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Saturday Night Savage 06/08/19
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06-08-2019 07:56 PM

[Image: V3i33MC.png]


[Image: 93605s.gif]


Pyro goes off all around the arena as the camera pans over the crowd.

"Ladies and gentleman welcome once more to Saturday Night Savage! I'm Pip Collins joined as always by the lovely Heather Halliwell-Laciewicz!"

"Thank you kindly, Pip. We are live tonight in beautiful ... Milwaukee, Wisconsin!"

"That's right, Heather! We've got a great show for you tonight. The return of Barney Green! Robbie Bourbon getting back in the saddle on a regular show! Sarah Lacklan dipping her toes back into Savage!"

"And that is all in one hell of a triple threat match! I can't wait for that one."

"And as always, Lux, one of the best champions we've seen in the XWF stays strong defending her title against El Tiburon!"

"A fan favorite from back in the day, I believe."

"Correct again, Heather! Now without further ado, let's get straight into our first match!"

Zane Norrison
- vs -
Boston Bruiser
Xtreme Rules

Zane Norrison enters like Stone Cold Steve Austin, bobbing his head talking shit. He rolls into the ring climbing each turnbuckle giving the crowd the bird.

Boston Bruiser's music plays but nothing happens.

The crowd murmur.

Zane is confused in the ring and looks to the ref.

An official gets close to the ring and grabs the ref's attention who nods. The official than goes to Tig O'Bitties who stands on the outside, mic in hand.

"Ladies and gentleman, your winner by default! ZANE NORRISON!"


The ref raises Zane's hand to a few groans from the crowd. This is until Bruiser's music hits again and the crowd pops!

But Boston Bruiser doesn't enter!

Instead a mob of people wearing masks and holding torches walk down the ramp!

"Oh no, this reminds me of that scene from Frankenstein!"

"How the hell did Boston Bruiser's weird cult get in here!?"

The mob surround the ring and the arena goes silent for a moment, Zane's eyes dart around at the mob. The few with torches raise them high before putting them against the apron!


Zane panics and kicks at one of the attackers but is grabbed and dragged out of the ring to be beaten by the masked maniacs! Security led by Atticus Black rushes down the ramp and Black orders security to get rid of the mob and save Norrison! The mob fight back and the numbers game comes into play as security are overwhelmed. Black gets on a walkie talkie and in a moment's notice Tommy Gunn and his team rappel from the rafters and open fire on the mob with what could be live ammo but for television purposes are TOTALLY beanbag rounds.

The tide turns as the mass of security and a bloody, raging Zane Norrison send the remainder of the mob packing.

"Well... That happened."

Savage either goes to commercial or gets cut off the air, who knows?

Sharon Lickem
- vs -
Barney Green
- vs -
Robbie Bourbon
Triple Threat

"Like A Prayer" by Madonna starts to play through out the arena as fans start to cheer slightly. A black Jeep, driven by John Lauriniaits, appears at the top of the ramp slowly driving forward as we see Barney Green standing in the back waving the Irish Flag. The jeep stops and Green leaps out of it. He waves the flag one last time and places it back into the Jeep. He walks down the ramp and high fives a couple fans. He enters the ring and waits in the corner as the music fades.

"Listen to this applause! People love to see Green back!"

The lights in the arena go out.

"Do you bleed? You will."

The opening riff from Skunx plays as the lights slowly strobe at 2 second intervals. The XTron displays static, which slowly gives way to the word "MOTHERFUCKER" and the crowd starts to go ballistic. Slowly walking out onto the entrance ramp is Robbie Bourbon. He stops, surveys the whole of the arena, raises his fists at 45 degree angles, and continues his deliberate plod towards the ring. Robbie climbs the steps, then climbs the nearest ring post half way and raises his fists at 45 degree angles. The lights go back to normal and the music stops. The XWF Universe in attendance, becoming hooligans, all chant in unison:


"Way to overshadow, Barney. The fans are wild for Bourbon!"

The lights go out in the arena and a spotlight shines on the entrance. Two men in marching band uniforms brandishing herald trumpets stand tall. After a few moments, they bring their horns to their lips and play a rousing fanfare.

As they end, God Save the Queen plays across the P.A. as the lights come on and four large men walk out from behind the curtain, a massive palanquin on their shoulders. Sarah Lacklan sits on the dais of red pillows and drapes, waving to the crowd and brandishing her Billion $$$ smile as they make their way down the ramp.

Upon reaching the ring, she takes a microphone from freakin' Kyle, the WORST XWF employee ever, and graces the audience with "Oh! And ANOTHER thing!" before her match begins.

"Love her or hate her, no one can deny that Sarah Lacklan has risen to become one of the best in the XWF in such a short time. One draw and zero losses, War Games survivor and Queen of the XWF!"

"But she's here against two legends of the XWF, Green admittedly doesn't have the best record but he's a former world champion and undoubtedly has the most in-ring experience more than anyone else here. Robbie Bourbon, to be blunt, is an absolute powerhouse in every way, shape and form. Tons of experience with title reigns to prove it, famous for five-star matches and death-defying moments and I have no doubt this match will contain that classic Bourbon flair."

The bell sounds and each competitor gives glances at each, barely a step is taken from any one of them before the crowd begin to chant.




And so on.

Lacklan becomes distracted with the love from the crowd and panders to them which proves to be her undoing as Green "sprints" from the corner and crushes Lacklan against the turnbuckle with a huge splash! Bourbon, not wanting to feel left out, rushes the corner and shoves a shoulder into Green's spine and throws him into a downed Lacklan squashing her against a fat man and a hard place.

The Queen of Anarchy rages and throws jabs and kicks against the bigger men to push them away, Robbie grabs Green's arm and whips him into the opposite corner, Lacklan begins to stand in anger but is momentarily stopped when the former president slams into her with an elbow and bolts over towards Barney leaping into a monstrous splash! Lacklan gets up once more, perhaps with a little more hesitance and joins the fray, entering into the corner with a roar but Bourbon sees this coming and drops to his belly. Lacklan stamps a foot down onto Robbie's spine and jumps off smashing a flying knee into Green's face!

Sarah drops to her feet as Green flops to the mat, she turns to Bourbon who goes to grapple her but Sarah knocks away his arms and throws a palm into Bourbon's sternum! Robbie stumbles back rocked by the blow but returns with a cross jab against Lacklan! Sarah rolls her jaw and gets in close, she knocks Robbie's chin with a rising palm and rears back before throwing a thrust kick into Bourbon's chest knocking him back on shaky legs; Lacklan then adds a flourish with an incredible butterfly kick that knocks Bourbon to the canvas!

"WOW! What a kick!"

The crowd get to their feet in applause as Lacklan goes for a quick cover!






Green grabs Lacklan's leg and pulls her out of the pin; Lacklan gets loose with haste and rolls to her feet, she turns and delivers a spinning heel kick into Green's stomach but Barney doesn't budge and retaliates!


The quick and vicious throat punch surprises Lacklan who holds her neck whilst gasping for air, Green goes in hard and knocks Sarah down with a hellish high clothesline which drops Sarah, then Green drops all 320 pounds onto her with an elbow drop! He covers!





Bourbon throws a punch into the back on Green's head and shoves him off Sarah who smartly rolls to the apron. Green gets to his feet but Robbie is right on top of him, clubbing his back with heavy blows while grabbing Green's collar. Bourbon throws the veteran into the steel post and moves to his side, throwing a heavy kick into Green's gut! Bourbon grabs Green once more but Barney throws an elbow back and knocks Robbie away, Green then continues with a solid punch and drops Robbie with a DDT! Green goes to cover but Bourbon quickly pushes Barney away and the two scramble to their feet.

Barney goes in but Bourbon telegraphs his moves and plants his foot forward throwing a thumb into Green's good eye! Lacklan tries to blindside Lacklan but she too gets a thumb in the eye! The crowd cheer on Robbie as Barney blindly stumbles into Bourbon once more and receives another thumb to the eye! The ref gets a little too close and also receives an eye poke! The crowd give raucous applause to Bourbon who holds his 'deadly' thumb in the air.

He turns around right into Lacklan who drops Robbie with a snapmare, the crowd eagerly await what comes next but blind Barney interrupts bumping into Sarah and in return, he too receives a snapmare! The crowd get hype as Lacklan stands in between a seated Bourbon and Green. She throws a kick against Bourbon's spine!


She then throws a kick against Green!


Lacklan continues the quick strikes.






Lacklan takes a few steps back looking at the two.



And comes at the two with a split-legged dropkick that knocks them down to the mat!

The crowd chant for Lacklan as she takes a breather moving into the corner, waiting for one of her opponent's to stir. Green begins to crawl to his feet which is unfortunate for him as Lacklan takes in a deep breath and smiles before sprinting forth.


Obliterates Green! Lacklan is on a knee as Bourbon springs to life to take advantage but Sarah sees him coming and throws her body into her next blow!


Spit flies from Bourbon's mouth as the right hook connects, Lacklan hooks Bourbon's leg the moment he drops!






The count is stopped as the arena lights cut out!

After a few minutes smoke appears as the light comes back on. The smoke permeates through the ring, where the wrestlers are. Then a bunch of men shirtless, in a Borderland Psycho's mask start to circle around the ring. Then a midget Psycho tries to jump into the ring but gets ejected by the ref. Suddenly, a man in a wifebeater, and dirty short jeans enter the ring with a Borderland Psycho's mask on.

The man then looks at the competitors in the ring, with a chair in hand. He does a finger gun on each one of them, then he points the gun on Robbie. Robbie tries to punch, but the man ducks smacks a chair on his head. Then he does a finger gun to Lacklan, and decks her with a chair also. Then the man does a finger gun on Barney but doesn't do anything to him.

Then the man picks up Lacklan, and hits an Implant DDT on the chair. Then Barney Green lifts up Robbie, and Irish Whips him to the ropes, and they hit a double DDT on Robbie. Then the midget Psycho slides in the ring and the lights go out again.

Once the lights come back on, Barney is still standing while the match continues.

"What the hell is going on?"

"I think we may have a cross-promotion with Borderlands 3?"

Green grabs the steel chair left in the ring and moves over to Lacklan and smashes the chair against her spine! He then moves to Bourbon and swings the chair against him, the clap echoing throughout the arena.

Green moves back to Lacklan and traps her leg in between the chair before putting all his weight on the chair legs! Lacklan screams in agony as her leg is crushed! Lacklan gets her hands on the ropes to try and pull herself out of this predicament but to no avail.

Barney steps off the chair and removes it, placing it on Lacklan's chest. He then slowly makes his way up the top rope with a pop from the crowd!

Green steadies himself and poses like Macho Man before leaping off with a huge elbow drop!

But Lacklan throws the chair up and it smashes off Green's skull! Green's body flails and he bounces off the ropes and crashes against the mat in a brutal fall!

Lacklan barely moves out of the way and gets herself up with a limp, uses the rope as a crutch. Bourbon is now back on his feet resting in the corner, their eyes meet and the crowd get rowdy. Bourbon stumbles to the center to meet a limping Lacklan! They square off and Sarah throws a spinning chop against Robbie and his chest turns beet red immediately! Lacklan goes for another strike but Robbie catches her hand and rakes her eyes!

Bourbon throws a knee into her gut and lifts her into a powerbomb!

"Bourbon looking to end things!"

"Hovering over the steel chair!"

But Lacklan wraps her legs tightly around Bourbon and throws jabs into Bourbon's skull! Jab after jab daze Bourbon who stumbles in place!

Sarah drops an elbow onto Bourbon's crown which causes Robbie to walk around like a drunkard. Lacklan tries to escape the hold but Robbie desperately moves to the ropes!


Lacklan crashes to the outside as Robbie leans over the ropes, breathing heavily looking down at a prone Lacklan.

Green is shakily getting himself up and Bourbon looks to him and then the chair.

He hastily sets up the chair and grabs Barney!


Robbie drops Green's spine on top of the chair with an over-the-shoulder powerbomb! The steel chair disappears under green and Robbie falls on top of Green!


Lacklan stirs on the outside.


As quick as she can she gets to the apron!

But her knee gives in as she goes between the ropes!



Bourbon's theme hits as the ref rouses him. Lacklan mere inches just watches in shocked disbelief.

"What a match! What a win!"

"Great showing from Robbie Bourbon but you got to feel for Sarah Lacklan."

"She almost stayed in this and she put up one hell of a fight but Robbie Bourbon took every advantage he saw and got the win!"

Lacklan slumps down on the apron as Robbie raises his arms in victory.

Savage slowly fades to commercial.

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

[Image: 8K9Z08s.png]

Lux ©
- vs -
El Tiburon
15 Minute Time Limit

We come back from commercial break with Tig O'Bitties in the ring.

El Tiburon enters the arena and gets to the ring via slip n' slide.

The lights dim and all the screens in the arena become a wall of green code. As the opening scream of “We Appreciate Power” is heard, the code starts to slowly twist and bend into the outline of a woman's face, interspersed with shots of Lux in action ruining people's shit with brutal kicks and strikes. Lux appears at the top of the ramp, looking determined and ignoring the crowd. He runs into the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and rolling to his feet like a little goddamn ninja. The lights all turn back on and he's mean mugging his opponent or staring up the ramp and waiting for them.


El Tiburon makes a fin with his hand to cheers from the crowd.

"Not much is known about him I'm assuming?"

"It seems that way yes, I think Tig couldn't find any info on him from the XWF documents."

"And his opponent."

The crowd also join in with Tig, Lux's introduction becoming a kind of mantra for the Savage fans.

"Hailing from 'A World on Fire', weighing 162 pounds! She is YOUR TELEVISION CHAMPION! She is undoubtedly the toughest striker in the XWF, Pretty Deadly, LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU​UUUUXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!"

Lux throws her arms in the air as she jogs in place.

The bell rings and the match is underway


Lux looks at El Tiburon with disdain as he prances around the ring like all good masked wrestlers like doing. Suddenly El Tiburon runs at Lux and leaps high in the air, and executes a HURRICARANA, which brings Lux down, but Lux rolls to the other side of the ring and gets to her feet. El Tiburon stands there, proud, as he's just taken down the Television Champion via Hurricarana.

Lux gets back to her feet and smirks, El Tiburon runs at her again and leaps back into the air, and tries to execute a LEG SCISSORS takedown, but Lux catches El Tiburon in mid-air with his feet and starts swinging him around the ring like some kind of Olympic Discus Thrower. She goes around and around and around and finally lets go because she is dizzy not to mention El Tiburon who is also. El Tiburon goes flying across the other side of the ring, hitting the canvas hard, and sliding into the corner.

Lux gets back to her feet and steadies herself to take away the dizziness. She finally sees straight and spots El Tiburon in the corner trying to use the ropes to get back to his feet. Lux smiles and goes running across the ring, and hits El Tiburon with a HELLUVA KICK on El Tiburon who is in the corner. She kicks hard, knocking El Tiburon's head back into the corner post. Lux follows up with a LEAPING KNEE TO THE FACE, catching El Tiburon flush.

El Tiburon collapses to the canvas, and Lux goes for a pin.



Kick out.

"Honestly, I thought it was over then!"


Somehow El Tiburon kicks out from all that head trauma. Lux gets back to her feet, and helps El Tiburon back to his. Lux quickly executes a SURPRISE THROAT PUNCH, which makes El Tiburon stumble across the ring clutchin his throat. He's having trouble breathing. Lux walks up to the struggling El Tiburon, and executes a ROUND HOUSE kick, sending El Tiburon back to the canvas.

Lux goes for another cover.



With the remainder of his strength, El Tiburon uses the opportunity to overturn Lux, and goes for a reverse pin.

"Wait a minute!"

The crowd pop!



Kick out.

El Tiburon knowing he is in trouble suddenly gets up and goes running for the ropes, and drops and slides out of the ring, and drops to the floor below trying to buy some precious time and recover. Meanwhile inside the ring, as the referee starts the 10 count, Lux gets back to her feet, shocked at what just happened. El Tiburon managing to reverse a pin attempt. She looks mad.

Lux looks around the ring for El Tiburon but she's the referee counting.



So Lux walks to the other side of the ring, and jumps out of it, to restart the 10 count.



Lux starts walking around the ring, to where El Tiburon is, who is still trying to recover from the surprise throat punch. He is sucking in the oxygen as fast as he can. Unaware that Lux is now stalking him.



Calmly Lux slides back into the ring, and out again just to break the 10 count, so that she can continue to play mind games with El Tiburon.



El Tiburon gets to his feet finally.


But his facial features turn to horror when he sees Lux standing on the steel steps watching him. He backs away from her, holding up his hands.


Suddenly Lux leaps and tries to execute a LEAPING KNEE TO THE FACE, but somehow El Tiburon uses her movement to keep her moving through the air, and she smashes into the barrier.



El Tiburon quickly gets back into the ring, hoping to catch Lux out with a count out.


Lux looks hurt in a crumbled mess on the floor.


Suddenly with all her might she gets to her feet, turns and looks back into the ring.


El Tiburon who is smiling, loses it, when he sees how mad Lux is outside the ring.


Suddenly Lux runs and flies through the bottom rope, gets to her knees, looks at El Tiburon, but he has turned that to his advamtage, and goes flying at her and executes a FLYING CLOTHESLINE. They both go down.


El Tiburon gets back to his feet, knowing that he has Lux on the ropes, and in all sorts of trouble. He helps her back to her feet, and gets ready to execute a German Suplex. He tries it. But she blocks it. He tries it again but again she blocks it.

Suddenly Lux reverses the move and executes a WHISTLOCK INTO A KNEE TO FACE, which takes El Tiburon surprise advantage away from him. Lux follows up with an AX KICK and then follows up with several clubbing FOREARM STRIKES. She uses this to set El Tiburon up for her submission move.

When shes ready, she places El Tiburon who is hurt, and half out of it, because of the clubbing blows, in her SUBMIT Finisher a.k.a Black Mass, and sets it in. El Tiburon struggles and yells around in pain. He has to submit surely.


He's trying not to submit.......

He's still trying not to submit..... but the pain....

Oh the pain.........

Lux locks SUBMIT in even harder, and then......

El Tiburon has no........

choice but........




Lux's theme hits and she celebrates to the roar of the crowd.

"Lux retains!"

"Was there any real doubt?"

"She is a cut above the competition, I'm starting to wonder if anyone can take the title away from her."

And with that, Savage fades to black.



Thank you to all that helped on this show

Darius Xavier

And thank you to everyone that RPed this week.

[Image: V3i33MC.png]
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