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06-12-2019 09:20 PM

The picture fades in to show the one and only Ned Kaye, propped behind a desk, looking somewhat worn. In front of him lies a stack of papers, each one appearing to be freshly signed. To his right is one of his trusty televisions, showing a tag team match of The Brothers Blackwater, Ezra and Raphael. Although Ned seems exhausted, he focuses intently on the screen, letting the details flow through his mind. Seemingly, the world around him begins to blur in his mind; mere distracting noise. He feels as if he's being swallowed whole by thought.

And then, a familiar voice is heard.

"So, you're really going through with this?"

Kaye blinks, his senses returning in full to see Ethan standing in front of his desk. With a quick shake of his head, Ned regains composure.

"Yeah, yeah. It was imperative to get this place open quickly. An affordable gym for the people. You know how I am when it comes to those who are still struggling to get by. They shouldn't have their aspirations disrupted by a price tag."

"Of course, man. I really just wanted to check on you a little. These last couple of losses... they just seemed to have affected your demeanor. I don't want you to slip back into certain habits, y'know?"

"Trust me, Ethan-"

Ned looks into his friend's eyes with an eerie intensity.

"That's the last thing I intend to allow. Besides, I need to focus on this match with Raphael. He's my step towards Leap of Faith. If anyone could stop me dead in my tracks, it's him. This victory is deeply important for both of us. For me, it's proving that I can jump back. For him, it's stepping from the shadows of his siblings. Their support alone is concerning me. To have a brother alongside you, who puts their absolute faith in your abilities. That's not a luxury I've been afforded..."

Ethan shrugs, giving a reassuring smile.

"You got me, right? We've been through quite a bit. I'd think we're brothers, don't you?"

Ned stares at Ethan, his mind drifting back to a moment years ago.


April 15th, 2013

"You're gonna be fine, Ned! Jesus, you sure are a pussy sometimes!"

Ned is in center frame. To his side is a young man who looks similar to Ned, but a few years older. His hair is short and black. He's holding a generic party cup in both hands as music blasts behind him. They appear to be at a house party, surrounded by stained walls. The sounds of the other partygoers is almost enough to deafen someone. The man smirks smugly toward Ned, moving one of the cups closer to Ned's chest. Ned looks at the man indignantly.

"Look, Nate, I drove us here. I'd prefer not letting down Mom and Dad and wrecking the damn car, even though you seem completely fine with that."

Nate rolls his eyes, swishing the drink around.

"Christ! Cars can be replaced, nights like these can't! Have some priorities!"

Ned sighs, grabbing the cup.

"You know, I said I didn't want to drink often."

"And you're not going to. Tonight's special, your first real party! I'm just glad I get to be here with you for it!"

Ned rolls his eyes before taking a sip. A short timelapse begins, showing the two brothers drinking together, singing a few songs, and dominating at beer pong. As it ends, Ned's slumped on a couch, a little less sober than he intended. Noticing he can't find his brother, he pulls himself to his feet clumsily.

"Nate? Hey, have you guys seen Nate?"

He stumbles his way to the kitchen overhearing Nate's voice.

"Hey, man, I just wanna thank you for convincing me to come here. This was a lot of-"

In a moment, Nate's words become distinguishable.

"-I'm just wondering if you're interested in heading upstairs, seeing what happens?"

"I'm not really comfortable with-..."

Ned looks up, seeing Lilian in front of his brother.

"Oh, hey Ned! Didn't know you were here! I got here a bit late."

She swirls her drink with a tiny umbrella while Ned struggles to find words, miraculously keeping his cool.

"Y-yeah. I'm just a little out of it... Hey, Nate, could I talk to you alone?"

Innocently, Nathaniel nods, his smirk glued to his chin. They walk to the laundry room nearby.

"What the fuck was that?"

"No idea what you mean."

"You know she and I just went on a date."

"So? You're not dating. If she wants to fool around, she can."

Nate shrugs. Ned begins to chuckle lightly.

"Oh, I see. That's what this was. Before you leave you want to sleep with girl I'm interested in. Just to piss me off. This was never about my first party. I'm gonna be overjoyed when you walk out that door and I never see your fucking face ever again. You always do this shit!"

"Yeah, I do? I do this shit? You're the golden child! You're Mr. Do-No-Fucking-Wrong! If I had chased after some dumb profession like wrestling, Dad woulda kicked my ass, but he'll cheer for Ned! When I'm gone, I'm gonna be so fucking pumped to return to see your face when you realize that you can't amount to anything! Then you'll know what a failure you are on your own!"

"Just leave!"

"Are you two okay?"

Lilian peaks her head in. Nate laughs weakly as he walks out.



Kaye shakes off his slight trance and nods.

"Yeah. You're definitely a brother to me."

Ethan chuckles, making his way to the door.

"Then you've got this next match in the bag, man! Don't worry!"


Ethan stops, twisting to meet Ned's gaze.

"Do you think that'll be enough? To have my chosen family spurring me on instead of flesh and blood?"

Hesitating a bit, Ethan shrugs.

"I hope."

He walks out the door, leaving Ned alone, the sounds of his television filling the vacant air.

"You can't run from yourself."

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