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The Trust Experiment starring Team Blackwater! Yay!
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05-25-2019 11:51 PM

Mid-Afternoon. It was a grey day. Overcast, with dark, foreboding clouds threatening to unleash their fury. Occasionally, the sky was slivered with an intense silver flash of immaculate illumination and in the distance, the angels bowled one heck of a game. Yet it did not rain. The smell was in the air though, it was coming... oh yes, it was indeed on its way and the increasing wind confirmed it. Still, the city thrives and churns, like a machine, unfazed by the approaching storm. These were a people that were far too busy and on the move, to give a shit about getting a little wet on their travels and Donovan Blackwater was one of them.

What with being an accountant/ financial consultant; freelance, of course, professional wrestler, member of The Elite and defender of the world (depending on the scheduled shift) and single father, rarely was his time not consumed. When he wasn't busy or occupied, fulfilling some obligation or another, tending to a myriad of tasks. Often seeing him living a life on the constant go. It was stressful but rewarding and oddly satisfying, to be able to accomplish so much, in so little time. Making him develop a sort of taste for it. This was the life that he was accustom to and wouldn't trade it for the world. However, that didn't mean he didn't also enjoy the down time, when nothing seemed to be happening at all.

And right now, that is exactly what's happening, nothing at all.

For the most part.

Standing on a random corner of an unidentified street, Donovan fires up a cigarette and takes a long drag, slowly allowing the smoke to seep forth as he casts his eyes towards the sky, right when the thick black blanket of rolling clouds, becomes overtaken by a brilliant display of light. Enhancing the gloomy backdrop with a brief moment of radiance. With that sighting, his thoughts instinctively shift to his brother, Ezra as they often do whenever he witnesses lightening. Donovan hadn't heard from Ezra, since his brother took that loss to Deacon. Now ordinarily a lapse of communication from Ezra, wouldn't give Donovan a cause for pause but based on recent events, all wrestling matches and their outcomes aside, he couldn't help but wonder if his brother was alright. With a sigh, Donovan takes another drag from his cigarette as he makes a mental note to call Ezra. Sooner, rather than later.

"Penny for your thoughts."

Came a familiar voice, summoning Donovan away from what otherwise might distract him. Exhaling a cloud of smoke, he acknowledges the source with a smile - Lux, one of his teammates for War Games and friend, acquired by the means of the most unexpected and random design.

"Just a penny."

His response is quick, accented with an undertone of laughter that usually accompanies most of what Donovan says, still it makes something stir within Lux's mind causing her to be taken aback, if only for a moment. This brief instance of interruption, while fleeting is enough to catch Donovan's attention, sending his head on a slight tilt as he arches an inquisitive brow.

"What was that? Where did you go just now?"

"What? Nothing. Nowhere. What? What do you mean?"

The question had returned Lux's focus, like the recoil of a rubber band and with it, her tone came back with a sting, twice as sharp.

"Sorry, it seemed like my words might have done something... that could have triggered..."

"What? That could have triggered what?"

"I don't know. A memory or something. Maybe? It seemed like you got distracted for a second there. Like your mind went somewhere else for a bit."

"Where? Where do you think my mind went? What do you know? Have you been talking to Wylie? What did he tell you?"

"Oh my god. How do I get outta this?!?! No. I've not been talking to Wylie. I only thought it seemed like you momentarily drifted off and I figured that my response set in motion some sort of random recollection. Made you remember something. Which happens to me... a lot, actually. More times than I can count, which is weird cause I'm an accountant and kind of a genius when it comes to math and calculating numbers. Anyway... I'm rambling now. Look, I'm sorry. I didn't realize asking you about it would provoke all this. I swear, I come in peace. Can we start over?"

Sighing, Lux's tone softens as she realizes the error of her reaction... or rather, her overreaction. This was not entirely her fault though, it had been a relatively unusual and emotionally trying past few days, leading up to War Games. A virtual roller coaster of lows and highs, that eventually led her into trusting the aid of a rather unlikely source. Someone she barely knew yet shared a unique understanding of transferring a consciousness, from one place, to another.

Generally speaking, it was highly unorthodox for Lux to give away trust like that, given her past but that's what hope did to people and in spite of being a kick ass freedom fighter from the future, even she wasn't immune. In compensation for this her defenses were raised, tenfold. With a shake of her head, she softly snickers as she considers the way her mere tone and insistent questioning had effected Donovan. Altogether different than the way he would have handled that sort of thing in the past.

"Yes, of course and I apologize, your question merely made me remember..."


"A dream I had the other night."

Nice save.

"Haha! Okay. Cause I thought the next step was an interrogation lamp... or water boarding."

"Oh shut up. It wasn't that much of an overreaction."

"Sure. Right. Whatever you say. You know, if this were any typical interaction and you weren't sharing Corey's body, I would've assumed it was your time of the month and asked you if you wanted to smoke a little pot. To balance you out and get yourself in check, if only for that sole reason alone but I know, Cody's an addict and you're inside his body. Which not only makes that suggestion null and void but it also totally eliminates the possibility of that sort of 'lady issue' from ever occurring. Unless..."

There was that underlining tone of laughter.

"Wait. Is that something that still happens? Like the mental aspect without all the extra, added unfortunate attributes that coincide with it."

"If you're asking what I think you're asking, I should forewarn you to quit while you're ahead and drop it, before I punch you and you show up to War Games, with a black eye marring that handsome face of yours."

"Awww... you think I'm handsome, thank you. Also yikes if that wasn't an admission, I don't know what is? Yowza! Point taken."

Lux jokingly swipes a mock punch towards Donovan and as he backs away, a very distinct snap can be heard. Pulling both of their attention towards the cause. Across the street there is a truck with a crane attached to it, hoisting a piano up to a window on a high rise building. A grand piano, to be exact. One of the support tethers had broken away causing the snapping sound. Thus leaving the enormous thing, hanging in the unstable balance of a single, solitary rope. Potential danger waiting to happen, in its finest.

Cue the hapless, unknowing individuals, passing by beneath the impending doom. Then like clockwork, there comes the crack of the rope breaking. Which instantly sends the piano plummeting towards the ground and the unsuspecting victims below. Thinking fast, Donovan raises his hand and an invisible force catches the piano. Gradually he lowers it to the sidewalk and sets it down.

"Luke Skywalker does it again."

"Luke Skywalker. Please. I would have never spent that much time alone in a cave with a muppet."

Along with the scent of an oncoming storm, irony fluctuates heavy in the air today, for much like the unaware individuals that narrowly escaped getting squashed by a grand piano, Lux and Donovan are now the unknowing targets of misfortune. Two muscle bound, mountain men in masks appear, virtually out of nowhere and grab Lux and Donovan from behind, precisely as a van speeds up right next to them. Both Donovan and Lux get tossed into the back, hitherto the two goons climbing inside themselves and then, the van takes off.

Yet, in the spirit of hope, a few feet away there sits the true embodiment of it, in the shape of a car inhabited by Robbie Bourbon and Scully. Teammates of Lux and Donovan, that just so happen to have witnessed it all.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Is this where I say something stupid followed by a "Narf!", "Point! or an "Egad!" only for you to reveal that you plan on taking over the world, cause that would be highly uncharacteristic of us."

"No knucklehead. We need to save Lux and Donovan. They were clearly abducted right in front of us."

"Yeah, I know I was only messin' with you, my unlikely sidekick and combat cohort for War Games. Lets go show those non-descript, cliche, stock footage villains, what happens when they mess with the guys that we're forced to team with for a pay-per-view."

"The way that you said that could mean two very different things. You want me to chase them, right? Cause that's what I planned on doing from the beginning."

"Jumping Jehoshaphat! Yes! Drive Scully! Drive! They're getting away!"

Our hero finds himself walking around on a beautiful spring day, heading towards a "keep America great" rally. Not to show support, and not to protest, and not even to instigate. Our good ol boy, as usual is going to try and mediate between the inevitable clashing groups because he lives his life with the motto "I'm here to help" and figures he can aid these fellow children of god. If only to find a common ground and break some of the deceptions trying to divide and conquer us all, brought on by the entertainment industry and the world of politics. Unfortunately, he brought them together alright as they merged as one, in a single, unified force to chase our hero down the block. He zigs and zags, fairly gracefully for a husky fella, but he is also losing ground quick and the mob of satanic degenerates is not far behind. Sadly this is an area bRiaN is less familiar with and he is running out of ideas on where he can go to catch his breath. Suddenly a car pulls up with two of bRiaN's warfare partners Scully and Robbie Bourbon seated inside.

Robbie:"Brian, get in!"

Brian:"Buddy right now I'll go just about anywhere"

Brian opened the back passenger door and as he got in, Skull sped off again. Brian hadn't even closed his door.

Brian:"Are you crazy?"

Robbie:"He is super crazy. I'd hold on if I were you!"

With the getaway van nowhere in sight, Scully was getting frustrated.

"They could be any fuckin' where?! Way to go, Brian!"

Robbie:"Yeah, way to go Brian! I'm just messing with ya. Just ignore him, he gets a little cranky sometimes."

Scully notices the van down a side road and suddenly turns right without signalling. The wheels screech as a pickup truck narrowly avoids them.

Robbie:"I don't think we'll make it to Wargames with this nutcase."

Skull had the car at 80mph now and was in and out of the traffic, avoiding the other vehicles.

Brian:"We're gonna die aren't we?"

Robbie:"It would appear so."

Brian:"Who we chasing anyway?"

"That van in the distance. Can't you see it? They have Lux and Donovan!"

Robbie:"He's a bit cranky. He hasn't had his meds this morning."

Scully was in hot pursuit now and right behind the van. Other vehicles on the carriageway beeped at Scully as he overtook them. Suddenly the van turns left and Scully never realized that's what they were gonna do, continuing straight.

"Fuck ya aunt fanny!"

Robbie:"Way to go, jackass."

Brian:"If you turn down this next alleyway on the left, you should be able to catch them."

"That's the most helpful thing you've said."

Scully indicates left and quickly turns down the narrow alleyway. Scully's car hits various trash cans, knocking them up in the air and chucking rubbish everywhere. A hobo who had just woke up from a nap, stands up and has no choice but to jump out of the way as Scully nearly runs him over.

Brian closes his eyes and Robbie looks on. Scully was just focused on the task in hand and nothing more. They seen the van go past at the bottom of the alleyway and Scully swiftly turns at the end of that alleyway to be back on the tracks of the van. The traffic light changes to red as Scully approaches it but he ignores it and a lorry hits the air horn, narrowly avoiding them.

Brian:"Are we still alive?"


The van is coming to the end of the road with only two options available. A right turn or a left. Which way would it go? As it turns right, Skull turns earlier, cutting across and causing the van to swerve into a lamppost. Skull halts behind them.....

With that, Robbie steps out of the car, sipping on a ice cold Coca-Cola, to which he holds label out and exhaling a satisfied "AAHHHHHH" after enjoying a beverage that could cure cancer if the FDA said so. He looks at the van, then back at the car.

Uh, this is it? They're just here, in this van, sitting here?

Scully looks up and nods his head.

Scully: That's the place.

Brian: Hyep, it seems awful quiet, though.

Robbie: Okay, this'll be easy.

Robbie shrugs and sips his refreshing Coca-Cola again, simply stepping towards the van. As he does, the sky goes black with swirling clouds and red lightning, and a terrible rip in space and time itself happens, and out steps a creature. Standing some ten feet tall astride seven legs, a set of pincers coming out from its sides, deep red chitinous plates all over it's body including a pulsating abdomen, and reaching up from the body is a long slender neck culminating with a cranium some twenty four inches across, a set of three antenae, no eyes, and a mandibled jaw. Soda shoots out of Robbie's nose as he reacts in shock to the sight of this thing.

Foolish mortal! You come to take back the others?

Robbie stops dead, the shock completely washed away. He sips his Coca-Cola.

Woah, woah, woah, first off, foolish mortal? Cliche, meh. Booo-rang.

The monstrosity that just ripped time and space itself jolts at Robbie's glib nature. Scully and Brian look at Robbie in complete disbelief as he disrespects the creature.

You dare...

I do! Of course I came to fetch Lux and Donnie. They're, well, our teammates for a wrestling match, and, frankly, it's a really bad idea to go into that ring so outnumbered, regardless of how stupid and shitty our opponents are. Gary for Cincinnati is lame, Tony Santos can't cut burlap let alone a wrestling promo, Luca's line by line wannabe Calvin Klein ad style, Deacon's lame ass allegorical Judeo-Christian backwash leftover from Doc, and whatever pile of goofy horseshit knock-off-of-me and super plain named Sam McPherson is are the kinds of things you experience at a sleep study as a drug free alternative to Ambien to make you tired. Look at you, goofy space monster, you even look tired now.

The monster looks perplexed, as though it's completely alien yet insect/crustacean physiology is completely understood in its body language as Robbie Bourbon, when faced with some interdementional creature that still uses vans to abduct people, still seamlessly talks massive amounts of shit. Scully smirks, almost knowing what comes next, as Brian looks on, almost as perplexed as the monster but at the ready to fight if need be.


Blah, blah, blah.

The monster looks visibly shaken again as Robbie is nonplussed by it's words, tenor, or seemingly perfect grasp of the English language even though it is definitely not from any English speaking country natively judging by it's completely extraterrestrial form. Scully rolls his eyes and chuckles.

Scully: C'mon, Brian, best not interrupt Robbie, he's rolling right now.

Brian: But, uh, that big...

Scully: Heh, just watch. That thing isn't the scariest thing here right now.

Scully sets back on the hood of the car, bemused. Brian cautiously backs away, still taken aback by the sight of the creature that came from almost out of nowhere and the fact Robbie is just insulting it.


Robbie shakes his head 'no' and glances back at Scully knowingly, gesturing at the beast with his left thumb. Robbie turns to Brian and winks, knocks back the last of his Coca-Cola, crushes the can in one hand, then turns back to the monster.

Look, asshole, no fucking time, all right? When you talk as much shit as I do, well, everything else just seems kinda dull, you know? Plus, I have wrecked shit way scarier than you. Why don't you go back home to whatever asteroid or nebula you came from and think about getting into retail? Invading Earth never, EVER works out. Go watch a movie or something.


The creature lunges at Robbie. Robbie simply sidesteps the thing, grabbing it's long sinewy neck with his right hand. With his left, Robbie grabs its cranium. With a snap, Robbie rips the creature's head off. Robbie looks at the head, tosses it to the ground, then at the body.

Like eatin' crab legs.

As the body jerks and convulses for a moment, a viscous yellow fluid erupting from the point where a head used to dwell, Robbie steps past it to the doors of the van. The creature's body collapses in a heap. Robbie tries the door of the van once, and sees that it's locked. He rolls his eyes, looks on the ground, and finds a rock. Robbie busts out one of the rear windows of the van, then reaches in and opens it.

Robbie casts open the rear doors of the van, and Storm and Scully race up as well to ascertain the conditions of their team mates. Lux and Donovan are both bound and gagged inside, but appear otherwise unhurt. Robbie clambers into the back of the van and starts hoisting them out and into Scully and Storm's waiting arms. Scully pulls down the gag covering Lux's mouth.

Computer, end simulation Team Building Exercise. Lux says, as soon as her mouth is clear.

As soon as the words are spoken, the entire scene begins to break down into crude pixelated forms before dissolving completely, leaving the team in the bare virtual reality chamber within The Citadel. Lux claps her hands together satisfactorily as Wylie Sinclair also enters the room. So, how did it go?

Lux considers each of her team mates in turn before responding. It went pretty well. Despite some questionable narrative choices. Lux smirks at Wylie, who shrugs in response.

I thought the monster battle was pretty cool.

So ladies, gentlemen, and otherwise, are we feeling like more of a team now? Donovan inquires with a somewhat jokey tenor.

Oh yeah, 'bout to hold hands and sing kumbaya! Scully shoots a thumbs-up. Nah, but for real though, this place is pretty cool! You do birthday parties here?

Oh but Scully, the manager at Chuck-E-Cheese is gonna be so upset you changed venues this year! Robbie cuts in.

But before Scully can respond, Brian Storm says, Here's what I wanna know, can this room make a whole bunch a ladies with big 'ol bosoms appear?[/i] Brian helpfully holds his hands out in front of his chest like he's cupping a pair of heaving titties.

Robbie points in Brian's direction. I like how this guy thinks. Then, to Wylie, Let's make it so. And Robot Kid, just when you think you've gone thicc enough.... Robbie mimes cranking a dial ever so slightly …..just a bit thicc'er.

I like VR porn as much as the next bloke, but can we maybe refocus on some strategy? I got other things to do.

Robbie takes out his cell phone in response. Oh, well in that case let me pencil that in. On my CALENDAR. And set an ALARM. Which are both helpful tools for remembering DEADLINES! Robbie looks pointedly at Scully.

Scully throws his hands up in the air in annoyance. Oh come off it you masked fanny!

Lux moves to interject between the two of them. Okay, everybody's calm! Everybody's friendly.

Hey, uhhhhh, computer? Can you play Travis Tritt Live in Concert?

Suddenly, a live arena performance starts to form around all of them, drawing all of their attention. More specifically, it's Travis Tritt singing “It's a Great Day to be Alive” from the Live and Kickin' Tour.

Donovan looks aghast at Brian. What have you DONE?

Oh come on boss man, it's a helluva song! Sing along if ya know the words ya'all! Brian steps into Donovan and links arms with him, proceeding to belt out the lyrics to the song. I got rice cooking in the microwave, I got a three day beard I don't plan to shave, It's a goofy thing but I just gotta say, hey, I'm doing alright!

Scully looks at them both and laughs. Oh this is rich! But Donovan grabs Scully by the arm and forces him to lock arms with him.

If I have to, you have to!

Yeah I think I'll make me some home-made soup
I'm feeling pretty good and that's the truth
It's neither drink nor drug induced, no,
I'm just doing alright!

Lux, seeing an opening, invites Robbie to link arms with Scully. He scowls, and pulls Lux in between them. Lux gives Robbie a reproachful look, but agrees to link arms with Scully, as Robbie takes Lux's arm in his. And then, Robbie shocks them all by taking up the song!

And it's a great day to be alive
I know the sun's still shining
When I close my eyes
There's some hard times in the neighborhood
But why can't every day be just this good
It's been fifteen years since I left home
I said good luck to every seed I'd sown
Gave it my best and then I left it alone
I hope they're doing alright!

Wylie, not missing a beat, then pulls out a lighter and starts to hold it aloft, swaying in rhythm with Travis' twangy dulcet tones.

The shot starts to pull back as Team Blackwater, arm in arm, start to rock back and forth, taking turns singing the lyrics and maybe, just maybe, starting to look like a reasonable facsimile of a War Games winning team.

[Image: ehp0MXD.png]


The scene opens up to a large room, with an assortment of chairs set up, each occupied by a member of Team Blackwater, that of course is also including the illustrious captain himself - Donovan Blackwater. Seated next to them on a very tall stool is Micajah "Cager" Viteri, the newest edition to the XWF reporting staff... hopefully, after this interview airs because this is being done in an avant garde style - meaning he's not really employed by the XWF per se. Not yet, anyway. But this interview was agreed upon by the entire team as a way of getting him noticed and maybe even earn him that job. Fingers crossed, 'eh?

Micajah "Cager" Viteri - "Well, it pleases me to announce, I am sitting here with Team Blackwater. They will be facing Team Deacon at War Games. Which is set to happen in a couple of days. Tell me gentleman (and lady), are you nervous at all?"

The team shuffles a bit in their seats and look to one another before responding.

Donovan Blackwater - "I think I was more nervous when I faced Robbie Bourbon, than I am now and he's a part of my team... so, I'm basically set. No worries."

bRiaN sTorM - "Nope."

Lux - "I feel a little differently. I get a little "spike" of anxiety anytime I get in a fight. It's only natural, and it's what keeps you alive. But am I feeling particularly nervous about War Games? No. Our team is very competent and half of Deacon's can't even be arsed to cut a promo."

Scully - "Nervous? I am nervous. I admit it. I confess, I am a little nervous. I am nervous, not because I'm afraid of losing, but because I'm afraid of what Team Blackwater is going to do to them. I look at my teammates, even Robbie "Fanny" Bourbon Scully looks at Robbie and winks, Scully-" And then I look at their team. It's not a very fair contest on their part, in my opinion."

Robbie Bourbon - "I feel like this signifies it all."

Robbie pulls out a cantaloupe, cracks it in half and begins consuming the delicious fruit.

Micajah "Cager" Viteri - "It sounds like you all are pretty confident. That's good. I have to admit, I'm a little biased when it comes to this match cause your team, Donovan is stacked with some of my personal faves. From yourself, all the way down to newcomer, Brian Storm. Your team here, it's got some major swag. While your opposition has guys like Grappling Gary, who as far as I know, has never cut a promo, ever. I'm not even sure how this man keeps popping up, to be honest. He's like a creepy pasta story or a Twilight Zone episode. The wrestling legend that never really was. Turns out he was a ghost all along. Anyway, what I'm getting at is this, how do you feel about your opposing team's general interest, effort and attitude towards addressing you all and the forthcoming match."

bRiaN's response is to find the nearest camera and spit on it. High fiving Robbie on his way back to his seat, Boubon hands bRiaN the other half of his cantaloupe and they "cheers" the two pieces, together. As Donovan and the rest of Team Blackwater look at them in amusement.

Donovan Blackwater - "I think most of them are too shook, too scared... looking at you, Luca. Ha! No, this is what I mean when I called them Team Why-bother, Team Pointless and Team Fuck-it-all. They lie to themselves and everyone else, when they make promises and commitments, then don't do anything or even try to live up to those promises. Oh they have every intention on doing something, they just don't. It becomes a chore and a bother that they begrudgingly have to deal with. And if they give any effort, at all. It's... well, everyone seen Luca's promo for Warfare, when the opportunity for a shot at the X-Treme title was on the line. Don't get me wrong, not everyone on Team Eeyore... is like that, as made evident by Deacon and Tony but more than half of the team, is that way and it shows. In my opinion, that proves these folks don't give a shit, not really. If they can't show some support for their team and interest in the match, what makes anyone think that it'll be different when they're in the ring."

Lux - "It's particularly unfortunate in Luca's case because he used to be great. I tread heavily on this talking point earlier in the week, so I don't want to get too far into it, but if you don't care anymore I don't see why some of these guys don't just move on. Light your fire somewhere else, doing something else, because it's clearly not being lit here anymore."

Scully - "You see what my team doesn't realise is they can thank me for Luca's demise. When he was riding with fuck boy, Fernando, as they called themselves. They were the XWF Tag-Team champions... Until they met The Union. MacBeth and I, beat them, took their tag titles and Fernando was bummed. Then Luca was never the same. Deacon is meant to be the captain, but I believe Tony Santos is the only one that really cares, that's unfortunate because he might be left all alone.."

Micajah "Cager" Viteri - "Right on. Right on. Valid points.Speaking on teams. It certainly seems like you all have come together rather nicely."

Donovan Blackwater - "If there was any doubt."

Lux - "Better than expected, even."

Scully - "Even me and Robbie can put our BEEF aside for now. I knew when this team was announced, even with me as the last pick. Had to give that dig there.. It was going to be victory."

Micajah "Cager" Viteri - "Haha! Yeah, well this next question pertains to that, so hang on a sec. When you first learned that you were going to be teammates, how did that make you all feel and how does that differ from what you're feeling now? And Donovan, you gotta keep quiet for this one cause you're the captain, you literally chose them, meaning you knew what you were doing and had the option of choice. These guys were just plucked up and told this was how it was going to be."

Lux - "I knew full well going into this that I could very well be teamed up with people I don't click with on an interpersonal level. But isn't that true of all things? Do you LOVE everyone at your job all the time? Do you LOVE everyone in your unit if your in the armed forces? No. And it's unreasonable to expect to. That being said, I actually feel better now than before I was chosen because I did not end up on a team with anyone I flagrantly disagree with on moral grounds, like Deacon. Hell, I could have even built a serviceable partnership with Sarah!"

Scully - "As the King of the tag division, the King of forming stables, teaming with others isn't exactly difficult for me. I've teamed with Maverick, Muudy Waters, Chris MacBeth, as already mentioned. Guppy Parsh. I've already teamed with Robbie Bourbon. You get the drift?! I want to win, these lads and girl want to win. We have that in common and sometimes that is enough to get the job done."

Robbie Bourbon - "I felt determined and was instantly ready to crack some skulls but that's just a Tuesday for me."

bRiaN sTorM - "I felt excited and ready to prove myself and that hasn't changed."

Micajah "Cager" Viteri - "Alright. I hear ya. That makes sense. Now Donovan, this goes solely to you. Why did you choose these men to be a part of Team Blackwater? What was your reasoning behind it all?"

Donovan Blackwater - "Honestly."

Donovan looks to Lux and smirks.

Donovan Blackwater - "Initially, I picked Lux first cause I wanted to piss her off. After the promos she cut, I thought it would be funny if she was stuck working under me, with me being her captain. I mean, I knew she was a talented wrestler, no doubt. She beat me. Obviously she's quite skilled. But... uh, my first instinct was based on being a fucking bastard. That's it."


Donovan Blackwater - "Anyway, after I got to know her, it became clear that she was an excellent choice for more reasons than that. Both her and Corey are amazing individuals and their bravery, dedication, perseverance and loyalty, knows no bounds. Those are vital components to have in this sort of situation. Plus Corey is a riot. So that's a definite upside too. I suppose what I'm trying to say, is that once I came to know them more, it became obvious that I made the right decision for the team. That grew and enveloped over what my initial thought process had been. In the end, I believe that I made the right call. I see them as an essential part of Team Blackwater. They're sort of my co-captain, in a way or my first officer. Also, suffice to say, I think we're sort of friends now, rather than people who roll their eyes at each other in the hall. Though after I admitted the first part of all this, I'm not so sure Lux will still see it that way anymore."

Laughing Donovan continues.

Donovan Blackwater - "As for the rest, I went by their merit of character and performance thus far."

"Robbie is a straight up, beast in the ring. Trust me, I've been on the other side of the ring from this man and that was one of the most painful losses that I took. In more ways than one. My body can regenerate, I heal quicker than most and I was walking with a limp for like two days. On top of that I know he gives every fight his all, he's fierce and fucking determined, I appreciate those qualities. Reminds me of myself, which is why I probably acquired a limp for two days, after facing him."

"Scully, is a scrapper, he's dynamic and unpredictable. A real live stick of dynamite and that is made very apparent in his matches. This guy gets in the ring with direct intent to fuck things up, that's his purpose and his drive. I see him as a man that takes his opponent by surprise, which I think he only does for the enjoyment of it. For the laugh. I can definitely relate to that."

"And finally I picked Brian for his heart, I think that's what fuels everything he does and explains his strength and courage. The endurance and sheer willpower that he has in the face of battle. He's new but he's also undefeated. Those are all key factors to have in a teammate. I'm also glad that I picked him because it gave me a reason to get drunk and shoot guns."

"All in all, I think I have the best fucking team partaking in War Games. One that will maintain its full, original line up too. There won't be any pinch hitting happening for Team Blackwater."

Micajah "Cager" Viteri - "That's really awesome. Are any of you inviting anyone special to watch the fight?"

Donovan Blackwater - "My brothers will be there but they're always there. They're pretty 'special' sometimes. Haha! I kid. They will be there though. Other than that. Nope. I'm not seeing anyone at this current moment."

Lux - "Dexter and Joachim Bright will be watching us from home, no doubt. Corey invited Vita Valenteen to make sure I don't let him get too manhandled."

bRiaN sTorM - "Nope."

Scully- "My other half will be attendance. My boy will be with the mother-in-law, I can call her that even if I haven't married her daughter, yet. Curtista and Alfie, of course, those bellends are special to me."

Micajah "Cager" Viteri - "What about after the fight, what do you all plan on doing, afterwards?"

Donovan Blackwater - "Celebrate the victory. Get fucking ripped. Maybe find that special someone... you know, for the evening."

Lux - "Oh, I'm going to kill the shit out of Madison Dyson. If she ends up being a sub, it may not wait until afterwards, either."

bRiaN sTorM - "I was gonna invite the team out to celebrate our victory with a game of texas hold em at my place."

Scully - "I might punch Bourbon on the nose. Maybe go have few drinks with the mrs, bang her in the hotel. That sorta thing!"

Robbie Bourbon - "Laugh at Scully while he tries to punch me in the nose. Meet up with my peeps. Overthrow a caucus, attend a charity fundraiser, incubate some baby chicks, eat a sandwich and maybe... just maybe, hear the joy of a child's laughter, when the video of Scully attempting to punch me in the nose goes viral."

Micajah "Cager" Viteri - "Actually Lux, just a quick side bar but what is your deal with her?"

Lux - "Long story short, she kills me in the future."

Micajah "Cager" Viteri - "Heh heh, well that's a first for me."

Micajah "Cager" Viteri - "You all will definitely deserve to celebrate, should you win. Heh. When you win. All right there you have it. Team fucking Blackwater! See them live on May 26th, at War Games! Gentlemen, it's been an honor and hopefully, I'll be interviewing you all separately at some point in the future."

Donovan Blackwater - "No doubt. Fuck Steve Sayors."

Lux - "Ah, Steve's ok. He's played along with some of me and Corey's segments. But it was a pleasure Mr. Viteri."

Scully - "You're lucky Scully attended this interview. I got rid of Sayors ages ago. Only Curtista can interview me now, with this one off exception."

Brian simply smiles and nods as Robbie slurps his cantaloupe loudly and this interview comes to a close.

End Transmission

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