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06-09-2019 08:01 AM

You just sent someone a really important message, and you are waiting on an email response. Work, finance, possibly health related, hearing word back is really key and is kind of weighing on you. Your phone buzzes.

The sender is a photo of Charlton Heston as Ben Hur. Unsure of what is going on, but pretty sure you have a good idea, you check the message for shits and gigs to kill time until something important happens.

Welcome to the Robbie Bourbon Incorporated Valued Customers Catalogue!

You read on. Single strapped dresses and manthongs aside, what else could Robbie Bourbon Incorporated come up with?

Tired of the same old breakfast? Well, Robbie Bourbon Incorporated is ready to share Robbie Bourbon Breakfast of Champions with you! While some cereals are often labelled as just sugar, we have bucked the trend yet again and introduce Breakfast of Champions, a healthy mix of sugar cubes, marshmallows in the shape of my face, beef jerky, sun-dried tomato, smoked thyme, roasted oregano, and parmesan. While some cereals offer "Two Scoops" in every box, what kind of scoop are they using? Breakfast of champions has a full metric scoop of everything, at least.

We see a picture of an average American family sitting down to breakfast, all smiling, fit, perfect hair, mom has her makeup looking amazing but modest for morning breakfast, nobody is in a rush or looks like they actually have something to do in the morning or just woke up for that matter. They're all sitting down and each have a bowl of Robbie Bourbon Breakfast of Champions in front of them.

Coming Soon: Robbie Bourbon Breakfast of Champions with Bacon, blueberries, basil, and butterscotch candies!

You close the message, but you completely forgot about the imporant message you were waiting for.

[Image: 18ytmde.png]
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