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All Out Fuckin' War
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05-16-2019 08:52 PM

We open the scene on a cold day in Moscow, Russia which will be the site for the next XWF mega-event entitled WAR GAMES! War Games has always been a staple in the history of the XWF and has had some memorable matches. This year will not disappoint as we will see Team Chronic Chris Page take on Team Apex Prophecy in a battle of which federation was better. Page fronting his team of WGWF stars such as MDK and RAGE will do battle with Centurion, Robert Main, Drew Archyle and James Raven. This match will truly see who is the dominant federation. Let's hope the XWF wins.

Another match on the card will see Team Big D which consists of BigD, Peter F'n Gilmour, Lacklan, Rain and BWP take on Team Ned consisting of Ned Kaye, Mastermind, Edward, Luna Hightower and Thaddeus Duke. This should be an interesting match to say the least. Big D coming off a huge win on Savage leads his team into the cage with Peter Gilmour in tow who defeated Eli James rather convincingly and he has earned a shot at the Xtreme Title the Warfare after this very event against Zane Norrison. Peter's arch nemesis Mastermind will be in this match. Peter wanted to face Mastermind for the belt, but he lost. But can Peter show Mastermind that he will not be mastered a 3rd time? Can Peter lead his team to victory once again at War Games? We shall see next Sunday night!!
We now cut to a shot of the Kremlin in Moscow. People of all ages and sizes walk down the streets of Moscow at a reasonable pace as a few Russian guards look on watching closely for any morons who try to cause trouble.

Walking down the street is none other than Peter F'n Gilmour and his demon assassin Valerie Sky. Valerie is in an all black coat covering her entire body as Peter is in a black coat and gray hat. They walk down the street and begin to talk to each other.

Peter: I haven't been here in a long time my demon. Last time I was here, I beat up some Russian cops and was lucky to get away alive. I hope the guards don't see or recognize me. I don't need to be put in jail right before WAR GAMES. And I need you to be on your best behavior. No spells, no nothing ok?

Valerie: Oh don't worry Peter. This place already gives me the creeps. Sooner we get out of here the sooner we can get back to the Undead Realm or as you call it Los Angeles. Say, what's going on with your wife? I haven't heard you talk to her in a while.

Peter smiles wickedly as he turns to his demon.

Peter: Well, she's on tour right now so we haven't had much time to talk. She's a very busy lady but I'm sure she's crushing skulls with her band and we'll see her when we get back. I'm kind of glad you two got along so well on the phone even though you creeped her out. You two could make a nice couple together. Maria loves art and witchcraft so it could work out well for the both of you.

Valerie: Perhaps. Or I could turn her into mush if she tries to get under my skin. But I'll play nice just for you. Us Demons love to play. Will we play during War Games?

Peter: Oh we will play during War Games my demon. But before that, let's talk about last Warfare where I single handedly ended the career of Eli James. I told you he wouldn't show up so I had an easy win once again and now I am in line for an Xtreme Title Shot next Warfare against who I thought was going to be Mastermind but he lost the title to Zane Norrison of all people. Now Zane is a pretty good wrestler. Hell, he beat Mastermind. I didn't think he would do it but he did and now we get to dance on the next Warfare and I vow to beat him and get back the title I never should of lost for the 14th time. I hope Zane shines that belt up nice for me because I am going to take him to hell and back and reclaim my throne on top of the land of Xtreme with you by my side. The DEMON ASSASSINS will rule the world once again! But that's June 5th. Let's talk about War Games shall we?

Valerie nods as the go into a Russian Cafe. Peter orders a coffee and Valerie orders a tea. People give them weird looks but they pay them no mind. Peter then begins to talk some more to his demonic friend.

Peter: Well, War Games is upon us once again. It is the one event I look forward to next to Lethal Lottery. I have been successful at War Games. Hell, I even led my team to victory a few years ago inside that demonic cage and I intend on being there for my team this year.

Now I'm on a team headed by BIGD who has made a name for himself here in the XWF. He won his last match on Savage and I reall think he could be a player in the XWF. I'm glad he chose me to be on his team because he knows what I can do and what I've done recently. I will not let him down and I will do whatever it takes to eliminate Team Ned and help us to victory.

But my other teammates, I question. Most importantly, Rain. This asshole loves to fuck things up. He thinks he's all that and a bag of chips but he gets into so much trouble in and out of the ring. He's been banned, suspended among other things. But I'll give him some credit. He loves to talk.. But I question him on the team. I think him and BWP are the weak links of our team and I hope BIGD knows that.
BWP hasn't been seen in a while and I hope he even shows up to fight with us. But if not, then it won't matter. Me, BIGD and Ms. Lacklan will pick up the slack and beat Team Ned and go on to victory. Even if I have to do all the work I will lead us to victory.

Valerie: Don't get too cocky Peter. You know how you get when you get that way. Stay focused and continue our path of destruction. We are undefeated and I'd like to keep it that way so don't fuck this up for me ok? I will not tolerate losing. Got it?

Peter: Yes my demon. You have nothing to worry about. As long as BIGD and Ms. Lacklan do their job along with myself, we should be ok. But I still question Rain and BWP. I heard we might have a few guys ready to replace them like the Boston Bruiser who's talking shit about me if you haven't heard.
Valerie chuckles a bit.

Valerie: Oh that boy is nothing to worry about Peter. He's just trying to be relevant. I'll be happy to cast a spell on him and make him look like a fool so if you two do battle, you can have the advantage and pin him easily. But if he's on your team, you got to play nice.

Peter: I know my demon. I have to play nice with anyone on my team. As much as I hate Rain I got to deal with him. But I don't see my team getting flustered or having any problems. Now let's talk about Team Ned shall we?
Let's begin with Mastermind who is on the team. Well, we're at it again aren't we my demon? Me and Mastermind. The two most nefarious humans in the XWF. We have done it all in the XWF. We've fought 2 times and he has bested me which pisses me off. I defeated his team at War Games a few years ago and I think he's still bitter about it. But this time I will finally master him and eliminate him from the match. He will not master me a 3rd time. I promise you that my demon.

Ned Kaye.. The Notorious one. This guy I like. Why??? Because he took Robert Main to his limit and almost won the Universal Title. I did the same but he proved more than I did so I have to commend him on that. Ned is a tough competitor and I would love to be in the ring with him sometime during the match so I can show him what I'm all about. But in the end, I will show him that even taking Robert Main to his limit is not enough to even take me to mine. But I will not overlook him my demon. It should be a great time inside that ring between the both of us.

Luna Hightower.. hasn't been seen in ages so she is no factor to the match. But I will not overlook her as well.

Thaddeus Duke.. the bastard son of Sebastian Duke. We have met once before but I bested him and sent him back to daddy a bloody mess. He is of no concern to me and I would love to send him back to Sebastian a bloody mess once more.
EDWARD.. this guy is a fuckin beast my demon. Former champion in his own right and is one scary motherfucker. I would have to be on my toes when I do battle with him. It's gonna take all of us to even eliminate him and maybe Mastermind. So we must be ready and we will be ready trust me on that.

Ned, you got a decent team but they will fall to our team and we will be the ones with our hands raised in victory. I can't wait to get inside that cage and do my most evil of works. I will kill all of them and leave the ring looking like a murder scene. I will lead Team BIGD to victory and then I will beat Zane Norrison to claim my 14th Xtreme Title. I can't wait my demon. I cannot fuckin' wait. War Games will be simply... EPIC! And like I said, Team Big D will eliminate Team Ned and we will all be in that cage with our hands held high while Team Ned gets carried away on stretchers or in bodybags. We will all go to war and I will be ready to take everyone.. TO THE XTREEEEEEEEEEEME!! Now.. shall we go?

Valerie: Yes let's do that. These mortals are giving me evil looks and I don't want to cast any spells on them and cause a scene. Plus those two guards are getting pretty close to us.

Peter: What guards?

Valerie points to her left as we see two Russian guards approaching the cafe. Peter's eyes bulge out and he grabs his demon and hurries out of the cafe. We end the scene with Peter and Valerie rushing out of the scene as it begins to FADE TO BLACK!


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