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05-15-2019 02:36 PM

It stared back at her. Empty eyeholes in a green piece of linen cloth. Begging her to put it on. Why did she need it so much?

Because it made her feel better, that's why. The moment she felt it wrap around her head, she became someone. She was no longer Ruby Debuchy, Boulder graduate and underachieving single high school teacher. No, she was Ruby, superhero and XWF Superstar. She went from nobody to example. From worthless to precious. From dull to cutting edge.

But it hurt. It cut her in ways no blade could. It kept her in a cage no key could unlock. It was pushing her off a crumbling cliff, sending her to her doom.

But it also gave others hope. It gave others a symbol to cling on to, even if she could not. And what were the needs of the few, if the needs of the many were met?

She put it on, snapping the elastic band onto the back of her head. A first stinging reminder of what was to come.


From Ruby's Go-Pro...

Ruby:Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na RU-BYYYYYYY!

The off-screen voice of the tiny flippy Canadian was humming to the most iconic of superhero tunes as she darted across the rooftops, her eyes switching from the obstacles and gaps in front of her down to the streets below, keeping a vigilant eye on things. She leapt to a lower rooftop and the camera panned all the way down and up and over again as she rolled through to soften the blow of the landing. Eventually she came to a screeching halt at a rooftop's edge, peering down into the depth below. She whistled and clacked her tongue.

Ruby: Tsk-tsk-tsk. Looks like I arrived a bit too early, my flippies. As you can see from the rubble down below I have finally located the base of operations for the thieving do-no-gooders that have been terrorizing this block. Oh well, that leaves me with a few minutes to kill before I have some fingerbones to break.

She took the Go-Pro off of her head and turned it towards her direction. Her face was slightly red from the exhaustion, but it hard to make out as dusk was already upon them.

Ruby:Why hulloooooo thar, my knickerflipping lovelies! Ruby here, and as you can see, even downtime can and must be used properly. Don't let a second slip by, because you'll never get it back! Keep seizing the day, and soon you will have commandeered life itself!
But that's not what I'm here to talk about. As you all know, your Super Dear'o has been involved in a bit of a war of words with certain no-good elements in the XWF. And as the saying goes, the action never slows down. Soon, I will go head to head with one of the most stubborn and self-entitled people I've had the pleasure of coming across.

Yes, I say pleasure still. Sarah Lacklan is a fascinating specimen and truly living proof that we're all shaped by our environment. Her upbringing has instilled inside her a sense of self-entitlement that is rare even in the old Roman Emperors. Why, had Sarah Lacklan once sat on the throne, she'd have made tthe likes of Caligula look like a choir boy! And I'm not talking about that naughty whippersnapper who snuck off during practice to go steal bottles of mass wine either! Stealing is wrong, peeps.

But we can learn an interesting lesson from the likes of Lacklan. If we truly are all shaped by our environment, that means that every single one of us, and that includes YOU, has a duty, a moral obligation, to contribute to a positive world. After all, how can we blame people like Lacklan for her behavior, if we ourselves indulge in toxic behavior? If we ourselves help shape the very world that has formed her? How indeed? And this is not something we can solve with fists. Maybe with flips! But better still, solve it by believing in yourself, and your power to make a change for the better. And soon, problems like Lacklan will simply fade away, if only we stand united in our struggle against malice.

Of course, I am talking about the bigger picture here. And I do not want to come across as a hypocrite, because I know very well that on Anarchy, it's fists and flips that will have to do the talking. And yes, if I beat her, we may shut her up... but unless we become better, we will never shut her down. I can provide short-term relief for a stinging problem, but it would be like taking an aspirin for a headache, rather than acknowledge that "Hey! Maybe I do spend too much time on my smart devices. I should go out more, meet new people, read a book and learn new things!"

People like Sarah Lacklan are a symptom, my flippies. I can be the aspirin, but I can't be the cure unless you all stand with me. So lead, my lovelies. Lead by example, and show people like her that love always overcomes hate. That only the light can conquer the dark. And together we will make this world the utopia we know it can be.

Some noises could be heard in the background and Ruby's eyes trailed to the side. They lit up like flares and she quickly licked her lips.

Ruby: Speaking of aspirin, these boys will need some too in a bit. And not the proverbial one. See you at Anarchy, my beauties. And we will flip this shizzle up!

Painful grunts are heard off-camera, as well as the sound of a scuffle ensuing. Ruby sighed.

Ruby: Looks like Ash has already started without me. Can't fault her for lack of enthusiasm. Byeeee!

And the camera cuts out.

[Image: tumblr_mrokhgllct1sqhiuzo2_500.gif]
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