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Why oh Why is it Barney? RP #1 of 2
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06-11-2019 08:58 PM

Replay:"It's not my fault that my father began drinking,"
~Mastermind's revelation - 1997 ~


Mastermind had a break through in his session with 'Mental' coach, David McKay. In order to get his young wrestling career back on track due to injuries Mastermind thought were sustained by the 'old boys network with big egos' of the New Zealand wrestling scene but it was also partly his fault for what he thought started his fathers drinking after his mothers death when he was only 9 years old.

And now the continuation.


Mastermind grabbed his crutches and stood up. He closed his eyes and visualised himself standing in front of his father.

"It is not my fault that you began drinking. Dad,"

David sat there watching Mastermind do his thing, it was like a weight that he had been carrying for far too long, had been lifted from his shoulders.

Mastermind opened his eyes and looked at David, who nodded.

"Very well done, 'M", very well done indeed. We shall leave it there for now. If you want to carry on repeating that to yourself, so you can focus better, go for it. We'll continue onwards tomorrow morning,"

"So we aren't finished?" asked Mastermind

"Not by a long way, sorry 'M', thats just the beginning. Once you have all the tools that you require, you should be good to continue your training!"

"How long do you think that'll take?" asked Mastermind

"I want to make sure you are really strong to continue your training without any more 'incidents', so at least the rest of the 2 weeks while your hamstring heals."

"That's fair," smiled Mastermind "May I go now?"

"You may. I'll see you first thing in the morning for the next stage,"

Mastermind nodded and headed for the door.

Just outside David's office Mastermind saw Outback Jack signing some paperwork for one of his admin staff. He headed over to him.

Outback Jack looked up from the paperwork.

"'M' how'd it go?"

[color=#FFFFFF]Mastermind stood tall, and breathed in some air. To Outback Jack, it looked like he was about to burst into tears, when:

"It is not my fault that my father began drinking,"

The two admin staff who were waiting for their signed papers looked at one another. Outback Jack gave the papers back them before guiding Mastermind away from the office.

"That's a good break through, 'M', it certainly seems like you're lighter,"

"I feel really better after that, but Mr McKay still reckons I have a ways to go,"

"If he said that, then it's in your best interests to follow through. Imagine how good you'll be when you rid yourself of the negative vibes holding you back. Look at what just a start point does for you, "

Mastermind smiled and nodded "I need a favour?"

"Let me guess, you want to ring back to good old NZ, and talk to your girlfriend?"

Mastermind nodded. Outback Jack continued to stare at him.

"Let me guess, you wanna contact your father after not speaking to him for god knows how long, and tell him what you told me?"

"I have to get it off my chest, sir, so I know I can move forward,"

"Gee I don't know if that's a good thing or the way forward, but I can't stop you,"

Outback Jack headed into his office and came back with the phone.

"If something hapoens with the call to set you back, I'll ban you from calling back to New Zealand,"

Mastermind nodded in agreement. So Outback Jack gave him the phone and he made his way to a quiet location.

Mastermind made his first call to New Zealand.

"Maria here," came Maria's voice "Is that you, 'M'?"

"It is, babe, yes."

"How'd it go? Nothing too deep and painful?"

"Not quite yet," replied Mastermind "But it has made me realize just how important you are to me even though it's only been a couple of months,"

"What are you saying?" asked Maria

"I want to come back at Christmas and take you to introduce you to my family, and I want you to come with me to see my father. Would you consider doing that for me?"

Maria didn't have to even think about it, even for a second: "I would love to meet your family 'M', and I would love to support you while you see your father,"

Maria still wasn't fully up to date about what happened between Mastermind and his family, in particular his strained relationship with his father, but to her this was a step in the right direction.

"Thank you, Maria, that means a lot. I have to get going but before I do I need to say two things,"

"I'm listening,"

"This may sound weird but it matters to me that I say it,"


"It is not my fault that my father began drinking,"

Maria was silent, her first insight into the strained relationship.

"And secondly...... I love you, Maria,"

"I love you too, 'M'"

"I have to go, I'll speak to you soon,"

"Okay, take it easy, 'M', bye,"

Mastermind hung up.

Mastermind's next call was to his brother.

"Scott speaking," came the reply

"Hey brother it's me,"

"'M'? Is that you?"

"Yea brother,"

"Where the hell are you? The NZWC website says you've gone on indefinate leave, and they aren't sure when you will be back or even where you disappeared too?"

That would be their sister whowould have been asking through his brother if he managed to contact him. Like his father, the relationship between Mastermind and his sister was also very frosty too, but for very different reasons all together.

"It doesn't matter bro, the fact is I'm safe and I'm in a happy place where I'm at, the sister doesn't need to know,"

"Can you at least tell me a general area so I know myself you are fine,"

Mastermind sighed "Australia, and that's all you need to know,"

"Wow bro, good for you. Nobody ever thought you would leave the South Island let alone the country,"

"I needed to in order to get my wrestling career back on track. One more thing,"

"What's that?"

"It's not my fault that Dad began drinking,"

Scott let that sink in, then spoke "No one said it was your fault bro, you only took that on yourself because you were the one mostly at home facing his drinking, while me and Kym were always out doing our thing,"

"I know, I know. But I needed to say it and keep saying it. Have you heard fron him?"

"Are you asking if he's still drinking?"


"He is...... If you are thinking of calling him..... Don't..... It sounds like you are on a get yourself together trip.... If you call him now.... you two haven't spoken in years... but if you do, you'll only undo what you've just worked on,"

"I'll take that into consideration, bro."

"No you won't,"

"I'll talk to you soon, bro, gotta go...."

Mastermind hung up.

Against his better judgement and that of his brother's, Mastermind made a third call.

The phone rang.... and rang..... and rang.... and then....

"What the hell do you want?"

Mastermind stayed silent. His father sounded drunk as usual.

"Who's there?"

Mastermind breathed in and then said in a forcefull tone.


And then he hung up.




The camera fades in to the cabin of Mastermind's private jet and finds him staring at his lap top deep in thought.

Suddenly he blinks and looks at the screen, where he began to talk.

"I'm fresh from a quick trip back home to freshen up before I start a 9 day tour in which I will wrestle 4 times in that time which will bring up my 100th career match here in the XWF, at next weeks Saturday Night Savage.

"But that is then and this is now and I'm my way to this week's Savage, via my debut my debut match on Thursday Night Anarchy where I will face the quick witted, outspoken Sarah Lacklan. But Sarah's a different story all together.

"After Sarah and after Anarchy, my current focus is on my next opponent.... and he is..... Barney Green......... Barney Fucking Green."

Mastermind sat back looking perturbed.

"I guess when it comes down to it, I have to face the Barney Green's of the world those being two bit part timers. Don't get me wrong, I do it often enough as it is anyway.

"But this two bit part timer, is the notorious one eyed fat guy and in his own words he has 'nothing left to lose'.
"I mean don't get me wrong, at least he turns up when he wants to, and 'tries his best.'

"I mean when he eventually karks it, and lets face it, it should be sooner than later, because lets face it, he is a lump of tard, his tombstone should read: "I TRIED MY BEST.""

Mastermind smirks, and sits foward.

"Barney, in what will be my 98th career XWF match, our paths have thankfully only crossed once and that was way back in 2014 at the Relentless Pay Per View in the month of August. That was a six pack challenge that involved the both of us, and McBride, Elisha, Bobby Zi, and Gilmour.

"It was for the Heavy Metal Weight championship that management put up for suckers like us competed for. I was just only starting out so I kinda was okay doing it, but with you, Barney, the part timer and the no hoper, had not even a chance. You were pinned. As I recall by Elisha.

"So here's what I see Barney. This match is mine for the taking. You will succumb to the Master of Minds, to the Mind Controller my special submission move, and there's nothing really you can do about but 'try your best' as long as you can, to not submit before you really have to, and trust me, you will have to when I get it locked in tight. And hopefully after that you won't cross my path until another 100 matches. See you Saturday, Barney. You are going to wish you won't."

Mastermind starts laughing as the camera fades out.

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