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Acceptance is key, denile is futile - Vs Eli Stone -
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06-14-2019 12:56 PM



1 P.M.

The Miz had been lying on the sofa since he got up. He was depressed over things not happening right for him. His wife Marysse and daughter Monroe Sky had gone out. Now they were back.

Maryse walked into the lounge.

[Image: divas_711_highlight_c_268201_560x315_1142732867593.jpg] "Okay you've been on that all day tell me what's wrong?"

[Image: f18e1-15531082654757-800.jpg] "I've succeeded a long time in the WWE Put up with a the bullshit. Lost many matches but won titles when I really wanted them. But I go to a place like XWF and it chews me up and spits me out without a care in the world. I pride myself on what I do, and I feel like I can't even do anything there."

[Image: divas_711_highlight_c_268201_560x315_1142732867593.jpg] "Well I believe if it comes down to it, you'll make the right decision, but as you say you never give up on anything?"

[Image: f18e1-15531082654757-800.jpg] "I feel like with the XWF, for me to be there I need to be part of a stable."

[Image: divas_711_highlight_c_268201_560x315_1142732867593.jpg] "So are you going to approach those there already? Wouldn't that mean you would risk getting laughed at. It sounds like they don't like anyone from WWE or don't accept people like you so they would make sure to keep you unsteady? And are doing a good job of it.

[Image: f18e1-15531082654757-800.jpg] "Yeah like you said they close ranks pretty fast. Maybe it'll be best if I recruit from outside."

[Image: divas_711_highlight_c_268201_560x315_1142732867593.jpg] "You should approach Johnny. I'm sure he would love to team with you again outside of the WWE."

[Image: f18e1-15531082654757-800.jpg] "You know that's not a bad idea, but maybe later I know he's busy for Impact Wrestling so I don't want to disturb that. It'll have to be from within the WWE,"

[Image: divas_711_highlight_c_268201_560x315_1142732867593.jpg] "Great... Now that you have that sorted, please take your daughter, I have some things to do."

The Miz gets up and Maryse handed Monroe Sky to him.

[Image: 036_mizmrs104_fullshow_ipv.01240--2059c8...1a7c26.jpg] "Daddy daughter time....."


[Image: Paul_Heyman_headshot_crop.jpg]

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls my name is Paul Heyman and I am the advocate for AGK. Awesome.... Glorious..... and Kennedy. This upcoming Savage, my client the Miz, takes on Eli Stone...... Here's a spoiler for you Eli. You won't be winning this match, it'll be the Miz who will win this one. Don't believe me then listen to why I think you won't be winning, it's that easy. Because you aren't The Miz..... Because you aren't Awesome.... And well you are no where in the league that Miz is.

"You can be ready... You can say you are ready.... But you won't be.... You can never be..... Don't believe me then listen to the Miz."

[Image: NUP_181351_0003.jpg]

"Eli Stone..... Do you think you have what it takes to make it here in the XWF? Do you? I haven't even seen you compete yet.... So that says to me.... you aren't ready. You have to be ready to step into the famous squared circle... you have to be ready to face me.... Yes Eli Stone... You have to be ready for the Miz."

"The Miz is ready for Eli Stone... Even though I don't know a damn thing about you. Spoiler Alert like Mr Heyman said, I don't care about getting to know a damn thing about you because you are no where near where you need to be."

"As far as I know you are not championship material. As far as I know you are not even a worthy opponent. Just accept it Eli. That's the key. There's no denying it. You can't deny it, it's just futile."

"Just don't show up. I dare you. I'm ready to go. I need to make amends for Bobby and Mr. Kennedy. I told them what it is like to be here in the XWF. They have found out the hard way..... but that's a learning lesson for them. A learning lesson for you Eli is to dance with the Miz you need to be on the same level. You aren't it's just that simple. Because at the end of the day. I am the Miz, and I am AWESOME."



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