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Making The Dream Work
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05-15-2019 02:31 PM

The scene opens on something that looks like it was torn straight up out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, a shot of banal upper middle class opulence that probably has a “Live, Laugh, Love” placard permanently affixed to every wall like some gibbering indicator of pure “basic bitchdom”.

[Image: 43.jpg]

Sitting in this suburban hell are Corey Smith and Donovan Blackwater, both dressed in thoroughly unintimidating slacks and sweater vests. The XWF Home Shopping Network ticker flies by at the bottom of the screen, and the logo is pressed into the upper right corner like a brand on a steer's ass.

Hello, and welcome to this inaugural addition of the XWF Home Shopping Network!

That's right, and nobody's more excited than us to bring you a bevy of deals so low, it's like you're stealing from us! Corey pulls out his phone. No, really, I'm calling the police right now and reporting a felony. I'm going to press charges and you're going to jail. Hope you're not some weird never nude, because from now on you can't even shit in peace.

Wow...way to commit, Corey! Donovan laughs nervously. Anyway, tonight in honor of the major War Games blockbuster pay per view coming up in less than two weeks, we're presenting some truly one of a kind merchandise from some of the HOTTEST War Games teams. And by HOTTEST, I mean absolutely anyone we could get licensing agreements for. We weren't picky.

Corey and Donovan get up and walk over to a large counter nearby, the entire time they are wearing just the absolute weirdest dead eyed smiling expressions. So let's get down to business with our first amazing collectible. Now, I should warn you, some of tonight's items are in extremely limited supply, so if you don't buy them right now you will have to live with that nagging absence in your heart for the rest of your miserable unfulfilled lives. Ooooookay, let's get rollin'!

Donovan pulls something out from underneath the counter. It mostly just looks like an ordinary crutch. First up, we have the vintage replica of a piece of XWF history. A 1:1 scale model of the actual crutch Luca Arzegotti used after he broke his ankle during the Black Circle Era.

Wow! This is a must have for Meme Queen fans who want to be just like their idol and pretend to be a crippled bag boy cum poster child for why it's a bad idea to snort Xanax in middle school. What makes this especially collectible, and I hate to be ghoulish, is that Luca's career is literally dying of AIDS.

Whoa...wait, what?!

Yeah, Accumulating Increasing Defeats Syndrome.

Donovan waggles his hand in the air.'s a stretch but you got there.

Hey man, it's no joke. It's the same illness that took down the career of Cadryn Tiberius. Some people just can't resist the urge to ink contracts to compete, rest on their laurels and then fill their beds with runny shits before allowing the corpse of their once appreciable legacies to lurch off into the sunset.

Well, at any rate, if home boy's on life support these are gonna be insta-collectibles any day now. And if you order RIGHT GODDAMN NOW we will throw in one of these Luca pull string dolls for free. Donovan pulls out a 12 inch doll that looks like Luca. He pulls the string, and the voice chip in the doll slurs out “esketit” followed by a runny mucousy hacking cough. Please help us get rid of these glassy eyed abominations. Seriously, there's like 14 pallets sitting back there.

Corey shoves the crutch off the counter and pays no heed as it clatters to the floor. But hey, maybe you're looking for some XWF merchandise with some class....some pedigree! Well, look no further! Corey pulls something else out from underneath the counter. Introducing the CRITERION COLLECTION of the Complete Promo Works of Tony Santos!

He holds up the 4 disc Blu-Ray collection, which features a ritzy looking Masterpiece Theater looking cover that serves as window dressing for a very drunken picture of Tony Santos with a slime trail of puke dripping down his chin.

Now take it from me, a former addict myself, but these promos paint a veneer of art house respectability over shitting your pants on the metro and having extreme jaundice due to irreversible liver failure. Here's a brief clip from one of them.

Wow, that is powerful stuff! I have such renewed empathy and appreciation for people who chose to destroy their lives in a haze of cheap vodka and lowered expectations. It's a miracle the man can even find his way to the ring half the time. Donovan starts clapping his hands. BELLISIMO! ENCORE, ENCORE!

I know, right? We're literally watching the man destroy his entire life live, week after week, but those production values though! Corey marvels. Boy, I sure do love my shameless tragedy porn extra “avant- garde”.

Me too, Corey, me too....and speaking of VALUES take a look at this next item! Donovan walks out from behind the counter towards the center of the stage, where this fucking thing is propped up on the floor.

[Image: Autism-Steam-Roller.jpg?fit=570%2C570&ssl=1]

Introducing the official Sam McPherson licensed Autism Steam Roller! This thing is so high quality it puts the “A” in neuroAtypical! Is your little one throwing a shit fit because he can't stand the feeling of wearing socks and you lost that map of Zimbabwe he obsessively pours over 8 hours a day? Well just send him on through this piece of work and BAM, instant gratification (somehow)!

Hey Donovan! Corey calls out.

Hey, what?!

Turns out Sam McPherson has just called in HIMSELF to endorse the product! He's on the phone right now! I'm putting him on!

After a period of awkward labored breathing, we finally hear the epic voice of THE ANIMAL himself, Sam McPherson!

Corey looks confused. I'm sorry....what was that Sam?

We then hear an irritated cry, and then the sound of one hand clapping in on itself. Corey looks concerned, and shoots a look at Donovan, who just shrugs helplessly. Sam can you maybe put your staff on the line...? The sound of the phone clattering to the floor can be heard, and then silence. I think we lost him. Well, thanks for trying Sam, it's the thought that counts.

It was very brave. Donovan concurs solemnly. Well, let's plunge on ahead to our latest offering, an ultra-limited edition signed photo of War Games competitor Double G!

Corey picks something else up from behind the counter. It's literally just a blank sheet of paper in a frame. It's an action shot!

Truly the distilled essence of Double G's entire career here in the XWF. And if you call in in the next hour, I've just been told we will actually GIVE this item to you!

WOW! Corey slaps his hands to his cheeks.

Yep, once again we may have grossly overestimated the demand for an item, so our loss is your gain.

The shot cuts back to Corey. And last but certainly not least, the piece de resistance of our offerings here tonight. Folks, I am telling you, you don't want to miss this! Corey reaches under the counter, pulling up a sheet of poster board that is smeared with a reddish looking liquid than instinctively makes your skin crawl. Corey holds it out and well away from himself. It is my pleasure to announce that we are in possession of 100 authentic works of art by none other than Deacon himself! This is the REAL DEAL everybody, crafted by the hands of everybody's favorite pastiche of direct to video murderous clowns.

Donovan walks up to it, face pinched as he struggles to make heads or tails of what he's looking at. What is this made out of....?

Donovan, do me a favor and bring this up closer to the camera so the people at home can take in the full measure of its artistic beauty.

Donovan takes it, though not without some trepidation, and starts to walk towards the camera with it. As soon as Donovan's back is turned Corey hastily grabs for a bottle of hand sanitizer out of his pocket and smears it on his hands. This item is a real twofer everybody, how often can you say you've gotten a piece of art that is also literally a part of your favorite wrestler's body. Don't forget that Hep-C test though, Deacon is most definitely the sort who “recycles” his needles.

Donovan looks instantly horrified as it clicks what he's holding and he drops it with a cry of protest. Wheeling around on Corey, he glowers at him. Dick!

Corey laughs. These items are LIVE for the next five hours, just use the code at the bottom of the screen for the item of your choice. But for now, a sneak peek at one of the offerings on our next show!

-----------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL INTERLUDE!------------------------------------------------------
The shot cuts to an exterior location of some kids on a playground. They are all a twitter and huddled together, casting wrappers off of packs of Pokemon trading cards, laughing and just generally having a good time when an announcer's booming voice interrupts them.

Hey kids! Forget those boring old Pokemons, you want to collect something REALLY fun?!

The children all look in the same direction and cheer. YEAH!!

Well, introducing.....SARAH LACKLAN TRADING CARDS!

The packs of Pokemon cards disappear, and in the kids' hands appear packs of Sarah Lacklan trading cards instead. WHOOOOOAAAAAAA!

You're damn right! Now you too can collect Sarah's lifetime of tweets! Each card captures just one of over 75 MILLION of Sarah's priceless thoughts, reflections, or life altering declarations.

Cool! I got “Sarah got a Taxi driver fired because a black guy sat in the car before her!”

I got “Sarah having an autistic meltdown in a Tim Hortons because she couldn't roll up the rim on her own coffee mug.” AWESOME!

Hey I got a foil card! It's “Sarah offering a lame ass justification for squandering her monster push after winning March Madness!”

Whoa, good pull kid! Better put that one on eBay so Sarah herself can bid it up to over a million dollars! Isn't this fun? All of this can be yours if you tune in again tomorrow at 8 PM EST, 7 PM Central!


When we return from the interlude, Donovan looks perplexed. Why did we bother with that?

Yeahhhhh.... Corey sheepishly scratches the back of his head. Kinda wrapped that before I found out that this year's War Games wasn't gonna be like last years and that we were not gonna end up facing anyone from the other teams. Use it or lose it, I figure.

Eh, that's logical....

Suddenly, a crack sound can be heard from off screen. It draws both their attention. Corey in particularly looks thrown off by it. Was that....?

Suddenly, a trio of guys who look like this round the corner and reach the edge of the set.

[Image: bcc3af1bb2fae73540d0cefb3fcfd3f1.jpg]

Donovan scrunches his face up in confusion. Corey we didn't talk about this, did we?

Corey lunges at Donovan and pulls him by the arm back further into the set, as the dead eyed masked men raise their rifles and open fire, engulfing the stage in a hail of bullets! Corey drags Donovan down behind the couch. Donovan is, by this point, wide eyed and looking pretty pissed off. Who the fuck are these wankers and why are they shooting at us?!

Oh my God....LUUUUUX! Corey cries out, and his eyes roll up in his head for the barest of moments before Lux regains control of their body, accompanied by a discernible aura of confidence and control.

Donovan, I'm sorry but you're a part of this now and I need you to listen very carefully to me. These men are here to kill me. I never thought they would be brazen enough to try it at a time like this but....

FUCK ALL OF YOU! Donovan stands up, and with a pass of his hand unleashes a wave of pure force that careens towards their attackers and sends them tumbling through the air. He looks back down at Lux. What were you saying?

I was saying I forgot you were a fucking Jedi.

And don't you forget it! Donovan is interrupted by another report of gun fire, this time from a different angle as more attackers approach. He ducks back down behind the couch. More incoming. Who did you piss off?


John Madison?! Blackwater exclaims, looking incredulous.

No! Madison Dyson, Engy's former manager and full time cunt bag. She killed me in the future and sold out the rest of humanity for a slice of power. It's a long story. Lux winces as more gunfire explodes around them, kicking up chunks of wooden flooring. I never thought they'd hit me like this....I'm sorry....

Look, I'm here, there's nothing we can do about it now. Donovan peeks his head up and sends out another force blast, but this time the attacker dodges and the blast ends up destroying a camera rig. Hell with this.... Donovan takes a deep breath and lets it out. There is another staccato torrent of bullets, but the bullets simply stop in mid air about a foot from their position and drop to the ground harmlessly.

Lux looks impressed. Where the hell were you when I needed you in 2040?!

I don't know, it's not 2040 yet!

How long can you hold this force field?

Long enough.

Good. But we can't wait here forever. Lux pulls out her phone. What?! Shit, I have no....oh God dammit, they're jamming us!

The mercenaries start closing in on their position, guns at the ready. They're moving in. Donovan hisses.

Lux scans her surroundings, and spots a sharp piece of wood dislodged from the floor by the gunfire. Scooping it up, she turns to Donovan. On three, we get up. Maintain the shield as long as you can and when they get in close enough, we fuck 'em up. 1.....2......3!!

Donovan nods, and they both get to their feet. The mercs reel for a moment before opening fire, but again their bullets bounce harmlessly off of Donovan's shield. In the confusion this creates, Lux sees an opening to swoop in low on the closest gunman, getting up and under him and jamming the sharp piece of wood in his throat. Then, taking hold of his body, she turns him towards the next nearest man, raises his gun arm up and places her hand over his, using his finger to depress the trigger and light his companion up.

Donovan turns towards his nearest attackers, letting go of the shield to send out a wave of force that knocks three of them off their feet. Donovan then takes control of the gravity in their immediate vicinity, causing a crushing press of force to slam down on them, smashing them down into the floor about an inch to the accompaniment of cries of pain and the snapping of bone.

With the scene clear, Lux chances a look back at Donovan. I'm sure there's more, I need to get back to the dressing room to get my sword!

You and your reliance on weapons! Fine....

Donovan pairs up with Lux and they plunge ahead through the set and into the backstage area. Rounding a hallway, they immediately run headlong into another masked grunt. The guy gets off a round that tears its way through Donovan's shin. He cries out and sends a force bolt the attacker's way, which plunges through the poor bastard's face, scattering pieces of his mask every which way and unleashing a gout of blood.

Donovan! Lux turns to him, assessing the wound. She immediately starts tearing off a part of her sleeve to dress it, but Donovan waves her off.

I can regenerate! He hisses painfully. But it'll take a little time, I'll slow you down!

I'll carry you!

Oh be serious! Donovan shakes his head. You'll get us both killed that way! Look, I can handle myself. I'll cover you on this end, just get your sword and meet me back up here.

Lux considers him plaintively. Your son is not going to be an orphan because of me.

Donovan stops short, momentarily stricken by the feelings this utterance invoked. But then, slowly, that coy smile returns. You really think so little of me? Go. Get your blade. I'll hang.

Lux licks her lips nervously, then casts a look down the hall. There was still no one else coming. No unnecessary risks.

Of course not! Same goes for you. I can't be losing the fifth most useful member of my team.

We'll talk about that later. Lux deadpans before plunging down the hall. Quickly rounding another corner, her quick but measured footsteps making as little sound as possible, she spots the dressing rooms and darts to the door. Easing it open, she peeks inside and slips in. No one is there. Going to her duffel bag, she removes the sword, breathing a sigh of relief that no one had found it. But, her relief is short lived, as more gun fire echoes from down the hall, coming from Donovan's direction. Then, nearly simultaneously, the studio's paging system comes to life.

Bonjour, Lux! So excited to meet you, poppet! A French accented voice intones with a playful hint of malice. It's time we have a chat. Please meet me in the second floor conference room. And if you should think of declining my offer, please know that this cute little XWF intern I have here with me will be most disappointed. A jostling sound is heard over the intercom, followed by a muffled terrified cry.

Lux mutters a curse. I'm sorry Donovan, you'll need to hold out a bit longer. Sword in hand, she leaves the dressing room. The hallway echoes with more pops of assault rifle fire, but Lux tears herself away from it and heads for the stairs. Mounting them two at a time, she crests the next landing and leans into the door, rolling to her feet and taking cover behind the corner so she can peer down the next hall. No one. She proceeds, and soon finds herself in the conference room.

Before her, a long board room style table bisects the room. A large window at the rear of the room opens up on a panoramic view of the building across the street. Her breath catches in her throat at the next thing her eye settles on. Madison's pet killer Razors is seated on top of the table, Indian style. In his lap, a young woman lies motionless, her throat savagely torn open.

Razors shrugs, hands out at either side of him. Now, Lux can plainly see that he's wearing some kind of metallic gauntlets, with the finger tips ending in sharp ended tines. The left gauntlet is covered in blood. Ooops.

[Image: ezra-miller-stern-tease_f1kqr1]

Lux is instantly infuriated by his smirk, as her mind flashes back to the memory of the dead young woman in his lap. Her name was Emily, she was a Media and Communications Major interning with the XWF. Emily got Lux an orange from the local market on her way back from lunch. It seemed so banal a memory, but it humanized the girl, made her real, tangible. Meaningful. And this fucker just wiped all that out. Somebody was going to have to bury their child.

You're about to swallow all your own blood. Lux growls, unsheathing her sword. And that's when the blow to the back of her head struck. Her vision was instantly illuminated by an explosion of colors, and then darkness started to creep in. NO! Lux fought it fist, tooth, and nail, combating the urge to sleep and turning the momentum of the blow into a forward roll. Popping up to her feet, she sees the second attacker.

[Image: a19989e54635048bcecc98b9aeb082b3.jpg]

SHIT! Lux recognized her instantly, another of Madison's long time associates. Thalia. Or Erato. She had always struggled to them apart, but it was doubly problematic because they always worked in pairs. So where the hell was the other one? No time to consider that now.

Shaking the cobwebs loose, Lux brandished her sword, taking a wide berth around the table Razors was sitting on as the girl in the gas mask circled it, unsheathing two wicked looking knives and lunging at Lux. Lux parried one slice, and then another, seeing an opening to kick the girl in the midsection, but she spun and parried out of the way. And that's when Razors entered the fray. Leaping off the table, he takes up a position behind Lux, lashing out with his claws, Lux barely got out of the way, only to have to dodge another stab from the other attacker. I'm hemmed in! Lux knew she had to take control, and fast! Leaning in to Razors, she takes hold of the hem of his flowery shirt and drags him down into a headbutt to his chin, followed by a back kick into the girl's stomach. Capturing the opening, Lux rolls onto the table and runs down the length of it, trying to head for the door, when she's surprised by the crack of a high powered rifle, followed by the shattering of one of the panes of the large window. The round whizzes past her ear, severing a lock of Corey's hair! Lux instinctively dives off the table for cover towards the door, but she stumbles, slipping in Emily's blood and landing hard on the floor.

The girl in the mask is on her in an instant as it dawns on Lux where her partner is: positioned across the street firing from the roof of the building across the way. The scope of the sniper rifle glints in the sunlight, and Lux's stomach turns into a lead ball as it dawns on her just how precarious her position truly is.

The gas mask girl twirls her wicked knives and performs a double fisted downward thrust, trying to spear Lux in both shoulder blades. Lux turns her body to avoid the blows, thrusting a shoulder into the attacker's chest and then following it with a stiff uppercut that rocks the girl's gas mask. Razors circles around the other side of the table, going for another swipe that Lux doesn't quite avoid in time, and two of his fingers rake across her bicep. Lux cries out in pain and she kicks out at him. Razors dodges back, and grabs her leg, using her own momentum against her to toss her on top of the table. Another gun shot ricochets off the table, barely missing hitting Lux in the torso. Razors kips up onto the table and clambers on top of Lux, trying to wrestle her down, but Lux is able to knee him in the crotch...only to find it has no effect.

I kinda like it rough, poppet. Gimme some more! Razors purrs, taking hold of Lux's arms and forcing them down, overpowering her. The gas masked girl climbs up on the table now, knife at the ready to deliver the killing blow. Lux shouts in frustration, sensing the end is near but refusing to accept it. With all her strength she bridges out of Razors' grip and then flips him off of her, sending him sprawling into the female. Lux spins to her feet then, cupping some of poor Emily's blood in her hand as she does so. When Razors stands up, she flicks the blood into his eyes, forcing him to retreat. Then, remembering the sniper, she flip jumps off the table to keep moving. The girl in the gas mask follows, cutting and swinging. Lux bats away one of the blades with her katana, surprising her with a hilt shot to the mask. The blow splinters one of the eye holes, spider webbing it and stunning the girl. Lux stays on the attack, moving in for a downward slash that is barely blocked. Lux then dodges an upward slash from the girl that Lux is able to parry away to send the girl off her momentum and stumbling to the ground.

Another shot rings out, this one grazing Lux's arm. Lux cries out again, diving behind the table and out of sight. But then Razors, eyes clear and crawling on top of the table, reaches down and grabs a handful of Corey's hair. Lux slashes up wildly with her sword and jerks out of his grasp, leaving some of Corey's hair in Razors' clutches. Lux skitters back on her haunches and out into the hallway, finally out of range of the sniper but her attackers don't give up their pursuit. They both file out of the doorway, coming at Lux with a wall of swinging blades. Lux waves her sword in front of her to ward them off, but the masked girl breaks through her guard, catching her with an elbow shot to the face, followed by a knee to the midsection that doubles Lux over. The girl aims a kill shot at Lux's spine, seeking to sever it, but Lux again goes for the surprise attack, lunging at her and tackling her instead. They push past Razors and Lux's performs a double leg take down on the girl before somersaulting over her prone body and getting to her feet. Razors steps over his comrade, resuming his own attack. Lux blocks one of his swings with her sword, her steel meeting the metallic wrist of his gauntlet. Lux kicks him in the gut, sending him backwards. Lux looks behind her to see that the coast is clear and she turns to run, but no sooner does she do that than she feels a sharp biting pain in her calf. Hobbled, she drops to one knee and sees a throwing star buried in her leg. Grimacing, she pulls it out, but this gives the girl in the gas mask enough of a chance to throw two more stars from a kneeling position. One goes wide right and embeds in the wall, but another sinks about a half inch into Lux's chest. Lux gasps in pain and forces herself back to a standing position, ripping the other weapon out of her bicep. The masked girl attacks again, throwing one of her daggers at Lux. Lux is just barely able to get her sword up in time to deflect it when the attacker brings the other dagger soaring on a downward arc towards Lux's neck. Lux drops low in response and shoulder checks the girl, followed by a spinning back fist with her free hand. The girl hits the wall and bounces off it, just as Razors reenters the fray. Razors goes for a big slash with his claws when Lux goes for the unexpected again, taking hold of the girl in the mask and pulling her in the way of Razors' blow. His claws sink deep in the girl's clavicle, drawing a scream from beneath her mask. Lux finishes her off from behind, running her sword up and through the girl's chest, tearing through her heart and killing her instantly, and then pushing the corpse forward into Razors' sending him stumbling to the ground.

Razors starts to push the dead girl off of him, holding his other arm up in a defensive posture. Fuck you! Lux spits bitterly as she brings her sword down on his arm, severing it at the forearm. Razors screams as his arm drops to the floor. Lux prepares for a kill shot aimed at his throat, when a report of gun fire sounds from behind her. Two of the mercenaries have appeared at the opposite end of the hall and open fire on her. Swearing bitterly, she is forced to retreat back the way she came. Swooping down the stairs, she returns to where she left Donovan, except all that's there is a small puddle of his blood.


Over here!

Lux steps further into the devastated set from their skit, which seems to have been torn apart by even more gunfire. Donovan is seated in the middle of it, more broken bodies strewn about him. He looks to have been shot again, this time in the lower abdomen. Jesus!

Its fine! I'll recover! Help me up!

Lux wastes no time doing so, propping him up on her shoulder and scooping up one of the mercs discarded assault rifles as well. Lux and Donovan make their way towards the exit, and are relieved to see no more attackers outside. But, the characteristic wail of police and EMR sirens echoes in the distance. Lux looks up and down the street to make doubly sure they're alone, before helping Donovan hobble towards the parking garage.

Donovan shifts uncomfortably in the passenger seat of Lux's Impala. It's parked in an empty, deserted looking parking lot. His shirt is rolled up and Lux is inspecting his wound. A small tray with a disfigured bullet on it is laying in the center console, alongside a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a bloody pair of large tweezers. Your wound is already starting to heal.

Thanks Doc. Donovan grimaces, shifting slightly as Lux puts the finishing touches on a bandage over his abdomen. Gotta hand it to you, you sure know how to party. Now who were those pricks exactly?

Hired assassins. Razors, Thalia, and Erato. But I think I killed Thalia, and Razors is gonna have one less dance partner on a lonely night from now on.

Donovan rolls his shirt back down, and slumps back in his seat, looking exhausted. Anymore threats we need to worry about in the immediate future? Deadly Viper Assassination Squad? Cyber ninjas? David Lo Pan?

Lux looks at him quizzically. Big Trouble in Little China?


Kinda obscure.

Not really.

Lux sits back in the driver's seat and tosses the rest of the bandaging into the back. Her expression turns remorseful. Civilians got caught in the crossfire.

You didn't know that was going to happen.

Yes I did. I knew Madison would come for me sooner or later. I just didn't think it would be THIS soon. Or this brazen. She shakes her head remorsefully. It's my fault.

Noooo..... Donovan turns towards her, wincing a bit. It's the MURDERERS fault. YOU did not kill those people.

But they were in the way because of me. Lux plays with her hands in her lap, nervously.

Donovan runs a hand down his face, looking a combination of tired and mildly irritated. Look, I get it. I do. You feel guilty. It means you're a human being with human being feelings. Quite frankly that puts you ahead of like 90% of the XWF roster. So if you insist on feeling guilty I can't forbid it. But the way I see it you can either let this shake you and send you spiraling into self doubt or you can take the fight back to Madison and make her pay for each of these lives lost with gallons of blood. I mean, after War Games of course. Again, 5th best. Don't want to lose you. He looks Lux up and down. Did you even bother to treat your own wounds?


Do they hurt?


Donovan reaches into the backseat and grabs the bandages. Show me where it hurts.

Lux starts to roll up her sleeve to reveal the bullet graze wound. She hisses in pain as she does so. Start there.

Donovan leans in to start applying some rubbing alcohol. We made a hell of a team back there.

Lux bites back a curse as the alcohol splashes on the wound. Yeah....we did.

So....I dare say.... Donovan peels off a bandage and applies it to the wound. ….that if you can manage to not die, we stand a chance of winning War Games.

I'll try my hardest. Lux retorts, smoothing out the bandage. Then, with the barest flicker of a glance at Donovan, she continues. Thank you.

You're welcome. He starts to put the bandages back, but Lux stops him.

I have ninja star wounds too.

Donovan rolls his eyes. I'm so glad I live the kind of lifestyle where a statement like that doesn't even phase me. Not in your bikini area, I hope?

You should be so privileged. Lux starts to pull up her shirt to reveal the wounds, as the camera drops back from the car and the shot fades to black.

[Image: lmt9uk5.jpg]

[Image: OZdvB4F.png]
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