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While Others Are Full of Shit, I Am Fully Confident
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05-17-2019 01:41 PM

The time was drawing nearer and I was growing more anxious. Everything I did since coming out of retirement was for one thing and one thing ONLY: one more World Championship run. And here I was, one match away from getting the shot I felt I truly deserved and I was feeling the nerves. It wouldn't be easy, War Games was one of the FEW matches I haven't been apart of, but it was a challenge I looked forward to overcoming.

Unlike other times where I've earned opportunities myself, this time I have to rely on 4 other wrestlers to come together as a unit and basically earn my shot for me. It was a rather unique, if not scary, way into the Universal Title picture, but considering I got to handpick my team, the end result essentially would fall on my shoulders. Considering they say big risk yield big rewards, I had no choice but to step up to the roulette table and bet it all on black.

Here I was, backstage at a live event, waiting for my cue to go out and address the fans. There had been alot of talk since the teams were drafted, and all the negative things were hurled in my direction. It was one particular set of words that stuck out since I first heard them. 'For the first time in my life, I actually feel sorry for Sarah Lacklan. The rest of that team....yikes.' That quote was from Centurion, essentially an XWF Legend. He's the kind of person you want to have complimenting you and telling you how much you've impressed him. Not the opposite of that. Those words have been playing on repeat inside my head since he spoke them and they won't go away until my team and I have put away all of Team Ned Kaye.

"The match just ended, Big D, you'll be up in a few," the producer said to me as I stood backstage, pacing impatiently.

There was alot I needed to say, so much I had to get off my chest. These next couple of weeks were gonna be what could make or break my XWF career. If my team failed to win War Games, it was surely gonna drop me to the bottom of the ladder and I wasn't sure if I would want to climb back up after everything I've been through. This match was everything to me and losing just simply was not going to be an option.

As I impatiently waited for my turn to head to the ring, I saw one of the wrestlers who just got done walk through the curtain. It wasn't anybody I knew, most likely someone having a tryout match, but he looked like things did NOT go his way. The skinny little man in a college wrestling attire was grabbing the back of his head, tears rolling down his cheeks as he hobbled his way past me. He looked like someone who didn't belong anywhere near a squared circle, and it seemed like his match proved it.

After another moment of waiting, the other wrestler walked backstage. He also wasn't anyone I recognized, but based on the beating he had put on his nameless opponent, he couldn't have been TOO bad. Either way, it didn't matter, what DID was the fact it was my turn to go out.

"Falling Apart" by Trust Company began to fill the arena, as the crowd began to do their usual booing. It didn't phase me one bit as I walked through the curtain and onto the ramp. As I walked down the aisle, I wondered how much longer these people could jeer at me. Surely if I pull through at War Games, they'd HAVE to start respecting me. And if not then, maybe when I actually take the title away from Robert Main. It'd be impossible to hate me at that point.

I made my way up the steel steps and into the ring, before walking over and grabbing a mic. Luckily for me, the crowd didn't take too long to quiet down, actually anxious to hear what I had to say.

"I'm sure alot of you are wondering why I attacked your Indy darling at Anarchy....." I began in a calm voice. This got more heat on me, as a few brave souls actually chucked their food and drink at me. Luckily I was able to sidestep and avoid a hot dog to the face. Thank God, because I never would've lived that down.

"I attacked Ned Kaye because he doesn't deserve to be in War Games," I continued. "He doesn't deserve to be in this company, and he certainly didn't deserve the shot he got at the Universal Championship. And yet here he is, one win away from another opportunity he surely will let slip away.

"Do you know what I hear when people call him an 'Indy darling?' I hear the words 'lovable loser.' And that's exactly what Ned Kaye is notorious for. You see, when I hear the name Ned, it reminds me of someone from the TV show, Game of Thrones. There was a very likable character by the name of Ned Stark. He's honorable, a pretty good fighter, and adored by fans. But do you know what happens to Ned Stark?! He gets killed because he didn't have what it took to thrive in the world around him. Ned Stark is beheaded because he wasn't cutthroat enough to make it in the game of thrones.

"And Ned Kaye is no different from Ned Stark. Sure, he's got some skills and a very loyal fan base, but it takes more than that to survive the Game of XWF. War Games isn't about who the best wrestler is. No, you have to be a sadistic piece of shit, willing to do whatever you must to your opponents to exit that cage the victor. And you have to have good teammates.........

"And Ned is a failure at that, as well. It's hard to blame him, he only could pick from the scraps left for him. People will argue that Mastermind was an excellent choice for Team Ned Kaye; well those people are wrong. Sure, Mastermind is the former XWF Xtreme Champion, but what did he do during his reign? Was he in the ring week in, week out defending his gold like a REAL champion? NO. He stood around in the back, picking lint from his ass crack while avoiding being pinned. Then when the time came where he finally HAD to defend his title between the ropes, what happened? He choked, plain and simple. Sure, it was funny watching him kickout of attacks and put sticky notes on his 'victims' bodies, but when it came to actual in ring talent, Zane Norrison exposed him. And my team is gonna take advantage of that. We're gonna be watching the tape of his loss over and over again, and learn all of his weaknesses. And when we step in the cage with him, HE'S gonna be the one laid out on the mat, a sticky note placed on his body courtesy of Team Big D!"

The fans boos grow louder, causing me to stop for a minute. I circle the ring impatiently, shaking my head at their ignorance. Nothing I said was false, it was all things I had witnessed with my own eyes. Hell, everyone who watched XWF could see all of these facts. It must've just really pained them to have to face it. And the worst part was, I was only beginning.

"And then there's Luna Hightower....... Ned, you better be careful with that one. She had a golden opportunity by being in a Triple Threat match to get into a Number 1 Contender match for the Hart Championship, and what does she do? No shows it. That's right, she no showed a match that her other 2 opponents ALSO didn't make it to! Not only is that an embarrassment to herself, it's also a disgrace to the business, and an insult to me. You see, I actually made it to MY match and lost only because of the third person getting pinned. What's her excuse?"

The roar of the crowd grows louder, nearly shaking the arena. I threw my hand up, shrugging out of confusion.

"I don't get why you boo the truth!" I shouted into my microphone with rage. "Go........ Watch........ The........ Tape!...... And while you're at it, check out our Tag Match that Rain & Snow got locked out for! I mean, for all I know, LUNA kept them from entering the arena because she was scared. I WANTED to fight, but apparently someone else had other plans. Not to mention, what was up with her PMSing over me 'playing' with her hair? Did she ever think MAYBE I was pointing out a patch of splooge from her escapades earlier in the day? No, she just attacked me like some wild animal! Well I'll tell you this, come War Games, she's gonna be bleeding but it ain't gonna be from her pussy, it's gonna be from her face!"

I arrogantly bow to the fans, ignoring their hatred for me.

"And then there's Thaddeus Duke....." I said with a look of confusion. "Who?! This kid who won the Xtreme Title a few times and had some little unpinned streak? What does that even mean? You didn't get pinned, but gave up alot? Lost a bunch of Triple Threat matches, but at least wasn't the one pinned? I'm not impressed. Your level of competition back then couldn't have been as good as it is now, I wasn't here back then, so there's your proof. Thad, regardless of how we do it, whether pinfall or submission, you're gonna be leaving that Cage as an elimination.

"And finally, that leaves EDWARD......."

I stopped myself for a moment. While I had no respect for the 'man' that was the walking caveman, he DID defeat me. That fact being known, I had to be careful with the words I chose in addressing this Neanderthal.

"EDWARD is certainly something else. I'm sure you all take solace in knowing he beat me. It's true, EDWARD got lucky and fell through the roof of a car as I had him beat, allowing him to take advantage. Shit happens. Do you think that makes him good? Gimme a break. The ONLY positive thing EDWARD is gonna bring to Team Ned Kaye is he's gonna be right where he belongs: inside a cage. Because EDWARD is an animal, one that needs to be put down. And come War Games, he's GOING to be, regardless of which member of my team is the one giving him the poison.

"That's Ned Kaye's team, and I'm sure all of you idiots are gonna be cheering for all of them....."

The fans start cheering, proving my statement correct. All I could do was laugh, these fools didn't have any idea what MY team was bringing to the table. They THINK they do, hence all the shit talking directed at them, but they weren't educated enough to REALLY understand. Luckily, they were about to find out.

"I'll give you a team worth cheering for, starting with Sarah Lacklan......"

To my surprise, there were ALOT of Lacklan fans in the house. They may not have been cheering for ME per se, but they were for the person I selected with my first pick. My confidence was beginning to rise.

"So, some of you actually LIKE Lacklan huh? There's alot to cheer for when it comes to the Queen of XWF. She won March Madness and is the Federweight Champion. Not too bad to accomplish I such a short period of time, especially when you consider the person she beat for her belt was ME....."

The fans begin to chant for Lacklan, while laughing at me for being beat. It was true, my loss to her wasn't my best moment in XWF, but at least she was on my side for now. Someone who could beat me legitimately, not with some freak accident like EDWARD did, was alright in my book.

"I'm sure you were all just ecstatic to see me lose that belt. It doesn't matter, with Sarah's help I could be moving on to something much bigger. Lacklan has alot to prove still, and I know she's got the desire to win as much as I do. I'm proud to say I selected her first, regardless of whatever differences we have or how annoying she may be. When we step into that cage, I expect to see Lacklan to be as vicious in the ring as she is with her words."

It was a pretty crazy scene. Lacklan has a cult-like following and they would not quiet down. Their energy was really starting to feed me with positive vibes, as I shook my first, agreeing with their praise of my teammate. As long as they were cheering for her, they'd also have to root for me by proxy. And I was more than okay with that.

"Alright, enough about your Queen," I changed the subject, a grin on my face. "The next member of Team Big D is none other than Peter F'n Gilmour!!!!!"

Gilly's fans begin to cheer for him as Lacklan's loyal fan base did before. A few of them begin to chant 'Super dick' to hype up Peter's package he's so proud of.

"Yes, yes, I'm sure alot of you think I chose him because of his manhood," I stated, attempting not to laugh. "As much as I appreciate having a weapon of mass destruction in the cage with me, there was more to this pick that Gilly's dick. While I may have chosen Lacklan before him, it's hard to argue that Peter wasn't JUST as deserving of that pick as Lacklan....."

Lacklan's loyal fans boo my comment, which I quickly defend.

"Nothing against Lacklan, she has a HUGE career ahead of her! But my God, look at what Gilmour has accomplished in his career! Peter Gilmour may be one of THE most decorated champions in the history of the XWF. He's held just about every belt there has been to hold, INCLUDING the Universal Championship! People want to tell me MY team sucks, when I have a member that has done more than I even expect MYSELF to do here?! Those people just don't understand talent when they see it, hence why I was able to get the steal of a draft pick. I thank the other team captains for underestimating the value that Gilly brings to the table, because it just brings me that much closer to attaining victory. If you told me before War Games that I would have both Lacklan AND Gilmour on my team, I wouldn't even need to know the rest of my team to guarantee victory. And yet I still have two more members to round it out........."

I begin to feel nervous. While I knew my team was more than capable of winning, my next 2 members were certainly the wild cards of the group. And even though I drafted them with confidence, it was difficult not to be a bit nervous.

"Bearded War Pig.......... A man I drafted knowing very little about. I know he's the most bearded mother fucking War Pig ever, and that he is a tough son of a bitch. But other than that, I have to admit I drafted him a bit blind. It's like when an NFL team picks someone with a 7th Round pick. They have the pick and HAVE to use it, so they take a leap of faith and hope it works out. Considering the other talent they have on the team, they don't NEED him to work out perfectly, but if he gets a few sacks on the opposing QB, it worked out. Well, BWP has been rather quiet up until this point, but I'm hoping he's gonna be like a fart: silent, but deadly. I expect him to show up at War Games and do his job, then move on with his career. And that's all I can ask for. Because as long as he does that, this team will be fine.........Which brings me to my last team member........."

Before I could introduce the name of my last teammate, something rather miraculous happened. Everyone in the arena could hear the loud sound of pitter patter coming from the outside. Ironically, it had started to rain, rather heavy at that. Some of the audience began to cheer out, knowing how crazy it was that it had started to rain right before I could speak the last name: Rain.

"If that isn't a sign, I don't know what is!" I chuckled, pointing up to the heavens above. "I picked Rain over Scully, a decision many people including my own team member's have questioned. Why would you choose HIM over a former Universal Champion? Well, first off, why didn't anyone else pick Scully? If he's SO great, how come he wasn't picked way before I had to choose between him or the man everyone views as a pariah to the XWF? Because he's not better."

Scully fans begin to get irritated with my insult, but I ignore them. That guy wasn't apart of my team, I didn't give a shit what people thought of him, or me for not picking him. I made the choices I did and was gonna stick to my guns.

"Rain is a very unique individual," I started to explain. "He's someone who, along with his sister, gets alot of hate from the roster. Hell, I'm one of those people. Before I realized the Perfect Storm was locked out of the arena, I questioned why Rain didn't show up to his match and wondered if I had made a mistake. I didn't, though, on the contrary I made a very bright decision. He has alot to prove, and may not get anymore chances to do it. Why not be the one to give him this final opportunity? When I hear people talking shit about him, or anyone on my team for that matter, I know how it affects me. I understand the drive and need to prove them wrong that courses through my veins. I can only imagine being in Rain's shoes, knowing that the main reason for all the trash talk is BECAUSE of him. And I can also imagine how much more that makes him want to shut the doubters up! Rain, BWP, Gilly, Lacklan........ we're gonna show Team Ned Kaye and the rest of the XWF who the REAL Fools are! The ones who doubted us all this time, despite the fact it's going to be US who walk out of War Games as the winners. And that ain't no story, it's the Cold Big D Truth!!!!"

"Falling Apart" by Trust Company begins to play as I toss the microphone into the crowd. As I exit the ring and head up the ramp, I felt very arrogant about everything. My team all had their own reasons to impress at War Games, and it all could only benefit me.

Sarah wants to continue to be the Queen of XWF and prove her victory at March Madness wasn't a fluke, that beating me for the Federweight Title was because she IS talented. The brutality of this match was the perfect time for her to show the world she was more than just a pretty face. If our opponents didn't already realise that, it was only gonna work to our advantage.

Gilmour may already be guaranteed an Xtreme Title shot after War Games, but having multiple shots could only help his cause. Not to mention, if he IS the MVP and already wins the Xtreme Championship, he could convince the other War Games MVP to team with him for a Tag Team Title shot instead. And when they win, him holding two belts at once would show the world he still has what it takes, that he's still the man who won the Universal Championship before.

Bearded War Pig still has alot to prove to this company, and now was the time to do it. One could only be silent for so long. Even if we hear very little from him, the talk that'll REALLY matter will be the kind he does with his fists. And that's the kind I want to see once he steps into that cage.

Rain. The man who could be on his way out of the company if he let's me down. Knowing the passion he has for not just XWF, but the business in general, I'm sure he'd be damned to let himself down. And if he doesn't let himself down, he also won't let me down. When I chose him over Scully, I knew the consequences that would come with it. All the negative chatter that would surround Team Big D, but I knew it would be worth it. Out of the entire team, Rain had THE most to prove. And I have full faith that he won't let any of us down.

As I walked through the curtain and to the back, I didn't have any worries at all when it came to my team. And that's exactly the way it should be. I was getting my title shot, plain and simple.....

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