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War Games Results - PPV - 5/26/19
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05-27-2019 12:55 AM

[Image: qDrW2lG.png]

| SUNDAY - 26TH MAY 2019 |

[Image: luzhniki10.jpg]



- vs -

Destiny Graves
Buried Alive Match

2 RP Limit

”The following contest is a buried alive match! The only way to win is to bury your opponent!”

The camera pans the area below the stage where various mock tombstones are lined out around an open grave, big mound of dirt, and a shovel.

”Introducing first, from Atlantic City, New Jersey, and weighing in at 190lbs, CEEEEEEEEEEEENTURRRRRRIIOOOOOOONNN!!!”

Centurion’s theme plays as he walks out from the back to great fanfare. Cent slaps a few outstretched hands on his way down the ramp before taking a running start and sliding into the ring. Cent jumps to his feet and postures for the crowd until...

”And his opponent, hailing from New York City, and weighing in tonight at 135lbs, DEEEEEEEEESTINY GRAAAAAAAAAAAVVVVVVES!!!”

The lights in the arena blacken and Red and gold spotlights hit the stage. The fans in the arena erupt as she steps out onto the stage in a red feather robe. She stops as poses at the top of the ramp before letting it fall to the ground to reveal her ring attire. She poses one more time before walking down to the ring. She slides in from the ground and jumps up on her feet and walks to the far turnbuckle climbing it and poses.

Suddenly the arena goes pitch black. A purple hue dimly lights the stage as out of the back come hooded figures wheeling down a casket. They wheel it down to ringside and park it next to the ring before heading back up the stage and through the curtain.

Centurion points at the casket and yells at Destiny. “Is this your doing!?!”, but Destiny Graves throws her hands up and denies having anything to do with it. Mika Hunt calls for the bell.


”Both of these competitors seem to be more focused on the casket that those druids brought out more than the match itself!”

”Like me, I bet they’re wondering what’s inside of it more than anything else.”

Centurion once again questions Destiny Graves about her involvement with this, but she again denies it and even yells back to him, “I’ll prove it!”. Destiny hops over the ropes to the apron and then to the floor. She walks up to the casket and grabs the lid, swinging it open and jumping back with her guard up.

”It’s empty!?!”

”Wait a minute!”

Micheal Graves crawls out from under the opposite side of the ring and manages to slide into the ring without Centurion taking notice. Micheal begins to creep up behind Cent, looking to take advantage of the surprise element.

”Centurion is in a world of trouble, and he doesn’t even see it coming!”

Micheal salivates as he readies himself, then BOOM! He kicks Centurion in the back of the knee causing him to crumble to the mat!

”How can Centurion possibly compete with two Graves!?!”

Destiny slides into the ring and charges right up to Micheal, shoving him away from Centurion and demanding that he GTFO!

”It looks like Destiny Graves doesn’t want her ex brother in law involved in this match!”

”Well it’s a little too late for that now, isn’t it?”

Micheal backs off, drops to the mat, and rolls out of the ring. Destiny continues to scold him from inside of the ring as he rounds the corner and begins heading up the ramp.

With Micheal now gone, Destiny turns around to start this match.

”1000 Mile Slam!!!”

”Centurion was just waiting for his chance to strike!”

”I wonder if he realizes that she ran Micheal outta here?”

Centurion pushes back to his feet and grabs Destiny by the leg. He drags her to the ropes and kicks her under the bottom rope to the mats below.

”Centurion is walking with an obvious limp here, maybe hitting the 1000 mile slam so far away from the Graves wasn’t the best idea?”

Cent steps out of the ring and takes caution to not further injure his knee as he steps down to the floor. He grabs Destiny again and starts to drag her, but stops and looks at the casket that the druids walked out.

”I can hear the gears turning in his head from here Pip!”

Cent rolls the casket over and lifts Destiny up to his shoulder and dumps her inside.

”Ge better be quick about it, she’s beginning to show signs of life!”

Centurion grabs a fist full of Destiny’s hair and unloads a flurry of lightening quick punches to keep her down.

He then begins pushing the cart up the ramp to the top of the stage.

”Where’s he going?”

Cent lines the casket up with the stage, aiming to push it off of the edge to the grave below.

”This doesn’t look good for Destiny Graves!”

Suddenly Micheal Graves ambushes Centurion from behind with a running forearm that knocks him to the ground!

”Micheal Graves might have just saved Destiny’s life!”

”Yeah, but she made it clear that she didn’t want him out here Pip!”

Graves kneels down over Centurion and continues the assault with a flurry punches all his own!

”Somebody needs to get him the hell out of here!”

Destiny begins to pull herself out of the casket as Micheal postures to the fans and soaks in their jeers.

Micheal then turns his attention to Destiny. He marches over and helps her out of the casket, but as soon as she realizes what’s going on, she shoves him away from her.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!” she asks.

Micheal tries to explain himself, but she’s hearing none of it and demands that he leave at once!

”There’s some real problems in the Graves camp tonight Heather!”

”Destiny has made it clear that she doesn’t want to be associated with Micheal ever since she found out what kind of monster he’s turned into since they last shared a ring. Micheal Graves is just too stupid to take a hint!”

Micheal places his hands on his hips and looks out to the crowd. Destiny in turn shoves him and screams at him to “get outta here” yet again, but Micheal fires right back by spitting a huge ball of fire right into her face!

”OH MY GOD!”[\white]

Micheal follows that up with a kick to the sternum that causes Destiny Graves to double over. He then sets up for Grave Consequences at the edge of the stage!


Graves lifts her up over his shoulders and stares down at the twelve foot drop to the grave set. As the crowd jump to their feet for a big spot!

Suddenly Centurion runs the casket into the back of Graves, causing him and Destiny to topple over the edge!

”Holy shit!”

”It’s absolute carnage here tonight!”

Cent carefully slides down the side of the stage and grabs Micheal by the mask, pulling him to his feet. Cent then lifts him up and delivers a 1000 Mile Slam to Micheal that sends him crashing into the grave below! Cent then grabs Destiny and drags her into the grave with him!

”He’s going to bury them both!”

Cent then grabs the shovel and begins dumping dirt into the grave!

”Destiny Graves brought Micheal back to the XWF, but thankfully Centurion is here to send them both right back to Hell!”

Winner - Centurion!

[Image: PmxWM2O.png]

Big D
Peter Gilmour

- vs -

[Image: jeYY0dc.png]

Ned Kaye
Luna Hightower

Elimination Style Match
2 RP's with no word count
1 Team Collab

The lights go out in the arena and a spotlight shines on the entrance. Two men in marching band uniforms brandishing herald trumpets stand tall. After a few moments, they bring their horns to their lips and play a rousing fanfare.

As they end, God Save the Queen plays across the P.A. as the lights come on and four large men walk out from behind the curtain, a massive palanquin on their shoulders. Sarah Lacklan sits on the dais of red pillows and drapes, waving to the crowd and brandishing her Billion $$$ smile as they make their way down the ramp.

Upon reaching the ring, she takes a microphone from freakin' Kyle, the WORST XWF employee ever, and graces the audience with "Oh! And ANOTHER thing!" before here match begins.

"I Wanna Rock!"

The high pitched wail of Dee Snider pierces the air as the Twisted Sister classic pumps through the PA system. As two big pyro towers shoot off on either side of the stage, "Loverboy" Vinnie Lane spins out of the entrance ramp, wearing his favorite t-shirt, a cutoff Faster Pussycat screen print, long silver tights and shining silver boots. The crowd pops as Loverboy struts down the aisle, strumming the air guitar (across his championship belt, if applicable) and leaping into the air with a jumping split. As he hops onto the ring apron, he swings around, facing the crowd, and pumps his fist along to the music, singing along and inciting the crowd to do so as well.

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of DADDYS FALLEN ANGEL by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage. As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his wife Maria Brink come out to the ramp. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. They get in the ring together and Peter gets on the turnbuckle and throws up an "X" sign as pyro goes off above the ring. Peter hops down and kisses Maria as they wait his next victim.

Rain's music hits and Rain makes it to the ring.

"Falling Apart" by Trust Company hits the sounds system.

Big D does pretty generic poses when entering, doesn't really give fives or shake hands, mostly just focuses on the ring and the match ahead.

The lights go out as Monster is played by Ememiem and Rihanna, and when they come back on Mastermind is seen standing on top of the right hand corner posts, and he gets down and waits for the rest of his team.

Tommy Gunn's music plays, and he makes his way to the ring.

Edward's music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Take The Wave By Naifu plays and Luna Hightower makes her way to the ring.

The entire stadium goes black as the song begins. Slowly, the X-Tron begins to show scarce, glowing embers, the light of each one illuminating smoke growing at the entrance of the ramp. As the song continues, more embers are seen until a large fire is displayed on the screen. The ramp then glows Ned's famous blue, revealing a silhouette in the smoke. Slowly stepping from the fog is none other then Notorious Ned Kaye. He stops for a moment, calming himself in front of the clamoring crowd. He lifts an arm, eyeing the stands to watch the many audience members who follow suit. With a single smile, he drops his arm and rushes towards the ring, slipping in from under the bottom rope, picking himself up immediately.

The referee finalky makes aure both teams are in their respective corners. He then calls for the bell and the 1st War Games match is under way.

Both team captains need to start the match. Big D enters from his side while Notorious Bed Kaye enters from his side. But this is weird. No sioner has Ned entered the ring he gets tapped on his back from Tommy Gunn.

Tomny Gunn gets into the ring. Ned looks at him strangely but Tommy puts a finger to his mouth as if to say shoosh. Ned gets back between the ropes.

Tommy walks towards Big D who looks at him suspiciously. Tommy just smiles at him and holds out his hand. Big D looks at the outstretched hand and decides to play along. But as he goes to shake Tommy's hand, Tommy grabs it and pulls Big D towards Big D's on corner and Tommy uses Big D's to slap Rain the face effectively ruling him tagged into the match.

Everyone looks at the referee, and the ref says he'll allow it. Big D looks at Tommy first then at Rain and shrugs his shoulders and moves out of the way.

Confused, Rain climbs thru the ropes looking at his team mates who all jump off of the apron to avoid getting involved in whatever Tommy is planning.

Just then Tommy knees Rain in the guts. He then executes a DDT. Tommy then gets up and pulls Rain to the centre of the ring where he sets him up for his finisher TEXAS TOWER BOMB. He executes it and covers Rain quickly.





Tommy Gunn grabs Rain, and it looks lime he's not finished with him even though Big D has climbed back through the ropes. Tommy puts a finger to his mouth again, and pulls Rain towards the front ropes. He sends him flying outside the ring, and Tommy goes outside and jumps on the floor. The referree has no choice but to start a 10 count.


Tommy boors the fallen Rain a few times in the stomach.




Tommy pulls Rain to his feet and starts walking down the ramp way.


Tommy then sends Rain crashing hard into some barriers.



Tommy then grabs Rain again and keeps pulling him towards the back. He doesn't seemed interested on wanting to rejoin the match.


Tommy gets to the stage entrance and sends Rain running through the doors and he heads off after him.




What a crazy scene that was.

Meanwhile the focus returns to the ring where it is now 4 on 4. This time both captains, Big D and Notorious Ned Kaye, get to restart. They both walk up to one another talking trash to each other.

Suddenly Big D lashes out with an elbow that catches Ned flush to the right cheekbone. Ned stumbles backwards. BIG Dfollows up with a quick clothesline which puts Ned down hard flat on his back.

Big D goes for a quick cover.


Kick out.

Ned's not going to get out this early not by being the captain that's for sure.

Big D helps Ned to his feet, and executes a VERTICAL SUPLEX. He then gets up again, and helps Ned to his feet. He sends Ned towards the ropes, but he forgets which side of the ring Ned's team is on and as Ned gets to the ropes, Luna Hightower manages to tag herself in, without Big D seeing it, but the ref did.

As Ned rebounds back into the ring, Big D hits him with a flying kner but to his horror Luna has already entered the ring and hits him with a DIVING CROSSBODY CHECK. They both hit the canvas with Ned just crawling back to his corner.

Big D regathers his energy first and starts crawling towards his corner. He gets up and dives and tags Peter Gilmour in.

Peter quickly climbs through the ropes and duckd underneath an attempted LARIAT. Peter follows up with a SPINNING LEG KICK which catches Luna flush, and she drops to the canvas.

Peter goes for a quick cover.




Peter gets up quickly and grabs Luna and executes a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP, which puts Luna back down. After dropping several knees, Peter sets Luna up for his DEATH STRIKE finisher, which he executes well. He then goes for a cover.





Team Notorious only have 3 left - NOTORIOUS NED KAYE, MASTERMIND and EDWARD

And speaking of Mastermind, without hesitation, he is next through the ropes and immediately jumps on the back of his old adversary Gilmour . He instantly executes his MIND SLEEPER move.

Because of his quick entry and instant attack Mastermind has caught Peter offguard. He struggles with the sleeper hold move.

Suddenly Peter decides to launch himself backwards across the ring, which he manages to do, catching Mastermind off guard.

They hit the corner with such force that Mastermind bares the brunt of the impact and he quickly lets go. Peter stumbles forwards clutching his neck. He is unaware of where he is.

He is on Team Notorious side of the ring. EDWARD taps a very relieved Mastermind on his shoulder. Peter turns around to see EDWARD enter. Peter backs back very quickly. He quickly turns to see Vinnie holding his hand out.

Peter smiles and goes to tag Vinnie in, but Vinnie pulls his hand away quickly and sticks out his tongue at Peter. Peter starts trash talking Vinnie and is unaware of EDWARD who is behind him eyeing him up and down. He turns to Ned who is yelling at him to attack.

EDWARD walks up behind Peter who is still hurtling abuse at Vinnie, grabs him from behind and executes a NECK BREAKER. He quickly jumps onto Peter and starts pummelling him, he then rolls him up and goes for a cover.





There's only 3 members left on Team Big D now BIG D, SARAH LACHLAN, LOVERBOY VINNIE LANE.

EDWARD gets back to his feet but Sarah Lachlan flies at him from high on the top corner post and hits EDWARD with a SPINNING HEEL KICK which makes EDWARD stumble back a bit. Sarah stumbles back from the impact and Vinnie taps her on the shoulder. He then springs up onto the top rope and launches himself towards EDWARD and connects with a SUPER KICK.

This rocks EDWARD again, but then Vinnie follows up with a HIGH KNEE KICK and then executes a HEADLOCK DRIVER which takes them both down, and Vinnie goes for a cover.



Kick out.

Vinnie gets back to o his feet but not before EDWARD pulls his out from underneath him, and he goes for a cover on Lane.


2 .....

Broken up by Big D landing on top of EDWARD which causes a massive pile up. Ned is about to intervene when he sees EDWARD get up and grab Big D by his throat and walks towards the far corner, but suddenly Vinnie gets up and runs at EDWARD and takes his legs out from under him with a shoulder tackle before setting EDWARD up quickly with a PUMPHANDLE SLAM that turns into a cover.

BIG D drops onto EDWARD as well.





Both Vinnie and Big D gets up high fiving one another effectively tagging Big D into the match without thinking.

EDWARD is getting up and being told by the referee to leave the ring, Notorious Ned Kaye uses EDWARD as a distraction by springboarding over him and flying at both Vinnie and Big D and sending them scattering. Vinnie rolls out of the ring with the firce of the impact. Meanwhile Big D hits the corner.

Ned gets to his feet and walks straight at Big D who is struggling to get to his. Ned knees him in his guts before sending running across the ring that he hits the other corner with such force that it shakes the ring.

Ned calmly walks to Big D who is now on his knees and delivers a couple of STOMPS before A BICYCLE KICK has BIG D flat on his back. Ned walks over and tags Mastermind in. He then walks back over to Big D and helps him to his feet.

From the top rope Mastermind launches himself and hits Big D with a flying MISSLE DROP KICK. Ned lets him drop to the canvas in pain. He leaves the ring.

Mastermind then methodically takes his time by dropping 5 knees on Big D's back obviously setting him up for his Finisher.
Mastermind then grabs Big D and rolls him over onto his back. He pulls him around so Mastermind can face a worried looking Sarah Lacklan and Vinnie, who is looking out from outside the ring still recovering. Mastermind starts smirking at the both of them as he places Big D into his finishing move THE MIND CONTROLLER a.k.a BOSTON CRAB.

At first Big D struggles with all he has left but it is soon obvious that the beating hejust received from Ned and then Mastermind has taken it's toll.



He has


No choice.....


But to......




Mastermind quickly lets go of Big D as both teams are now diwn to their final two. TEAM NOTORIOUS with captain NOTORIOUS NED KAYE and MASTERMIND against TEAM BIG D without their Captain but just two team members of SARAH LACKLAN and LOVERBOY VINNIE LANE - the XWF BOSS and late replacement.

Mastermind yells at both Sarah and Vinnie to hurry up and decide who's coming into the ring. Vinnie doesn't need an invitation as he rolls in under the ropes, stands and just metres apart stares at Mastermind.

The history between these two is immensed. Vinnie was on Team Mastermind in 2014 when Mastermind was captain. Mastermind considers him a close adversary, he doesn't give that much away easily, and they have wrestled against one another a few times in the past in what were gigantic showdowns.

Vinnie smiles a wee bit as does Mastermind of the imporyance of this match. Mastermind nods as Vinnie cunningly takes a step back.

Mastermind does not see Vinnie place one of his hands behind his back, and stretches it out for Sarah. Sarah takes the bailt and secretly taps herself in. The referee spits this but Mastermind does not.

Suddenly Mastermind runs at Vinnie and jumps through the air and hits Vinnie with a flying CROSSBODY CHECK. Vinnie hits the ropes rebounds and they both go down. Mastermind gets to his feet first. He grabs Vinnie, helps him to his feet, delivers a KNEE TO THE GUT. He gets ready to execute a GERMAN SUPLEX but Vinnie is struggling. Mastermind has his back to what was TEAM BIG D corner unbeknownst to him Sarah has climbed to the top rope.

Ned spots this too late to give warning to Mastermind when all of a suddenly Sarah leaps off of the top corner and hits Mastermind from behind with a massive FROG SPLASH from behind. They both go down. Mastermind releashes Vinnie and he hits the deck hard.

Sarah gets up quickly and immediately executes a BRAIN BUSTER before executing her finisher SHINING WIZARD which has Mastermind in all sorts of trouble. She then goes for a cover.





This means that TEAM NOTORIOUS only its captain remaining against the last two survivors of TEAM BIG D - LACKLAN and LOVERBOY VINNIE LANE.

Vinnie can be seen helping a struggling Mastermind to his feet, and giving him a pat on the back, when all of a sudden he drags him to the ropes and sends him flying over the ropes onto the floor below. Vinnie stands there laughing his head off. Ned suddenly runs at Vinnie but he doesn't get to him as Sarah hits him with a LEG SCISSORS BODY LOCK and takes him down. Meanwhile Vinnue watches on from across the ring clapping like a mad man.

Sarah starts hitting Ned with a few body chops, she then gets up snd helps him to his feet and executes a BRAIN BUSTER, and she goes for a cover.




Sarah quickly gets up and hits Ned with some more PALM STRIKES, before helping Ned back to his feet and sending him into the ropes. Ned rebounds off of the ropes and tries an attempted LARIAT, but to her horror Ned ducks underneath it, and continues on at Vinnie. Vinnie who is still smiling, loses the smile when he sees Ned running at him. Ned spears him hard.

Ned gets up and verbally yells back down at Vinnie. Sarah comes up quickly, grabs Ned and sends him crashing into the corner posts really hard that he clutches his chest. Ned comes stumbling back out and Sarah executes her CROSS ARM BREAKER move. She goes for another cover.



Kickout again.

Sarah wastes little time in getting back up, helping Ned back to his feet and setting up for the SHINING WIZARD. She executes it well as it takes the last remaining energy that Ned has out of him.

Sarah goes for a cover.



2 and a half

Ned is stiring......




We come back from commercial break to see Rain chained at the legs, waist and neck to a metal pole. His arms down at his sides. Resting atop his head is a shiny red apple.

About 200 yards away perched up on a structure of some sort is Tommy Gunn with his trusty Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle. He finally has the rifle in place and taps a button on the side to engage the red dot scope. The red dot them immediately starts dancing around the apple until it comes to a rest in the dead center of the juicy and delicious fruit.

Any last words fuckstick? Oh who am I kidding, he can't hear me anyway.

Uncle Tommy! Uncle Tommy! A somewhat familiar voice is heard mixed in with some static.

Tommy reaches down and grabs a walkie talkie and places it to his ear.

What do you need Christian? I'm trying to work here.

I'm hungry Uncle Tommy. Can I get a snack?

Fine. But it has to be something healthy. You're mine will be pissed if she saw how much sugar you've had since we've been here.

Fineeeeeee! Christian responds less than enthusiastically.

Tommy puts the walkie talkie back down and goes about his business and reacquires his target.

Just as Tommy is about to pull the trigger Christian appears on the scene....

Thank you. Christian grabs the apple off of Rain's head and then clears the target just as Tommy pulls the trigger.

A loud crack is heard and then Rain's head explodes into a billion pieces of blood, bone and brain matter. The only thing left of his dome piece is the bottom part of his jaw and a few teeth.

Suddenly a blood curdling screech scream is heard as Snow, Rain's sister and incestual love partner runs towards her brother's dead body. She rests her head on her brothers chest as she starts sobbing uncontrollably and then for reasons that will likely only make sense to other members of that gene deformed family Snow unbuckles her brother's pants, drops to her knees and prepares for one final act of incest...

But then Christian Gunn appears back on the scene this time brandishing a handgun. He walks past Snow and without even stopping his forward momentum puts a bullet into the back of her skull killing her instantly. Her body slouches to the ground in a pool of blood that hard already formed thanks to Rain's face being blown to bits.

Tommy quickly grabs the walkie again and puts it to his mouth, this time yelling at his nephew.

CHRISTIAN WHAT DID YOU JUST DO? Tommy asks as he starts to quickly disassemble his rifle and place it into it's case.

Joined the family business.

Your mom can never know about this you hear me? Never.

What happens in Russia stays in Russian Uncle Tommy. Christian replies as the scene transitions to a shot of the announce crew, their faces agape with shock.

[Image: JYQI455.png]

Tony Santos
Sam McPherson

- vs -

[Image: 4ZJBleM.png]

Donovan Blackwater
Robbie Bourbon
Brian Storm

Elimination Style Match
2 RP's with no word count
1 Team Collab

Madison Dyson's music hit's and she makes her way to the ring.

Dropkick Murphy's "Loyal to No One" plays and out walks Boston Bruiser walks straight to the ring.

"A Lesson Never Learned" hits, roaring guitars filling the arena. Tony Santos descends down the entrance ramp, hoodie with the hood over his head, quickly walking to the ring, scowl on his face. The disdain from the crowd pours in as Tony simply grunts at the crowd.

The chorus (Could be the end of the world, I'd still be laid here on my own, wasting my life away!!!) hits, Santos ascends the stairs and climbs the turnbuckle, one hand raised in the air. Boos rain in from the crowd as Tony simply soaks it in like a fine IPA.

Santos jumps off of the turnbuckle and hits the mat with his two feet, giving one more raised arm to the crowd, then turning toward the entrance ramp, awaiting his opponent...

Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace plays over the sound system as a large man walks out from the curtain and stands on top of the ramp, looking around with Henry standing behind him before he walks very slowly to ringside as he steps on the apron and goes over the top rope with his feet and goes to a corner to rest himself up on, looking at his opponent with intensity before the match starts.

33rd Blakk Glass by City Morgue hits the sound system and the captain Deacon make his way to the ring

The lights in the arena go out.

"Do you bleed? You will."

The opening riff from Skunx plays as the lights slowly strobe at 2 second intervals. The XTron displays static, which slowly gives way to the word "MOTHERFUCKER" and the crowd starts to go ballistic. Slowly walking out onto the entrance ramp is Robbie Bourbon. He stops, surveys the whole of the arena, raises his fists at 45 degree angles, and continues his deliberate plod towards the ring. Robbie climbs the steps, then climbs the nearest ring post half way and raises his fists at 45 degree angles. The lights go back to normal and the music stops. The XWF Universe in attendance, becoming hooligans, all chant in unison:


Comes in riding a clydesdale with a corncob pipe in his mouth, twirling a lasso high above his head. He rides the horse down the ramp and around the ring, back to the end of the ramp, jumps off, smacks the horse in the ass and the horse runs up the ramp, returning to its place backstage. Then Brian tosses his lasso in a corner and rolls into the ring under the bottom rope, gets up and waits for the fight to start.

The lights dim and all the screens in the arena become a wall of green code. As the opening scream of “We Appreciate Power” is heard, the code starts to slowly twist and bend into the outline of a woman's face, interspersed with shots of Lux in action ruining people's shit with brutal kicks and strikes. Lux appears at the top of the ramp, looking determined and ignoring the crowd. He runs into the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and rolling to his feet like a little goddamn ninja. The lights all turn back on and he's mean mugging his opponent or staring up the ramp and waiting for them.

Suddenly the arena lights go red and "Angels Fall" by Breaking Benjamin blares out of the P.A System. After about 40 seconds The Scull Meister finally steps out on to stage,He looks around at the XWF Galaxy in attendence and smirks. The chorus of boos fill the arena in disapproval of Skull, he shrugs it off and slowly walks down the ramp, ignoring them. He stops at the bottom of the ramp and smirks once again at the crowd. He walks up the steps and walks along the ring apron. He turns to look at the fans whilst slowly moving both hands from his face to the floor, gesturing "A look at me" type taunt, before raising the title once again. Scully enters through the middle rope and into the ring. Skull walks over to the far turn buckle and climbs to the top. He holds his hands in the air, and then does his "Look at me" taunt. The Scully Meister spins himself round and chills on the turnbuckle with his arms folded, His music fades out.

Bad Kharma by Ida Maria hit's the Arena's Sound System All three brothers emerge, with Donovan, in the lead. Pausing briefly, the brothers look around at the exuberant crowd, with immense entertainment. Sharing an amused glance to one another as the fans scream. From there they walk in unison to the ring, occasionally separating to approach a random fan that's losing their mind. Clearly, enjoying the effect they have on the crowd, the Brothers Blackwater continue onward. Once they reach the ring, two of the brothers hold up the bottom rope, as the Donovan slides into the ring. That brother then takes his place in the squared circle and awaits his opponent, while basking in the cheers from the audience.

There are a few referees in the ring trying to make sure the two teams stay apart which they do. They eventually leave the ring to get into their corners and then the rest of the referees leave but stay on the outside of the ring. The referee calls for the bell which rings to start the match.

With both teams finally in the ring, the action and tension seems fitting to explode. The fans are electric and both teams look primed to fight. Madison Dyson is jawing Lux relentlessly, and Lux is staring daggers at her, looking like she's ready to commit murder. Donovan steps over to her, whispering something in her ear causing Lux to not but still not looking happy. Deacon is also conferring with him team, gesturing to them each individually to give marching orders.

The ref enters the middle of the ring to declare each side's randomly chosen starting participants. He gestures to Robbie Bourbon and Sam McPherson, two hosses to start things off! The fans pop as the big men waste no time clashing in the middle of the ring, locking up like a thunder clap. The tensions ratchets up s they both struggle to overpower the other, with the slightly bigger veteran Robbie Bourbon finally getting the advantage. He tosses Sam into the ropes, intending to tag him with a big clothesline on the rebound, but Sam ducks under. Suddenly, Robbie catches Sam with a shocking cross body splash on The Animal's Return, and goes for a surprise pin!



Robbie pulls Sam up to his feet, but Sam responds by tagging Robbie in the gut with a punch,before rallying some more and smashing him in the chin with a rising headbutt! Robbie is rocked a bit, and Sam goes on the offense, taking hold of Robbie's arm and pulling him in and down with a sick lariat, followed by getting on top of him and cranking his head around with a neck wrench. Robbie looks like he's in pain, but quickly clenches his fists and tries to hulk up, finally mustering enough gumption to reach up and stab a thumb in Sams eye to get him to break the hold. Sam relents and Robbie is on him now, knocking Sam down with a clothesline, and then another, and then ANOTHER when the big man rises a third time. Really building up a head of steam Robbie charges him again but Sam shocks him with a big time spine buster that shakes the ring! Both teams start calling on their members to rally. Sam is up first obviously and he grabs hold of Robbie by his mask, but Robbie shows some signs of life, elbowing Sam in the head on the way up and then wrapping a hand around his throat. Sam goes to pry Robbie's fingers off and Robbie kicks him in the knee cap, followed by a headbutt of his own to Sam's exposed forehead. Sam falters and Robbie wraps his meaty paw around Sam's throat again, going for the EMC Squared! He picks Sam up, but Sam is able to counter, grabbing Robbie's arm and using his momentum against him into a deep arm drag. Robbie shows surprising dexterity and rolls to his feet, meeting Sam back in the center of the ring. He kicks Sam in the torso, but his armor absorbs most of the blow. The Animal punches Robbie in the face for his trouble and soon they devolve into trading blows back and forth! The fans pop as these two giants tear into each other, with Robbie finally turning the tide, opening up a sizable bleeding gash on Sam's forehead with one final shot that sends Sam into the ropes! Robbie wraps his hand around Sam's throat again lifts him sky high and down THUNDEROUSLY! He covers The Animal.



3!!! McPherson stays down!


Deacon cusses audibly and his team shakes their heads in bewilderment at this first fall. Donovan call out to Robbie to “stay fresh” and he beckons him back onto their side. Robbie still looks like he wants more, but abides by the plan and returns to his team, tagging in Brian Storm while Deacon sends in The Boston Bruiser!

Bruiser looks white hot, he's been itching to prove he has what it takes and he expodes into Brian Storm, lighting him up with vicious closed fist shots that back him into the corner. Storm does his best to cover up, but he sinks a bit giving Bruiser just enough time to stare right at Lux and spit in her face! Lux looks pissed and Madison cackles uproariously on her side of the ring. Lux looks pissed but takes a deep breath and wipes the spit off. Bruiser grabs hold of Storm's hair and forces him outside the ring, taking him by the head and grinding his face into the cage! Storm cries out in pain! Bruiser doesn't relent at all, chuckling like a sadist as he does so. Finally, he relents and stomps Storm down before dumping him back in the ring. Storm rolls away, holding his face and trying to gain some distance, and he's able to get back into his corner to tag in Blackwater! Blackwater hits the ring and feints on Bruiser, avoiding one of his deadly strikes before landing a kick of his own to the newcomer's abdomen and then a european uppercut. Donovan irish whips Bruiser into the corner and goes to follow that up with a big Splash, but Bruiser dodges out of the way and Blackwater hits the turnbuckle! Falling to the canvas, Bruiser takes a moment to recover before lifting Blackwater up and going for a big time powerslam, but Donovan drops behind him and rolls him up!


2....BRUISER KICKS OUT! But he looks pissed!

Donovan gets up and tries to bait Bruiser into his corner, but Bruiser doesn't have it, telling Donovan to meet him in the center. Storm, who seems to have mostly recovered by now seems eager for redemption and holds his hand out for a tag. Donovan tags him back in and Storm enters like a house of fire, launching himself at Bruiser with his own series of shots before surprising him with a double leg takedown and laying into him with more shots. Bruiser finally manages to throw Brian off and get to his feet, but Brian doesn't stop! He keeps attacking Bruiser and Bruiser is forced to toss him away. Santos holds his hand out for a tag but Bruiser shakes his head “no” as if to say “I got this.” Brian locks up with Bruiser and quickly overpowers him, hefting the big man up with a belly to belly suplex! Bruiser rolls up and looks angry, locking up with Brian again and forcing him back up into the ropes before launching him across the ring. Bruiser nails Storm with a huge lariat on the rebound and covers.



Bruiser wastes no time forcing Storm to his feet and nailing him with a vicious headbutt and then a surprisingly spry drop kick. Bruiser keeps it up then dropping a big elbow down on Brian's head before measuring him as he gets up. Bruiser picks Brian up onto his shoulers and dumps him with a samoan drop. But, not stopping there he picks him up again and sends him crashing with a sidewalk slam! He covers again!



3...NO! BRIAN SHOWING A LOT OF HEART! But his team look worried and they beckon him back in. Bruiser, seeing this flips them off and drags him back to his side of the ring. He forces Brian up, but Brian shocks Bruiser with an inverted atomic drop out of nowhere! But suddenly Deacon sucker punches Brian! Brian is rocked by the shot, and Bruiser capitalizes by kicking him in he gut and unleashing a huge powerbomb! He covers again!



3!!! Brian stays down!


Donovan calls foul on Deacon's cheap shot that turned the tide against Brian, and the ref admonishes Deacon but the eerie newcomer pretends like he has no idea what he's talking about. Deacon encourages Bruiser to come back in for a rest, but Bruiser insists on staying in, wanting to make an impact. On Donovan's side, Lux demands to go in against Bruiser! Lux is in!

Bruiser laughs at the TV champion, urging her to lock up with him, but she doesn't take the bait and uses her superior speed to hit him with a flashy sliding dropkick to his knee! This drops Bruiser to one knee which opens him up to a sick kick to the side of his head! Bruiser tries to roll with the blow, but Lux is already mounting the top turnbuckle! She waits for Bruiser to get up and then nails him with a big time roundhouse kick from the top that flattens the big man again. Lux then tags in Scully in a rapid fire exchange of duties! Scully calls to the crowd and attacks the downed Bruiser, stomping on him before picking him up and lighting him up with a series of european uppercuts before finishing him up with a snap DDT! Scully covers!



Scully waits for Bruiser to get up and charges him, but Bruiser counters by wrapping Scully up with a belly to belly suplex that sends the Brit skittering across the ring! Scully recovers quickly enough to intercept the Bruiser as he comes lumbering at Scully and SCULLY SHOCKS HIM WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE CHIN! Before it completely registers WTF just happened Bruiser is getting covered again!





Deacon looks enraged, and he takes it upon himself to storm the ring making a beeline for Scully! He starts stomping the shit out of him as the ref tries to get a very angry Boston Bruiser to leave! With the ref distracted, Deacon drags Scully to his corner where he, Tony Santos, and Madison Dyson start triple teaming him!

Donovan's team calls out to the ref to pay attention, and with Bruiser finally gone he sees what's happening and races in to put a stop to it. Deacon makes a formal tag in to Madison Dyson. Madison says something to Deacon and Deacon nods and smiles sadistically. He grabs hold of Scully and drags him to the turnbuckle and starts exposing the bottom turnbuckle. The ref yells at him to stop but Deacon shrugs him off! Donovan gets in the ring and starts throwing hands with Deacon to protect his team mate, which draws the ref's attention. Madison keeps working on the bottom turnbuckle, eventually getting it off. And then, she asks Tony Santos for an assist, telling him to press Scully's face up to the exposed metal of the turnbuckle! But, Scully starts to rouse and he kicks out at Tony! Madison responds to this by mounting Scully and punching him furiously in the face to get him compliant again and Tony holds Scullys face up against the turnbuckle. Madison runs back and then takes a huge running dropkick into the back of Scully's head! THE CURB STOMP! Scully is busted open, and Madison covers Scully. Deacon points to what's happening as the ref is forced to make the count!




SCULLY is eliminated by MADISON DYSON

Lux can't take it anymore and she rushes the ring now, landing on top of Madison and lighting her up with brutal shots! Deacon shoves Donovan away and goes to protect his team mate but this draws Robbie and Tony in too! Suddenly, an all out donnybrook breaks out in the ring and the fans cheer!

The ref starts shouting and barking orders as the participants throw hands and feet all around him, he starts threatening to DQ EVERYBODY if the active participants don't get front and center. Finally, sanity reigns and the teams slink back to their corners, except for Madison Dyson who is still legal for her team. And, from Donovan's team, naturally LUX WANTS IN!

As soon as Madison sees Lux enter the ring, she darts for her corner and tags in Deacon to a chorus of boos! Lux yells at Madison, telling her to get in the fucking ring, but Madison jeers at him and flips him off! Deacon becomes the active wrestler and he meets Lux in the center of the ring. They lock up and Deacon gets a quick advantage, backing Lux into the corner where he lights her chest with a sick chop, followed by a series of quick shoulder blocks. Deacon then peels Lux out of the corner, knees him in the gut and brings him up for a brain buster! But Lux drops out and behind Deacon. Deacon turns and Lux goes a for a kick, but Deacon blocks and drills Lux with a nasty elbow shot, which he then parlays into a pump handle slam! He covers Lux!



Deacon then drags Lux over to his corner and goes to tag Madison in. Madison enters and immediately claws Lux in the face with her nails. Lux cries out in pain and stumbles away. Dyson stays on the attack, chop blocking Lux's knee, following that up with a dropkick to the back of Lux's head! And then, Madison goes back to her corner and blind tags Tony Santos!

THE FANS JEER OPENLY! Madison tells them all to fuck off, but she's clearly trying to stay out of the ring with Lux!

Tony shakes his head and enters the ring. Donovan and Robbie are holding their hands out for Lux to tag, but Tony is able to grab Lux and drag her away from them and then synch in a single leg boston crab on the leg he had hold of. Tony leans way back into the hold, torquing it until Lux cries out in pain. Lux tries to reach for the rope, desperately crawling and is finally able to get it. The ref forces Tony to break the hold, but he stays on her, dropping a precision knee drop down on Lux's head before dragging her back towards the center of the ring and trying to lock in the Santos Stretch! But Lux is able to kick Tony off of her just in time. Lux scrambles to her feet and Tony wheels on her, locking up with her and quickly chaining that into a russian legsweep. Tony floats over into a headlock, but Lux fights her way to her feet and elbows Tony a couple times to break the hold. Lux runs to the ropes and springboards off them, but Tony nails her in mid air with a spear! He covers!



3..NO! Lux barely kicks out in time!

Donovan breathes a sigh of relief and tries to rally Lux, while Madison and Deacon do the same for Tony. Tony brings Lux up and starts peppering her with punches before hitting a rear waist lock. Lux blocks a suplex attempt, again elbowing her way out and then nailing Tony with a high angle dropkick, knocking him into the corner. Lux takes a run at Tony, smashing him in the face with a huge leaping knee. But, as Lux rolls to her feet she doesn't see Madison hit a blind tag on Tony. Lux wrenches Tony out of the corner, and Madison sneaks up behind her, hitting a dirty low blow! Donovan and Robbie cry foul but the ref didn't see it! Tony goes back to his corner while Madison stalks Lux as she feels the effects of getting hit in the junk. Madison rakes Lux's eyes with her nails, and then kicks her in the stomach and knees her in the face when she doubles over! Madison stalks around Lux again, smelling blood. Lux slowly gets to her feet and Madison hits an arm trap neckbreaker on Lux! She covers!



3...NO! LUX is out again!

Madison looks pissed! She grabs hold of Lux's hair, screaming invectives in her face as she launches Lux into the corner. Madison then builds a head of steam and goes to lariat Lux in the corner, but Lux catches Madison, walks out of the corner with Madison in her arms, and then wrests her up on her shoudlers before dropping her knee into Madison's face with a Go To Sleep type manuever! The crowd pops! Madison hits the canvas looking lifeless. Lux goes for the cover, but something overtakes her, her expression looking distant and vengeful. She beckons for Madison to start getting up, and as Madison starts to get up onto her knees she blasts her in the head with that savage buzzsaw kick DIE! Lux covers!




MADISON DYSON is eliminated by LUX

Deacon throws his hands up as he loses another one! But, back in the ring....Lux lunges on Madison's downed body and starts choking her! The crowd doesn't know how to react, Lux looks like she has pure murderous intent in her eyes! The ref intervenes, ordering Lux to stop or he will be forced to DQ her. Donovan calls out to her, telling her she needs to stop. Lux finally takes her hands off Madison, breathing deep and looking torn between ending his rival and staying loyal to his team. With a look of anguish, Lux curses and gets up off of Madison, going to her corner and tagging in Robbie Bourbon. Madison gets rolled out of the ring as Deacon enters for his team, spoiling for another fight.

The fans surge with a renewed enthusiasm as Robbie gets in the ring against the other team's leader now. Both of them are pretty fresh. Robbie goes to lock up with Deacon, but Deacon instead skirts behind him and clubs him in the back of the skull before chopping one of Robbie's knees out from under him. Robbie falls on his back and Deacon mounts him, grabbing Robbie by his mask and biting him! The ref calls foul and forces Deacon to stop, but by then Robbie's mask is torn and he's starting to bleed. Enraged, Robbie throws Deacon off of him and gets to his feet. Deacon kicks Robbie in his knees and thighs, peppering him and forcing him back. Robbie then reverses the momentum, palming Deacon's face ad shoving him down. Deacon reverse somersaults and launches himself with a diving lariat at Robbie, but Robbie catches him and nails him with a power slam instead! Robbie covers Deacon!



Burbon grabs a heaping helping of Deacon's hair, but Deacon reaches up and pulls on Robbie's damaged mask, dragging it down over his eyes! Robbie is temporarily blinded and Donovan acts fast, hitting a blind tag on Robbie to get himself in. The ref stops Deacon when he goes to attack Robbie and Donovan instead locks up with Deacon from behind and german suplexes him! Donovan bridges the suplex into a pin!



Donovan keeps the momentum going, stomping on Deacon and not letting up. Deacon manages to get vertical but Donovan tags him with a snap mare takedown and then a brutal kick to Deacon's back that makes him yell in pain. Donovan then wastes no time continuing the attack, but Deacon stabs a thumb in Blackwater's eye before cracking a backfist against his head, rattling him. Donovan falls into the rival corner, where Tony hits him with a cheap shot to the kidneys that the ref misses! Lux and Robbie call it out, but the ref didn't see it!

Deacon's still I control, and as Donovan tries to get up he tags him with an enzugiri! Deacon covers Donovan.


2....Donovan's still in, he rolls a shoulder!

Deacon then goes to drop an elbow on Donovan, but Donovan dodges and Deacon eats the canvas. Donovan capitalizes by smashing Deacon in the face with a closed fist blow before wrenching him up for another german suplex. Seeing that Robbie is all set now, he asks Bourbon if he wants back in. Bourbon shakes his head emphatically yes and Donovan tags him in! Robbie scoops Deacon up like he's nothing and proceeds to military press slam him to the delight of the crowd! Deacon drops like dead weight! But Robbie's not done! He then picks Deacon up powerbomb style and HOLY SHIT ROBBIEBOMB INTO THE CAGE WALL! Deacon gets released into the air and he crashes right into the steel! The fans pop HUGE! Robbie drags Deacon back in the ring then and covers him!





Tony Santos looks across the ring at the three men he's stuck facing down! He's the last man on his team! Things are not looking good for Tony! Tony rolls his neck and steps into the ring as Robbie points at him and summons him in. Robbie tries to goad him into a lock-up but Tony's not having it. He circles Robbie, going in for a quick kick to Robbie's thigh. Robbie takes the hit but seems to shrug it off, grabbing for Tony, but Tony ducks under the grab and pulls Robbie down by his mask into a reverse facebuster! Donovan and Lux call out for Robbie to make the tag, but Tony cuts Robbie off from them. Tony grabs Robbie, but Robbie pushes him away. Undaunted, Tony nails Robbie in the face with a standing dropkick that flattens him out before running to the ropes and taking flight off them with a moonsault! The fans pop for the athleticism as Tony covers!



3...NO, Robbie's still in it! But Tony pulls Robbie back away from his corner before stomping the shit out of Robbie's knee. Robbie growls in pain and tries to cover the knee, but it just opens him up to a nasty kick to his face. Tony then sentons Robbie flat before going to the top rope. Tony takes flight, but Robbie rolls out of the way....BUT TONY LANDS ON HIS FEET! Robbie, surprised by this, is open then to a Double Underhook DDT from Tony as he tries to rise! Tony then clambers to the top rope and....Oh my God TONY AWARD! His body crashes down on Robbie and he covers!



3! Robbie doesn't kick out!


Some of the fans gasp in shock at this development! Donovan slaps his hands down on the rope in frustration and looks at Lux before hopping in to take Robbie's place. Donovan attacks Tony straight away with a roundhouse kick, followed by a swinging neckbreaker. He makes a quick cover!


2....Tony rolls a shoulder!

Donovan forces Tony up and nails him with an uppercut before grabbing his wrist and dropping him with a deep arm wringer into an arm drag. Donovan then drops a knee deep into Tony's spine before going for another cover!


2....Tony kicks out!

Donovan picks Tony up again....but Tony shocks him by pulling him down into a jawbreaker! Donovan stays vertical but stunned, and Tony levels him with a clothesline followed by a back senton splash. Tony then heads for the top rope and lands a flying legdrop across Donovan's throat! He covers the team leader.


2....Kickout by Donovan!

Tony pulls Donovan up and smacks him with a fist before irish whipping him into the corner. Donovan hits hard, but has the wherewithal to dive out of the way when Tony dashes at him with a double knee strike! Tony crashes and burns in the corner! Donovan covers Santos again!



3...NO! Santos barely gets a foot on the bottom rope! Donovan curses himself for not noticing that and drags Tony away, but then Tony pulls him down into a small package!




Lux runs her hands through her hair, looking serious stressed by these rapid fire covers!

Donovan and Tony both get up at about the same time! Tony pulls back, trying to gain some distance and Donovan charges ahead. Tony surprises Donovan with a drop toe hold and OH MY GOD! DONOVAN'S FACE COLLIDES WITH THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE FROM BEFORE! The fans gasp!

Tony rolls Donovan onto his back and goes to the top rope again....he takes flight! HE HITS THE FINAL DESTINATION!



3!!! Holy shit, Santos picks up another elimination!!!


The fans can't believe what they've just seen! Tony has eliminated two top stars back to back, recovering from seemingly impossible odds! The crowd is on fire's down to the Television Champion versus the Hart Champion! UNBELIEVABLE!

Lux enters the ring and he and Tony circle each other before locking up center ring! Tony gets the advantage, overpowering Lux and forcing her into the ropes before clotheslining her up and over the top rope! Lux falls down next to the base of the cage and Tony follows through, taking Lux and slamming her into the cage again and again!

Just then, there's a chorus of boos from the audience as Madison Dyson returns to the ring! Madison runs up to the cage and surreptitiously presses a paid of brass knucks through the grating in the cage! Tony picks them up as Madison cheers him on! This does not look good for Lux! Tony hides the fact that he's slipping on the knucks as the ref looks on. He picks Lux up, but Lux fights back with a front kick to Tony's forehead! Santos stumbles back as Madison verbally tongue lashes Lux with some truly vile shit about how everyone she loves is dead. Lux glares at her, but is able to return her attention to Tony just in time to duck a brass knucks shot! Lux sees the knucks now and her eyes go wide with fear! Tony tries to land another shot, and Lux dodges but not completely and the blow crashes into her shoulder! She cries out in pain and Tony smiles wickedly.

On the outside, the fans cheer now as someone else returns to's DONOVAN BLACKWATER! Donovan crashes into Madison from behind and smashes her face into the cage! Madison falls down and Donovan wrenches her up by her hair and drags her back up the ramp, kicking and screaming! Lux nods a thanks at him but can't be distracted for too long as Tony goes on the attack with the knucks again. Lux blocks another shot, countering with a kick to Tony's torso, and then a spinning backfist, and then a leg sweep! Lux then goes to pick Tony up but Tony pulls her into a small package!




The fans gasp, it was that close! Lux gets up with a quickness and kicks Tony into submission before forcing him back in the ring! Lux rolls in and Tony rolls away to give himself some space. But as Tony gets up the ref finally spots the knucks on his hand! The ref intervenes, ordering him to give them up! Tony balks, but as that's happening Lux launches herself up and over the ref with an insane leaping clothesline! Lux wrestles Tony to the ground and bites his fingers! Tony cries out in pain as Lux takes his hand and pulls the knucks right off his hand! Lux throws the weapon away and then grapples Tony up, tossing him into the corner. Tony falls and Lux leaps into him with a rising knee shot, followed by snaking an arm around his neck and bulldogging him out ad to the center of the ring! Lux then measures Tony for DIE!

Tony, groggy starts to come to, but just as Lux launches out with the kick he ducks! Tony gets in close, countering with a punch before picking Lux up and spinebustering her down! Tony races for the corner and goes to fly again! He takes off with another FINAL DESTINATION....




TONY KICKS OUT! LUX CAN'T BELIEVE IT! THE CROWD CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Lux shoots to her feet, waiting for Tony to get up again! She's chomping at the bit, gesturing for him to rise. Tony gets up and turns around....RIGHT INTO A SUBMIT BY LUX! LUX COVERS AGAIN!




TONY SANTOS eliminated by LUX


Lux drops to the canvas, looking exhausted but ecstatic, knowing she just picked up the win for her team! Donovan Blackwater, Scully, Brian Storm, and Robbie Bourbon pour out of the back and pile in the ring to celebrate as Lux's theme hits!

A camera crew follows Donovan Blackwater as he is walking to his limo. The Chauffeur goes to open Donovan's door as Donovan approaches his ride. The Chauffeur immediately jumps out of the way as a car comes flying up smashing into Donovan. Donovan is pinned between the limo and the other vehicle. The Boston Bruiser gets out. he walks to the back of the car, opens the trunk, and removes a large bag. He sets the bag down right next to the front of the car that is pinning Donovan against the limo. He opens the bag and pulls out a sledgehammer. Hey, Donovan, I got a message for your brother Raphael. Tell him he picked the wrong guy to take on for a DQ match. When it comes to no disqualification, I'm like the fat kid in a candy store. I will go after everything around me to use as a weapon. It doesn't matter if it's a car. It doesn't matter if it's a sledgehammer (proceeds to run the sledgehammer into the abdomen of Donovan Blackwater). I don't care if it's a toaster, (pulls out a metal toaster from his bag and slams it against Donovan Blackwater's skull). A baseball bat, (pulls a bat out of his bag and takes a swing at Donovan's chest). A crowbar, (pulls a crowbar out and swings it at Donovan's throat, as Donovan is fighting to breathe after the last vicious hits). A steel chair, (he pulls out a small steel chair from the bag and smashes it against Donovan's face. Blood begins to pour from his nose). Or even a table. (He pulls a table from the backseat and sets it up. He gets into the driver seat backs up which releases Donovan from his pinned position. Donovan immediately crashes to the ground. The Boston Bruiser puts the car in park, gets out and picks up Donovan's lifeless body and sets him up for the jackknife powerbomb and launches him through the table onto the concrete below).

Raph, what I have done to your brother is exactly what I am going to do to you on Thursday Night Anarchy. I will drag your carcass all over Laramie and use it to tear up that small hick town. I'll even drive you up to the Laramie Mountains and throw you off a cliff. You're not walking away from the match on your own two feet. (The Boston Bruiser turns his attention to Donovan again, who is still lying motionless on the ground. The Boston Bruiser climbs onto the car and jumps off landing the wicked pissah on Donovan. He then hops in his car and speeds away).

[Image: HcLi218.png]

"Chronic" Chris Page

- vs -

[Image: P0SClwd.png]

Robert Main
Drew Archyle
James Raven

2 Roleplays, no word limit

Team Page music plays and out comes the whole team. They make their way to the ring.

Apex-Prophecy's music hits and out comes the entire team. They all head to the ring.

The referees outside shut the door to the cage, and call for the bell as the Russian fans are on their feet and screaming for blood. It’s been a night full of XTREME action already, but this match up of XWF legends and icons promises to be something special! Chris Page stands arrogantly in one ring, flanked by Rage and MDK as Fuzz sits atop one of the turnbuckles calmly. The four men stare across the ropes to the second ring where the members of The Apex Prophecy stand in matching tee shirts, ready to defend the honor of this company! Chris Page steps forward slowly, stepping on the bottom rope and holding his arms out wide as the fans hit him with a shockingly loud chorus of boos and an impromptu chant.



Chris smiles, enjoying each and every moment of it before he steps back down to the mat and falls back in line with his team. James Raven looks to the other members of the Apex Prophecy, grinning ear to ear as he steps forward the same as Chris and steps up to the bottom rope of the second ring. Raven holds his arms out wide, and receives a much louder ovation than the invading members of WGWF had.


Suddenly Rage lunges forwards like a bat out of hell and launches himself over the ropes that separate the two rings, smashing James Raven with a flying clothesline and rolling to his hands and knees right in the middle of Centurion, Drew Archyle and Robert Main.

PC: It looks like the showmanship is done, Heather! It’s time for WAR!

HHL: Indeed, and Rage has fired the first shot for Team Page!

Main and Archyle begin furiously stomping the downed body of Rage as Centurion hurries over to James Raven and helps him back to his feet. They turn around just in time to see MDK and Chris Page storming towards them through the ropes. MDK grabs Centurion and forces him back into the turnbuckle where the duo trade right hands! Chris Page grabs Raven and looks to twist him into a hammer lock before shooting him into the steel cage! Archyle and Main continue to hammer away on Rage but Rage manages to catch hold of one of Drew’s boots, leg whipping him to the canvas just as CCP hits Main with a dropkick and sends him stumbling over Ravens downed body!

PC: Chris Page has the Apex Prophecy literally tripping over themselves!

HHL: Through it all, Fuzz hasn’t moved from his perch in the second ring! He’s waiting for his spot here!

MDK and Centurion are still battling in the ring, MDK rocking Cent with a brutal European uppercut before blasting his leg with several low leg kicks. Centurion winces noticeably and leaves just enough of an opening for MDK to shoot in and get Centurion around the waist… belly to belly suplex! Centurion skids across the mat to where Chris Page is waiting! Page boots Centurion and hits a standing elbow drop! He stands up, posing triumphantly to more boos from the fans when suddenly Robert Main comes charging across the ring and shoulder blocks Page like a freight train! Chris Page flies through the double ropes and back into the first ring!

HHL: The crowd erupts for the Universal Champion!

PC: He just handed Page a receipt for the dropkick he hit him with a minute ago!

Main leaps through the ropes after Chris, but finally Fuzz drops down from his turnbuckle and intercepts The Omega! He puts a hand in Roberts chest and stops him dead in his tracks! Main tries to shove Fuzz’s hand but… but…




Fuzz just laid out Robert Main! Fuzz has put down the Universal champion! The crowd erupts in absolute shock as Chris Page climbs slowly to his feet and turns to face Fuzz, who looks calmly through the cage to the crowd. Chris Page smiles to himself and turns to return to the second ring with the rest of the participants… but Drew Archyle has climbed the turnbuckle! He saw Robert Main get put down by Fuzz and Page and he looks furious! He leaps from the first ring, soaring through the air like a kamikaze pilot and smashing into Page and Fuzz with a suicide splash! He wipes them out completely, but Drew rolls to the furthest corner of the ring clutching his shoulder in agony! It looks like he may have done some serious damage to himself with that one!

PC: That was reckless.

HHL: Drew was trying to save his partner, it was heroic!

PC: You’re such a woman. Don’t bring those weak ass emotional twists up in here! This is WAR GAMES!

In the second ring James Raven and Centurion are back on their feet, facing off with Rage and MDK. MDK pairs off with James Raven, throwing a two punch combo that Raven is able to block before a spinning back elbow catches The People’s G.O.A.T. and staggers him! MDK boots Raven in the midsection, doubling him over… double arm DDT! MDK drops Raven! Centurion is trading shots with Rage in the corner and it looks like Rage is really feeling it! It’s been more than half a decade since Rage has been in an XWF ring and he looks as fearsome as ever!

HHL: Centurion steps up to the middle rope and tries to use it as a springboard to leap at Rage!

PC: Rage catches him midair and drives him back into the turnbuckle! Spine first!

Rage flips Centurion around without setting him down, hooking his leg over the top rope and leaving the legend tied up in the tree of woe! Rage takes a few steps backwards then sprints full speed at Centurion and hits a flying knee to the face and chest! Centurion screams out in pain as his knee twists awkwardly and he falls to the canvas.

PC: That old mans knee is dust right now!

HHL: Michael Graves did a serious number on Centurions knee earlier tonight, and it was brave of the Legend to come out here for a second match in the first place.

PC: Well MDK and Rage have both keyed on it already. If he doesn’t find a way to protect himself he’s going to have a tough time walking let alone winning the Hart title from Tony Santos.

James Raven is back on his feet and looking to pounce on Rage but MDK is running interference. Raven cocks back… THE F.Y.S.! James Raven nearly decapitates MDK with his patented superkick and MDK collapses limply to the canvas.

HHL: Timber!

Raven makes his move on Rage but his old rival is ready now, catching him in a quick roll up! Rage trying to end this whole thing right here!



James Raven kicks out, and Rage immediately pummels him with right hands before dragging him to his feet and then up onto his shoulders! Samoan drop! Rage crawls atop Raven, looking for another quick cover!




NO! Raven is able to kick out a second time! Rage grins, or sneers if you want to be more accurate about things, at the resilience of his old rival. He stands slowly, spitting to the canvas before hoisting Raven to his feet again.

HHL: I think he’s setting up the Rage Driver!

Centurion lunges over to the two men, shoving Rage away from Raven and into the ropes! Rage hits the ropes perfectly and rebounds back at Centurion with a spear!




PC: Centurion nearly gets snapped in half by Rage! OH MY GOD! That impact was incredible!

Centurion is down! MDK is down! Raven tackles Rage before he can pin Centurion and the two roll into the corner trading shots and scrambling for position! In the opposite ring Drew Archyle is back on his feet and has hoisted Robert Main back up in the corner. Fuzz and Chris Page are standing, eyeing the two Apex co-founders before advancing. Drew pairs off with Chris Page leaving Main to try and get some revenge on Fuzz. Main looks for a heavy clothesline but Fuzz is able to step out of the way, slipping behind the Omega and attempting to lock in a dragon sleeper! Main leans forward, flipping Fuzz over his head and onto the canvas to escape the submission. Robert leans down to grab Fuzz, but Fuzz thumbs Main in the eye! Robert Main stumbles backwards, nearly blinded, and Fuzz rolls to his feet! Enraged the Omega rushes forwards and looks for a big boot! Fuzz slides out of the way and ends up behind Main again! Neckbreaker!

HHL: Fuzz has just taken down the Universal champion for a second time tonight! He’s looking for the cover!


Drew Archyle breaks it up before two! Drew Archyle manages to pull away from Chris Page long enough to break up the pin but CCP is on him again, pulling him away from Fuzz and back to his feet. Archyle throws a back elbow that catches Page clean on the jaw, sending Page back against the cage. Archyle turns and charges! Double flying knee! Drew Archyle smashes Page with both knees and drives him back into the steel mesh! Chris Page is down!



Drew Archyle rolls to his feet and turns to look at the opposite ring! Rage is still controlling Raven and Centurion, and Drew rushes for the turnbuckle! He’s looking for another splash! Rage cracks Raven with a stiff right hand that drops him to the mat just as Drew takes to the air… and Rage catches Archyle! He flips him around… RAGE DRIVER!



HHL: OH GOD! Drew isn’t moving!

PC: Rage looks winded, he’s been a one man wrecking crew for this entire match! He’s laid waste to every member of the Apex Prophecy that’s stepped in front of him, but he’s taking a second to catch his breath instead of making the pin!

HHL: Well these guys are essentially coming off the couch to take on some of the top names in the XWF, it’s amazing they’re doing as well as they are!

Rage finally stands up, but before he can move Centurion slides to his feet in front of him.




Centurion puts Rage down, and he makes the cover!





The fans erupt as Centurion rolls away from Rage and tries to get Raven back on his feet. MDK looks on furiously, having been unable to make it across the ring in time to break up the pin! Raven and Centurion begin shoving Rage’s body across the canvas towards the cage door when suddenly Fuzz comes tearing through the ropes from the other ring and bulldogs Raven to the mat! Fuzz pops back up and turns to face Centurion, the two legends staring at each other for a long moment as the fans rise to their feet.

HHL: Longtime fans of the XWF will know that these two have had some incredible battles over the years. They both started in the XWF more than 15 years ago, and here in 2019… we’re lucky enough to see it again!

Fuzz and Centurion tie up and drive each other back against the cage, away from the open door as Rage slowly exits. In the opposite ring Robert Main is back on his feet and looking to do some damage to Chris Page. MDK sees this and makes his way over to help, and seeing this James Raven follows to even the odds. Page, Main, MDK and Raven collapse into a giant brawl! All four men are throwing wild shots! All four men are looking to score the next elimination!

PC: Hang on, what’s Rage doing?

Outside the ring Rage has grabbed two chairs and is carrying them to the side of the cage, hurling them high into the air and over the steel barrier. Both chairs land in the ring with Fuzz and Centurion, next to Drew Archyles still motionless body! Fuzz lunges for a chair but Centurion catches him and hooks him up for a quick DDT! Centurion rolls Fuzz over for a cover!



Kickout by Fuzz just after two! Both men roll back to their feet and Fuzz looks for a patella kick but Centurion moves his leg out of the way and plants then lunges for a clothesline. Fuzz blocks it! Fuzz gets his arms up at the last second and blocks the clothesline! Fuzz with a russian leg sweep but Centurion jumps over it! Centurion tries to grab a front face lock but Fuzz shoves Centurion backwards against the cage! Centurion rebounds off the ropes… V-TRIGGER! Centurion cranks Fuzz with a flying knee strike! Fuzz and Centurion are both down! Centurion is clutching his knee!

HHL: Centurion is going to be in a wheelchair by the time this is over! He keeps damaging that same leg!

PC: Drew Archyle is back on his feet and has one of the chairs! He’s heading to the other ring to help Raven and Main against Page and MDK!

Fuzz crawls over to the ropes and lifts himself slowly, blood dripping from his nose after Centurions flying knee strike. He shakes his head, clearing the cobwebs, then grabs the second chair and opens it up wide enough to slide Centurions injured leg inside. Oh no… this is brutal! Fuzz stomps on the steel chair and snaps it shut around Centurions knee!

HHL: First Michael Graves, then MDK and Rage… now Fuzz… Centurions knee has seemingly been attacked by half the roster tonight!

PC: You think our roster is only eight people? HA! Women can’t math…

The crowd boos Fuzz furiously as he tries to hoist Centurion to his feet, but only manages to get him to a lone knee. Fuzz is looking to end the hall of famer here… but Centurion counters! From his knees Centurion grabs Fuzz and hits the 1000 Mile Slam! Centurions knee gives out again mid hoist, but he manages to get Fuzz down right on top of the steel chair! Fuzz’s skull crashes down on top of the chair and he’s out cold! Centurion crawls atop Fuzz slowly!


MDK notices the cover and pulls away from Robert Main, heading towards the opposite ring!


MDK climbs through the ropes! He’s trying to get to Fuzz!



HHL: Centurion has done it! He’s scored the first two eliminations of the match by himself, and The Apex Prophecy has swung the momentum of this match in their favor!

PC: Centurion has put up a hell of an effort, but he’s face to face with MDK right now and he can’t do anything about it. He can’t even stand!

HHL: You’re right, he’s tried twice to rise and face MDK and both times that knee has failed him.

MDK grabs ahold of Centurion!



MDK lays Centurion out with his famed STO! Centurion is sprawled on the mat, and MDK looks at the crowd confidently before making the cover.





Chris Page’s team takes their first casualty as Centurion is eliminated from the Apex Prophecy squad after turning in the teams MVP effort thus far. MDK waves goodbye to Centurion and grabs the second chair turning back to the other ring where James Raven, Robert Main and Drew Archyle are triple teaming Chris Page in the corner and laying the boots to the team captain!

HHL: Raven turns around and realizes Centurion has just been eliminated! He angrily charges at MDK!


PC: MDK blasts Raven with a chair shot to the skull!

Robert Main turns around and steps towards MDK as well! MDK hits him in the midsection, doubling him over…


He brings the chair crashing down on the back of Mains head, dropping him to the canvas alongside Raven! Archyle turns as Main collapses, and MDK swings for a third time! Drew leaps backwards and dodges the strike, then leaps forward with a dropkick that sends MDK flying! The chair drops to the canvas as Drew Archyle picks it up and holds it above his head… the only man standing! The crowd cheers wildly, but the cheers change to sounds of shock as Fuzz and Centurion are let out of the ring only for Fuzz to immediately attack Centurions leg yet again! He stomps the knee several times, pinning Centurion up against the fan barricade and stomping him several times before making his way to the back.

HHL: Disgusting! That’s absolutely disgusting!

PC: It’s Russia, Heather. Oh, you meant what Fuzz did… yeah.

Chris Page staggers to his feet and screams for Archyle to come at him. Archyle turns to look at CCP, wielding his chair dangerously. CCP lunges for the chair and tries to pull it away, but Drew drops the chair to the mat and hooks Chris Page! DDT to the steel! Chris Page has been busted open! CCP rolls away, blood dripping from his forehead and staining the canvas! Drew looks to cover but MDK is already back on his feet and grabs Drew from behind! German suplex! MDK rolls to his feet as Drew gets to his hands and knees… curb stomp! MDK curbstomps Drew Archyle! He turns out to the crowd, then looks slowly back to Drew just as…




HHL: James Raven hits MDK out of nowhere! Raven lands his jumping cutter and rolls MDK over looking to give Apex Prophecy a commanding 3-1 advantage!





PC: I don’t believe it! I thought MDK was murdered! Dead! Killed!

Raven rolls to his feet! He’s feeling it now! He rushes over to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top rope, turning his back to the action!

HHL: He’s looking for the Ravensault!

Raven backflips through the air, but Chris Page drags MDK out of the way and Raven lands harmlessly on his feet and spins to face Page.



Chris Page ties Raven up and lands a flip piledriver! The XWF fans can’t believe it, and Archyle and Main are both still recovering! Raven is all on his own as Chris Page hooks the leg and confidently makes the cover!





HHL: NO! I don’t believe it!

PC: I don’t believe it! Chris Page has literally come off his couch and out of retirement and in his first XWF action, he pinned one of the greatest of all time! He pinned an XWF co-owner!

HHL: I’ve known Chris a long time, I shouldn’t be shocked… but I am.

The XWF fans boo violently as James rolls slowly towards the ropes and begins to crawl his way out of the ring. MDK and Chris Page have evened the odds, only Drew Archyle and Robert Main remain for Apex Prophecy and neither one of them is looking particularly fresh right now. Chris Page helps MDK slowly to his feet and the two men look over at Drew and Robert who are climbing slowly to their feet as well. The two pairs stare each other down from across the ring, realizing the finish is close at hand and each and every move any of them make could have dire consequences for their team.

Dire consequences be damned, Drew Archyle charges at MDK and tackles him over the ropes into the empty ring leaving Chris Page and Robert Main alone! Drew and MDK begin hammering away and fighting for position on the canvas, Main and Page tie up! Main ties to tie Page into a hammerlock but Page rolls out of it and looks for a knee, but Main blocks it! They tie up again and Main tries to whip Page into the turnbuckle. Page anchors his feet to the mat and the two stalemate once more. Main manages to get a grip on Page, looking for an Omega suplex, but Page again keeps his base and shoves Main away. Chris reaches for a chair but Omega sprints across the ring and kicks the weapon away, hitting Page in the side of the head with a forearm and finally landing something of note when he lifts Page and sends him toppling with a backdrop. Robert makes his way to the ropes and climbs to the middle one… ice pick elbow drop!

In the opposite ring Drew Archyle has MDK tied in a front face lock and feeds brutal knees to the former WGWF champions skull! Drew hurls MDK with a double underhook suplex! MDK rolls to his feet and Drew hits a snap DDT! He rolls MDK over! Archyle with the cover!




HHL: MDK kicks out again! He’s been tough to slow down and impossible to finish here tonight!

In the other ring CCP has Robert Main in a sleeper hold, then kicks Omega in the back of the knee and drops him to the mat. Page backs up then bulldogs Main hard to the canvas! Page grabs ahold of Main’s legs, he’s trying to lock in the Boston crab! Main uses one foot to kick himself free, but Page adjusts his grip and transitions to a Texas cloverleaf! Main kicks Page away again, and Page kicks the grounded Main in the face! That was brutal! Page backs up to catch his breath for a few moments, and in the other ring MDK and Archyle are still going to war.

MDK rushes across the ring taking the fight to the tag team champion and smashing a stiff forearm into Drew’s jaw. Archyle stumbles backwards into the turnbuckle and MDK charges after him slamming several more forearms into the face of Archyle. MDK grabs Drew by the wrist and irish whips him across the mat into the opposite turnbuckle. Archyle bounces into the corner chest first, groaning loudly as he stumbles out to the middle of the canvas and turns around to face his opponent. MDK with a spinning backbreaker!

HHL: That was incredible!

MDK leaps on top of Drew, throwing several right hands into his face before grabbing a fist full of his hair and dragging him up to his feet. Archyle cocks back and unleashes a wild right hand, but MDK ducks underneath it and bounces off the ropes behind Archyle, charging up behind him and diving with a low shoulder block to the knee! Archyle collapses, his knee buckled and a howl of pain from his lips as MDK leaps on top of him again and grabs his ankle, dropping back and locking in a tight knee bar! Drew tries to kick at MDK’s face, but MDK simply sits back and locks the kneebar in tighter and adds torque to the champions joint! Drew rolls furiously to reverse the pressure and manages to lean forward and grab MDK long enough to hit him with several hard punches! MDK lets go and rolls to his feet, backing up and putting his back against the cage to take a quick breather. Drew Archyle climbs unsteadily to his feet and MDK charges him...


HHL: Archyle leaps into the air! He hits a flying knee and dots MDK right between the eyes!

PC: MDK is rocked!




Drew Archyle puts MDK down with a headlock driver! He rolls him over!





Chris Page is the last man standing for his team, and over in his ring he’s got Robert Main right where he wants him! Robert Main is pinned in the turnbuckle as Chris stands in front of him, steel chair in hand!




Page hammers Main with the chair before dropping it to the mat and running to the far side of the ring to build momentum. Main staggers out of the corner, dazed and confused! Chris Page has him in his sights!

HHL: Oh my God! Drew Archyle hops over the ropes and shoves Robert Main out of the way!

PC: But now he’s dead to rights!

Chris Page spears Drew Archyle into the turnbuckle, hoisting him up before he can hit the canvas.



CCP Page Plant’s Drew Archyle instead of Robert Main, but it doesn’t matter to him! As long as he’s got a shot to bring Apex Prophecy down to one man! He covers Drew Archyle! The fans are in absolute shock!





HHL: Drew is out! He sacrificed himself for his Apex brother, and now only Robert Main and Chris Page remain!

PC: Chris doesn’t seem focused on Main, though. He’s dragging Drew Archyle over to the door! He must be making sure Drew and Main don’t try to double team him! He wants Drew out!

The referees open the cage door and suddenly someone comes sprinting down the ramp with a kendo stick in their hand. He’s young, tall and blonde. Handsome and familiar to the old school fans. Chris Page smiles as he approaches.

PC: Hang on, is that…

HHL: Tristan Slater! Former XWF Champion, and one of the brightest stars in the company before politics and red tape saw him put on the sidelines… but he’s back, and he’s passing the kendo stick through the cage to CCP!

PC: THAT’S what Page wanted the door to open for! He didn’t give a damn about Drew! Team Page essentially has an extra member in Tristan Slater!

The referees shut the door before Tristan Slater can do anything else, leaving him helpless on the outside. Page brandishes the kendo stick and turns around.









HHL: Chris Page kicks out! Chris Page is still alive and the fans don’t believe it!

Main rolls off of Page, exhausted. Both men lay side by side and gasping, kendo stick on the floor between them as the crowd cheers in wild support. Slowly Main crawls across the canvas to the turnbuckle, pulling himself to a seated position to breathe. He looks out at the fans through the cage, clearly appreciative of them. He refocuses on Page, remaining seated until Page begins to stir then climbing to his feet. Page grabs a hold of the nearest rope and pulls himself back to a vertical base and smiles at Main.

PC: Oh shit, it’s on!

Chris Page takes a few careful steps towards Main, wary of getting caught with a wild haymaker. CCP unloads with two heavy muay thai leg kicks, digging into the thigh and the back of Main's knee. The Omega nearly collapses but clutches the top rope desperately for support. Page grins to himself, sensing blood in the water and charges forwards... but Robert Main drops to the mat sending Page flying into the steel mesh! The already bloody face of Chris Page gets grated by the chain link, spilling even more crimson down the front of his wrestling gear.

Main, still hobbling on one leg, rolls Page up with a small package!


A very quick kickout by Page!

Page shoves Robert Main off of him and rolls away from Omega quickly, the champion quickly popping to his knees in frustration! He notices Chris Page climbing to his feet and climbs to his feet as well. Chris Page shoots in on Main and tries a shoulder block to the legs, but The Omega won't fall for that and leaps into the air and lands a flying knee straight into the temple of the diving Page! CCP gets knocked silly, flying backwards and smashing into the cage!

PC: That mother fuckers eggs got scrambled! Someone call Kelsey Grammar to toss the salad and finish him off!

HHL: Frasier references. Topical.

Robert Main rushes across the ring on all fours to cover Page, making sure both shoulders are covered!




Page kicks out! Page somehow has the awareness to kick out! CCP is trying to recover his senses and gets groggily to his feet, stumbling out to meet Robert Main only to be smashed with a heavy clothesline! Page flips backwards! Robert Main rolls him over and pins him again, doing his best to win this War Games match!



A KICKOUT BY CHRIS PAGE! He refuses to give up, desperate to claim a win in his return to the XWF! Robert Main rolls away from Page, urging the WGWF legend up to his feet! Page obliges slowly, then takes off! The fans scream loudly as CCP charges at The Omega, Main tries to sidestep but he’s exhausted! Spinebuster! Chris Page levels Main with a spinebuster!

HHL: Both men are down!

PC: They’ve got nothing left in the tank! Chris Page doesn’t even have it in him to cover Main after that spinebuster!

Both men lay motionless for several seconds, then Page begins to crawl away from Main and towards the kendo stick provided by Tristan Slater.

PC: What’s he doing?! Go for the pin you idiot!

CCP inches across the mat and still Main doesn’t budge. Page reaches for the kendo stick! He stretches!

HHL: He’s wasting a lot of time! He might have been able to pin Main by now!

CCP finally reaches the kendo stick and grabs hold of it, using it to plant and force himself back to his feet. He turns around slowly, ready to swing… but Robert Main is waiting!




Robert Main with the cover!






Join Us Sunday 28th July 2019 for the XWF's Next Pay Per View...

[Image: EYZjcgc.png]


Roleplayed and gave their effort and time into making War Games a success.

Who helped with match writing - you know who you are - much appreciated.

Who helped send in segments to make this ppv a success.

Who joined in at the last minute as replacements - well done you guys.
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