don’t you strive for more? Yet don’t you always fall just short, they aren’t brass rings for you… Nah mate, those are just decorations. You tried to reach them once, and failed. Just like everything else you have tried up to this point. You strike me as someone who sticks to the basics and cliches. I’m sure at some point your say Fuzzy Wuzzy, or some Shit like that. It’s cool it just shows everyone that you aren’t as creative as people a decade ago. It’s all the same shit just worded slightly different.”

Suddenly Fuzz snaps his finger and points right at the camera for the full effect.

“It just hit me where you got your name from…. Masterminds the movie…. I know the timeline doesn’t match up, just roll with it. If you have chosen your name off of a movie that somehow made Owen Wilson even more unlikeable, then Kudos man. It take balls to try and make the second fiddle Wilson some how even more unlikeable that the broads that ruined Ghostbusters. I don’t want to say ruined… I’ll say killed. So if you somehow managed that, then honestly I don’t stand a chance, he’ll that movie somehow made money, and here you are still peddling the same shirt over and over again.”

Fuzz slowly begins to unbutton his jacket and tosses it aside. Then he removes the tie from around his neck.

“I can’t wait until you produce the one for me, realize that you didn’t win, then all those children running around third world countries will think you are the best alive. Along with the Buffalo Bills being a Super Bowl factory. I’m sorry that it’s just not in your cards this week.”

Fuzz has taken off his jack and shirt to reveal a shirt claiming that the Buffalo Bills has won their third Super Bowl.

“I didn’t want to make things awkward between us. I mean you say your going to master my mind, but you don’t know what goes on inside this ole noodle. I’ve literally been to hell and back, lived to tell the story and thrive off of it. You haven’t seen hell the way I have. If you want to jump inside this brain go right ahead but don’t say I didn’t warn you. This isn’t a ride for the feeble or the weak. No this is a one way trip. There are two options at the end, a padded cell or death.”

Fuzz creepily smiles at the camera.

“For your family and friends I hope you choose death…”

He slowly begins to walk towards the desk that is sitting in the room. He takes a seat and kicks up his feet.

“Now for my first guest here on the Afterthought… That Sick Cunt Noah Jackson……”

He holds a hand to his ear.

“Seriously? Ok.”

Fuzz shrugs.

“I guess that’s all the time we have this week, maybe Noah will come back next time, and maybe…. who am I kidding… Next time I shall tell you all about how I Mastered…. Mastermind.”

He stands up and begins to wave at the crowd. And slowly makes his way through the curtains. As the lights fade to black

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