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A New Legacy
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06-11-2019 08:28 PM

Another day, another arena. I had arrived earlier than I originally planned, as the fans were still lined up waiting to be let in. I wasn't booked for this particular Live Event but that wasn't gonna stop me from being there. Seeing how I could be Universal Champion in a little over a week, I figured it was about time I carried myself like one. Whether it was wrestling, doing a promo, or just making my presence felt backstage; I wanted everyone to know I was for real.

I walked away from my car and headed towards the arena. There were velvet ropes lined along the sidewalk to keep the fans away from the talent. It felt like I was some sort of a movie star, despite the fact I've walked this walk hundreds of times before like it was nothing. Maybe I was finally beginning to feel like the Champion I knew I always could be, the one I WOULD be by the time next Warfare drew to a close.


A young man's voice rang from behind me, followed by an eruption of cheers from the line of people. I looked at them and was met with middle fingers and boos. It wasn't a specific type of fan who acted this way, it was practically ALL of them. The zit-faced teenagers, Millenials, even entire families seemed to be offended by my mere existence. Their one year old babies couldn't even pass up the opportunity to dump in their diapers or hurl their pacifiers at me upon my arrival.

Never in my career had I felt so hated. I had done ALOT of things throughout my life that may have warranted it, but now was different. Ever since I arrived in XWF, I wanted to continue my legacy that started way back as an 0-9 rookie in WWF. Sure I talked alot of shit, but talking shit was half the game. And the other half was wrestling, and I was constantly putting on spectacles. Though I may been on the losing end of some bouts, I managed to win the ones that mattered. Which is exactly why I was one win away from the Universal Championship.

I made my way into the building, after an eternity of walking by ungrateful fans. They'd be ecstatic to know I had no plans of wrestling or even making an appearance. That walk of shame from my car to the lockeroom was the most the general public was gonna see of Big D. My main purpose for being there was to scout my fellow wrestlers and I could easily do that out of sight.

I walked into the lockeroom and headed for a bench. I sat down and looked at the floor, thinking about everything I've done to get here today. At this point in my career I think very highly about myself. The difference between now and then is what I've accomplished up to now. I've had my highs and certainly had my lows, but in professional wrestling the only thing people talk about is your accomplishments. And while I've done just about everything a young kid from Iowa could've ever dreamed, there's still one thing this veteran would like to have before hanging up the boots once and for all: one final World Championship.

Before I became NWF World Heavyweight Champion, all I ever had to worry about was winning the big one, ONCE. But then I did that and, after my run was over, people questioned it. The biggest accomplishment in my career and people called it a fluke. They acted like because I only held it for a month, it didn't happen. Forget that I was still constantly in the Main Event scene, ignore the fact I was winning other Titles when given opportunities, there's no way I was ACTUALLY a top star.

I was Big D. Just an average guy who taught himself what he had to do to get ahead. Whatever means necessary, I was gonna say or do anything to make sure I came out on top. And whether people liked it or not, there was no denying it made me. No gimmicks, no bullshit, just the Cold Big D Truth. I didn't fit the mold, so they shoved me aside any chance they got. But here I am, in the same position only at a different place. And I was gonna once again break the mold and prove to the world I can become a multi-time World Champion. If they didn't like it, to hell with 'em.

"Excuse me, Big D?"

Steve Sayors always addressed me the same way, like a scared teenage boy getting ready to ask his crush to prom. Normally I wouldn't be in the mood for an interview, but given how the fans treated me during my last promo, it'd be nice to speak without disruption.

"Well, if it isn't Steve Sayors?" I said looking up from the floor. Standing before me, of course, was Steve Sayors and a cameraman. "What have you come to ask me? Why I no showed Savage Saturday?"

"Uum, I suppose that's a start," he responded, shocked by my friendliness.

"Steve, the fans have no respect for me," I explained. "Same goes for the wrestlers, and even management. Nobody cares what I accomplished in the past, I'm no better than Kid Kool to them. Everything I've ever done in this business went out the door as soon as I stepped into XWF."

"That's the way it goes for alot of people," Steve replied with a frown. "This is quite a special place, you have to work harder than you ever have to make a name for yourself here."

"Well they can feel that way all they want," I said, furrowing my brow. "But they aren't gonna see me again until Warfare. The way they've constantly treated me, despite the things I HAVE done here, there's no way I'm gonna give them more opportunities to hurl their insults at me. Fuck 'em. Let's see how they respond once I'm Universal Champion and they're seeing me everywhere, all the time. Bet their tone changes realllllll quick."

"Maybe," Sayors said with a shrug. "But if you're not here to wrestle or cut a promo, why ARE you here?"

"I'm here to scout people," I responded. "It doesn't matter who it is, whether it be Mingermind or Robert Main; there's always something to learn about your opponent. And that's exactly what I intend to do."

Steve's face tightened and he showed his teeth. There was something about what I had said that made him nervous.


"Robert Main isn't here tonight," Sayors informed me. My heart sank a bit. The whole point in showing up to this event I wasn't getting paid for was to watch the man I planned to dethrone.

"I see," I solemnly responded. "Well that is his right as champion, I suppose. He's probably busy preparing himself for Chris Page as we speak."

I looked down at the floor and remembered the arrogant words Robert Main spoke. 'D I’ll admit it right here and now, I’m looking way past you and Blackwater.' This was the guy everyone in XWF talked about like he was the second coming of Jesus. The man people make out to be indestructible, someone who couldn't possibly be beat. And he had the nerve to look right past me like I was just some jobber. That didn't sit well with me at all.

"Robert Main is focused more on getting revenge than successfully defending his title. He seems like such a bright Champion, it's amazing his reign has lasted this long........ Oh wait, it's not because he's never faced anyone like me before. The man believes he's gonna break Vinnie's Championship reign record yet acts like he doesn't have to take his competition seriously. I bet the Patriots didn't take the Eagles seriously in Super Bowl 52 and look where that got 'em. Same thing is gonna happen come Warfare, Robert Main is gonna be Tom Brady sitting on his ass a loser, and I'm gonna be the Eagle's defense celebrating my first World Title here. So go ahead, champ, look ahead to your next encounter with Chris Page. Just know when you have that fight, it's gonna be a non-title match. Because Big D is ripping that belt away from your lifeless body and walking out of Hell in a Cell as the new Universal Champion."

"Some strong words from one of the challengers," Steve Sayors states, a bit shocked at my confidence. He shouldn't be, I've known since I walked into XWF that I could carry the weight of the company on my shoulders. Robert Main could make up lies about me having demons, or not being confident, but he didn't understand. He was gonna find out the Cold Big D Truth the hard way.

"What about Donovan Blackwater?"

I was caught off guard. It was my understanding the interview was over, but Steve apparently had more questions. While I'd normally want to toss him aside so I could be left alone, I wanted to take advantage of having a medium to talk without people interrupting.

"What about Donovan Blackwater?" I asked.

"You haven't really said much about the other man in your match," Steve explained with a look of confusion. "Is it fair to say maybe YOU are overlooking him in the same way Main is looking past you both?"

"No, Steve, that's not it at all," I replied. "Look, I got nothing against the Umbrella Academy, I actually heard it's a pretty good show. It's just I'm not the one out here saying I'm overlooking my opponents, and neither is Donovan. It's hard to criticize someone who hasn't really said anything about me."

The look on Steve Sayors' face told me there was something I didn't know about. His dimples showed and teeth gritted, as he reluctantly spoke.

"You haven't seen his promo then, I assume?"

"Can't say I have," I responded.

Without another word, Sayors reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He messed around for a minute, searching for the latest episode of Gerard Way's hit show, before handing it over to me. I intently watched, not thinking much of it at first. Alot of the words he spoke held truth to them, like how Main was a horrible Tag Team Champion and the competition he'd rather be facing. But then he started talking about me. This was a man who I had NEVER interacted with since my arrival, and here he was just completely throwing me and everything I had done under the bus. Just like the rest of the world, all I was to Donovan Blackwater was one big joke. But, hey, at least it wasn't a dick joke.

After his promo finished, I just sat there staring blankly at Steve's phone. He reached out half-assed to show he wanted it back, but I didn't care. I was pissed. My emotions were starting to show and I didn't give a fuck. Main called it doubt. I call it being sick and tired of bending over backwards to make a name for myself, once again. I smashed Steve's phone on the ground, sending pieces scattering everywhere, as Sayors screamed in horror.

I stood up from the bench, causing the timid interviewer to jump ten feet back. He shook with fear out of view of the camera as I took two steps forward. My face was now the same vermilion color of Robert Main's blood after War Games. I could feel the heat of my skin, pulsating with the blind rage I was in. Donovan Blackwater may not have had my attention much before, but he certainly had it now.

"You have my attention, Mr. Blackwater," I snarled as a vein throbbed in my forehead. "But not in a good way....... You see, I heard what you said about my promos and how 'awful' they are. It's funny coming from a guy who shoots a boring ass vignette. At least when I'm on camera, everyone knows where I am and how I got there. Then there's you: just talking and standing. I couldn't make out where you were, and I'm sure either could the rest of the XWF Galaxy. For all we know, you were visiting Robert Main's sex dungeon that you conveniently know so much about. I'm not saying you WERE there, but when you leave everything up to one's imagination, all they can do is guess. Maybe you were using one of my dead cameramen and couldn't change shots, I don't know, but maybe you should look in the mirror before criticizing someone who's obviously better than you."

"And don't get me started on your big headed 'I'll have a Tournament against half the lockeroom' bullshit. You're no different than Robert Main. 'Guys like Big D won't be invited', you sound like a real tough guy. A REAL champion wouldn't exclude ANYONE if he REALLY wanted to prove his worth. No, hearing your idiotic statement just tells me exactly which half of the lockeroom you'd want in this tournament. You'd leave out competitors such as myself and Lux, only to invite people like Mingermind and the Perfect Storm, freshly dug up from their graves. You might as well defend against all these dead cameramen while you're at it, tough guy."

"Let me explain to you and Robert Main exactly what a REAL Champion does: never backs down. If someone challenges you, you step up and show them exactly why you have that strap! And if you don't think that person is worthy of the time of day, you PROVE it. You go to the ring, you beat them to a bloody pulp, and you walk out with your hand raised in victory! That there is what we call a fighting champion, and with the exception of Lux and Tony Santos, XWF sure is lacking in that department. But that's where I come in."

"While it's a known fact I wasn't NWF World Champion for long, at least I can say I wasn't afraid of a challenge. I didn't say no to a Main Event guy and then wrestle some nobody; I begged to face the best of the best. And while that may have ultimately been my downfall, I'd do it all over again if given the chance. You'll both see when I beat you. I'm gonna put my money where my mouth is and be the REAL Universal Champion XWF deserves. And if that isn't the Cold Big D Truth, then I don't know what is!"

I finally took a breath, calming down in the process. While I may have been riled up at first, by the time I had finished my rant there wasn't any anger left. My opponents could spout all the lies they wanted, talk themselves up as much as they needed to, none of it was gonna matter once we were locked inside that Cell. Promos were nothing more than meaningless words, just apart of the business. Everyone would truly see who the best was once the three of us are locked inside that cage like a bunch of wild animals.

With my nerves calmed, I realized Steve Sayors was still in the lockeroom. He was still cowering to the side, possibly fearing for his life. I remembered what I did to his phone, and for once actually felt bad. I walked over to him, reaching into my pocket.

"No, please, for the love of God!" he screamed bloody murder. Without another word, I pulled my wallet out and took a couple hundred dollar bills out and held them in front of me.

"I'm sorry about your phone," I genuinely told him, a sympathetic look on my face. "I hope this covers it."

The frightened broadcast journalist was hesitant at first, but eventually reached for the money. It wasn't a trick, as I placed the bills in his hand before turning and heading for the exit.

"Wait," Sayors called out. "Where are you going?"

"I have alot of training to do," I explained as I looked over my shoulder. "If they want to overlook me, that's fine, but I'm DAMN SURE not underestimate them."

I turned back and left the lockeroom. As I walked for my car, I thought about how everyone treated me since my arrival. I had won at least twenty different Championships throughout my career, yet I was a nobody to the XWF Galaxy, both the fans and wrestlers. No-one had any respect for my legacy, so I was just gonna have to forge a new one.

[Image: 9kFRm9E.png]
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