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05-15-2019 08:28 PM

When the New Mexico moon is full, it shines its full face in RED! The light rains down upon the Albuquerque night sky AS BLOOD FROM THE NECK OF ONE WHO HAS MET THE GUILLOTINE. The sea is BLACK! Like the heart of SATAN!

Suddenly, a cataclysmic CHARYBDIS emerges from the onyx waters of the deep! Its rows of teeth GNASH at the very fabric of the BLOODSTAINED FIRMAMENT!!!!

Mini Morbid has harnessed himself to the great beast’s mighty tongue, and in his fists he holds the reins which control the ageless leviathan. With but a tug on the reins, MORBIDCITO directs his HELLISH STEED to carry him toward the water’s edge, where he steps off of the beast and feeds it a carrot.

“Whoa boy. Gooooood charybdis…. Gooooooooooooooood.”


“John Black is the ooze that is squeezed from a gonorrhitic PUSTULE on the cock of the XWF! He has been a scourge on my then-future commonwealth of the X-Treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme Wrestling Federation for A HUNDRED BLUE CORN MOONS! His endless failures creating a full penumbric ECLIPSE across the great lunar deity! A DEITY I HAVE RAVAGED WITH MY LOVEMAKING I MIGHT ADD!!! Tomorrow night, Mini Morbid shall once again ride through the fiery meteor shower OF DEATH that the ANARCHY shows have been, and finally shall I rid the world of JOHNATHAN BLACK once and forevermore! He shall be naught more than an ANUS filled with my SEED, which I will use to disperse my children across the women of New Mexico AS IF WATERING FLOWERS WITH A CAN!!! THE CAN OF JOHN BLACK!!!”

Somewhere, a star dies. It’s final thoughts of of Mini Morbid.

“From the time John Black was fished from his mother’s uterus USING A METAL COAT HANGER NO DOUBT he has been A SCOURGE on the good name of humanity! His very conception is an affront to the many gods of the pantheon! MANY OF WHOM I SIRED MYSELF I WOULD LIKE TO ONCE AGAIN POINT OUT!!!! It is well known that John Black is descended from the very VIRUS which infected the great Taino peoples of the Caribbean and brought their numbers near EXTINCTION!!!! If not for the incredible raping ability of Christopher Columbus’ loins, THERE MIGHT NOT BE A PUERTO RICO TODAY. All because of John Black! HE IS MISSING A PINKY TOE!!!! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN??????? It is now up to I, the great warrior, the GOD KING of the great mountains, to spill EACH and EVERY sickle-shaped HEMOGLOBIN from the street-needle weakened veins of one JOHNATHAN QUINCY BLACK!!! I am not assuming his middle name - I HAVE CHRISTENED HIM! AS IS MY RIGHT AS A WORLD EMPEROR!!!!”

A small girl weeps thousands of miles away, for her father is not the great Mini Morbid, and she therefore known within her very mitochondrions that she is inferior.

“MY DNA IS A QUADRUPLE HELIX!!! Can John Black say this? NO!!!! For he is a primal SIDESTEP on the evolutionary ladder! His knuckles, they are like knots on an OAK tree, but one that is infested with a deadly FUNGUS. I SHALL SPEED THE WORK OF THIS FUNGUS!!! John Black will rot where he stands, until he is no more than a DYING HUSK filled with BEETLES which feed on his carrion. YOU WILL FERTILIZE THE GARDENS OF MINI MORBIDONIA JOHN BLACK!!! THE DAY HAS COME WHEN YOUR PROPHECY SHALL BE FULFILLED!!! As it was written in the neolithic caves of my motherland, but not by JOHN BLACK’S ANCESTORS who were much too illiterate EVEN BY THE STANDARDS OF 6,000 BMM! YES THAT IS BEFORE MINI MORBID!!!”

Mini Morbid is then temporarily distracted, as his foreskin once again grows back as it does every evening at the exact time he was circumcised as an infant.

“The meat of Mini Morbid is whole once more! A pox on the witches who sought to geld me!!! A POX ON YOUR LINEAGE JOHN BLACK!!!! ARRIBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”

Every female within earshot is impregnated as Mini Morbid summons his sea monster once again, and disappears into the BOTTOMLESS OCEAN OF NEW MEXICO. Of course it exists.

[Image: 5z3j5uE.jpg]
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