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Wednesday Night Warfare - Results - 6/5/19
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From !!!

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSlKdI-5DYaNVXVfOl6MmP...PUmGVgLW7V]


We cut to the loading dock of tonight’s venue where a stretch white Hummer style limo is shown pulling into the building where it comes to a smooth stop. Seconds pass before the back driver’s side door swings open and out steps “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE to a hoard of boos from the sold out crowd that’s gathered for tonight’s Massacre event.

HEATHER HALLIDAY- “He said he would be here, and he didn’t lie.”

Before CHRIS shuts the door, he turns his attention to inside the limo itself as he states.

CHRIS PAGE- “Stick to the plan and I guarantee you tonight we will leave here getting EVERYTHING we want.”

There’s a smirk from PAGE before he closes the door to the Hummer. He straightens his fresh new t-shirt which displays the Universal Championship as well as a head shot of ROBERT MAIN with a caption that reads “PAPER CHAMPION” that’s tucked into his jeans. CHRIS swats his long brown hair back over his shoulder as he starts to walk into the building.


- vs -
MR KENNEDY (with Paul Heyman)

Falling Apart" by Trust Company hits over the PA system as the fans begin to boo. Big D walks out onto the ramp, arms in the air for a victory pose.

Pip: There he is, one of the men who led his team to victory at War Games.

Heather: LED might be a stretch, but nonetheless his team DID wind up victorious.

Pip: He might not have been there in the end, but he's still receiving his shot at Robert Main. That's all that matters to him.

Big D makes his way down the aisle, a cocky grin on his face. When he gets to the ring, he climbs onto the apron and into the squared circle where he walks over and grabs a mic.

"Before I dispose of the joke that is Mr. Kennedy, I have a few things to say."

The fans voice their displeasure with Big D, who rolls his eyes and let's out a sigh.

"Do you people EVER think that MAYBE I have something to say that you MIGHt actually, ya know, LIKE?!"

The fans continue to boo, not caring what Big D has to say.

"I was told I have to pick an MVP from War Games, someone who will get a shot at the Hart Championship....."

The crowd's reaction changes from hating on the wrestler in the ring to chanting for one of their most beloved: Sarah Lacklan. Chants of 'Queen of XWF' and 'Lacklan' begin to fill the arena.

"You people don't like me, I get it, I'm an asshole. I only care about doing things for myself, like getting my Universal Title shot. BUT, even I have to admit that Sarah's impact on our match was the deciding factor. When I was heading to the back for an early shower, I left MY fate in the hands of Sarah Lacklan and Vinnie Lane. And while I appreciate all Vinnie did stepping in for Bearded War Pig, it was Sarah who finished the final two opponents and earned me the title shot...."

You can feel the anticipation in the air, as the audience grows restless. The camera pans to a 'If Lacklan Isn't MVP, We Riot' sign held by a random fan, before going back to Big D in the ring.

"And while you could argue that Loverboy filling in for BWP helped keep us from starting the match one man down, I get the feeling he wouldn't accept the title shot, nor would the rest of you let me walk out of this arena in one piece......... So without further adieu, I officially name SARAH LACKLAN MVP of Team Big D!!!!"

The arena goes absolutely nuts for Big D's announcement, ecstatic he named their Queen MVP. He allows them to give Sarah her moment, knowing he wouldn't be in the position he was without her help. After a bit of time for praise, D goes to continue.

"Thank you, Lacklan, I appreciate your contribution for my shot at Robert Main. And speaking of which, I....."

Before Big D can continue, he is interrupted from the PA system and a big 'KENNEDY!' blares through the arena. Mr. Kennedy's theme song begins to play as he walks into the ramp with Paul Heyman. In the ring, Big D doesn't look amused by the interruption, as Kennedy gives him a cocky smile from the entry way. Kennedy lifts his arm up and a mic comes down for him from the ceiling.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota; weighing in at 180 pounds........... MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Kennedy.........."

Before he can announce his name anymore, Mr. Kennedy is met on the ramp by an impatient Big D's fist. Paul Heyman screams in horror as Big D hammers on Kennedy, dragging him down the aisle. Before getting to the ring, Kennedy elbows D in the gut, then rams his back against the barricade.

Heather: These men just couldn't wait to make it to the ring to fight.

Pip: I don't think either one of them appreciates being interrupted.

Mr. Kennedy drags Big D to the ring and rolls him in, before climbing in himself. The ref immediately calls for the bell, not giving Big D any time to get up.


Mr. Kennedy delivers stomps to his downed opponent as his manager makes his way to ringside. He then picks D up and puts him in the corner, where he delivers a solid chop to the chest. Kennedy whips his opponent to the opposite corner and chases after. Big D moves out of the way and Ken hits the turnbuckles chest first. D goes behind Kennedy and hits a German Suplex.

Pip: Big D bouncing back from that shot against the barricade a moment ago.

Heather: He's keeping his arms locked, we might see some more German Suplexes!

Just as Heather says it, Big D picks Kennedy up and delivers another one. He quickly gets back up and brings Ken to his feet. D then hits a Vertical Suplex, brings himself and Kennedy to their feet, and hits one again. He stands up with his opponent, looking like he's gonna try another one, but instead drags his opponent down in a submission attempt.

Heather: Big D Face Cruncher! He's gonna try to make Kennedy submit, already.

Pip: Big D looks on fire tonight.

Big D fights to get the hold in, but Kennedy reaches out and gets to the ropes. The ref makes him let go, which he does. D gets up and backs away, waiting for his opponent. Once Kennedy gets back to his feet, Big D runs and Clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside, as Paul Heyman screams.

Heather: This match is NOT going the way Paul Heyman had hoped.

Pip: With Bobby Roode's loss Saturday, AGK could sure use a win here.

Big D climbs to the outside and, instead of going for his opponent, he walks towards Heyman. Paul begins begging D to leave him alone, backing up against the corner post. Big D gets ready to swing at the manager, when Kennedy runs up from behind and shoves D forward. Paul Heyman dives out of the way and Big D goes face first into the ring post.

Heather: What a mistake by one of the Number 1 Contenders!

Pip: Absolutely, Big D could've finished his opponent off instead of worrying about his manager!

As Paul Heyman laughs, Mr. Kennedy picks Big D up, revealing blood dripping from his forehead, and rolls him into the ring. Kennedy quickly covers.




Kennedy stands up and drops an elbow on D's chest. He covers again, but his opponent instantly kicks out. Mr. Kennedy begins to deliver rights to Big D's cut, making more blood run out. He then runs to the ropes and a sitting up Big D with a boot to the face. Once again, Kennedy covers.




Pip: Big D holding on for now.

Heather: If he keeps losing blood, he won't be holding on for long.

Mr. Kennedy locks in a Sleeper Hold on Big D, as Paul Heyman mocks D on the outside. Blood spurts out of Big D's head as Ken applies pressure. They stay in this hold for a bit, until Big D begins to stir. He gets to a knee, trying to fight out of the hold, before making it to his feet. D elbows Ken in the ribs three times, forcing his opponent to let go. Big D then whips Mr. Kennedy to the ropes, but he gets hit with a Flying Forearm on the rebound. Kennedy covers once again.




Heather: Big D kicks out just in time!

Pip: Yeah, just in time for more punishment.

Heyman yells for his client to 'Finish Big D'. Kennedy lifts his opponent up and puts his head between his legs. He then hoists D onto his shoulders, before slamming his shoulders down to the mat.

Heather: The Kenton Bomb!

Pip: It's not the one we know, but it's still effective!

Heather: Cover by Kennedy, that could be it!




Pip: Foot in the rope! Big D JUST manages to get a foot on the rope!

Heather: It looks like Mr. Kennedy may have Big D's number, though.

Mr. Kennedy stands up and signals for his finisher. He waits as a weak Big D slowly begins to stir. A dazed Big D rises up and turns towards his opponent. Kennedy attempts an Enzuigiri, but D ducks the kick. He grabs Kennedy from behind and delivers a Backdrop to him, before covering. As the ref goes to count, Paul Heyman climbs onto the apron, causing the ref to go over and tell him to get down.

Heather: Heyman helping his client out any way he can!

Pip: Big D doesn't look amused.

Big D gets up and pushes the ref aside, grabbing Heyman by the shirt. This allows his opponent to also get up and run at D. Big D notices Kennedy coming at him and he steps aside, causing Kennedy to knock Paul Heyman off the apron. Big D gets behind Mr. Kennedy, picks him up,

Big D Ending:
and he spins him around before slamming Kennedy down into the mat.

Heather: Dan Slam! Big D hits his finishing move!

Pip: Big D covers, is it gonna be enough?




Heather: Despite being battered and bloody, Big D walks out of Warfare with the victory.

Pip: If he can do that in a couple weeks, we'll be looking at the NEW Universal Champion.



- vs -

Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace plays over the sound system as a large man walks out from the curtain and stands on top of the ramp, looking around with Henry standing behind him before he walks very slowly to ringside as he steps on the apron and goes over the top rope with his feet and goes to a corner to rest himself up on, looking at his opponent with intensity before the match starts.

Monster by Eminem and Rihanna plays on the sound system

The lights go out, and then when they come back on Mastermind is seen standing on the top rope waving to the crowd.

The bell rings to start the match and Samuel walks straight up to Mastermind and starts trash talking him. Mastermind stands his ground, and smirks his infamous smirk.

PIP: "Mastermind seemd to like infuriating opponents with that smirk of his."

HEATHER: "He sure does,"

Suddenly without warning Samuel hits Mastermind with both arms like a double club, Mastermind stumbles backwards dazed. Samuel folliws up with not one but four knees to the guts and its apparant that Mastermind is in all sorts of trouble.

Samuel sets Mastermind up for a German suplex, and executes not one but three straight German suplexes that intertwine each other.

Samuel gets back to his feet first, and stares back down at Mastermind who looks in so much pain. Samuel starts laughing at him. He then grabs Mastermind and forces him to his feet and then he manhandles him by lifting him off of his feet, in a choke hold. Mastermind can be seen clearly struggling and panicking in the grip.

PIP: "Mastermind looks to be in all sorts of trouble,"

HEATHER: "He sure does, the question is can he turn it around?"

Suddenly Samuel executes a massive choke slam which takes the wind out of Mastermind as he hits the canvas.

Samuel goes for a cover.



Kick out but only just.

PIP: "That was very close for Mastermind,"

Samuel gets back to his feet, and pulls Mastermind back to his. He sends him to the ropes, and as Mastermind rebounds, Samuel attempts to hit him with a clothes line, but some how Mastermind ducks underneath it and takes a dive to the canvas where he rolls under the ropes on the other side of the ring and exits. He hits the floor and is clearly in pain.

Samuel walks to the ropes and looks down at Mastermind and starts laughing at him as the referee starts the 10 count.


Samuel yells at Mastermind to get back into the ring.


Mastermind backs away from the ring and sits with his back to the railings looking up at Samuel who continues to bark down at him.

HEATHER: "This is clever thinking from Mastermind, he needs this space to recover,"


PIP: "Can he turn this to his advantage?"

Samuel decides to go out after Mastermind and he rolls out of the ring forcing the referee to restart the 10 count.


As soon as Samuel gets out of the ring, Mastermind is up on his feet and runs off down the other side of the ring away from Samuel.


Samuel is clearly frustrated at this turn of events and doesn't think about what it may lead to.


Samuel gets halfway down the side of the ring that Mastermind had gone down, when all of a sudden Mastermind comes flying at him after using the metal stairs and the outer canvas of the ring and hits Samuel with a flying spear.


This sends Samuel going backwards into the railings very hard.


Mastermind gets up and manages to pull Samuel forwards before slamming his back but into the railings. Samuel yelled out in pain.


PIP: "It looks as if he has turned this match around,"

HEATHER: "He needed to really, he should have the match back in his control,"

Mastermind grabs Samuel and sends him flying back through the ropes back into the ring. He jumps up on the canvas then climbs to the top of the corner post. He grabs his back as he is still in pain.

Samuel is beginning to stir, Masterminf takes his chance and leaps off the corner posts and hits Samuel with two flying knee drops to his back.

Mastermind gets back to his feet as he sees Samuel writhing around in pain. He pulls him to his feet and quickly executes a back breaker which makes things even worse.

Mastermind drops two further elbows before grabbing Samuel's legs and executing his infamous MIND CONTROLLER finishing move. A.k.a Boston Crab.

PIP: "Here we go, the beginning of the end,"

HEATHER: "What a come back from Mastermind,"

At first it seemed Samuel was about to break out of the move by struggling so much but Mastermind locked it in even harder. The beating yhat samuel's back had just suffered was too immensed, and Samuel had no choice but to succumb, and he tapped, giving the win to Mastermind.

HEATHER: "Does this mean Samuel will be receiving a t-shirt?"



- vs -


Dropkick Murphy's "Loyal to No One" plays and out walks Boston Bruiser walks straight to the ring.

Noah Jackson runs onto the ramp with a burst of energy, taunting to the crowd. He walks towards the ring going to high five fans before faking out and giving them a dab like a dick. He rolls into the ring and rests in his corner.

Pip: Boston Bruiser does NOT look amused with his opponent.

Heather: And I'm sure his opponent isn't amused by him either.

Jackson makes his way to the center of the ring where he's met by Boston Bruiser. After a moment of a stare down, the ref calls for the bell.


As soon as the bell rings, Jackson gives Bruiser a thumb to the eye. The fans boo and he just laughs before running to the ropes. Unfortunately for him, an angry Boston Bruiser hits him with a powerful Clothesline on the rebound. BB then drops to a knee and begins to wail on Noah's face with multiple closed fists. The ref makes him get off, to which Bruiser starts yelling at him.

Heather: I think Boston Bruiser isn't happy his opponent got away with an illegal eye poke.

Pip: That's fair, but HE can't go and get bundled disqualified, now.

Boston Bruiser approaches his opponent and picks him up by the side, slamming Jackson down for a Sidewalk Slam. He then covers.



Heather: Gonna take more than that.

Boston Bruiser brings Noah Jackson to his feet and whips him to the ropes. Bruiser attempts another Clothesline, but Noah ducks it and bounces off the other side. After bouncing off the ropes, Jackson attempts a Spinning Heel Kick, only to get caught by his opponent. Noah yells out in fear before the Bruiser hoists him up and delivers a sick looking Jackknife Powerbomb to the mat, staying on for a cover.




Boston Bruiser picks his opponent up once again and whips him towards the corner. Noah Jackson makes an attempt to reverse it, but he's not strong enough as Bruiser stands there holding his wrist. After a moment of Noah struggling, his opponent pulls him in and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex, covering once again.




Heather: Not sure how much longer the Vegemite of Wrestling can keep kicking out.

A frustrated Bruiser gets up and signals for the end of his opponent. He drags Jackson over to the corner and then begins to make his way up the ropes. BB climbs all the way to the top before starting to bounce on the rope.

Pip: This could be it, he's about to go for the Wicked Pissah!

Heather: Noah's up! This could be bad for Bruiser.

Noah Jackson pops up and pushes his opponent off the top rope to the outside, where he crashes HARD onto the barricade and rests lifelessly. Noah quickly slides outside and hits Bruiser in the kidneys with an elbow. As an obviously hurt BB stumbles toward the ring, Noah grabs a drink from a kid in the front row and pours it onto the child's head as his parents' gasp in horror.

Pip: There's a lawsuit right there.

Heather: He must've thought the kid was a certain c-word.

Pip: Well, he IS a child, Heather.

Boston Bruiser rolls into the ring, followed by Noah. Jackson gets to his feet and hits a Dropkick to Bruiser's face to keep him down. Noah then walks over to a corner and begins to untie the turnbuckles, as the ref goes him hell. This allows Bruiser time to get to his feet. Jackson removes the pad completely, but he gave BB too much time to recover as he grabs Noah and whips him to the opposite corner. Boston Bruiser charges at his opponent, who gets a boot up. He then runs and tries to whip BB to the unpadded corner, but Bruiser reverses and tosses Jackson that way instead.

Noah Jackson manages to stop himself from hitting the corner, as Boston Bruiser runs after him. He attempts a gigantic Avalanche splash to the corner, but Jackson steps aside. This causes Bruiser's chest to smash against the exposed corner, hurting him very badly.

Pip: Jackson's plan comes together.

Heather: It can't end like this!

Noah Jackson then King Hits, Bruiser once which brings him to a knee. Noah does another one, which causes Bruiser to fall to the mat. Noah covers.




Heather: Noah Jackson steals a victory from the newcomer, Boston Bruiser.

Pip: Bruiser's still looking to make an impact, but tonight wasn't his night.


The Vinniefred EVELYN Lane Tron FLARES to life and something appears on the screen which takes the breath of every audience member away:

Sar: HIIIII-iiiiiiii!

The crowd loses their SHIT




The Billion $$$ Smile of the Blood Princess soaks in these cheers and more before finally raising her hand to stop the crowd.

Sar: Hello everyone in-

She looks down, adjusting her glasses, and a confused expression crosses her face.

Sar: Um...well...I’m not even sure HOW to pronounce your city...BUT!

She looks back up to the camera.

Sar: I’M here in BEAUTIFUL Los Angeles on a PERFECT day of 70 degrees, and it occured to me that, of all my AMAZING skills which I possess, I could help out every SINGLE person on the XWF roster...without even BEING there! So, I would like to welcome EVERYONE to a NEW regular segment on the Wednesday Warfare show…

The camera backs away to show a projector behind Sar, along with a SWEET Surface Go tablet. And on the projector screen?

A PowerPoint presentation.

Sar: How to Cut a Promo 101 with the Federweight Champ!

The crowd groans.

[Image: vfsE8We.gif]

Sar: And in conCLUSION: Don’t be a pissbaby! Now, are there any questions?

A soft snoring sound from the crowd in Nuku’Alofa.


The crowd starts awake and wisely chooses to just applaud the presentation. Sar smiles at their reaction and gives them a deep curtsy.

Sar: I hope you all take this lesson to heart! EsPECIally Slide #34! That one was my fave! Tune in to Savage Saturday when you get to see my whoop some loserbro ass, and the following Thursday when I...AGAIN...master someone’s mind! Make sure to tip your waitresses and stay away from dirty trash pandas!

The feed FINALLY cuts.


- vs -


Azrael appears and walks to the ring confidently, with a dead set, determined look in his eyes. Eyes that smolder with a touch of fire.

John Whyte walks to the ring.

PIP: "John has had a lot to say lately,"

HEATHER: "You can say that, again,"

The bell rings and John walks straight up to Azrael and starts mouthing off. Azrael just stands there with a quizzical look on his face. Suddenly John lashes out and tries to punch Azrael but Azrael grabs his hand and within a second executes a LEG SWEEP taking John off of his feet.

He then helps a dazed John back to his feet and sends him running to the ropes, he rebounds, comes back and is hot by a ROUNDHOUSE KICK. Azrael quickly follows up with a CHOKE SLAM and then a TILT A WHIRL DDT.

PIP: "Wow, Azrael in full control from the get go,"

Azrael then sets John up for his finisher DEVASTAR a.k.a GORILLA PRESS INTO A BACK BREAKER which ge executes before he goes for a cover.




HEATHER: "Wow that is the fastest I've seen Azrael dominate a match,"

And the match is over quickly, just like that.


As Azrael starts celebrating 'Just the good old boys' hits the Arena's sound system and Azrael looks to the stage. Warfare GM Smoking Bob Williams walks onto the stage surrounded by three body guards. They make their way to the ring where they get inside.

PIP: "Wow I wonder what SBW is doing out here?"

SBW looks at Azrael and ushers for him to leave the ring which he does so. The three body guards surround John Black who is looking up dazed at them.

SBW spoke into a microphone "Mr Whyte these guys are here for your protection not mine. Now down to business."

"Now remember last week when you so famously ran your mouth belittling me and my work here as GM? We came to an arrangement that if you were to beat three guys of my choosing over the next three Warfares, then I was to meet you at Leap of Faith PPV in a special match? Remember Mr Whyte?"

"Well you just lost your first match. YOUR FIRST MATCH! Which means that we don't even need to bother with the other two because they would assuredly end the same way this one did. You had one shot to face me at Leap of Faith and you've just blown it. Now there's the door and go use it.

The body guards help John Whyte to his feet and escourted him out of the ring to the back. SBW followed to a huge ovation

HEATHER: "Sonething tells me we haven't heard the last of John Whyte!"


- vs -


The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of DADDYS FALLEN ANGEL by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage. As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his main madame of malady and mayhem, Valerie Sky come out to the ramp. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. They get in the ring together and Peter gets on the turnbuckle and throws up an "X" sign as pyro goes off above the ring. Peter hops down and kisses Valerie. They wink and smile sadistically towards each other and then, Valerie Sky the dark demonic, demented diva of destruction exits the ring and Peter turns his attention to the stage .

Surfin Dead by the Cramps plays on the Sound System and Zane Norrison makes his way to the ring.

The bell rings. Peter walls straight up to Zane and they have a stare down. Suddenly Peter pushes Zane, then Zane pushes Peter back. Peter snarls at Zane, and Zane yells back at Peter and follows up with a 1-2 combo.

PIP: "Peter wants to show he can be intimidating,"

HEATHER: "Peter intimidating? Maybe to some certain individuals who have never had the opportunity to beat him 1 on 1,"

Peter stumbles backwards, Zane tries to follow up with an uppercut but Peter moves out of the way, and moves in and tries to eye rake Zane. Zane stumbles back and the ref yells at Peter and gives him a warning.

Peter moves the ref out of the way and goes after Zane who is still trying to get his eyesight back. Peter connects with a CLOTHES LINE and down goes Zane. Peter follows up with a LEG DROP, and Zane looks in all sorts of trouble. Peter goes for a quick cover.

PIP: "Peter trying to find ways to get through this match early, even if it involves cheating,"

HEATHER: "Peter cheating? That's like saying he intimidates people,"




Peter quickly gets to his feet. He quickly walks over to the ropes, waits for Zane to start moving, which he starts to, Peter starts running and attempts a flying leg drop, but Zane manages to get out of the way just in time. Peter howls out pain, grabbing his lower leg.

Zane gets up and groggily runs to the ropes and rebounds off of them. He comes back and executes a BASEBALL SLIDE and ge connects well with Peter. Zane then jumps on Peter and starts pummelling away on him.

Peter fights Zane off, gets up, and tries to attempt a CLOTHES LINE but Zane ducks underneath it and follows up with a ROUND HOUSE KICK which connects beautifully with Peter's jaw and down goes Peter.

Zane goes for the cover.

PIP: "Zane trying to turn the match around,"



Kickout but only just.

HEATHER: "Wow how did Peter kick out of that?"

Zane gets back for another cover.



Kick out again.

PIP: "Wow, again,"

HEATHER: "Peter really doesn't want to lose this match,"

PIP: "Not before he gets a shot at his beloved xtreme title next warfare,"

Zane gets up and walks to the other side of the ring, and yells at Peter to get up. This time its a groggy Peter who does.

Zane runs across the ring and successfully executes a SPEAR Tackle which is successful. They both hit the ground. The wind is knocked out of Peter.

Zane gets up, grabs a struggling Peter, and executes a SUPLEX.

Zane then sets Peter up for his DON'T FEAR THE REAPER Finisher a.k.a LIONSAULT, which he executes perfectly before rolling Peter up for a pin.

HEATHER: "This time surely,"



Kickout - wow Peter kicks out of that.

PIP: "No not this time,"

HEATHER: "Peter is determined to stay in this, at his own expense,"

Zane gets up not looking flustered. He runs to the ropes, rebounds, and then hits a second BASEBALL SLIDE before following up with a second DON'T FEAR THE REAPER which he then goes for another cover.

PIP: "He's trying it again,"

HEATHER: "Surely not twice in a row, Peter or anyone, can't survive the DON'T FEAR THE REAPER move twice in succession surely,"




PIP: "Definitely not this time,"

HEATHER: "Valiant effort by the king of xtreme, not this time."


[Image: JggTqeU.png]


[Image: iMa5SD2.png]

- vs -

The arena lights fades into a black and white filter, and Centurion walks down to the ring with Roxy Nova by his side. He stops midway through the ramp, and taunts to the camera, while Roxy blows it a kiss. He walks down to the ring apron, and climbs up ring to enter. Roxy climbs to the ropes, and encourages Centurion, as his theme cuts off and the lights come back to normal.

"A Lesson Never Learned" hits, roaring guitars filling the arena. Tony Santos descends down the entrance ramp, black trench coat on his back, taking slow, confident strides toward the ring. The disdain from the crowd pouring in, Tony Santos takes it all in with a smirk that would put Alex Rodriguez to shame.

The chorus (Could be the end of the world, I'd still be laid here on my own, wasting my life away!!!) hits, Santos ascends the stairs and climbs the turnbuckle, one hand raised in the air, depicting the championship he always assumes he holds. Boos mixed with indecision rain in from the crowd, Tony still smiling, still loving the life he lives and the job he holds.

Santos jumps off of the turnbuckle and hits the mat with his two feet, giving one more raised arm to the crowd, then turning toward his opponent...




The fans are on their feet already as the legendary Centurion stares across the ring at the Hart Champion, Tony Santos. Competing chants echo through the arena, the crowd roaring the names of both men as they work their way out of their corners slowly. Roxy Nova stands on the floor outside the ring pounding on the apron rhymically and cheering for Centurion who bends and stretches his knee casually. Santos begins to circle Centurion but the veteran stays in place and grabs hold of Tony, applying a side headlock. Tony shoves Centurion into the ropes, dropping him on the rebound with a shoulder block. Centurion climbs back to his feet and Santos snatches him up with a quick scoop slam that shakes the entire ring! Santos tries for a quick cover but Centurion back bridges before the referee can even count to one! Santos grabs Centurion and drags him up to his feet, shooting him into the ropes once more and this time hitting a low chop block that sends Centurion toppling head over heels!

PC: Centurion isn’t exactly looking mobile tonight…

HHL: You have to applaud his toughness, Pip. From what I’ve heard his knee was seriously damaged after War Games, and nobody would have questioned him sitting out for a few week, but here he is ready to offer Santos his best!

PC: Yeah. It was stupid.

Tony Santos looks for a standing elbow drop but Centurion rolls out of the way! He reaches over and grabs Tony, trying to lock in a head and arm triangle choke! Santos immediately begins to battle out of the hold and fires several punches at the legend before breaking free. Santos urges Centurion back to his feet, looking to tie him up again, but Centurion is ready! He cracks Santos with a European uppercut and grabs him while he’s dazed. Centurion fights for Santos’ neck and a guillotine grip, dragging Tony back down to the canvas and trying to submit him! Tony fights Centurions hands, breaking the clasped grip and freeing himself once more! This time Tony slides underneath the bottom rope and out of the ring to reset, finding himself face to face with Roxy Nova! The fans in the arena begin to buzz excitedly as the founding member of the Prophecy stares at the Hart Champion, but doesn’t make a move. Santos in turn simply nods to her before turning his attention back to Centurion who is now standing in the ring and waiting for Tony to return.

HHL: You've got to give it to Centurion, he’s not backing down.

PC: Your bias for the senior citizens is disgusting. Centurion isn’t fit to be competing tonight. Point blank. He’s wasting an opportunity any young talent would have loved to have.

HHL: You’re going to sound very stupid if he wins.

PC: Not as stupid as Vinnie Lane sounded announcing we’d hired you.

Tony slides back into the ring and makes his way towards Centurion. Centurion tried to strafe away but is clearly hobbled and has to lean against the ropes for support. Tony hits a low kick, digging his shin into the thigh of Centurion! He fakes a second kick to bring up the legends guard then utilizes a Russian leg sweep to take him down to the canvas! Santos slides on top and hooks the injured leg of Centurion and the referee slides over to make the count!



A kick out by Centurion! He refuses to give up and gets a shoulder up off the mat as quickly as possible! Santos adjusts his tactics and shifts to Centurions injured leg, trying to grab ahold of it and twist Centurion into a Texas cloverleaf! Centurion uses his good leg to kick Santos away, but Santos pounces right back on top of him and tries to secure a figure four! Centurion is thrashing wildly on the mat, trying to free himself but Santos has that knee in danger!

PC: I told you! Centurion was not physically ready for Tony Santos! He’s got to tap here!

HHL: It’s not over until it’s over, Pip! He’s reaching for the bottom rope! It could be his only hope!

Centurion stretches…

… and stretches…


Centurion grips the bottom rope and Santos relents, releasing the hold, and Centurion immediately curls up and clutches his knee. Michael Graves and Fuzz worked that knee over at Warfare and it’s clear Tony Santos got the memo here tonight; he’s going to rip that entire limb off if Centurion isn’t careful! Tony plays to the crowd, the Hart Champion building support as Centurion tries to recover and climb back to his feet. At ringside Roxy Nova shouts words of encouragement to him, but she’s drowned out by the roar of the fans. Finally Centurion is standing again and he takes an uneasy step towards Santos who suddenly leaps up to the middle rope and hits a springboard back elbow from the other side of the ring! He cracks Centurion clean across the jaw, but both men collapse in a heap on the canvas and Centurion reaches up and hooks an arm around Santos’ neck! He’s looking for a rear naked choke!

HHL: That looks deep!

PC: It’s not. Santos has space, he’s turning out of it alrea- OH MY GOD!

HHL: What a transition by Centurion! Santos was about to escape and he tries to switch to an arm bar!

Centurion doesn’t have the strength in his knee to hold Tony’s body flat and Santos is able to stack his way out of the position, pressing Centurions shoulders flat and threatening with a possible pin until Centurion is forced to let go and roll away! Centurion takes a moment on his hands and knees to take a breath, then sits up straight and… running leg lariat! Santos almost takes Centurions head off with that one, the legend slumping over as Santos rolls him to his back and heads for the turnbuckle!

HHL: Santos is going to the top rope!

PC: He's looking for a Tony Award!

HHL: Aren’t we all?

On nothing more than instinct Centurion rolls across the canvas, as far as he can possibly get from Santos. He’s out of range of the shooting star press! Frustrated, Santos drops from the top rope back to the canvas.

HHL: Veteran move there, great ring awareness by Centurion even when he’s hurt.

PC: Santos is not stupid, he knows he wasn’t going to cover that sort of distance but he’s still got Centurion in his sights!

Tony Santos bounces excitedly as Centurion crawls to the turnbuckle! He still looks determined, grabbing the middle rope and pulling himself to his knees, then the top rope to pull himself slowly to his feet!

“Cent! Cent! Cent!”

The fans in the arena begin to unify behind the legend, absolutely refusing to quit despite having started this match on what was essentially one leg!

HHL: Santos charges Centurion from across the ring!

PC: Santos leaps through the air for a splash!

Centurion sidesteps! Santos crashes hard into the turnbuckle and Centurion hobbles in, spinning Santos around to face him! Right hand! Right hand! A left to the body! Centurion begins pummeling Tony in the corner, and Santos is covering up! He might be dazed from hitting that turnbuckle! Finally Tony shoves Centurion! Centurion stumbles hard but stays on his feet as Tony staggers out of the corner! Centurion looks for the kill!


PC: HIS KNEE TOTALLY GAVE OUT! What was he thinking?!

Centurions body finally fails him right at the finish line, leg buckling as soon as he gets the Hart Champion into the air and leaving both men spilled out on the canvas. The fans gasp in horror! Tony uses everything he’s got to scramble over to Centurion and wrap up his legs… The Santos Stretch!

HHL: They’re right in the middle of the ring! Nowhere near the ropes!

Centurion can't survive on willpower alone anymore, and Tony Santos pulls on the already injured leg until the legend screams in pain and slaps the mat furiously! Centurion taps out and Tony Santos has retained the Hart title!

HHL: A hell of an effort from Centurion, but you could tell he was disadvantaged from the start.

PC: Disadvantaged or not, it wouldn’t have mattered. Tony Santos is flat out better than Centurion.

HHL: we’ll see, Pip. I have a feeling these two will meet again at some point.


The crowd erupts into massive boos as the house lights dim to darkness and white strobe lights start to flicker from all over the building. A thick smoky haze engulfs the top of the entrance ramp and see walking through the smoky haze is none other than “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE who still sports his “PAPER CHAMPION” t-shirt that features ROBERT MAIN. Chris stands at the top of the ramp with his hands on his hips as he looks across the crowd and listens to their lack of respect. CHRIS starts to make the walk towards the ring where he completely ignores the fans that have paid top dollar to see their favorite star. He does give them something to snap pictures off, his middle finger. Chris reaches ringside where he climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and into the ring. Once inside the squared circle Chris walks over to Centurion who is still hobbling from his recently ended match with Tony Santos. Page and Centurion engage in a short stare down before Centurion starts climbing through the ropes. Page reaches into the inner pocket of his black leather jacket retrieving a microphone that’s tapped into the sound system. The music fades away leaving a solid chorus of lout boo’s from the live crowd which brings a smirk to his face as he raises the microphone and starts to address the hard camera.

CHRIS PAGE- “Hold on there Centurion. You're gonna wanna hear this. Now once again being a man of my word here I stand in the middle of this pathetic excuse for a wrestling ring prepared to nut up as opposed to shutting up.”

The loud boo’s only start to get louder as CHRIS continues.

CHRIS PAGE- “While most of you assumed that by leaving War Games on the losing side of the coin I would simply just up and disappear only further proves your intelligence level is on par with a three-year-old.”

There’s a brief pause from CHRIS before he spouts out.

CHRIS PAGE- “We already know the XWF will do whatever it is they need to do in order to protect their investment in the Universal Champion by keeping him as far away from me as humanly possible in a singles setting with the title up for grabs, I mean look at how they shifted the War Games Main Event without any prior knowledge to myself or my team!”

The boo from the crowd shift to a massive chant of “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” which CHRIS clearly ignores.

CHRIS PAGE- “Look at how DICK is nowhere to be found as I stand here as promised! Now, I’ve been told I’ve rubbed a lot of the boys the wrong way, personally I don’t give a shit because I’m not in this business to make friends… I’m here to make money and I’m here to CRUMBLE this federation! My goal still stands and while DICK has a triple threat on the horizon’s doesn’t mean for one simple second that his name isn’t attached to another set of belts; the XWF World Tag Team Championship.”

Another brief pause from CHRIS before he continues.

CHRIS PAGE- “This personal quest that I’ve set out to accomplish by ending what’s left of this shit hole doesn’t even begin to start until WE start acquiring all the major titles the XWF has to offer, because as you know he who holds the gold holds the power, and DICK, while you’re tied up with your little Triple Threat doesn’t mean the rest of Apex Prophecy aren’t able to defend them for you; isn’t that why they’re defended under Freebird Rules? None of you need not worry because there’s two challengers ready to lift them off your shoulders.”

CHRIS shifts his attention towards the top of the ramp as he continues.

CHRIS PAGE- “DICK, I gave you ample notice that I would be here tonight and within the same notice I’ve told you why I’m here. The question now becomes are you going to PUT UP or are you going to SHUT UP!!”

HH: That’s not MAIN!

The crowd explodes as JAMES RAVEN emerges out to the top of the ramp with his eyes fixated upon CHRIS PAGE who waves at RAVEN from the ring. JAMES starts to walk with a purpose towards the ring! JAMES reaches ringside where he climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes where he stands a mere feet away from the man that eliminated him inside War Games during the Main Event and next to his Apex Prophecy stablemate Centurion. The music fades as JAMES produces a microphone.

JAMES RAVEN- “Let me makes sure I’m understanding all this correctly; you show up in the XWF claiming someone within management is a benefactor that’s supplying you the money, you’re not under XWF contract and yet you find yourself into the Main Event of a Pay-Per-View and while in said Main Event of that Pay-Per-View you LOSE… and yet you have the audacity to stand in this ring thinking that you have claims to ANY title opportunity? Where do you think you are, the WGWF?”

The verbal jab from RAVEN brings a smile to the face of CHRIS PAGE who retorts.

CHRIS PAGE- “JIMMY it’s so good to see you again, I mean the last time I saw you I was beating you in the middle of this ring; more importantly, why are you here? You don’t look like MAIN to me, you look like a man that’s putting himself in harms way.”

JAMES RAVEN- “And you look like a man that got humiliated at War Games and is desperately trying to save what little face he can.”

CHRIS PAGE- “Hello pot… meet kettle.”

The crowd starts to respond to something.

CHRIS PAGE- “Unless you’re here to grant me the XWF Tag Title shot I’d strongly suggest that you leave the ring before you get hurt!”

A cocky JAMES RAVEN responds.

JAMES RAVEN – “By you and what army!”

Just as RAVEN makes that very statement MDK, RAGE, THE TRISTAN SLATER and BILL BLAKK have jumped the barricade at ringside before hitting the ring! JAMES RAVEN and CENTURION didn't see it coming as they are blind sided by the four men taking both men down where a five on two assault on the XWF legends starts to commence!

Within seconds there’s an explosion from the crowd as ROXY NOVA, DREW ARCHYLE and ROBERT MAIN storm the ramp and dive into the ring! It’s an all out war on MASSACRE as Centurion and Slater pair off, Roxy and Rage, Blakk and Archyle, Raven and MDK! The action spills out to ringside leaving ROBERT MAIN and CHRIS PAGE standing in the same ring at the same time! The crowd is on fire while the Brawl around the ring see’s back and forth exchanges! The roof blows as MAIN and PAGE begin a heated exchange of right hands in the center of the ring! They trade shot after shot when suddenly a horde of black shirted security storm the ringside area attempting to break up all the fights around the ring! MASSACRE leaves the air amidst the turmoil that’s exploded upon our very eyes.


James Raven
Sarah Lacklan
Tommy Wish
Darius Xavier

If I've missed anyone else out well your contributions are really valuable.

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so I get booked into a match I don’t sign up for and don’t agree to, tell bob williams to call off the match, and instead he gets some imposter to wrestle under a john whyte mask

how fucking pathetic

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06-06-2019 06:45 AM

I want to discuss the trash talking in the match. Unless it's Henry trash talking for Samuel, Samuel can't speak as I explained it in the bio. It's all good, but just wanted to make the point that Henry is at ringside for a reason to do trash talking for Samuel.

Overall, great show and congrats to all winners. RP with you guys in July.

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